I work with magic makers, game-changers, light workers, revolutionaries and visionaries. 

They are committed to making the world a better place with more color, more connection, more freedom and more fun.

They carry huge, powerful, energizing vision and they’re eager for guidance to help manifest it.

From the biggest actions down to the smallest details, my clients are thoughtful, purpose-driven, creative and absolutely visionary innovators.

Our work is rooted in full transparency, cooperation, accountability and, of course, fun.

Together we are constantly innovating new conceptions of work-life balance, success, economy, communication and connection.



Here’s what my clients are saying:

“Sydney was a fantastic group instructor. Going through her 6-week group program was an amazing experience. Sydney has the unique ability to make people feel comfortable in a trusting environment. With all the busyness in the world, it was great for me to be able to slow down and reflect and reconnect with myself and other people’s humanity.

Sydney’s program helped me reassert my commitment to many areas of my life I had been neglecting – in doing so, I always felt supported and respected. Sydney’s methodology allows for you to be you completely, and I never felt talked down to or preached too. Over the 6-week program and thereafter I’ve lost over 15 pounds, reconnected to playing music (one of my passions), and I’ve managed my business better (offering more engagement to employees, gaining clarity on expansion plans for the future and communicating more clearly).

Much of my business and thought process is very analytical and I always tell my team to go off of the data. You can’t argue with the results here!” – Ryan Adamiak, CEO + Founder, Up and Coming Media


“Sydney has an AMAZING gift of connecting to your Akashic records. Her reading was astoundingly accurate and affirming for me. I appreciate the way she allowed herself to be an open and neutral channel for spirit to speak through her. But added to that: she is such a sweet and loving person and will make you feel at ease and right at home. And that’s important for such a sensitive and sacred task.

I would certainly recommend her for anyone wanting to gain insights on their past lives, possible futures, and any information that could prove healing or be clarifying for them.

Thank you to Sydney and her amazing gift.” – Ollin Morales, Angel Translator


“You’ve really helped me see that As someone who suffers from both depression and anxiety, I often struggle with feeling confident in my decisions. Knowing that I am fully supported has made me feel more confident in making decisions and forging my own path.

My life has completely changed since I first connected with you. It feels completely insane to say that I’ve quit my job, broken up with my partner of five years, moved, made open-ended travel plans, furthered my career, and entered into a new and amazing relationship all in a matter of months – but with your guidance and encouragement, I have! Most of all, you’ve helped me realize that I’ve had the power within me to make these changes all along.

What stands out to me the most is how I’ve come to recognize and appreciate my value. Even just a few months ago, I was selling myself so completely short it was ridiculous! At 26, I was ready to settle down in a relationship that left me unsatisfied in every way while working a job that had nothing to do with anything I wanted to be doing. I felt like it was “too late” to change anything. Now I know that it’s never too late to change anything and that I am actually in complete control of how I spend my time and who I spend it with.” – Tara Malloy, Writer, Creator @ AtlasAbandoned + World Traveler


“Sydney’s beautiful transformation has made me believe even more deeply that we all have the capacity to evolve as human beings. I admire her very much for being so forthcoming and open about her journey, and it has inspired me to share more of my own journey with others.

Sydney meets me at a deeper level as though we have known each other for years. She’s helped me feel more confident to say goodbye to connections I’ve outgrown, and devote more time and energy to deeper connections that are truly in alignment with my core values.

What I also love about Sydney is her ability to communicate. It’s just easy to speak to her and have a real, honest discussion. She says what she means and means what she says. She is the type of person I prefer to have on my team; she is self-aware, open and committed to fine-tuning the way she relates to herself and to others.

During the Akashic Records reading, Sydney was spot on and I can tell she has a true gift! I was shocked she knew so much about what was going on for me before I had the chance to even tell her. Truly incredible!”- Michal, Doctor-in-training + Visionary Wellness Entrepreneur


“Sydney is both a long-term friend and a mentor. I connected with her because I needed help with business strategy, and I was also newly aware that every factor of your life can contribute to your business strategy. For me, that was the exciting part of working with Sydney: that working on your fitness, health, meditation, mindset, and relationships to name a few can immensely impact your business, providing fuel to create bigger dreams and a clearer message.

Sydney has a tool, a map, an action, a new connection and/or a resource for literally everything that you could need as a creative entrepreneur. She is always positive, empathetic, and she has incredible ideas. She is forward thinking and connects with people on a dynamic level. I recommend if you are working with her be completely open-minded and willing to take the steps however big or small they seem. Be yourself, and be open and honest with her because she has the ability to take it on and provide clear and relevant guidance to your challenge or success. Be open and fearless to the unexpected.

