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A Portal Home

aloha dear one..

i hope this note finds you thriving and feeling oh so loved and supported.

i have some beautiful invitations to co-create, collaborate, expand and play.

ive been listening to guidance to bring together a group convergence around august – a potent portal centered around aug 11. and the vision is now anchored.

in fact we just had our first co-creation call today..and it feels soo good. the frequency in this field is palpable – chills with every contribution spoken and suggested – the dream team assembling – t0 template a new way of being and playing together…

my intentions for co-creating: to commune with soul family in shared practice and attunement, to be in an amplified field of manifestation and actualization, to create the foundation for the kind of group ive always desired to be a part of – that far outlives this experience..and may surely birth more to come..with ample new collaborations / connections formed from now on..infinitely::

join us for the Templ(e)ate

Converging August 11-18th, 2022

Each day at 9am-10am HST / 12-1pm PST / 3-4pm EST / 9pm Euro / 5am Aus NSW

We meet in Zoom for shared group embodiment practice and attunement.

Facilitated by diverse guides sharing unique modalities each time. With lots of space each day to tune in, share, collaborate.

Some of our ways to play together might include::

Learn how to read your own akashic records.
Learn ways to explore being an oracle – and playing with tarot as an oracle.
lots of play and micro-practices shared for healing – soul soothing – nourishment
explore attunement to deep presence in which you may meet your quantum self.

who knows what else may emerge <3

curated with ample Space for intention setting, integration + reflection in a private Telegram group + in a group on ASCEND.

Our Invitation…
What’s possible in 8 days when we commit to expanding and anchoring into more of our true selves together – arriving more home into our body temples, with love and support and tons of resource?

This experience is completely free and invites us into a loving, supportive community of fellow visionaries who share the intentions of connection, personal growth, expansion and healing.

Let’s get into an awesome rhythm together and see whats possible when we join forces to amplify our intentions, connect, collaborate and support (and inspire!) one another on our ascension journeys.

Some more details might be added to the site soon ((or maybe not – as maybe the new way of playing is about simplicity and not letting too many words get in the way or limit our experience))…please sign up here to be kept in the loop with formal invites to join our group Telegram and ASCEND group as well.

I am collaborating with some of my dearest friends and students to bring this vision into being – it will be a lovely frequency shift experience Im sure as are all the portals we weave in. Would love to have you with us. What better moment to commit to practice together that feels most nourishing, expansive and stabilizing amidst all we are receiving and remembering?

Feel free to share the invite with friends + share on social if called – the more the merrier although I’m sure as always the perfect group will be called to assemble..right on time.

Following a similar intention is our 5D Visionary Council, with the added layer of inspiration being – guidance in creating your visionary business or service offering – also co-hosted with some of my best friends and closest advisors. Would love to have you with us if journeying together in a potent field of support and attunement for 6 months – to venture forth into the most beautiful year of our entire lives?! – let’s play.

Lastly, we have 5 spots to join us in Bali this New Years. Please apply here if called as I feel our group will be full soon.

I am taking some exciting steps to scale my business dramatically especially in preparation for my book launch next year which I sense will be very momentous 🙂

Honestly something huge shifted after this last visit my family – the healing, forgiveness and acceptance Ive cultivated with my parents let a lightbulb fully go off around – what I haven’t let myself fully step terms of wealth and true financial freedom.

I am now more committed than ever to becoming a (multi)millionaire by next year or sooner and putting the steps into place (that were there all along) to do this in an integrous, authentic, stable, sustainable way.

I am ready to step into investor – philanthropist – contributor to planetary change at more tangible level now. I am ready for this heightened responsibility.

Part of the updates and scaling my biz includes revising some of my offerings especially the 5D Visionary Business Training as well as all the activations, trainings and transmissions included in my online store.  I am considering putting the Akashic Facilitator Training into a self-study online format as well as an addendum to the live training which I still love to teach at least 1-2 times per year.

I would love to invite you in to the 5D Visionary Business container if you’re called to receive mentorship (in this self-guided program) in birthing or re-branding your soul service. I am increasing the price substantially soon and changing a bit of the offering to reach more here will be your last chance to engage in this intimate space in the format that has benefitted many. Price increases Sept 1st.

theres no greater joy i experience than seeing the light come on in others especially when i get to witness them birth their souls creation forth into the world in beautiful ways..that help so many come into remembrance of who they truly are..coming home.

i am honored to have witnessed so many and to have built a thriving platform that invites more and more of these kinds of transmissions to frequently flow..what a gift that keeps on giving. i was in tears today in our templating call..feeling the love and gratitude present..honoring all the depth and intimacy we’ve created over the sharing the work in the ways we only the ways we can.

thank you.

So much to celebrate…more than words. I love you so much. I hope we get to connect and play together in The Templ(e)ate soon.

all my love + gratitude..


PS: Listen to our latest Visionary Souls Podcast episode that just came out! More info below 🙂

Our 5D Visionary Council is a 6-month embodiment incubator for designing and launching your soul-aligned life and business while co-creating entirely new ways of being and thriving in Heaven on Earth.
Our council is a convergence of New Earth architects, leaders, visionaries, healers, wayshowers and conscious creators who are deeply called to:
  • Create new ways of doing business altogether.
  • Develop new ways of exchanging value rooted in transparency + integrity.
  • Pioneer new templates for authentically sharing gifts + genius.
  • Pave the way for new expressions of embodied leadership.
  • Weave multidimensionality and intuition into the fabric of life.
  • Birth a thriving, soul-aligned offering (business, course, community, product and/or service) completely aligned with one’s values.
  • Seed solutions that support the Earth and our collective evolution into greater unity + harmony.
  • Be completely devoted to self-mastery + coherence in every way.

