How To Actually Live Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

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Aloha sweet soul – happy Solstice and Full moon, wow what powerful energy we are being offered to alchemize and PLAY with, you feeling it ALL?

So much is coming in. 
Huge vision. 
Light body activation. 
Being called to step into ALL THAT YOU ARE. 
Initiated into your full authentic expression. 
No hiding. No holding back. 

Really, more than ever, in this moment – can you feel it?
It’s all here for you. 
Everything in your life has brought you to this now perfect moment. 
And you’re on the edge, waiting to jump off..into what?
What are you creating?
What are you contributing?
What is your greatest gift wanting to be birthed?

NOW is the time to plant the seeds, and not only your intentions, but aligned, committed POWERFUL action to bring forth that which wants to live through you, as you, FOR YOU..

What are you committed to?
What’s in your way of being fully depended upon by YOU first and foremost to be who you need to be to bring this beautiful rebirth full circle?
What are you completing?
What are you letting go of, now and forever?
What are you finally saying no to carrying any further?
It was never yours anyway beloved. 

I love the time we are living in now. Its quantum leaps loves..the new normal..healing generations in an instant, clearing ancestral trauma in a moment, reprogramming limiting beliefs and fears and all other illusions that would have you think you’re separate from your own soul, from me, from your beloved within, from god. 

We are one. And we are here now, Heaven on Earth actualized in your own hearts first and foremost. And then shared – in this collective dance unfolding. 

Can you feel it?

I feel this literally as an increased vibration emanating throughout my entire body, my entire field, amplified sensory perception, new psychic awareness, amplified beyond intuition, speaking more with nature, with new energies making themselves known, clearer channeling than ever much more coming online..really a lightness of being in general, an ease, a flow, a simple allowing, a beautiful divine femininity about it all. 

THIS is what I have always dreamed of experiencing. 

A life of trust, surrender, allowance, play, joy, pleasure, incredible abundance. 

How about you?

What is it you’re experiencing?

I know a lot of the world is processing this heightened energy in all sorts of ways, some of which may feel chaotic and even violent at times. 

When you’re not willing to face the truth of who you are and what you’re being called to alchemize and uncover it can feel painful to be in such stark resistance. 

I think that’s what all pain and suffering is anyway – avoidance of the truth, avoidance of the feelings wanting to be felt, avoidance of the story you are here to truly live, the one you’ve created long before you ever arrived here on earth. The game you are here to play – are you ready to realize it?

You chose it after all love, remember?

You designed the rules as well. 

Trust you knew what you were doing. 

You’ve been here before. 

And what a time to BE. 

A beautiful awakening unfolding for us all, whether everyone is consciously aware of it or not the collective can’t help but be impacted by the frequencies increasing and love energy expanding into more inclusion, magnetic impact, instant manifestation and quantum leaps in every way you could possibly imagine and beyond..

I know in my soul I came here to PLAY.

And learn through contrast what LOVE truly is. 

Only through feeling at first that I forgot who I am and why I am here. 

And getting lost trying to fit into a sick society I am actually here to completely change. 

It’s a funny journey, remembering. 

Isn’t it?

I’ve created journey that is essentially designed to help you remember too. That’s the essence of Divinity Codes. 

Remember who you and why you came here. 

A lot of people use this phrase and perhaps miss the deeper meaning of the invitation conveyed there in. 

Why else are you here other than to remember?

And how?

And so the Divinity Codes invitation goes.

Uncover and clear the trauma and un-truth in the way of you allowing your life to be a simple easeful flow of your desires being realized moment after moment. 

It sounds good until you’re living it..and seeing how, wait..this is what we’re meant for. 

And yes, in every single moment..

How about now?

Incredible feedback keeps coming in for Divinity Codes, my 8-week self-guided online journey for embodying your soul purpose, activating your full power in all areas of your life, speaking your authentic truth, trusting your intuition, trusting your good feelings (and knowing you deserve to feel AMAZING), accelerating abundance, owning your worth and living life in alignment with your absolute desires – and SOUL much more as you can probably already feel. 

BLESSED to share this healing transformation with such extraordinary souls continuing to join the journey! 

Could you be next?

–> Here’s what wasn’t working for Divinity Codes participants before they started the course..

