How To Receive

I help people learn (really to re-member since receiving is truly your natural state of being according to your divine design) how to receive.
I’ve found again and again certainly for myself and countless others that THIS is the essence of truly living an abundant in FLOW fully activated loving life.
We are such complex multi-faceted beautiful beings each with our own soul map unfolding in the most divine ways wrought with the most magnificent lessons and activations along the way always challenging us to face the truth of who we are.
At the core, we are god embodied in human form.
Can you feel it?
A divine vessel of receptivity literally designed to receive like an antenna always attuned to the frequency of pure love the endless inspiration from source, our multidimensional aspects of self, our souls, our higher selves, the whole of the universal consciousness itself wanting to be expressed through our beautiful being simply because we are and it is.
For fun?
For she sheer pleasure of it all?
Does it matter to even ask why when at the soul level we know in our deepest hearts knowing that some questions simply have no answer and certainly none that words could ever deliver even close to the accuracy of what our souls know to be true.
We are because we are.
So why not have an extraordinarily fun time BEING all that is.
How alive can you fully BE?
And in every moment thereafter?
But especially NOW.
Which is where our souls crave to finally meet at last.
And yet, if you at any point in your human journey thus far experienced a wound within your family dynamic usually with your mother first and foremost – who is the utmost representation of abundance, and serves as your original initiation for trusting life to provide for you precisely what you desire and deserve on every level – chances are you’ve learned to believe, feel and embody the realities of::
– Life is hard
– I have to struggle (especially to prove my worth, to be SEEN)
– I have to go it alone (no one is there to help me, so I might as well never ask so I’m not rejected if I do)
– It’s all up to me to MAKE it happen
– I have to be in control of the future so that I can feel safe in this present now moment
– My current happiness is conditional upon KNOWING I am achieving/creating something specific in the future unknown (something you’ve attached your safety to..usually money, success, fulfillment, LOVE, or any other form of security you’ve deemed required for finally allowing yourself to feel like you are enough)
Receiving never came naturally to me.
I am still and perhaps always will be in the ever unfolding learning and healing of allowance into still greater depths of trust and surrender that masterful receiving demands. It’s such a paradox to even use such powerful language to describe an inherently effortless process that is so innately programmed into my being – the art of BEING, allowing, flowing, channeling.
Although with all re-membering we are initiated into certain lessons and embodiments that do in fact invite us into courageous due diligence and vast excavation of the unconscious shadows looming eagerly awaiting our illumination and transmutation into the inevitable light thats always seeking to infinitely expand through our radiant multidimensional vessels.
I believe I received (CHOSE Is the honest answer..because I know and believe as a soul I chose the perfect path of evolution and the perfect parents therein that would initiate me to the perfect lessons catalyzing the most divine soul growth opportunities, transpiring the quantum leap growth I’ve experienced in this life unfolding in the comparable linear time frame of multiple lifetimes in one) a deep conditioning that life would be hard, that I deserved to struggle, that other people’s needs come ahead of my own, that I would source my value from what other people think and feel about me and that ultimately I am here to be a servant to helping others feel good so I can somehow by transference also feel worthy of and therefore allow myself to finally at least try to feel good too.
And so the cycle went on for 25 plus years until the layers began to peel back to allow for more truth to reveal itself in the perfect timing. As long as I continue to say YES I am ready to face the truth, I am ready to go deeper.
Show me the soul growth lesson in this painful memory, show me the truth of this trigger.
Show me how I am in my own way of truly allowing the life I desire and deserve to naturally unfold more gracefully than I could have ever imagined, even more so when I fully surrender into the future unknown trust it will always ALL WAYS be better than I could ever plan with my limited frame of past experience.
Trust like masterful allowance and receptivity is not something cultivated overnight. Yet it can become activated and re-membered as your default state more quickly than you might realize (it feels funny to mention a reference to linear time since your soul knows you transcend time and space especially when you are so presently attuned with your deepest desires allowing your moment to moment experience of life to become a series of listening and deliverance of your heart’s wishes embodied through aligned committed easeful actions).
How can you make a beginning?
1. Look to all the ways you have presently available to you NOW in this moment to receive. Receive love. Receive support. Receive abundance. Receive fulfillment. You are always receiving in some way, you can’t help but are an antenna remember? What insights are you receiving? What inspiration? What DESIRE do you feel emanating wanting to be expressed and how will you honor its divine expression? So often we choose unconsciously (yes everything is a choice whether we are consciously making it or it is) to be in tunnel vision focusing on what’s NOT happening instead of WHAT is so gratefully flowing to us without even thinking about it or having to MAKE IT HAPPEN..can you notice what’s effortlessly present in your field NOW that you can see as a precious gift you are receiving? Daily gratitude (writing as a list, even better if shared with others for witnessing and acknowledgement) and throughout the day practice of this kind of reflection is POWERFUL.
