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ParlayMe attended Startup Island Summer Camp over the weekend in Upstate New York and interviewed select participants, including founders of Make Only Magic and SkyHoppr.

Redefining And Rediscovering Your Magic With Sydney Campos

Episode 43 - Sydney Campos - Support is Sexy podcast promo image

For Sydney Campos, it’s all very simple: She wants “people to be happy and to have fun.” It’s what she has wanted from the very beginning, since the time she was a little empathic girl growing up in San Francisco.

Today, now thriving off the energy of New York, Sydney has created a business that has a similar vibe with her new company Make Only Magic. By combining marketing and branding support with coaching and holistic practices, Sydney helps her clients — who she calls “conscious creators” — realize pathways to compassion and connection through their brands and within their lives.

On this episode, Sydney talks about how to redefine and embrace the word magic; the shift in the business landscape that now has companies knowing how important it is to have more meaning; and how to create a business that taps into a mission bigger than itself.

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