5D Visionary Mentoring

Program Length: 5-8 months fully customized to your unique needs.

Timing: Two or four one-hour sessions per month, held via Zoom video plus messaging, email, and voicemail support in between sessions (except weekends).

Investment: $3-5K a month with slight pricing differential if package paid in full at outset.

Your 5D Visionary Mentoring Program consists of the following elements:

  • One 75-minute Akashic Record Reading (value-add)

  • One 2-hour Strategy Deep-Dive to clarify your vision + goals (value-add)

  • One 60-minute laser-focused, intuitive mentoring session held each week (or every other week) to start following the Akashic Record Reading and Strategy Deep-Dive

  • Holistic, intuitive guidance across lifestyle, health and wellness, spirituality, energetics, mindset and expert business strategy

  • Unlimited email, text and voicemail support in between sessions (except weekends)

  • Relevant books, handouts, meditations, classes, event suggestions, networking connections and other helpful resources that support you on your unique path

  • Special access to my other programs, offers and retreats

Before we even start our coaching sessions:

  • You receive a value-add 75-minute Akashic Record reading I channel for you to tune into your soul’s desires, gain insight on your unique path as well as illuminate blocks and limitations in your way.
  • We will also conduct an intensive two-hour initial deep dive strategy session in which we’ll create a clear map of your goals, vision and the necessary strategy to bring everything to life.
  • Note: Mentoring clients receive exclusive access to my proprietary mastermind content, retreats and events I am involved in.

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This program is designed for entrepreneurs, visionaries and soul-centered conscious creators who are:

  • Seeking to deepen spirituality and relationship and TRUST in intuition
  • Desiring to FEEL incredible inside and out
  • Eager to cultivate DEEP self-love, intimacy and POWER
  • Committed to creating EPIC results
  • 100% invested in showing up for their personal development, healing and revolutionary awakening
  • Resonating with a holistic approach to growth and evolution in ALL areas of life
  • Craving deep fulfillment and empowerment in creative vision and livelihood
  • URGENTLY desiring mastery in mindset on INTIMACY (showing up in your full power and owning your most potent desires fully), MONEY and LOVE

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>>>Tools that I use:

  • Intuitive channeling to accelerate your energetic mastery and quantum leaps in transformation
  • Mindset mastery with practical actions to integrate daily
  • Guided meditation, visualization and embodiment practices
  • Limiting belief processing and somatic experiencing and release
  • Writing assignments custom-tailored to your curated mastery program
  • Intuitively selected resources (videos, guided meditations, reading, courses, holistic healing and relevant connections) to bolster your sustained transformation

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1. Clarifying VISION for all areas of your life – including HIGH VISION, what do you WANT? How do you want to FEEL? What’s in your WAY from creating what your heart truly desires? Creating a map of where you are now and where you want to be (and how to get there).


  • Create your unique, powerful mission statement for your life and declare your core values. Who are you and why are you here? We build from here.
  • Make more empowered decisions – cultivate deep trust in yourself
  • Connect to your intuition on a deeper level with daily mindset mastery
  • Experience a deepened sense of fulfillment and alignment with your purpose
  • Increased CONFIDENCE – living life with powerful feeling of reassurance and cognition

2. Shining the light on your shadow. An excavation of deep-set energetics and beliefs that are in the way of you truly embodying your vision. Become friends with your deepest fears and enemies. Cultivate acceptance and choose a new story that empowers you to release the beliefs and patterns that have caused you to feel shame, guilt, fear and isolation until now.


  • Awakened relationship with SELF and others
  • Powerful understanding and embodiment of self-love
  • Liberation and empowerment
  • Discernment to see who is good for you, who isn’t – setting the bar much higher for yourself because you DESERVE IT
  • Increased self-worth and clarity; owning your worth
  • Integrity – truly living in alignment with your values
  • Detoxified LIFE – no more negativity to bring you down or create false evidence to fuel anymore shame, guilt or fear
  • No more co-dependency; ultimate independence

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3.STAND IN YOUR TRUE POWER. Re-ignite your core strengths and embody your soul’s purpose. Experience radical self-acceptance, self-love and confidence in sharing your unique gifts and vision. Bring your VISION to life and strategically scale it in a way that feels most aligned. 


  • Regain trust in self and others
  • Experience heightened energy and clear sense of focus on what matters
  • Open up to divine synchronicity and start co-creating with the universe
  • Become a conscious creator and instant manifestor
  • Let go of charge on anything you have shame over (body, emotions, experiences, memories)
  • Enjoy awakened relationships with self, others, intimate partners and your DREAM tribe
  • Embody your highest SELF in all areas of your life = FLOW
  • Master FEAR and RESISTANCE and making them your best friends

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4. RADICAL SELF-ACCEPTANCE and celebration. Be at peace with SELF and GOD. Speak your truth no matter what and CREATE the life you absolutely desire. Fully bring your big vision to LIFE. Live in radical alignment with your HIGHEST SELF/HIGH VISION. Experience full integration of soul purpose in all areas of life.


  • By this stage, you’re already experiencing results from your vision coming to life – now its time to accelerate and expand
  • Up-level your vision and continue to stretch creativity in ways you never thought possible
  • Show up as the brightest light in the room, with a magnetic energy that everyone can’t help but notice
  • FEARLESS INSPIRATION to do the things you’ve always wanted to do and CREATE what your heart truly DESIRES
  • FIERCE ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT: GO after what you truly want regardless of fear of rejection
  • Becoming a MAGNET for magic and miracles – a true visionary alchemist!


  • Radical self-empowerment
  • Conscious leadership
  • Authentic creative expression
  • Deepened intimacy in all relationships and with self
  • Unshakable self-trust and trust in the universe
  • Amplified intuition
  • Alchemizing fears and limitations to reveal your most powerful gifts
  • Living in alignment with your soul purpose
  • Becoming empowered and confident in your abilities – believing that YOU can DO and CREATE anything
  • See yourself as YOU TRULY ARE
  • Go beyond shame, guilt, fear and isolation=
  • Shine light on your SHADOW and learn to love it
  • Become comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Learn how to MASTER the fear and DO everything you’ve always wanted to do ANYWAY in spite of it, BECAUSE OF IT
  • And because you are FREE, everything else ALIGNS (health, wealth, creativity and FUN)

Separate yourself from your story of what you think is possible for you and what you’ve been taught is possible for you.

Remember who you are and why you came here.