5 Spots open to join us in Bali this New Years <3

Just finished new book cover with the publisher – celebrating the culmination of a 4 year birthing process 🙂 Book comes out May next year – will share more updates here for when you can pre-order and more magic leading up to release <3

Thanks for being a part of the journey in this creation.


New Visionary Souls Episode Out Now

Listen to our latest episode

In 2015, a Tantric bodyworker had his finger on Olivia’s cervix. This is not her preferred way to introduce herself on the internet to the entire world. But she does it for a good cause.
What she didn’t realize was that her cervix would become the focus of the session. She also didn’t realize that this session would change the course of her life.
There, on a hot day in Bali, she discovered her cervix was numb.
As a sexologist and sex nerd, she knows the cervix to be a powerful place of pleasure so she was determined to transform it. After eight months of work, play and exploration, her cervix began to feel and her orgasmic capacity shifted tremendously. Today, she’s joined by thousands other women who are all interested in healing, learning and exploring the powerful and magical gateway of the cervix.
May our cervixes be the portals of bliss they were made to be.
In this episode of Visionary Souls, we explored…
  • How we can train our bodies to be sensitive, to be more open, to learn how to feel safe so we can actually relax
  • How we can learn how to sync with the current that is already flowing rather than making a current happen
  • A major initiation that she received from her learning process is to just give it up – to truly surrender
  • The most important part of our day to day life is who we are becoming as the result of doing the work
  • What if through the cervix, we can all go home
  • How the foundation of relationships is the connection with yourself


Calling All Angels

aloha my are you being?

i am writing to you from my cozy sanctuary home, landed back here in big island hawaii and i am so immensely grateful to be

traveling takes a lot out of us..i didn’t realize it like this before. i kept thinking on my trip – kinda did a circuit visiting my old stomping grounds and seeing my family in SF, SLC and briefly a friend in LA – wow this feels extra this what deeper embodiment is really like? more sensitivity to elements, to air and water quality, to the density of the city. i can’t believe i grew up in the city center for most of my life and continued to seek out the hustle-bustle intensity for so many years following.

but then again it makes sense. my nervous system was conditioned for chaos, busy-ness and noise..which felt more familiar than quiet, peace, space.

it was fun visiting my parents for the first time in 2 year after doing so much deep healing and trauma re-patterning work..somatic therapy every week for 2 years and lots of other practice and simply..feeling deep layers..on top of that. finally being at home in a stable container that can support such deep release to happen. learning to be home inside..myself.

i feel like i finally forgave my parents on a profound level. i was able to see them as pretty awesome people at that. i let go of stories and densities i was holding around being victim to their antics and dysfunction. it was all perfect. ive said that for years and logically understand it..but this time it was felt..the acceptance of it all. it had to happen to become this person that i am. and i am grateful for the perfect initiations that were coded from day one by my soul who mapped this whole adventure out.

do you know what i mean? here is liberation.

i had a blast with my younger brother Silas..hes so wise and hilarious. could be a tiktok star if he cared about social media at all. hes a real comedian. i love him so much and it was so healing to connect on a more soul level than ever before..sharing more authentically and really connecting. i was seeing on this trip so often in subtle moments too – wow i am really connecting with people in ways i never have before. i am being seen and seeing them. we are really being present together..hearts connecting. i love this feeling.

we got to visit the book store in SLC where i did an awesome book event a few years ago and where my book “the empath experience” is #6 on their all time best sellers list, still prominently displayed next to some of the most epic books of all women who run with the wolves and the four agreements. what a cool honor.

i am looking forward to seeing my home base thru new eyes..after this nourishing adventure thats helped me feel renewed gratitude and inspiration for everything as it is. theres so much i want to create here! co-working space, quantum spa, cafes..convergence portals for visionaries to get together and play! i can feel its closer than ever..simply allowing the next right steps and team to align and assemble. its already happened on some level otherwise i wouldn’t be seeing and sensing it so clearly.

The energy we are already receiving collectively is ripe with guidance and inspiration on the new visions we are here to pioneer that finally the world is leaning more into becoming available to receive.

Some of us are so ahead the curve it can feel like we truly are from the future because in most cases we are. In the dimensions we know so well beyond time we’ve already seen what’s come to pass here and what’s possible.

We remember and build the beginning pieces to what is meant to actualize sometimes over centuries to come.

Now its more important than ever that we gather and amplify support each other as the torch bearers we are.

With this vision in mind – its my honor to invite you to join us in our 2022 Visionary Council starting Sept 9th, 2022 and anchoring through March 3, 2023.

Here we reunite in a unique multidimensional incubator for birthing your true self and your soul-aligned service-business-product offering, into being with grace, ease and authenticity.