2. You are up against millennia of programming neurologically wired in your beautiful human brain that wants you so badly to see whats WRONG, what’s not happening, what’s negative, what conditions you must SURVIVE..and yet your soul, deeply at rest deep in your lower chakras and fully emBODYed in your gorgeous vessel knows your natural state is deep rest, calm and receptivity. What activities, practices, environments, people support you in dropping into you essence of calm, serene allowance? What are you doing when you are in FLOW and how can you create right this moment a commitment to allowing more of your precious time and energy to be utilized in precisely that space that I trust your spirit is craving so much more of? Can you give yourself the support you need in slowing down, listening deeply, allowing what’s wanting to arise to come up and out, to be fully felt, to be healed, to simply BE? Take a retreat. Hire a mentor. Try a new healing modality you’ve never tried yet have always felt a resonance with. Do you have a community you can practice all of the above with? Start now.
3. Cultivate the practice of solitude. Do you love yourself? Herein lies a paradox = love can’t love itself yet until you SEE yourself as the love you are, I realize this languaging of cultivating self-love is helpful. I certainly at the beginning of my journey had to go into the extreme discomfort of finally facing myself and sitting with the immense pain of being with the horrific critical thoughts on repeat at such high volume in my untrained mind. And yet I kept coming back to the practice, kept asking for help. This can’t be the only way, surely this isn’t the only voice I have on replay in there – there must be others. Which is the truth? How can I attune more easily to that frequency so that is empowered to be my more natural, normal day to day state of being guiding me throughout my life? Do you meditate? Do you do moving meditation? How do you speak to yourself throughout your day? Whose voice is it? And do you have another channel you’d prefer to tune in with? Ask for help if it feels like a tall order, you never HAVE to do ANYTHING (period) alone again.
4. If receiving feels uncomfortable for you, can you go into the resistance by consciously creating opportunities wherein you ask for support, ask for direct guidance, welcome people into your life who want to hold you, love you up, acknowledge you, give you feedback, help carry the weight of whatever you’re carrying. Oftentimes when we think receiving really means being an inconvenience to others we are harping in on an ancient collective conditioning in which we’ve learned that we shouldn’t bother anyone, we’re in this alone, life is hard, and stay in your own lane – the languaging itself runs so deep. Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, come on, don’t be a coward. If this is alive for you, trust that there are most people in your life than you’re consciously aware of in this moment who are WAITING for the invitation to help you. Yes you. They want to support you and love you, can you imagine? Yes you. Our nature is to GIVE. Is to HELP. Is to be of service. That’s why so many millions of souls are waking up each day seeing through the illusion of separation and deep conditioning of individualistic competition and all the shadows therein asking to know the truth: why am I here, what is my purpose, what is my gift that I know I am here to give? So what better gift could you possibly give to your community, your family, your soul family than the opportunity to actually exercise their divine desire to be of service in a SOUL INSPIRED way simply for the purpose of sharing all the love that they are? Simple yet profound, right? Could you imagine how asking someone for help isn’t even about you, its about THEM having the opportunity to be of service and drop more fully into their own innate divine design which wants so desperately to give their gifts and meet in the intimacy activated upon opening this frequency of LOVE in which the giving IS the receiving?
5. Think of a few people in your life who you want to learn something from, even if it feels logically unproductive to ask them for their time – do it anyway. Your inspired invitation to pick their brain is meaningful and perhaps will quite possibly lead to new doors opening that you were never aware of before, in fact I guarantee this will be the case. Follow your curiosity, be in wonder, cultivate sheer awe – be the divine child you are in absolute inquiry about how things work, why things are the way they are, and ultimately seek to receive countless mirrored truths of what you already know at your soul level to be true. See your gifts reflected back to you again and again, ask for feedback from people you admire as to how you can improve, ask how they see you and experience you, see what you can learn about yourself and perhaps develop a new perception altogether around how you show up in the world and how you can allow for even more alignment to naturally fall into place as you let go of your attachments to what you THINK should be instead leaning into what FEELS best for you, now.
Honoring the infinitely expansive paradox of multidimensional embodiment within duality here in Heaven on Earth.
What a glorious game we chose to play, am I right?
The most extraordinary game of all time, across all dimensions, time and space, through all layers of our collective being…it is an honor to be traveling with you visionary souls <3
xx Syd