Working with Sydney, I learned so many skills, had a million doors open to possibility, made dramatic health and lifestyle changes, and experienced a new version of myself stepping up. In addition to what I was already doing before I started working with her (running an art gallery, going to graduate school for design, creating my own fashion line), through our work I also created a local live event for creative entrepreneurs, enhanced my website and fashion brand, planned a new YouTube channel, took on daily meditation and gratitude, increased my commitment to my health and self-care, adopted an entirely new lifestyle and design philosophy around minimalism, was hired to design for a fashion start-up, attended regular professional events, achieved the ability to back bend 6 years after breaking my back, added fashion styling and interior design to my repertoire (both professions that I had limited beliefs around that there wasn’t a market for it or it was too competitive until I realized that I was already doing it), started writing poetry, and I began to build a global network of professional friends and colleagues.

Strategy-wise, Sydney shared countless resources in marketing, website development, communications, social media, generating content, overcoming limiting beliefs, intuition about service offerings, and money mentality and income. The general result of working with Sydney is a complete connection to my lifestyle, complete restructuring of what is possible, and completely expanded awareness of my abundant resources. Most of all I’ve learned to recognize my solid, strong foundation of self-love and understanding. Today, for example, I am doing the accounting for my business and I realize that structure and organization makes me really happy. With all the chaos of these projects I have found such beauty in what is simple and intentional. I’ve adopted a completely new change in perspective that’s empowered me in so many different ways. Emotionally, I feel able to work through and face so much more than ever before.

However you can work with Sydney, she will be an asset to your life, but one-on-one coaching will push you to move beyond what you can imagine is possible for yourself in the best way.” – Drea Faye, Founder + Chief Visionary Officer @ Drea Faye, Owner of Aspect Gallery, San Francisco, Minimalist Boss Babe



“Working with Sydney is a joy and I can safely say that I’ve never worked with anyone quite like her. She has a rare mix of empathy and action orientation, often times with a velocity of output that can be a bit dizzying. From research to strategy to day to day tactics, she’s able to deliver consistently. She’s a star.” – Andy Pray, Founder, Praytell


“Sydney is the real deal. Don’t expect her to confirm your self limiting ideas. Be prepared to stretch beyond your comfort zone. The truth is – she sees with each passing moment, your limitless potential. She is a true visionary, a brilliant guide and above all a most loving and supportive soul.

Some specific results to celebrate include: I began to network with my community. I began to see the abundance that was already around me. Friends and family showed up to help – accountants, business folk, graphic designers, draftsmen, healers, grant writers. You name it! I stopped questioning my vision and started taking solid actions – creating a logo, writing a business plan, creating gorgeous high quality products, sending out an announcement for an intern, researching business development resources – just to name a few.

While working with Sydney, I was able to begin showing up for myself in major ways – personally, professionally and romantically. I was able to look at my life and make decisions based of off my hearts desires. I feel deeply supported by Sydney’s wild optimism and fierce belief that our dreams are not only possible – but achievable through taking actions and utilizing the support of our communities. I feel blessed to have met this beautiful soul.”- Rebecca Volinsky, Visionary Creator, Healer & Founder, Rooted Dreams

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“I have had the great pleasure of working with Sydney on many projects now and can’t begin to express how much she transforms an idea into magic! Serving as our marketing and brand strategy director, Sydney has taken a crazy idea and made it into a brand that people can relate to. For another company of mine she’s lead the charge with bringing a key promotional campaign to life on social media. Sydney’s work is informed, current, thoughtful and most of all executed to perfection. I look forward to many more collaborations and years of friendship!” – Michael Dos Santos, Serial Entrepreneur + CEO, Versatile Studios, One Drop Rentals & LoKi

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“I’m soo thankful for the insights and revelations that I received in Sydney’s reading with me. I got clarity from my guides on what projects to focus on and since then I’ve felt so much peace around my next steps. I’ve also been able to uncover some deep wounds and begin the healing process. The positive aftermath has been priceless and I look forward to continuing a journey of discovery with the Akashic Records” –  Syhaya Aviel Smith, Actress, Yoga Teacher, Healer, Visionary



“Ya’ll, Sydney Campos is the most rockin’ magic maker eva! Our session the other week has put me in the most emPOWERed place to express the healing work I’m doing – both “socially” and energetically. If you’re looking to game plan any project, MOVEment or want to talk GLOBAL-y do it with Sydney. She really is a magic maker.” – Diana Stahl, Reiki Healer, Playwright, Storyteller


“It was a pleasure working with Sydney. Our team hired her as a consultant. Sydney is very sharp, was prepared and detail oriented. She’s an awesome communicator who is up to date on the most current market place trends. We would certainly lean on her to help us again.” – John Gleeson, VP Business Development,


“Sydney’s energy is so vibrant and full of love that I knew whatever she was doing in her spiritual practice I needed to be doing as well.  I had been teetering on a the edge of a new level of trust in my path and her reading confirmed everything that I felt and needed to hear. She spoke about insecurities I had been facing; the idea that I needed to protect myself, and told me it was safe to let go. My job now is to have a wide open heart, something I’ve been praying about and practicing since we spoke. We also talked about my old way of being which I understood as a very combative, overly-flirtatious personality and how that chapter is closed.