In addition to deep 1:1 + group support, pioneering practices in energy exchange, daily energy mastery protocol, guest mentors, guidance on vision-building, strategy, audience amplification, investment, fundraising and marketing + sales strategy (and so much more), our council entails advanced Akashic Records training in the realms of business strategy, creative marketing, community building and visionary leadership.
Most of all throughout our journey we deep dive into nervous system attunement and healing to support ourselves in becoming the container for the immense energy and vision that wants to flow thru in stable, consistent, discerning, brilliant, magnetic ways. We unravel and alchemize stuck energies and calibrate to our highest timelines into deeper presence, trust, faith and potency.
Now we are called to anchor the new ways of being and serving that the New Earth invites forth..the council is our clarion call to practice and evolve into the leaders we are meant to be in all aspects of life, and of course, within our soul purpose and creative livelihood.

Destiny awaits. Soul family support awaits. Now is the time.
It’s an absolute honor to co-create with you as we architect the new realities we’ve always dreamed of living into and amplifying..let’s play.

We also have a few spaces to join us in Bali this new years for Attune..quite a beautiful, expansive, nourishing portal we are co-creating here. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to return home..and share with such special souls.

Heads up for a new episode of Visionary Souls podcast coming soon – some very juicy episodes coming out over the next few weeks. Feels soooo yumm.

enjoy the show 🙂

lots of love + hugs to you…always.

❤️ Syd

It’s Safe to Come Home

aloha love…how are you being?

checking in to share..a few reminders:

It’s safe to come home to your true being.

It’s safe to be who you really are.

It’s safe to honor your desires.
It’s safe to feel how you’re really feeling.

It’s safe to admit what you no longer have space for and to let it go.
It’s safe to draw boundaries and new agreements as you evolve out of the old ones or realize your needs have changed.

It’s safe to honor yourself and what is most nourishing and true for you in all moments.
It’s safe to feel the deep layers arising now – the layers we haven’t felt since we were very young and didn’t yet have the capacity developed to be with it all.

It’s safe to see a new part of yourself that wasn’t allowed to fully be seen before – how does he or she or they want to walk and dance thru this life in this body?
It’s safe to let all other conditioned identities dissolve.

It’s safe to let time melt away as we sink into more of our own presence.
It’s safe to completely trust your intuitive knowing.

It’s safe to give yourself permission to live the life you’ve always dreamed of experiencing.
It’s safe to no longer carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.
It’s safe to have healthy vulnerable truly intimate relationships.

It’s safe to let love alllllll the way in ❤️❤️❤️😇😇
Happy new moon portal beloveds.

What a big 48 hours!

Whats come alive for you?

What are you giving yourself permission to step into now?

To let go of?

To even consider..letting go of? 🙂

I’m giving myself permission to sit with some massive potentials for expansion and opening – feeling more alive and awake than ever.

I recorded my first ecstatic dance DJ set – listen on my sound cloud ((dj starwave)) – such a dream.

Lots of practice still but I love the flow state of completely forgetting about time and just being in the joy of creation ❤️❤️

seems like this essence is what life is wanting us to play in now.

Here is where we see our true path and attune to more of our true nature. 💎🔑

loving you – what are you celebrating??!

I have some fun announcements coming : new ways to play! And co creating with some incredible beings in a transformative portal – temple of practice and play, coming soon ❤️

Check out this beautiful transmission from last week – all about coming home <3 ((below))

And enjoy a hypnotherapy sesh guided by my friend Rani after…taking you into your akashic records + soul guidance! epic.

Creating a portal for us to gather in soon..Aug 1-11 <3

More to come..assembling the perfect divine counterparts..all in flow 🙂

Also..we are going to Bali!!!

December 28th, 2022 -Jan 8th, 2023…save the date.

Already feeling the yes? Reply to confirm you’d love to be on our short list. We already have a few spots spoken for.

Official details coming soon..announcing around June 18th.

This will be a beautifully curated experience for 15 by myself and my sis Prema Love..along with other guest facilitators and friends to amplify out journey..home.

IN which we shall explore – play – experiment – collaborate in…


to our true selves.
to our true desires.
to our inner artists.
to our hearts callings.
to inner strength + resilience.
to a new nervous system.
to resting in grounded presence.
to our body’s incredible capacity.
to our soul’s divine purpose.
to our intuitive majesty.
to our multidimensional beauty.
to deep rest.
to deep nourishment.
to profound play.
to profound gratitude…
for this moment..and all thats brought us enjoy it.

what else shall we attune to?

the list could gets infinite pretty fast 😛

your intentions help amplify/anchor the field.
this is a co-creation after all..

from now else are we to arrive..anyway?

as the potent leaders we are…
playing in paradise..opening to receiving..
our next right steps and inspirations.
what new realities become possible?

all so fun to feell…the full yes 🙂

love you so much.

take good care this week – month ahead, enjoy.

more rest is looking good!!

or maybe you’re like me and many others in my field and feeling the inspiration to build..and start creating foundation upon which your vision can take form.

if so, please tune into my 5D visionary biz training – we’re going thru it now in our akashic training underway and im reminded of how powerful this program is and how timely it is for supporting authentic, unique ways of leading and creating. More info below in case ya wanna tune in.

i love you so much!!!

you’re awesome…like..realllllyyy..awesome 🙂

xx Syd

Your invitation awaits…

To play – lead – YOUR way.

To lead as you.

To create your business and life..

in the ways that feel best..for you.