…Love Life. Financial Circumstance. Self-Love
…I filled my time with things I didn’t want, but that I thought I needed or wanted just because of the way they looked from the outside.
…Everything I did felt draining, and no amount of effort felt “enough,” and I always felt there wasn’t enough energy in the world to make things better using the tools I had.
…Money and power
…Relationships and self love
…I was struggling with the way I related to myself. The self talk was more around blaming and dissatisfaction with where I was in life.
…I was anxious and unhappy. I was not earning enough money. I did not have a romantic relationship. I did not love myself.
…I didn’t feel worthy of the things I wanted and I wasn’t confident enough to use my authentic voice and let myself be seen in the ways I desired.
…My relationship to money, the directness of my desire, the polarity in my intimacy and my self trust.

Learn what everyone has created thus far – RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS and major MIND-BODY-SOUL re-alignments and total high-self embodiment (link in comments to read more and enroll).

Here’s the thing…

Life beyond your wildest dreams isn’t just a saying, a meme, a marketing pitch or some other slogan meant to sound cool and not executed upon by any means beloved. 

Life beyond your wildest dreams is meaningless until you actually decide to finally go ALL IN and dream your wildest dream AWAKE.

Have you considered how this moment could be your chance to leap?

What are you calling in?

Are you fully living your greatest potential, all the way here?

How amazing can you allow yourself to feel (in every moment)? 

How FUN can life be? All the time?

What’s it like to taste your genius, to feel your depth, to see-love-celebrate-fully embody your divine soul?

And then PLAY, creating your desired reality to suit your heart’s most aligned desires?

It’s all a catch phrase, an instagram meme, marketing lingo, whatever you want or whatever your ego and unconscious not-enoughness might be projecting onto this post right now..

…until you decide to take responsibility for your experience and radically transform the way you live, PLAY, LOVE, show up, share and dance in this beautiful miraculous life. 

You are so powerful love. 

You are here to share such extraordinary gifts. 

And live with deep meaning, fulfillment and so much love.

So in this moment, in this Solstice/Full Moon portal, going into 2019 and every day thereafter, what are you choosing?

xx Syd 


Ep 47: Adamas Incendia | Liberation: The Ancient Remedy For Awakened Living

Adamas Incendia studied English and classics at Rhodes university in South Africa and then homoeopathy and naturopathy in Australia which he finished in 2000. He has been practising as a homoeopathic doctor in South Africa ever since while also working with various plant medicines and developing a unique range of alchemical formulations to cater to a more enlightened and discerning audience. Adamas has a profound commitment to the skills required to bring about swift, beautiful and radical healing and he uses all the tools at his disposal including plant medicine, higher Buddhist practises and his own unique methodology and formulation of homoeopathy which he has found to seriously accelerate the healing process. This has all been born from 18 years of clinical experience in the field and a relentless commitment to finding the most elegant swift and powerful means to bring about lasting change.

Adamas’ latest creation Liberation The Remedy is an ancient remedy for the modern age of awakened living and is the culmination and fruition of all his work and experimentation to create a substance simultaneously deep acting, powerful yet gentle.

In this episode I interview the creator of Liberation The Remedy on where this ancient alchemical concoction comes from, what its made of and how it is here to help us deeply align and heal on our ascension journey. We also cover the following topics:
– Trauma healing in the body
– How Liberation works in dream time to support release of unconscious patterns and karma
– How ancient plant medicines and alchemical compounds are integrated in this formula to activate and sustain multidimensional healing
– How our cellular structure is effected as the Earth’s frequency rises
– What happens when we can fully let go of attachment to the past to be truly present
– How Liberation supports us in being masterful manifestors

Connect with Adamas:

Use Sydney’s code on your first purchase of Liberation for 10% off: HeavenOnEarth

Ep 46: Preston Smiles | Accelerate Your Abundance NOW

Preston’s mission is to empower, inspire and ignite a mutli-generational movement of radical growth through conscious, creative content, acts of love and living boldly. He believes we’re here to leave the planet better than we found it, and he’s committed to motivating others to join him on that mission, and live their best life NOW.