Master Your Magnetism: Money, Sex + Power

PHEW literally on fire with the divine codes that were transmitted in our MASTERING MAGNETISM – > MONEY SEX POWER Masterclass.

This is the work I wish I had been guided through 10 years ago…or rather as soon as I was born into a human body.

STRAIGHT UP.. Kevin Oroszlán + I channeled next level cellular activation, consciousness upgrades and practical ultra-tangible transformative SHIFTS everyone who attended live can FEEL presently re-aligning in their bodies.


And yet we’re just getting started, barely scratching the surface of the depth of wisdom that wants to be shared..

What will LIFE be like, feel like, FLOW like when you…

…Fully know how to harness your unique expressions of sexual, creative, financial and personal power energetics

….Embody your highest vision for your soul purpose, prosperity, pleasure and radiant power

….Heal your self-worth, own your authentic power and share your soul’s truth

….Optimize your energy and activate your money flow

….Become a master of influence, magnetizing with ease that which you desire most

….Thrive within a completely new paradigm in which you truly create your own reality

We’re opening up sacred space to join us in an immersive 4-week journey starting 11/5 for those of you ready to completely slay victim consciousness, transmute your shadow into your greatest gifts and start living your most fulfilled, powerful, TURNED ON, fully alive, magnetic life NOW.

When you enroll within the next 24 hours you receive a 1:1 22 minute activation session with Kevin or I (you choose!) to support you in living your highest alignment and SOUL much more.

Ready to play in 5D?

Enroll and join us.

Visionary Souls LIVE: The Keys to Liberation: How to Speak Your Truth and Live Authentically

Excited to share this soul expanding convo with you!
It all started with a serendipitous convo about writing..and finding your authentic voice and telling your truth which led us to speaking about Taylor’s experience supporting suicidal children.
Where we took it from there..capitalism, globalization, family survival identities, transcending and transmuting depression, embodying your authentic truth, feeling truly liberated, living in alignment with your higher self, and so much more…
Join us for this timely activation, share it with soul tribe who resonate and can use a consciousness upgrade.
Deep healing codes in here family.
Check out more episodes of Visionary Souls on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher and Podbean and make sure you’ve left a review and rating and SUBSCRIBED for new episodes every week!

When Boundaries Become Irrelevant

People at my events often ask: how can I protect myself, how can I stop attracting negative energy, how can I have better boundaries so my energy isn’t constantly vampired away..and so on.
There’s an answer I can give you from five years ago that was helpful me at the time earlier on my awakening path which goes like this: protect your field, do an aura shielding visualization, be in your bubble of light, say a prayer or invocation such as: I am free sovereign whole and complete and nothing enters my field without my permission. Continue doing so throughout the day especially if you feel like you’ve absorbed something unwanted that doesn’t feel like yours.
Today I’m more intrigued by a new conversation I hope to hear catalyzed on a greater scale…which suggests:
Boundaries are no longer relevant when all of your focus is on radically honoring your desires in every moment, ensuring you have everything you require to be safe happy and secure with all needs met.
When you are completely emBODIed in your vibration feeling like you – which feels amazing, promise – there’s nothing to protect yourself from. No one is coming to get you. No negativity is attracted to you. Unless you are at some level calling it in.
Really when you make conscious your unconscious attachments to absorbing other peoples negativity to help them, fix them, serve them, seek approval from them, feel like you’re fulfilling a purpose in saving or healing will see that no negativity comes to you unless you somehow are complicit in allowing it in.
Repeat: nothing and no one is coming to get you unless you are available to be taken advantage of, drained, used, or otherwise subjugated into servitude instead of genuine authentic soul service (to your own desires first and foremost).
Can you face the truth of how your unconsciousness – core wounds, survival mechanisms, coping strategies – are running the show, even still?
Ask yourself: if I am drained by a particular person or situation or obligation, how am I somehow being served by continuing to allow this exchange to occur?
You wouldn’t be experiencing it unless if at some level it is still serving you.