Decondition all the other noise..of what you thought you “should do” while you’re at it 🙂

Do you relate?::

You have you taken a ton of trainings, workshops, courses or even worked with mentors that have all seemed to offer the same thing – the same templates, same guidance – telling you to post on social media everyday to get clients or make sales.
You’ve never resonated much with the approaches you’ve seen offered out there online or by other programs claiming to give you “the answer” that seems all too driven by profit, sales and overt focus on building one’s brand more than amplifying the greater mission at hand.
You’ve been craving support from fellow visionary allies and collaborators who, like you, are guided by a higher purpose and mission that’s intended to support collective evolution, harmony and healing.
You desire permission and guidance in uncovering your authentic mission, vision and values so you can design the business plan, platform and launch that completely reflects your true essence.
You’re eager to receive deep support in coming out of the multi-dimensional, intuitive closet so you can confidently share your truth, anchor the message and mission you’re here to birth and magnetize your soul family in to co-create with you.
You are without a doubt ready to take a leap into the unknown and create new ways of being, doing and expressing that quite likely have never been practiced or embodied on Earth before.
Sound like you? If you’re feeling the resonance, it’s time to explore co-creating in a new your way. It’s time to share your authentic vision in a way that feels most aligned and supportive, at your own pace, in your unique style.

If you join in the next week I’d love to offer you TWO 45-minute intuitive strategy calls to be used over the next 3 months to assist in all you’ll integrate and embody. Like a mini-mentorship with email support in between as you go thru the self-guided journey..I have some space to support a few visionaries through this experience and would absolutely love to play if thats YOU.

My favorite healers on Big Island, Hawaii

You might have tuned into my pretty popular list of my favorite healers in Maui..showcasing some of my fave people on my support team for mind-body-spirit integration and nourishment.

Since moving to the Big island – to the Punaverse – over the year Ive had the honor of working with some truly special healers and facilitators Im happy to share and celebrate here.

To all the beings mentioned below, thank you for your friendship and presence. To those tuning in – see what resonates and reach out to explore more for yourself if called. The more healing. the merrier 🙂

Iris @ Mermade spa, in Hilo – facials, waxing, lashes + brows

Robbie Wade, Heaven and Earth Acupuncture – adjustments, energy healing, acupuncture

Hope Medford – sound healing, live percussion + women’s health + healing (doula/midwifery)

Shannon Sahaja – contact improv dance + embodiment facilitation 

 Alicia Sunflower
Medicine Woman Therapist 

Alicia is a rainbow bridge, bringing together the worlds of western psychology, shamanism, and sound. As an intuitive channel and trained professional, she specializes in holistic integrative services that support others in Embodied Ascension. Alicia offers Quantum Shamanic Sound Journeys, Psychedelic Integration Counseling, Shamanic Soul Coaching and Facilitation training, private healing ceremonies, and multiple forms of intuitive readings and divination.


Olivia at Paradissimo Spa – facials, infrared sauna, body treatments

Thru the Portal We Feel

I am home ❤️🌈
Surfing some awesome energetic upgrades and expansions as usual..welcome to the new norm, whatever that means 😂
Cosmic weather updates will always be – intense and activating AF from now on.
How’s your body? How’s your nervous system? How’s your inner child? How embodied do you feel?
How’s your attunement to your needs and how are you supporting yourself?

How would you love to feel loved, grounded, stabilized in your home frequency, clear, coherent, joyful, expansive, light, else?

I am loving how accelerated our healing – integration – embodiment experiment can be now..when we are willing to drop into presence and feel what we truly are..what the body is asking for..what the spirit is inspiring us to move into..we are all little kids really running around wondering how we ended up here.
Maybe this whole game – earth – it’s a playground and it’s supposed to be fun.
We made the whole thing up..remember?
How shall we choose to dance and play thru the movie? How shall we meet our depths along the way, every emotion and feeling and desire at a time?
Beyond time..melting into this moment where something new wants to happen ❤️🕺
I’m loving life and my cellular vessel I get to call’s so cool 👽🧬
☀️☀️☀️ Life updates👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
💎 ASCEND is growing everyday with amazing new creators..light beings converging in such a divine epic portal we made!! Im blocked from Facebook so don’t try to reach me here – get in touch on ASCEND where anyone can message me there and I’ll respond ❤️

we are raising $1.5million as soon as possible to fund app enhancements, growth marketing and ops..calling all angels and conscious VCs ready to create the future, please get in touch if I’m speaking to you.

We are close 🤙🏽 💎🧬

💎 My new book “I’m ascending, now what” will publish with @stmartinspress may 1, 2023..the 5 year anniversary of my first book: “the empath experience: what to do when you feel everything.” Both books I wish I had when I incarnated 😂❤️
🥰 I am super grateful to be a part of @rani_maree‘s transformation vortex event happening may 22 for ten days with awesome visionary light workers ((aka light twerkers)) all over the world.