Visionary Souls Podcast LIVE with Transformation Agent of LOVE + Soul Consciousness Activation, the one and only Preston Smiles jamming on:

** The interplay of MONEY, SEX and POWER in our individual and collective consciousness
** The absolute requirement for INITIATION in healing our divine masculine energy (for both me and women)
** Transcending trauma to embody your highest light – unearthing your greatest gifts
** How giving and RECEIVING are one in the same frequency of pure divine gifts fully in FLOW
** The intelligence centers of the body: mind, heart + gut – activating all three to embody your highest alignment
** Elevating your consciousness + activating abundance via the Three Gs: Gratitude, Generosity, Growth –> How can you serve? How is THIS lesson a gift? What are you grateful for in this NOW moment?

Share this medicine with tribe // spread love // upgrade consciousness <3#HeavenOnEarth #RememberWhoYouAre #Transmutation #Alchemy #5D

Connect with Preston Smiles: 

Quantum Leaping The Last Two Years

Two years ago today I was in New Zealand for the first time for a 10-Day Retreat I signed up for upon working with my mentor almost a year before it was actually set to happen.
At the time I committed to the retreat I was full of fear – it was the largest investment I had ever made in myself even with a monthly payment plan AND I wasn’t sure how I’d figure out timing with work..I was working full time as Ops Director at an epic PR agency in NYC.
Yet my soul knew all along what was going to unfold, it was my mind and conditioned identity that would have to catch up 😂
This is the magic of self investment in activating quantum leaps into new realities: a month after hiring my new mentor and agreeing to the retreat I put my notice in at my job months before I originally planned and within a few weeks of doing so had a full roster of consulting clients and a new start up team that hired me as Marketing Advisor – all making the same money as my full time job for half time working with people I loved..yes please!
Where could that magic have fit into some plan my mind supposedly needed to feel safe to take the leap my soul was already set on experiencing?
It’s already written my’re job is to trust, always. Trust your desires. They’re never random. They’re guiding you into your next level purpose, power, pleasure and prosperity beyond your wildest dreams 💕
That’s just how it IS.
I see it again and again with my clients too, it’s almost like a rigged game we are all a part of in which we’ve signed up to learn trust while transcending linear, feet based, control programming.
Long story me my next book contains all the epic the time I arrived in New Zealand I finally planned on visiting Bali where I had been wanting to visit for years ❤️ My soul knew it would be a long visit so circumstances aligned divinely to allow me the freedom to decide to stay..for almost a year.
And everything changed.
Two years later, I’m here in Bali about to host two retreats, thousands of people worldwide are reading my book, and I’m fully serving my soul mission embodying my dream life in Heaven on Earth 💕
And you Miss cosmic Morgan Greenseth left NYC after years in the big city hustle to your dream home in Tulum doing your soul design magic with your own company!!!!

Such is the norm and to be expected in our reality of miracles on the regular and quantum leaps in every moment ❤️❤️
Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 9.59.56 AM.png

Bali Awaken + Ascend New Years Retreat 2019

I woke up with the direct download to change my Bali retreat name to AWAKEN + ASCEND.

Transform and Transcend is so 2018. It implies working and efforting doesn’t it?

From now onwards we simply awaken, and allow what is no longer ours to carry to ascend back to source as we simultaneously allow our light bodies to activate, our senses come online fully alive, our intuition to ignite and our lives to flow in perfect order according to our divine desires.

Awaken to your hearts true desires. 
Learn to listen fully and completely to your soul.

Trust your unknown calling to leap. 
And then leap again. 
Until this becomes your dance of life.
Informing all the ways you consciously create your dream life reality. 
In instantaneous quantum leaps.


Why not? 
Because you can. 
You were made for this.
And you’ve done so much work to arrive.

Now it’s time to let go and allow. 
Let your magnetic power flow and integrate.
And manifest in ways more beautiful than you could have ever planned.

Rest easy into the divine knowing you are so supported. 
By your own soul, by this beautiful life unfolding.
You deserve and desire the best, so receive it.

Feel at perfect peace and ease trusting your heart centered soul vision to guide you from now on. 
Listen like your life depends on it.
In the most joyful loving ways.

Breathe into your infinite expansion. 
And feel the divinity you are.

Would you like to play your most extraordinary game? 
Each and every moment choosing your rules? 
Your cosmic calling awaits beloved.
Can you feel your it as though it’s here now?

Awaken to the divinity you are.
Ascend into your own Heaven on Earth.
Embody your multidimensionality.

