back at the beginning

aloha love – welcome if you’re new honored to connect with you. feels like we shifted into a new dimension in last 48 hours. so grateful to feel clarityContinue reading “back at the beginning”

ama today + a gift for you

aloha darlin – checking in briefly..has been a wild 24 hours. i feel like i don’t recognize the person who wrote the words that flowed through yesterday morning, telling quiteContinue reading “ama today + a gift for you”

r e l a x

aloha darlin.. how are you being? the last few days were pretty big..speeding up in all the ways..did you feel it? i was in a bit of a protective bufferContinue reading “r e l a x”

We are Electric

aloha love.. everything is speeding up..have you felt it in the last 24 hours? Energy is electric. Everything can change in an instant in fact expect it will. The onlyContinue reading “We are Electric”

Mission Complete

aloha’s been a wild few days. finally getting back into the swing of creating after some much needed rest, crying, releasing, purging. its been intense and i know itContinue reading “Mission Complete”

I’m Not Here to Teach You

aloha darlin.. how are you being in these first few days of July? It’s been a bit intense, yeah? Writing all day and this is whats coming thru between sessionsContinue reading “I’m Not Here to Teach You”

Heaven on Earth means Going Through Hell

aloha darlin.. beaming you tons of love from my blasted open heart..integrating immense healing + expansion from our retreat here in maui. quite the experiment into embodied ascension indeed. i am soContinue reading “Heaven on Earth means Going Through Hell”

How Might This Be The Moment

aloha dear… how are you being? there have been some fun (and intense..clearing..purging..tiresome) waves of late..supporting many in session through immense body updates and energetic upgrades, healing physical symptoms withContinue reading “How Might This Be The Moment”

Happy Portaling

Going thru immense energetic portals now and next few days Giddy up new dimensions are here to enjoy. Some insights from lately and sessions in particular ((so grateful for theContinue reading “Happy Portaling”

Akashic Aloha

aloha beloved.. welcome to a whole new world. another new month. feels kinda strange as i tune into june’s energy. the first few days of the month are like thatContinue reading “Akashic Aloha”

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