Mastering Magnetism: The Truth About Money, Sex and Power

Want to know the truth about money, sex and power?

They’re the absolute shadows of our collective consciousness, that’s for sure.

But perhaps you already know that.

Do you?

The truth is: these core elements of our lives – upon which so much of our conditioned inclination towards survival is dependent upon – are the most visible manifestations of our absolute magnetism and inherent divine power.

Want to learn and truly perhaps understand more deeply than you’ve ever thought possible what sex really has to do with money (the findings might surprise you), what money has to do with power (not as much as you might have been taught to believe) and how all three elements are interplaying off of one another constantly in the energetic games we are actively playing (consciously and unconsciously)?

Join Sydney Campos and Kevin Oroszlán LIVE as they download you with a seldom discussed, ultra relevant, high frequency activation on magnetism, energy mastery, sex magic and more to help you rewire your shadow into your most potent magnetism and divinely designed manifestation power.

Your next-level consciousness upgrade awaits.

Finding Your Truth Path

Super stoked to be a part of this epic series launching 10/24 with Beth Weinstein!!

Get in here to join us! 

Unlike most “trainings” that only give information…when you join this teaching series, you’ll get transformation.

true path.png

You’ll get 50% concrete business action steps and 50% “inner” actions (i.e., deep mindset work, how to release blocks, managing energy, manifesting, etc.) PLUS you’ll learn…

*How to grow your passion-based business from entrepreneurs who’ve already hit 6- and 7-figures in their businesses.

*How to merge business, spirit, money and soul so you can help more people in a deeper way and attract abundance at the same time.

*How to harness all the metaphysical, spiritual, emotional and even physical aspects of entrepreneurship. Why? Because soul-based business requires you to be in full alignment with your purpose!

*How to finally get unstuck, align with your purpose, liberate your heart…and raise your vibration so you attract like-minded clients (and income) with ease.

*The biggest mistakes successful conscious entrepreneurs made when they created and grew their businesses, and how you can avoid them.

*How to grow your business from anywhere in the world—yes, anywhere—and live a fun, freedom-filled lifestyle!

The first interview releases October 24th, and the series will only be available for a short time.

Trust your YES in RECEIVING this epic inundation of consciousness expanding soul activating guidance.

Can’t wait to share more with you soon!

xx Syd

The Truth About Money, Sex and Power

I wrote this over a year ago and never published it. I even had two friends proof it for me to get it “ready” for a dreamy publishing platform like Elephant Journal or Rebelle Society..

And there its been waiting in my google drive for me to make something of it. It somewhat translated into my Divinity Codes course and some upcoming collaborations..none of which have fully scratched the itch that’s burning within me to share.

The backstory, the journey, the shadow, the depths, the near deaths – I keep telling it all in pieces and its like a huge tease that never gets fully realized.

What would it be like to tell the whole tale?

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 2.38.27 AM.png

You can wait for it to be perfect, or wait for it to be the book, or wait for it..and it will never happen.

Start before you’re ready. Because you might never be ready or good enough or publish-able especially by someone else’s standards.

Sometimes it can feel lonely feeling like no one is ready to receive that which wants to so badly come through you.

That’s why its even more important for you to be your own trusted champion, trusting that what’s TRUE for your soul to share and what feels BEST for YOU is the medicine that’s meant to come through, nevermind the channel.

The universe decides how the medicine gets to whomever its supposed to get to.

And sometimes the medicine is solely meant for YOU.

So let go.

And receive.

xx Syd

Aloha from Sedona..come play in the vortex!


ALL the ways to play: 

Remember Who You Are Masterclass

“A person who never learned to trust confuses intensity with intimacy, obsession with care, and control with security.”