Sign up to join us and tag a friend to come’s gonna be epic expansive love bubbles of upgrades and alchemy: 🥰🥰🌈🌈 ((more info below))

😇🧬 Bali New Years Retreat is percolating with my soul sistAR @premalovemusic ..Embodied Awakening – life, embodiment updates, deep receiving and attunement to expansive abundance, dance, music, inner artist awakening..galactivation magic pure joy in paradise 🌹☀️

You’ll be the first to hear about details here..coming soon probably in June after Prema integrates an epic queens initiation in Egypt..weeee 🐬❤️

all my love darling..thank you for being you..for existing..and co-creating..and anchoring your unique frequency here in this playground. there’s nowhere else i’d rather be 🙂

mahalo…i love you..

i hope you are taking great care of yourself and slowing down to feel all the feels we are being invited to fully metabolize and integrate now…

remember to laugh once in awhile too 🙂 its all a beautiful dream we get to weave.

xx Syd

if there is anyway I can support you – i am here…i am grateful to be offering support sessions via MTVO after awhile. this is a mystery school i’ve had the privilege of studying/practicing in for the last 4 years..has been life-changing. endlessly grateful for continuously not recognizing myself as i shed more layers of inauthenticity and survival personality aspects.

the sessions i am offering via MTVO are 1 hour sessions in zoom/audio-only in which i can offer all my signature support styles – intuitive guidance, energy healing, and even business strategy. i would be honored to play with you here.

for deeper support via 1:1 can apply // explore // attune to possibilities here.

soul sourcing sessions and quantum transmissions can be booked here. the sessions i offer via my website are a bit different from those i offer via MTVO in that they are more comprehensive programs in and of themselves with a longer session length and more of an orientation and integration process – like a mini-mentorship. many ways to play..feels good to co-create in this way.

*New Womb Healing Meditation*

…transmitted in our Akashic Facilitation Council Call recently..please receive + share with anyone else you feel this could support.

I believe that the world will change when we empower the light-workers, the visionary leaders, the heart-centered entrepreneurs, the wild creatives, and the healers to activate the healer within, own their self worth with and raise the world up in the frequency of emotional freedom, especially during this crazy times.
As you guys know, I love nothing more than seeing someone rise from the ashes of their life and create something that aligns with their truest heart’s desire and passion.
If you’ve been specifically desiring a breakthrough in your journey, then I invite you to join me in Rani Maree’s 10-Days of Transformation healing immersion starting May 22nd, and amazing things are already happening in the group as a warmup!
I’ll be going Live in the private Facebook group sharing about my journey, experiences and breakthroughs with inner work and healing practices..
It’s totally free and I’d love for you to join us!
We’ll be getting started on May 22nd.

Happy May Day

aloha love, how are you being? welcome to may..a powerful month usual. up up up we go..and more in, in, in to our depths it seems.

i am ready for some awesome expansions..anchoring this month. but definitely the lesson continues to amplify – as we allow more light in, more of our shadowy dark murky depths are revealed and illuminated. are we building capacity within to hold space for ancient ancestral patterns to dismantle and can feel like a full time job just being present to feel it all.

can we allow for more rest..even more than we think is enough.
we are reparenting our bodies anew.
returning to the original blueprint nervous system we were born with.
before learning fear, separation, scarcity or control.
we are born to flow and feel fully ourselves.
we are remembering..and the incoming energies are designed to support precisely this process. completion.

i am integrating a beautiful new stability in my own authenticity after our immersion last week here in hawaii. it was a profound awakening experience..the best immersion ive ever been a part of let alone hosted/facilitated. i am so grateful..beyond words.

soul family. coming home to ourselves. here we are.

something that anchored in..which i am still sitting with – but it feels so good to imagine — is the invitation to bring a group to Bali for New Years. My last immersion was in 2018-2019 New Year and mama Bali feels to be calling..strongly..for a return home to her sacred waters-lands-portals.

Living there especially 2016-2017 was a key part of my awakening much was able to download and integrate just being there for an extended period and continuing to touch in over the years. The island is a temple of purification for the planet..what a blessing to feel the invitation arising to visit again.

I would love to co-host this immersion with my dear soul sister and sacred musician Prema Love..for a container designed for Embodied Awakening..awakening your inner artist, your authentic divine expression, speaking your truth fully, cellularly anchoring your soul’s knowing of your divine life path and purpose, exploring and playing in new frequencies that want to express dance-music-healing-connection-love through you in gorgeous delicious ways.

Lots and lots of spa time..body work..healing high vibe food and attunement to abundance codes and expansive flow of all the support imaginable..visits to sacred sites and water temples..special guests and local friends to honor us with their beautiful gifts..deep group practice and attunement for nervous system healing and restoration..lots of deep rest and play.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Seems to be anchoring more into form each day. Allowing the details to land..before announcing anything..but feels fun to share here and get a sense for who might be called to join. Likely December 27 – Jan 8th or so..a longer immersion with space to dive really deep into our group energy attunement and practices for embodying our true selves..and learning tangible ways to bring more of our divinity into form in our everyday life and creation. Quite the activation 🙂

Wanna come play? Hit reply if you feel a resounding yes and I can add you to our short list as we start to allow more guidance for emerge.

I’d love to share the resources that emerged on our call today with our Akashic Facilitator training group. With almost everyone I work with in whatever capacity we are sharing in – intuitive healing, business building, training, mentorship – sexual energy is a factor that almost always comes up.

Healing our trauma and notably our sexual trauma is a core part of our embodied ascension journey. How else are we to descend into our cells, into our body fully if we don’t touch into the deep dark murky spots that hold the densities in the way of beaming our fullest power – potency – light – aliveness?

