Quantum Healing Transmissions

Embody Essence. Expand Capacity. Integrate Soul Aspects. Regenerate. Upgrade + Update. Awaken Gifts. Stabilize.

Deeply Nourish, Receive + Recalibrate.



I’ve had the honor of curating hundreds of remote transmissions since 2015, supporting those ready to receive energy healing to feel profound ease, peace, grounded presence, potency and vitality.


These unique containers are designed to assist soul awakening transformation and embodiment by availing ourselves to high frequency energy transmissions that can continue working with you over time as you become more attuned to your innate expansion.


The magic of these transmissions is that you can receive them forever, infinitely – and with each time you receive different layers of the encodement can work with you in different ways providing new resources each time.


The benefits of this kind of support go beyond what words can describe, yet most who open themselves to receiving tend to celebrate feeling:


    • more peace, calm and grounded presence in moment to moment life
    • more confidence and clarity in your purpose and destined direction
    • deeper connection to your soul essence and multidimensional gifts
    • strengthened resilience and vitality in physical and emotional body
    • release of physical and emotional pain and transmutation of dense energy
    • improved sleep and resolved insomnia
    • deeper meditations and easier access to calm present state
    • deeper capacity for joy, love, intimacy and connection to creative life force
    • improved sexual function and increased flow of sexual energy
    • more radiant physical appearance and overall heightened vibrancy
    • release addictive patterns, thought forms and behaviors
    • reduced anxiety, pain, anger and density overall
    • more anchored in nervous system calm and stability
    • strengthened psychic abilities and deeper trust in soul-sourced guidance
    • attunement to higher frequency energy and your own healing capacity
    • increased personal power, magnetism and overall joy in creating your reality
    • connection to new guides and multidimensional support teams
    • sense of more of your true essence – soul self integrating and embodying






“The quantum healing session today was amazing. I’m already feeling the benefits of it .. calmer and more grounded. ~ Michal, Los Angeles


“This transmission brought so much release, clarity and calmness. I heard my ancestors speaking to me…7 generations back. Huge energetic shift after. With that release miraculous shifts in family around me too. So beautiful. And still So many miracles every day. Thank you so much.” ~ France, Hong Kong

“It’s been a couple of days since our session and I’ve experienced 2 days of bliss. I choose to place clearing “stories” and “replay loops” within my expansive Lemurian/starseed heart, wrapped within the pink flame ~ within a beautiful pink orb filled with gratitude. Lady Nada and Lord Sananda aspects placed a pink rose on top of the orb ~ sending it surrounded with gratitude back to the Oneness, back to the Wholeness, back to the Source from which it came.” ~ Doris, USA



How To Request Your Quantum Healing Transmission


  • Book your time to receive your session transmission using calendar link.
  • Once you book you’ll receive another invite to schedule a brief pre-transmission call to share your intentions for what you’d like to receive and embody and to allow me to scan your energy field and get a sense of quantum healing can best support you. Our entire process takes around 3 hours to complete.
  • You will also receive an email guiding you to send your intentions with as much detail as possible for what you’d like to amplify, manifest, align to, embody, receive = how you want to feel and what you’d like to experience.
  • I’ll then meditate on your intentions and prepare the transmission for you to share when we meet in our designated time for the transmission session in Zoom.
  • At your session time get cozy in a meditative space or even laying down ready to receive – however you are most comfortable and at ease. Turn off all distractions, phones, and certainly no driving. You’ll want to be in a quiet space. Open up our zoom room and you can briefly touch base as Sydney guides you through next steps in receiving. Keep the zoom open during the entire time of session length.
  • When the session is complete I will close the container and you are free to close Zoom at that point to integrate and rest afterwards. Most people like to receive in a time where they can rest for a few hours after receiving to allow energies to integrate.
  • I will check in with you following the session in the next few days to share your experience, to illuminate any insights that came up for you, to integrate all healing and any shifts that are occurring in your body and consciousness.
  • Your transmission is a unique energy download coded to your signature/field – you can call upon it to receive infinite times, each time strengthening the integration of all you are receiving.