It’s time to FLY and FLOW.

Your paradigm shift is here.

Will you come PLAY?

Apply ⏩ Here

Gratitude DAY Everyday..All The Ways To Play #BlackFriday

HAPPY GRATITUDE MY LOVES…I am so grateful for you beloveds- thank you for BEING.

Seriously, thank you for BEING here. I love you SOUL much. What a divine moment to be here together in Heaven on Earth activating the new codes of awakening, abundance, interconnectedness and total THRIVAL for all living beings.


You caught that? THRIVAL in lieu of the old survival way of being. Try that on for size.

So I’ll get right to it..I have a few SPECIAL GIFTS for you on this glorious DAY of the post-feasting gratitude love fest for those of us Americanas who had friendsgiving or perhaps time with our families..not everyone here in my global fam newsletter tribe is on that boat certainly yet perhaps you’re celebrating on the daily because why not.

In fact, isn’t it funny that we have a day of the year..where we hang with our friends and/or family, relax, eat and feel grateful? Feels funny to say like that but isn’t it true?


Oh wait..that’s how I live. You too?

Yes please. More of THIS please.

Now lets get to the GIFTS..

Numero Uno…

Words can’t accurately describe the transformation, healing and up-leveling you’ll be guided through in this journey.

You will be initiated to meet your truth in ways you have never before imagined possible.

Want to see what you’re really made of?

You will fall more deeply in love with you and your soul essence than ever before.

How incredible are you willing to feel?

All the time.

How free would you like to be?

You will feel free in each present moment to finally hear your soul speak.

You’ll have the utmost confidence to listen, trust and take clear, committed aligned action to bring your desired reality into being.

Surrender to how extraordinary life is when you let go of control.

And worry.

And fear.

This is an invitation to exist within an entirely new paradigm encapsulating completely new ways of being.

Here’s your chance to transcend and transmute everything in your way of embodying your highest light, full power and potent purpose.

DIVINITY CODES is open for enrollment.


Black Friday Special ends Monday 11/26 at 11:11am PST when pricing increases..if you’ve been wanting to experience my work and mentorship here’s your chance. It’s super potent and I am BEYOND grateful to have this cosmic creation ready and accessible for you to PLAY with first hand. Check out the FAQs at the bottom for extra insight into all this course has to offer you. I am offering a special way to work with me 1:1 when you enroll in Divinity Codes that I won’t offer anywhere else with limited availability.


Numero Dos…

From NOW until Monday at 11:11am PST Intuitive Soul Sessions are $333 (save $111) OR you can book three at once for $333 through the next 6 months (save $333). This is the last time I will be offering these incredible energy healing, intuitive guidance sessions at this rate before this offering completely shifts starting January 2019.


Numero Tres…

My Magnetic Marketing Masterclass (originally $333) is yours for $44 until pricing increases to $111 on Monday. 


Numero Quatro…

Everything in my online MAGIC SHOP is 55% off or more for your visionary enjoyment, including meditations, guided breathwork, a guided visionary morning practice, expert activations and trainings, my Empath Empowerment Masterclass, visualizations and more. Pricing increases also on Monday at 11:11am PST.


I’m excited to share this incredible abundance with you! How much MAGIC will we co-create?

I love you. I am so grateful for the honor to serve you and support you in aligning to your SOUL so you can SHINE your fullest light and radiate your full power TRUTH out there in the world that’s waiting to HEAR you..your dreams, your vision, your DESIRES are so urgent..we need you LIVING all the way ON beloved, you are SO necessary to the whole divine unfolding. Thank you for BEING you.

I love seeing you and I love feeling you radiate the love you are.

And oh yes…there’s still a space or two to join me in Bali for New Years if you’re ready to take a full on quantum leap into your next level EMBODIED divine visionary life. I’d love to speak with you soon about having you with us! Apply if you’re called and let’s do it.

I’m flying over Monday, can’t wait <3

Loving you always, all ways.