I have travelled quite a journey in this path myself over the years..healing immense dis-association and sexual trauma/violations of many kinds..and I am happy to share all I’ve learned along the way.

Here are just a few resources to tune into if you are called to deepen in your exploration of this path…

  1. Tachyon Yoni Eggs
  2. Latest visionary souls that covers sexual trauma and using BDSM for healing
  3. De-Armoring Practice // + great episode we did together that also explores this (and yoni eggs)
  4. Sexual Healing – Tantra: all my fave resources I’ve created/collected over the years
  5. Womb Healing Meditation – with Mary Magdalene
And perfect timing of course – our latest episode of Visionary Souls Podcast just came out diving deep into sexuality, trauma healing, dominatrix vibes and all the magic we love exploring as divine playful flow channels thru us. Definitely check this out to receive some awesome support and inspiration in your healing – embodiment – integration journey.
💎 Juliette Karaman is a coach, teacher, mentor, and writer on relationships, trauma, healing, sex, and intimacy. She herself is a trauma survivor so is deeply attuned to what her clients go through and has them understand the connection between the psyche and their bodies. Merging her decade of conscious sexuality with the ability to hold deep space has her clients regain confidence in their bodies, psyche, and relationship to themselves. She also is a mother of 4, which adds a whole extra layer to her wisdom. 🔑
Listen in + come play.

Enjoy the May energies + updates..they are massive.

Be easy..enjoy when you’re able to simply observe..the show 🙂

xx all my love..


Updates + Expansions…

I gave my website a little update..feels so good to change it up. Funny how fast we outgrow our digital channels. Reminded of how many awesome resources there are receive.

I am blocked off of Facebook..focusing energy on ASCEND even more so..would love to connect with you there if you’re called to come play and explore.

Love what we’ve created. Going into a new funding round…could be multi-million dollar raise 🙂

I have awesome energy healing transmissions available in my Transmission Library here..can assist with integration underway.

Check out my free challenges + meditations on Youtube and Insight Timer.

Apply for 1:1 Visionary Mentorship here.

Limited availability for 1:1 sessions and quantum transmissions.

Our beautiful immersion ohana post-experience glow. So grateful to co-create and remember with these beautiful beings <3

Creation Portal Open

aloha are you being in this moment?

deep breath..slowing down..really listening..getting curious.

how am i being?

how am i feeling?

do i feel supported?

can i support myself with anything feel…

the way i truly want to feel?

or can i simply choose..

to attune to the frequency – feeling – state of being…

i most desire residing in?

once we clear out more of whats not ours..and never was..

we can feel more spaciousness..and simply being…


allowing divinity to move through..

without trying, efforting, masking, posturing.

tis quite a wild experience to behold. when you start observing in yourself..this witness and watch..and not react..or engage in the old protective survival games.

there is something else happening here. someone else being here..underneath it all.

underneath what used to be so much noise, impossible to see through.

now we can see more clearly. than ever before.

remembering ourselves. and really..tuning in. to our heart, truth, more love..seeing ourselves. as we are.

more and more i see little children in all our faces.

we are returning to the divine child within. embodying god-spirit-source.

we are innocent. we are holy. we are whole.

we are here to play and enjoy.

i had a breakthrough this weekend..around THIS.

letting go of posturing at an even deeper level, that protected from shame and insecurity at being seen as not enough or wrong..

it emerged through dancing. and finally feeling more free to express and play and enjoy..because i finally had reached a new level of self-containment of my energy..feeling impermeable to outside a deeper way than ever before.

feeling inner stability to simply be me. without caring or tuning into others feelings or thoughts.

which is a miracle..after living in this body for 30+ years that had to be so highly attuned to tracking the be safe..and affirm survival. because needs were not met for so long..hence an overdeveloped skill of tracking resources externally had to come into existence…how else would we survive?

and then..we learn to let this go..layer by all its complexity.

remembering we have it…what we, within, we really do..and we learn to believe that we do. and trust source our the moment they arise.

allowing availability now for true love and interdependence. sovereign union. coherence in all relations. true presence and authenticity. true allowing of what is.

thank you thank you thank you.

Life is really, really divine ❤️

I am grateful to be alive, on earth, embodied in-as this awesome being 🐬

Expanding capacity for more love, joy, connection, depth, play, innocence and pure authenticity.
Starting our retreat here soon. Feels like family and home, already.
Opened our akashic – 5D biz training this week with the perfect constellation of visionaries. Reminded of how much I love this souls favorite way to play and create.
I’m now consulting on two world changing projects focused on bringing quantum healing technology and new vehicles for generating abundance to humanity.
I feel so in love with myself. With this beautiful dance of living in the now.
Grateful for all the layers of the journey and lessons it’s taken to prepare..for simply allowing and being, here 💎
More please ❤️
Grateful to offer 5D Visionary Biz Training in our Akashic Facilitator fave realms of co-creation colliding…
We just started the training this week and already I can tell this journey is going to be so much fun..and so powerful when it comes to sourcing world-changing services and offerings that are truly divinely designed.
Building businesses that reflect our authentic genius and radiate our resonance quite naturally so our ideal collaborators easily feel-find-co-create with us…creating and leading from presence + coherence is our fave way to play.
To learn more about our self-guided 5D biz training..which is like 1:1 mentorship with me but done at your own pace with daily practices, strategy, templates +  support for anchoring (+ scaling) your vision + services…check out our training here.
Would love to co-create with you in this awesome space.