Schedule your transmission here.


The energy you receive will continue working with you for days and even weeks as you integrate the support.


Understanding the Process


As soon as you book your session you may start to feel energy already clearing and re-organizing in your field, body and reality as you’ve started the initiatory process simply by opening up to receive this support.


Our journey is a multi-layered process beginning with your intentions, and then sharing in depth you specific ways you are open to receiving support – detailing in writing and sharing with me ahead of your session where you will meet to tune in on Zoom and complete the energy encodement and transference.


I also spend time creating the container in which your transmission will be anchored and received before your session so by the time you meet there is a feeling of much preparation already completing and laying a solid foundation.


Here, you are invited to fully receive and allow – more of yourself to completely anchor and embody.


How to Keep Working with Your Transmission


The Quantum Transmission is stored in a different dimension and yet we meet in Zoom to connect human to human, soul to soul, to articulate your intentions and desires in the moment we are meant to co-create. You can receive your transmission going forward infinite times – forever, and to do so you can re-watch the zoom session or simply call in your transmission energetically with intention while in a meditative space whenever you’d like to receive.


Quantum transmissions are curated to amplify your desired manifestations, high-self embodiment or different dimensional aspects of self, activation of our spiritual gifts, purpose alignment and greater clarity on your soul path.


You may also experience healing of the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies. Every transmission is unique to the receiver and can be received infinite times forever.


Schedule your transmission here.


More Celebrations

Sydney is full of love. The Akashic Facilitator training is a way to open your deepest resources. It is transformative, healing, touching and blissful at the same time. Whenever you think there is an end you will evolve and see: there is so much more waiting for you in this life. There is no end. It is different to think of yourself as an infinite Being, but with the help of this program you will feel and see yourself as an infinite being and this will change everything. Your entire DNA will transform within this training.“

~ Caroline Bessis, Intuitive Healer, Life Coach, Fertility Yoga Guide, Retreat Host, Akashic Facilitator Training 2020 Graduate


“I was ready to learn how to conduct readings for myself and others, and was looking for a training when I found the Akashic Facilitator Training. I wanted to deepen my spiritual connection and gifts. I have felt called to working with the Records for a while and was ready to get started in safe, trusting container.

Since beginning this training, everything has shifted and transformed. I experience so much more self-trust in my guidance. It is wild everything that has happened since we began together: I stopped using marijuana (and for the first time ever have zero cravings for it at all – I don’t think I’ll really ever use it again or be drawn to it in the way I was before). I trust the feelings, insights, visions I’m getting without doubting them at all. I broke off my engagement and feel complete in the chapter ending – finding more alignment in what I’m looking for romantically.

This training is a safe, trusting container with beautiful souls that allows for conversations of any kind without judgment, just love and compassion. It is a healing and supportive space to share vulnerably which encourages growth and expansion. The presence practices I will use forever! So incredible.

This training is for anyone who feels ready to expand their spiritual gifts and feels called specifically to the Records. If you’ve been wanting to become an Akashic Records Facilitator, I highly suggest working with Sydney!

She knows intuitively how to hold you, how to expand you and push you when you need it, but also when to let you have space to work through what WILL come up as you work in the records! Her leadership in this program is exactly what I needed – holding a safe, powerful, expansive container while giving me the space I need to work with what’s coming up energetically. “ ~ Aly Wilkins, Transformational Life Coach, Intuitive Healer, Akashic Records Practitioner


“I would describe the training as the only thing you need to take complete authority and responsibility over your vibration, perception, and direction in life. It’s a safe place to come face to face with some of the more uncomfortable aspects of your unconscious mind, but the unconditional love and light that’s upheld by Sydney makes the shadow work really juicy and rewarding.

If you have been doing “shadow work” for a long time, but you continue to find yourself in the same emotional loops, playing out the same karmic stories, this is the course for you. You will learn how to shift into completely new realities and open your heart as far as it can possibly open..” ~ Rachel G., Visionary Entrepreneur, Akashic Facilitator Grad


Learn more about the Akashic Facilitator Training Program Here