How To Receive

I help people learn (really to re-member since receiving is truly your natural state of being according to your divine design) how to receive.
I’ve found again and again certainly for myself and countless others that THIS is the essence of truly living an abundant in FLOW fully activated loving life.
We are such complex multi-faceted beautiful beings each with our own soul map unfolding in the most divine ways wrought with the most magnificent lessons and activations along the way always challenging us to face the truth of who we are.
At the core, we are god embodied in human form.
Can you feel it?
A divine vessel of receptivity literally designed to receive like an antenna always attuned to the frequency of pure love the endless inspiration from source, our multidimensional aspects of self, our souls, our higher selves, the whole of the universal consciousness itself wanting to be expressed through our beautiful being simply because we are and it is.
For fun?
For she sheer pleasure of it all?
Does it matter to even ask why when at the soul level we know in our deepest hearts knowing that some questions simply have no answer and certainly none that words could ever deliver even close to the accuracy of what our souls know to be true.
We are because we are.
So why not have an extraordinarily fun time BEING all that is.
How alive can you fully BE?
And in every moment thereafter?
But especially NOW.
Which is where our souls crave to finally meet at last.
And yet, if you at any point in your human journey thus far experienced a wound within your family dynamic usually with your mother first and foremost – who is the utmost representation of abundance, and serves as your original initiation for trusting life to provide for you precisely what you desire and deserve on every level – chances are you’ve learned to believe, feel and embody the realities of::
– Life is hard
– I have to struggle (especially to prove my worth, to be SEEN)
– I have to go it alone (no one is there to help me, so I might as well never ask so I’m not rejected if I do)
– It’s all up to me to MAKE it happen
– I have to be in control of the future so that I can feel safe in this present now moment
– My current happiness is conditional upon KNOWING I am achieving/creating something specific in the future unknown (something you’ve attached your safety to..usually money, success, fulfillment, LOVE, or any other form of security you’ve deemed required for finally allowing yourself to feel like you are enough)
Receiving never came naturally to me.
I am still and perhaps always will be in the ever unfolding learning and healing of allowance into still greater depths of trust and surrender that masterful receiving demands. It’s such a paradox to even use such powerful language to describe an inherently effortless process that is so innately programmed into my being – the art of BEING, allowing, flowing, channeling.
Although with all re-membering we are initiated into certain lessons and embodiments that do in fact invite us into courageous due diligence and vast excavation of the unconscious shadows looming eagerly awaiting our illumination and transmutation into the inevitable light thats always seeking to infinitely expand through our radiant multidimensional vessels.
I believe I received (CHOSE Is the honest answer..because I know and believe as a soul I chose the perfect path of evolution and the perfect parents therein that would initiate me to the perfect lessons catalyzing the most divine soul growth opportunities, transpiring the quantum leap growth I’ve experienced in this life unfolding in the comparable linear time frame of multiple lifetimes in one) a deep conditioning that life would be hard, that I deserved to struggle, that other people’s needs come ahead of my own, that I would source my value from what other people think and feel about me and that ultimately I am here to be a servant to helping others feel good so I can somehow by transference also feel worthy of and therefore allow myself to finally at least try to feel good too.
And so the cycle went on for 25 plus years until the layers began to peel back to allow for more truth to reveal itself in the perfect timing. As long as I continue to say YES I am ready to face the truth, I am ready to go deeper.
Show me the soul growth lesson in this painful memory, show me the truth of this trigger.
Show me how I am in my own way of truly allowing the life I desire and deserve to naturally unfold more gracefully than I could have ever imagined, even more so when I fully surrender into the future unknown trust it will always ALL WAYS be better than I could ever plan with my limited frame of past experience.
Trust like masterful allowance and receptivity is not something cultivated overnight. Yet it can become activated and re-membered as your default state more quickly than you might realize (it feels funny to mention a reference to linear time since your soul knows you transcend time and space especially when you are so presently attuned with your deepest desires allowing your moment to moment experience of life to become a series of listening and deliverance of your heart’s wishes embodied through aligned committed easeful actions).
How can you make a beginning?
1. Look to all the ways you have presently available to you NOW in this moment to receive. Receive love. Receive support. Receive abundance. Receive fulfillment. You are always receiving in some way, you can’t help but are an antenna remember? What insights are you receiving? What inspiration? What DESIRE do you feel emanating wanting to be expressed and how will you honor its divine expression? So often we choose unconsciously (yes everything is a choice whether we are consciously making it or it is) to be in tunnel vision focusing on what’s NOT happening instead of WHAT is so gratefully flowing to us without even thinking about it or having to MAKE IT HAPPEN..can you notice what’s effortlessly present in your field NOW that you can see as a precious gift you are receiving? Daily gratitude (writing as a list, even better if shared with others for witnessing and acknowledgement) and throughout the day practice of this kind of reflection is POWERFUL.