I also added a bunch of free strategy trainings on 5D business on our new social platform – community: ASCEND, if you’d like to come play + explore.

here are some resources to support during this awesome integration:

happy playing..and stepping into all the new timelines available now..

what reality are you choosing to experience – create?

when might now be a beautiful moment to start really living it.

dance some more helps 🙂

loving you familia..have a gorgeous rest of this month!

enjoy…loving you.

xx Syd

Timeline Healing + Forgiveness

Here are three key practices helpful now for integrating former timelines, creating space for newer energies to integrate: 

 1. Forgiveness practice – good to do with mom, dad and any tender relationships (primary ones like former lovers and partners). Bring one person to mind and imagine their energy field in front of yours, then recite each line below which works on different layers of the field and any ridges/distortions that may be present. If you feel like one line brings up a lot you may continue repeating this line till you feel movement or clearing. Each relationship field will be different and this practice can bring up a lot so make sure to take it slow and hydrate as a lot of energy may be released. 

Forgiveness brings peace

Forgiveness corrects perception

Forgiveness bestows the gifts of God

Forgiveness heals the perception of separation

Forgiveness undoes all fear

Forgiveness undoes all perceived guilt

Forgiveness releases

Forgiveness frees one’s vision

Forgiveness cleanses

Forgiveness makes all things lovely

Forgiveness brings the memory of God

Forgiveness removes the untrue

Forgiveness allows the overlooking of mistakes

Forgiveness sweeps away the belief in sin

Forgiveness brings an end to specialness

Forgiveness brings release from all illusion

Forgiveness brings the understanding of God’s Love for you

Forgiveness turns the world of sin into a world of glory

Forgiveness is the great release from time

Forgiveness takes away what stands between your brother and you

Forgiveness is the answer to attack of any kind

Forgiveness undoes what fear has produced

Forgiveness heals

~ from Sensei Steven,

 2. Remembering Unity work:

 3. Ho’oponopono Forgiveness

Center yourself in whatever way feels good. Then bring to awareness within your heart – yourself, or any other being or entity (an idea, an institution, a place, an organization, anything at all), that you would love to create more peace and harmony with. Repeat internally: “I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you… I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you.”

I also guide you through a timeline healing exercise in the intro to our recent episode of Visionary Souls here. 

My Favorite Sex Magic, Energy Mastery + Alchemy Resources

Here are some of my favorite resources on sex magic, energy mastery and alchemy..which are all foundational aspects of creating a thriving, abundant life and business you love..

Egyptian Codes – Sex Magic exploration with Kara Sophia (podcast):

Sex Magic Masterclass – An earlier course offering on the intersection of business, money and sex magic

Releasing Shame – Mind Love Podcast:

Divinity Codes Divine Union trainings:

Divine Masculine:

Abundance Activation:

Divine Union:

Infinite Abundance:

More about all my self-mastery courses here.

My course Mastering Magnetism is a good one to go thru focused on activating lower energy centers + we talk about right relationship with sexual energy  – check it out

Other Recommended Resources:

My all time favorite book on sex-magic and alchemical practice for activating and awakening our light bodies

The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida – about working with life force energy consciously

Retention Practice – any of his books/talks are great..he is a foremost teacher of the practice: Mantak Chia

Retention Playlist by Layla Martin, one of my fave teachers

Two trusted masculine leaders – friends of mine that teach this work as well: destin gerek + aaron kleinerman if you care to receive deeper support here.

Check out all my podcasts I’ve been a guest on – usually speaking to transmuting shame and sexual liberation on pathway to authenticity – here.

Curious to explore 1:1 mentorship in energy mastery, embodiment and visionary leadership – please schedule a consult with me to explore


Life Path Review? Right on Time. #fullmoonmusings

aloha darlin..sending you lots of love amidst this full moon portal and all the portals of immense energy therein.

It’s all been quite a work IN, that’s for sure.

I wanted to check in and share something that has been percolating strongly in my heart the last 48 hours..perhaps as a helpful example of how i am meeting the current energies and all they’re bringing up for us to process. i’ve been streaming a lot of writing and creative energy..still awaiting my final book notes from publisher to work on and complete…so much flowing in between time.

I hope you find this nourishing and helpful to consider. i’m also open to receiving how you resonate and what is coming up for you in this sometimes turbulent cycle we are traversing..we have so much more in common than we think. almost always. i love sharing in ways that help us feel more affirmed and allowed to be as we and ourselves and one another.

…..quick note: down below you’ll see some invites for ways to play and a chance to co-create in a special live online experience for the upcoming equinox. would love to connect with you in any of these ways if it’s meant to be….

Sometimes I feel like deleting everything I’ve ever posted publicly because it doesn’t accurately reflect how and who I am now. We are changing light years in a day now and it’s bizarre to have time capsules not to mention videos of ourselves out there for people to be meeting – sometimes unknowingly different versions of ourselves that have long come to pass.