—John Bradshaw, Homecoming: Reclaiming and Healing Your Inner Child

What a magical life this adventure is unfolding long as you stay open, present and CLEAR On what you truly intend to receive. 

This is the much of our lives is running on our unconscious beliefs, in fact 95% of life is determined by this seemingly asleep part of your brain that’s entirely programmed by beliefs and ways of beings that were likely set into motion between ages 0-7 when you’re in a hypnotic trance absorbing meaning from your parents’ behaviors even if what they do has nothing to do with you. 

Its all part of the game we choose to play in mastering our soul lessons. 

And what a relief to KNOW you have the power, in fact you have everything you need right now, to take your power BACK – to create precisely the life you desire living, the experiences you crave having, the abundance you dream of receiving and the JOY you know is possible for you to share and celebrate.

Even if you think you’re clear on your intentions and what you want to call in – if you have unconscious programs such as “I don’t deserve it” or “It can’t be easy” – some of the more popular ones we tend to have operating beneath the surface – you can say all the affirmations you want and you’ll still never feel fully satisfied in what you receive or manifest because a part of you is committed to validating this unconscious story..

Your mind simply wants to collect evidence to support these stories that have been the bedrock of your survival since day one. 

IN fact it might feel that your life depends on it – the upholding of these stories, of your might die if you let it go. 

Into the unknown feels like death surely – even if its ego death which the mind doesn’t differentiate from physical death. 

And yet your soul knows why you’re really here, and knows the truth, and knows its time to live purely guided by your heart and your divinely inspired intuition. 

That fundamentally knows the truth of this incredible game you’ve come to play..for which you’ve designed all the rules:

You are here to feel good. 
You are here to experience and enjoy deeply fulfilling nourishing relationships.
You are here to contribute your soul gifts.
You are here to create and receive whatever you desire most, easily.
You are designed to THRIVE in optimal health and well being.
You are here to PLAY. 
It can be that simple.

This is what you will learn in my free Remember Who You Are masterclass.

I want to give you the tools I know work to transcend and transform your unconscious coping mechanisms and wounded reactivity patterns that prevent you from being as deeply connected and intimate and receptive as you’re designed to be. 

This invitation is for you if:

  • You are deeply desiring to become fully embodied in your power – to stand up as the radiant leader that you know you are

  • You are ready to live your soul purpose and live in alignment with precisely what you came here to be (and all you came here to give)

  • You’re done letting old programs run your life: codependency, abandonment, low self-esteem, comparison, perfectionism, scarcity, lacking self-trust and lacking trust in the universe, negative self-image, chronic disempowerment, addictions and inability to intimately connect with yourself and others

  • You’re eager to live an abundant life full of love, ease, grace, joy and divinely inspired creativity.

  • You are committed to living a life of example and being a ripple who goes forth to illuminate SO many others in your path.

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 1.03.47 AM

Your Masterclass Includes:

  • Guided Meditation + Healing Transmission

  • Understand dynamics of Core Wounds: Guilt, Shame, Abandonment + Unworthiness

  • Understand Core Coping Mechanisms and how to transcend them: Fight/Flight, Freeze, Tend/Befriend, Detach + how to transmute

  • Know your reaction patterns and how to transform them to be more present, open and loving; show up more present, authentic and receptive in all relationships

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 1.03.20 AM


It’s my absolute honor to share the premise of this healing work with you so you can immediately create massive shifts in your consciousness and life to allow for more freedom, ease and fun.

“Intensity-seeking is an enslavement of our own perpetuation. When we step out of the delirium of always seeking someone new, and meet the same old sad and lonely child within, our healing journey begins. Exhausting ourselves with novelty is a defense against our deepest pain, one that we cannot outrun. But once we stop and feel our losses, we can begin our healing journey and be the authentic, joyous person we were born to be.”

— Alexandra Katehakis, Mirror of Intimacy: Daily Reflections on Emotional and Erotic Intelligence

What Happens When You Let Go

Aloha my dear visionary beloved..

Greetings from my hometown of SF..back at it! It’s beautiful, I brought the sunshine with me from the beach in LA.