2. You are up against millennia of programming neurologically wired in your beautiful human brain that wants you so badly to see whats WRONG, what’s not happening, what’s negative, what conditions you must SURVIVE..and yet your soul, deeply at rest deep in your lower chakras and fully emBODYed in your gorgeous vessel knows your natural state is deep rest, calm and receptivity. What activities, practices, environments, people support you in dropping into you essence of calm, serene allowance? What are you doing when you are in FLOW and how can you create right this moment a commitment to allowing more of your precious time and energy to be utilized in precisely that space that I trust your spirit is craving so much more of? Can you give yourself the support you need in slowing down, listening deeply, allowing what’s wanting to arise to come up and out, to be fully felt, to be healed, to simply BE? Take a retreat. Hire a mentor. Try a new healing modality you’ve never tried yet have always felt a resonance with. Do you have a community you can practice all of the above with? Start now.
3. Cultivate the practice of solitude. Do you love yourself? Herein lies a paradox = love can’t love itself yet until you SEE yourself as the love you are, I realize this languaging of cultivating self-love is helpful. I certainly at the beginning of my journey had to go into the extreme discomfort of finally facing myself and sitting with the immense pain of being with the horrific critical thoughts on repeat at such high volume in my untrained mind. And yet I kept coming back to the practice, kept asking for help. This can’t be the only way, surely this isn’t the only voice I have on replay in there – there must be others. Which is the truth? How can I attune more easily to that frequency so that is empowered to be my more natural, normal day to day state of being guiding me throughout my life? Do you meditate? Do you do moving meditation? How do you speak to yourself throughout your day? Whose voice is it? And do you have another channel you’d prefer to tune in with? Ask for help if it feels like a tall order, you never HAVE to do ANYTHING (period) alone again.
4. If receiving feels uncomfortable for you, can you go into the resistance by consciously creating opportunities wherein you ask for support, ask for direct guidance, welcome people into your life who want to hold you, love you up, acknowledge you, give you feedback, help carry the weight of whatever you’re carrying. Oftentimes when we think receiving really means being an inconvenience to others we are harping in on an ancient collective conditioning in which we’ve learned that we shouldn’t bother anyone, we’re in this alone, life is hard, and stay in your own lane – the languaging itself runs so deep. Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, come on, don’t be a coward. If this is alive for you, trust that there are most people in your life than you’re consciously aware of in this moment who are WAITING for the invitation to help you. Yes you. They want to support you and love you, can you imagine? Yes you. Our nature is to GIVE. Is to HELP. Is to be of service. That’s why so many millions of souls are waking up each day seeing through the illusion of separation and deep conditioning of individualistic competition and all the shadows therein asking to know the truth: why am I here, what is my purpose, what is my gift that I know I am here to give? So what better gift could you possibly give to your community, your family, your soul family than the opportunity to actually exercise their divine desire to be of service in a SOUL INSPIRED way simply for the purpose of sharing all the love that they are? Simple yet profound, right? Could you imagine how asking someone for help isn’t even about you, its about THEM having the opportunity to be of service and drop more fully into their own innate divine design which wants so desperately to give their gifts and meet in the intimacy activated upon opening this frequency of LOVE in which the giving IS the receiving?
5. Think of a few people in your life who you want to learn something from, even if it feels logically unproductive to ask them for their time – do it anyway. Your inspired invitation to pick their brain is meaningful and perhaps will quite possibly lead to new doors opening that you were never aware of before, in fact I guarantee this will be the case. Follow your curiosity, be in wonder, cultivate sheer awe – be the divine child you are in absolute inquiry about how things work, why things are the way they are, and ultimately seek to receive countless mirrored truths of what you already know at your soul level to be true. See your gifts reflected back to you again and again, ask for feedback from people you admire as to how you can improve, ask how they see you and experience you, see what you can learn about yourself and perhaps develop a new perception altogether around how you show up in the world and how you can allow for even more alignment to naturally fall into place as you let go of your attachments to what you THINK should be instead leaning into what FEELS best for you, now.
Honoring the infinitely expansive paradox of multidimensional embodiment within duality here in Heaven on Earth.
What a glorious game we chose to play, am I right?
The most extraordinary game of all time, across all dimensions, time and space, through all layers of our collective being…it is an honor to be traveling with you visionary souls <3
xx Syd