I am now operating from a deeper, more truthful seat of my soul. I feel like a truer version of myself, a person who moves from a place of kindness, compassion and love.  My faith in love, my spirit guides and the Universe is stronger than ever as I trust I’m being guided in each moment towards the highest good for all beings.  This reading also reminded me that in order to have the life I truly desire, I must stay present and grounded in my body – a difficult assignment for someone like me, but one I feel moved and capable of achieving. Thank you Sydney, for being so open and honest with my Energetic Truth. I feel supported and loved in a whole new way. This reading was the breaking point I needed to get to this new phase of personal development and I am in love with the entire experience.  I will definitely be back for more!” – Pamela Mahler, Massage Therapist


“I wasn’t sure what an akashic reading would entail, but it was exactly what I needed. Sydney was able to connect me with my guides, lead me to heal old patterns and stories, and gave me so much priceless insight on my family and my past lives. I am so grateful for this reading, it changed so much for me.” – Amy Jindra, Founder of Choose Love, Visionary Tantra Coach

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“Sydney Campos is a seer of this world. Grounded, fun, warm, and a woman who comes from a marketing and advertising background, she gets the hustle of everyday life. She’s a successful career woman, as well as an incredible seer. When Sydney gave me an Akashic Records reading, she predicted life events that literally came to fruition that evening after our reading. She helped me to clarify recent and previous transitions in my life, and inspired me to continue on my career path with a renewed vigor. Thank you Sydney for your great insights, depth, and lightness of heart!”– Cary Miller, Founder of The Voice Within


“Sydney contributes, consistently, with impeccable integrity of commitment. We learned a lot from her and we refer to her work on an ongoing basis. Sydney excels in both qualitative and quantitative areas. Her technical skills are excellent as well as her communication, and team building skills. We look forward to working with Sydney for many upcoming projects.” – Matthew Hise, Brand Director, Versatile Studios


“I would not trade my experience with Sydney for anything. My initial reaction to our session was so relaxed and comfortable. Sydney is someone you can easily open up to about anything. She listens with her heart and speaks from a higher place. During the session, I was taken away. I felt, heard, saw, powerful things that all surprised me and kept me open for more to come. I could truly feel each place within me being cleared and released. I wish I did it all day! My experience the remainder of the day way fuller than expected and it was all thanks to an amazing session with Sydney! Thank you I’m going to be a reoccurring client!!” – Andrew Newhook, Actor

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“Sydney has a healing energy that you feel immediately when you’re around her. She knows exactly how to make you feel special, comfortable and open, especially with her intense gaze that goes directly to your core. I had not had reiki before and Sydney put me at ease so that I could have a transformational experience. Afterwards I felt refreshed and content and was greeted by her infamous hugs. I will definitely continue to have sessions with Sydney and hope to share her with friends and coworkers.” – Morgan Greenseth, Principal Interior Designer + Visionary Intuitive



“Sydney Campos is a beacon of light, a calming gentle wind, and a centered healer. I felt an amazing balance of energy and calm after I left a one-hour Reiki session with her. My mind, body and spirit were at ease, and that is what I needed.” – Leah Lupo, Senior PR Strategist, Praytell


“My reiki session with Sydney Campos was a positive one for so many reasons. From the moment I arrived for treatment, she put me at ease with her gentle energy and lulling voice. We discussed what was going on in my internal world before beginning, and I felt I could really connect with her and she shared some insights into what we would be working on together in the session. This was only my second experience with reiki, and I found it very relaxing and even pleasurable. I really trusted Sydney’s soft presence to guide me through the energy work, and left with a warm glow and smile on my face. She even followed up in an email the next day restating some of the points we had discussed and offering suggestions on how I can take actions to find more peace and balance in my personal life. I am happy to have connected with her and would definitely recommend her to friends in the future. ” – Brandi Brechbiel, Model

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“I had the pleasure of having a Reiki session with Sydney and it was definitely healing and amazing. We had a conversation before the session which helped me to pinpoint what was going on with me emotionally. Before the session started Sydney made me feel very comfortable and helped me become open to receiving energetic healing. Her hands were extremely warm and when she placed her hands over my solar plexus I had an emotional release. I had some pent up emotions from a death/loss of a significant other that needed to be released and she allowed me to be in that moment, checking in on me to see if it was ok to move on. I needed this healing session so badly. Sydney definitely has a gift of healing. I didn’t expect to have such a profound reaction during my session but you never know what needs to be worked on. I look forward to working with her again.” – Nicole Beaumont, Owner/Massage Therapist, Beautiful Mountain Massage


“When you meet someone in a Yurt for a meditation, you know they are pretty darn special! That’s how I met Sydney and she has continued to be an inspiration and healer in my life. I was fortunate to experience my first Reiki session with her and it was AMAZING! She has an intuitive and warm touch that will get your energy flowing in no time. I highly recommend a visit with her if you are in need of some energy healing.” – Connie Dasilva, Founder, Whole Clarity, Holistic Health + Empowerment Coach

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