This full moon portal has me questioning my entire path and everything I’ve ever created. I welcome this energy as I am used to playing in similar currents normally anyway – if we aren’t questioning our path and intentions regularly than usually we are stagnant and playing it safe instead of expanding and evolving at our destined pace.
I’ve been processing self abandonment wounds around how I haven’t allowed myself to truly live for me – I’ve been a a great performer most of my life, doing what I think you want me to do and being how you want me to be to get Your love and validation. All of which stems from very early on in this beings birth cycle where love and attunement was non existent in the ways I required to develop a healthy nervous system with the capacity to contain the immense energy I am meant to embody.
I have done so much self work and repatterning and don’t recognize myself even from one year ago. Even when I was hitting rock bottom in my drug and alcohol addictions – nearly dying many times trying to escape this body and planet I didn’t feel I belonged – I was drawn to sexual healing although with great shame as I explored stripping and escorting by night while working at an office job by day.

Years later in my awakening I realized: I was just seeking like many others to re-create the temple. We used to have temples on this planet for sacred sexual healing, connection and community – we were able to live in great harmony due to the support offered by these spaces and beings stewarding them. There was no shame in utilizing our authentic sexuality to transmute density in this earth – to allow our pleasure to completely guide us, to be radically expressed in our full hearts desires, to live completely for ourselves – that was our higher purpose, embodying our essence.

Sexuality has always been a theme I’ve shared about and explored whether it be on countless podcasts or posts or lightly in my book – more so in my upcoming book..but always it seems thru the more safe guise of business or energy mastery or other understandable more seemingly acceptable concepts that won’t freak people out or distance my supposed audiences from staying connected with me in the ways they’re more accustomed to.
What if I came out and shared what I really want to? How I had two dates on New Years and love to explore shibari bondage as a key to nervous system healing and embodiment practice, how exploring kink and BDSM practices has proven for me to be the root of healing core wounds around repressed authenticity and power, how years ago I applied to work at a dungeon as a dominatrix in New York and occasionally still consider the possibility of returning to actively practicing within that style of healing.

I also want to teach men – especially younger ones – about energy mastery, semen retention, how to make love for hours and how we can all activate more orgasmic energy and channel it so beautifully into our creative visions and ventures. My path has trained me perfectly to share immensity in these realms and it comes through in pieces but hasn’t had permission to crystallize as clearly as I’m now feeling is required.

I am here to be an example of transmuting shame into complete liberation. I am here to be completely and fully embodied in my truth. I am here to be playing at my full size, full light capacity – which I am still getting used to containing in this body, on this planet, in this particular dimension. I want so badly to connect with others in this depth and intimacy and I’m afraid I’ve still been pretending or hiding out in the multidimensional realms as a biz coach, intuitive guide, author or entrepreneur instead of being completely open as to what I’m here to share and help others actualize.
I’ve also always wanted to DJ for as long as I can remember. Im terrified of what having the equipment set up ready to practice on might mean so I’ve avoided it for years. I even had a controller once and could barely practice on it – if I allowed myself to do what I truly love then I definitely would see how I’m pretending in all these other ways to serve others and sacrifice my happiness to live in ways others will understand and validate.
I am not here to be understood or validated by anyone and yet I am still learning how to give these gifts to myself and truly receive them. The path of the visionary is to consciously activate others to question their own realities and patterns so that we together can interrupt the norm and change our experience and realities. We become comfortable with triggering others out of their density so together we can activate more light and potential.

We become familiar with agitating peoples brains with concepts and possibilities they never thought existed – this is how we imagine new choices that we didn’t see before. This is how we grow and architect the world we’ve always dreamed of playing in – heaven on earth. It is first a place we realize in our own being, then from this embodiment of our own understanding we create our unique contribution in this planetary experience and somehow as we all share our unique piece, the puzzle completes itself as we feel more and more at home.

I am sitting in this stirring and watching so much unearth and illuminate. I am practicing patience with it all. And gratitude for the willingness to see and honor the feelings and expressions wanting to flow through, fully. I am listening and allowing more detail and guidance to emerge.

I am choosing to trust that the path of least resistance will eventually reveal itself as I create more space for it to land. I am accepting myself as I am right now and appreciating all that’s transpired to bring me deeper into this precise present moment.

There’s nowhere else to be ❤️

How is the full moon showing up for you?

How is your destiny calling you into greater truth, clarity and alignment?

What is ready to be let go of to allow for more space – room – for you to be all that you are? For more of your path to clearly reveal?

How are you taking care of yourself to integrate the energies we are receiving?

I love you.

Thanks for being you. That is all that’s required.

xx Syd

PS: We have 3 spots to co-create in our upcoming Akashic Facilitator – 5D Biz Training starting 4/4 and one spot to join us for our visionary convergence – immersion in Hawaii.

More and more these containers are showing up perfectly to offer the somatic recalibration, frequency shifts and tangible visionary guidance and strategy required for us to align with our destined paths.

I am so grateful that the visions for these experiences chose me to birth them long before I could fully realize how absolutely perfectly on time they’d be with all they seek to offer and remind us of.

To explore 1:1 mentorship or 1:1 support sessions, remote energy healing and quantum transmissions, check my availability here.

Would also love to anchor the equinox energies with you in our upcoming Akashic Ascension Portal gathering.

Register to join us for this 1.5 hour co-creation, attunement, activation, recalibration session below. We will be templating elements of the energies we’ll be working with in our Hawaii Immersion too which will be powerful and lots of fun.