Master Your Magnetism: Money, Sex + Power

PHEW literally on fire with the divine codes that were transmitted in our MASTERING MAGNETISM – > MONEY SEX POWER Masterclass.

This is the work I wish I had been guided through 10 years ago…or rather as soon as I was born into a human body.

STRAIGHT UP.. Kevin Oroszlán + I channeled next level cellular activation, consciousness upgrades and practical ultra-tangible transformative SHIFTS everyone who attended live can FEEL presently re-aligning in their bodies.


And yet we’re just getting started, barely scratching the surface of the depth of wisdom that wants to be shared..

What will LIFE be like, feel like, FLOW like when you…

…Fully know how to harness your unique expressions of sexual, creative, financial and personal power energetics

….Embody your highest vision for your soul purpose, prosperity, pleasure and radiant power

….Heal your self-worth, own your authentic power and share your soul’s truth

….Optimize your energy and activate your money flow

….Become a master of influence, magnetizing with ease that which you desire most

….Thrive within a completely new paradigm in which you truly create your own reality

We’re opening up sacred space to join us in an immersive 4-week journey starting 11/5 for those of you ready to completely slay victim consciousness, transmute your shadow into your greatest gifts and start living your most fulfilled, powerful, TURNED ON, fully alive, magnetic life NOW.

When you enroll within the next 24 hours you receive a 1:1 22 minute activation session with Kevin or I (you choose!) to support you in living your highest alignment and SOUL much more.

Ready to play in 5D?

Enroll and join us.

Visionary Souls LIVE: The Keys to Liberation: How to Speak Your Truth and Live Authentically

Excited to share this soul expanding convo with you!
It all started with a serendipitous convo about writing..and finding your authentic voice and telling your truth which led us to speaking about Taylor’s experience supporting suicidal children.
Where we took it from there..capitalism, globalization, family survival identities, transcending and transmuting depression, embodying your authentic truth, feeling truly liberated, living in alignment with your higher self, and so much more…
Join us for this timely activation, share it with soul tribe who resonate and can use a consciousness upgrade.
Deep healing codes in here family.
Check out more episodes of Visionary Souls on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher and Podbean and make sure you’ve left a review and rating and SUBSCRIBED for new episodes every week!

When Boundaries Become Irrelevant

People at my events often ask: how can I protect myself, how can I stop attracting negative energy, how can I have better boundaries so my energy isn’t constantly vampired away..and so on.
There’s an answer I can give you from five years ago that was helpful me at the time earlier on my awakening path which goes like this: protect your field, do an aura shielding visualization, be in your bubble of light, say a prayer or invocation such as: I am free sovereign whole and complete and nothing enters my field without my permission. Continue doing so throughout the day especially if you feel like you’ve absorbed something unwanted that doesn’t feel like yours.
Today I’m more intrigued by a new conversation I hope to hear catalyzed on a greater scale…which suggests:
Boundaries are no longer relevant when all of your focus is on radically honoring your desires in every moment, ensuring you have everything you require to be safe happy and secure with all needs met.
When you are completely emBODIed in your vibration feeling like you – which feels amazing, promise – there’s nothing to protect yourself from. No one is coming to get you. No negativity is attracted to you. Unless you are at some level calling it in.
Really when you make conscious your unconscious attachments to absorbing other peoples negativity to help them, fix them, serve them, seek approval from them, feel like you’re fulfilling a purpose in saving or healing will see that no negativity comes to you unless you somehow are complicit in allowing it in.
Repeat: nothing and no one is coming to get you unless you are available to be taken advantage of, drained, used, or otherwise subjugated into servitude instead of genuine authentic soul service (to your own desires first and foremost).
Can you face the truth of how your unconsciousness – core wounds, survival mechanisms, coping strategies – are running the show, even still?
Ask yourself: if I am drained by a particular person or situation or obligation, how am I somehow being served by continuing to allow this exchange to occur?
You wouldn’t be experiencing it unless if at some level it is still serving you.