I left Monday morning after enjoying the most beautiful love-filled activating divine union ceremony I’ve ever had the pleasure of of my soul family best friends got married on the beach in Malibu and the dolphins came to say hi..seriously it was so beautiful..beyond.

Heaven on Earth. Absolutely.

I’ve uncoupled from my cosmic Love..and I’m officially on the road for my book tour, some silent off the grid meditation visioning time in Sedona next week (plus a VIP client immersion) and then eventually off to Thailand and Bali.

I may stick around the Bay to do an intensive training in Family Constellations, which has been coming up again and again in my field – its super powerful work, wow.

So integrative of all the healing modalities I practice and utilize, all in one. Feeling deeply called to train in this modality so I can share it wide and far..I’ll also be training as a teacher in Authentic Relating this December in Bali which I can’t wait to share with my upcoming retreats and BEYOND.

How about you my love?

Are you experiencing this moment of epic transition and transformation?

I think this is how it IS just IS intense energy all the time, it just IS a lot of feelings, it just IS being asked to go ALL IN on what you truly want..

This is the new way of being we are asked to EMBODY fully.

Sydney Campos-82.jpg

No playing small..and I know I’ve been saying that since forever, and what does it really mean?

It means not compromising.

Only going for what you absolutely wholeheartedly LOVE and desire more than anything.

Valuing yourself so fully that you never sacrifice your most precious resources – your time, your energy, your vision – for anything less than absolute fulfillment and nourishment for your mind, body, spirit and soul.

It means being fully creatively expressed, in total revolutionary confidence when sharing your hearts deepest truth – being SEEN and heard in all the ways you’ve always dreamed of being received by your fellow beloved soul family and tribe.

We are gathering and remembering our human-UNITY..seeing the hologram even more clearly than ever before – noticing a heightened sense of synchronicity?

You are waking up to the reality you know you’ve come here to create.

IN which there are no victims.

Only creators of pure soul vision, transmissions of love and utter brilliance only channeled by divine intelligence.

You are creating it all my love. You are so powerful – your words speak into being that which you immediately start to experience and see embodied in reflections all around you, staring back at you, interacting with you – reminding you that you are the director of this cosmic show and we are all actors in your beautiful brilliant tableau.

Can you imagine life just like that?

What happens when you take full responsibility for your entire experience and all that you say you want and how you embody your desires?

What happens when you really face the truth of who you are and fully make your unconscious conscious so you can be free at last and finally create that which you are most called through lifetimes and lifetimes to create and contribute to the collective Heaven on Earth experience in this now?

I have an opening for 1:1 mentorship starting now (when we work together 1:1 you receive special access to my retreats and courses by the way) if you’re ready to…

  • take the LEAP in creating or scaling your soul-aligned business
  • clarify your mission + vision to KNOW who you are and what you’re most called to offer
  • understand your ideal client and how to call them in
  • create an intuitively inspired business structure that is an authentic expression of your soul
  • feel completely confident in telling your truth
  • confidently and magnetically attract resonant clients and opportunities simply by being the MOST YOU you’ve ever been
  • revolutionize your relationship with abundance
  • become masterful at RECEIVING + owning your desires
  • trust your soul powered intuitive guidance and feel a deep trust in life supporting you
  • healing childhood trauma that’s keeping you stuck in old unconscious patterns
  • embody total integrity = feel at peace in the present moment
  • activate your highest alignment in all areas of your life
  • transform your relationships, activate deeper intimacy
  • be a true invitation for consciousness awakening
  • experience more flow, ease and epic magnetism in manifesting that which you desire most
  • cultivate 5D emotional mastery in which you feel how you most desire feeling
  • ignite your dormant intuitive super powers
  • call in your divine union partnership
  • master your energetic discernment
  • embody optimal vitality


What’s truly possible in my deep 1:1 coaching containers always amazes me..and its my highest excitement to walk you home to you, to live in your zone of genius, to feel your best in every moment and realize you really are creating it ALL..what a fun game to play, the most extraordinary game of all time. Here we are. Ready?

Schedule a call with me to see how I can support you.

When we work together its like having your own personal oracle at your finger tips, here to support you in always returning to your truth until embodying your highest excitement, deeply trusting in your souls desires, being masterfully discerning and clear in your intentions and actions, and pure embodied divine presence becomes your new normal.

My coaching isn’t for everyone. We go deep and it might sound beautiful and fun but its work and commitment and discipline that’s required to embody the truth of what you say you desire: more fun, more play, more presence, more magnetism, more money, more impact, more ease.

Would you like to change your life forever, in just a few months?

Would you like to be more YOU than you’ve ever been?

Would you like to truly SEE yourself for who you really are and what you’re absolutely capable of consciously creating through your divine creativity?

Would you like to see how you’re a channel for higher intelligence operating through you to bring forth incredible gifts that are SO needed right now on this planet?

Would you like to connect to your spiritual support team and guides so you never feel alone or like you have to figure it out all by yourself again?

I could go on..but you get the jist.

This is a sacred invitation to co-create Heaven on Earth.

Which is really a space in your own soul.

And it’s a deep calling.

You know if you’ve heard it before.

There’s no denying it.

I’m here for you as soon as you’re ready to LEAP.

And trust that you may never think you’re truly ready, but your soul always knows the truth.

Are you listening?

+ + +

CELEBRATING THIS feeling of channeling epic codes for quantum self embodiment with fellow visionary pioneers answering the soul calling to activate liberation, LOVE and pure divinity.

In which we intrinsically agree in all ways, always that…

“Arguments are awakenings.
Triggers are illuminators.
Challenges are chances for unconditional love.
We use every moment as an opportunity for transformation and embodiment of higher expressions of Self.”

Just wrapped our weekly training in Divinity Codes with INCREDIBLE DIVINE BEINGS (Founders of Quantum Love Codes) Ashae Sundara + Lucien Vattel..((a segment of their bio/mission is included above)).

We went DEEP into..

* How to create and set up/initiate conscious containers for expansion in relationship and within the path to embodying your highest self

* Activating multidimensionality through PLAY with archetypes = activate dormant POWER wanting to be expressed in you and through you

* Calling in the ONE

* Re-establishing your original innocence and divine birthright to FEEL GOOD

* Orgasmic manifestation + self-pleasure as a fast track to quantum creation

AND soul much more..still vibrating super high from this co-creation. Much more to come, we’re only half-way through Divinity Codes if you’re called to come PLAY, let’s FLY.

Could this be the quantum leap in consciousness you’ve been calling in? 🙏🏼🔮

You can still join us for our live group coaching call tomorrow plus have lifetime access to this soul activating guidance and support if you sign up now.

I’d love to share this potent activating healing work with you..its truly life changing the transformation we are undergoing and certainly affecting in the collective consciousness. 

Would you like to PLAY all in? 

It’s my absolute pleasure to support you in liberating your next level purpose embodiment, power, pleasure and prosperity = your divinity codes await.

I love you always my dear, thank you for being here on Earth for this epic moment of awakening and for simply BEING who you are precisely now in this moment..a divine reflection of a part of me that is simply an invitation for even more love.

That’s what we are for each other.

That’s really what we’re here to “do” if anything at all.

I love you. I see you. 

I am you 🙂

xx Syd

+ + +

San Francisco, CA (10/6)

SLC, Utah (10/18)

Boulder, Colorado (10/25)

+ + +

Book an Intuitive Soul Session to get clear on your purpose, your soul gifts, your most aligned business structure, your relationships, your belief systems.

I’m here to support you in EMBODYING your highest self in all areas of your life.

+ + +

I have limited availability for my FAVORITE offering in which I support you IN PERSON (and via coaching calls before and after our special curated intensive) in creating your most extraordinary life in ALL THE WAYS and activating your highest possible vibration.

Embody your highest self, live your truth, stand in your full power, own your desires, feel your best, clarify your soul vision and create the precise map for navigating your most EASEFUL divine path to manifesting and receiving that which you most DESIRE and deserve…

How about NOW?

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Limited in-person availability for curated immersions in:

🔑 Sedona Oct 8-15

🔑 SLC Oct 16-23

🔑 Boulder + Denver Oct 24-30

Then I’m out of the US for the next little while – likely till Fall 2019 – in Thailand, Bali, New Zealand, Australia, Bhutan + wherever else my soul calls me to PLAY.

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Bali Transform + Transcend
New Years Retreat.

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