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Thru the Portal We Feel

I am home ❤️🌈
Surfing some awesome energetic upgrades and expansions as usual..welcome to the new norm, whatever that means 😂
Cosmic weather updates will always be – intense and activating AF from now on.
How’s your body? How’s your nervous system? How’s your inner child? How embodied do you feel?
How’s your attunement to your needs and how are you supporting yourself?

How would you love to feel loved, grounded, stabilized in your home frequency, clear, coherent, joyful, expansive, light, else?

I am loving how accelerated our healing – integration – embodiment experiment can be now..when we are willing to drop into presence and feel what we truly are..what the body is asking for..what the spirit is inspiring us to move into..we are all little kids really running around wondering how we ended up here.
Maybe this whole game – earth – it’s a playground and it’s supposed to be fun.
We made the whole thing up..remember?
How shall we choose to dance and play thru the movie? How shall we meet our depths along the way, every emotion and feeling and desire at a time?
Beyond time..melting into this moment where something new wants to happen ❤️🕺
I’m loving life and my cellular vessel I get to call’s so cool 👽🧬
☀️☀️☀️ Life updates👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
💎 ASCEND is growing everyday with amazing new creators..light beings converging in such a divine epic portal we made!! Im blocked from Facebook so don’t try to reach me here – get in touch on ASCEND where anyone can message me there and I’ll respond ❤️

we are raising $1.5million as soon as possible to fund app enhancements, growth marketing and ops..calling all angels and conscious VCs ready to create the future, please get in touch if I’m speaking to you.

We are close 🤙🏽 💎🧬

💎 My new book “I’m ascending, now what” will publish with @stmartinspress may 1, 2023..the 5 year anniversary of my first book: “the empath experience: what to do when you feel everything.” Both books I wish I had when I incarnated 😂❤️
🥰 I am super grateful to be a part of @rani_maree‘s transformation vortex event happening may 22 for ten days with awesome visionary light workers ((aka light twerkers)) all over the world.

Sign up to join us and tag a friend to come’s gonna be epic expansive love bubbles of upgrades and alchemy: 🥰🥰🌈🌈 ((more info below))

😇🧬 Bali New Years Retreat is percolating with my soul sistAR @premalovemusic ..Embodied Awakening – life, embodiment updates, deep receiving and attunement to expansive abundance, dance, music, inner artist awakening..galactivation magic pure joy in paradise 🌹☀️

You’ll be the first to hear about details here..coming soon probably in June after Prema integrates an epic queens initiation in Egypt..weeee 🐬❤️

all my love darling..thank you for being you..for existing..and co-creating..and anchoring your unique frequency here in this playground. there’s nowhere else i’d rather be 🙂

mahalo…i love you..

i hope you are taking great care of yourself and slowing down to feel all the feels we are being invited to fully metabolize and integrate now…

remember to laugh once in awhile too 🙂 its all a beautiful dream we get to weave.

xx Syd

if there is anyway I can support you – i am here…i am grateful to be offering support sessions via MTVO after awhile. this is a mystery school i’ve had the privilege of studying/practicing in for the last 4 years..has been life-changing. endlessly grateful for continuously not recognizing myself as i shed more layers of inauthenticity and survival personality aspects.

the sessions i am offering via MTVO are 1 hour sessions in zoom/audio-only in which i can offer all my signature support styles – intuitive guidance, energy healing, and even business strategy. i would be honored to play with you here.

for deeper support via 1:1 can apply // explore // attune to possibilities here.

soul sourcing sessions and quantum transmissions can be booked here. the sessions i offer via my website are a bit different from those i offer via MTVO in that they are more comprehensive programs in and of themselves with a longer session length and more of an orientation and integration process – like a mini-mentorship. many ways to play..feels good to co-create in this way.

*New Womb Healing Meditation*

…transmitted in our Akashic Facilitation Council Call recently..please receive + share with anyone else you feel this could support.

I believe that the world will change when we empower the light-workers, the visionary leaders, the heart-centered entrepreneurs, the wild creatives, and the healers to activate the healer within, own their self worth with and raise the world up in the frequency of emotional freedom, especially during this crazy times.
As you guys know, I love nothing more than seeing someone rise from the ashes of their life and create something that aligns with their truest heart’s desire and passion.
If you’ve been specifically desiring a breakthrough in your journey, then I invite you to join me in Rani Maree’s 10-Days of Transformation healing immersion starting May 22nd, and amazing things are already happening in the group as a warmup!
I’ll be going Live in the private Facebook group sharing about my journey, experiences and breakthroughs with inner work and healing practices..
It’s totally free and I’d love for you to join us!
We’ll be getting started on May 22nd.

Happy May Day

aloha love, how are you being? welcome to may..a powerful month usual. up up up we go..and more in, in, in to our depths it seems.

i am ready for some awesome expansions..anchoring this month. but definitely the lesson continues to amplify – as we allow more light in, more of our shadowy dark murky depths are revealed and illuminated. are we building capacity within to hold space for ancient ancestral patterns to dismantle and can feel like a full time job just being present to feel it all.

can we allow for more rest..even more than we think is enough.
we are reparenting our bodies anew.
returning to the original blueprint nervous system we were born with.
before learning fear, separation, scarcity or control.
we are born to flow and feel fully ourselves.
we are remembering..and the incoming energies are designed to support precisely this process. completion.

i am integrating a beautiful new stability in my own authenticity after our immersion last week here in hawaii. it was a profound awakening experience..the best immersion ive ever been a part of let alone hosted/facilitated. i am so grateful..beyond words.

soul family. coming home to ourselves. here we are.

something that anchored in..which i am still sitting with – but it feels so good to imagine — is the invitation to bring a group to Bali for New Years. My last immersion was in 2018-2019 New Year and mama Bali feels to be calling..strongly..for a return home to her sacred waters-lands-portals.

Living there especially 2016-2017 was a key part of my awakening much was able to download and integrate just being there for an extended period and continuing to touch in over the years. The island is a temple of purification for the planet..what a blessing to feel the invitation arising to visit again.

I would love to co-host this immersion with my dear soul sister and sacred musician Prema Love..for a container designed for Embodied Awakening..awakening your inner artist, your authentic divine expression, speaking your truth fully, cellularly anchoring your soul’s knowing of your divine life path and purpose, exploring and playing in new frequencies that want to express dance-music-healing-connection-love through you in gorgeous delicious ways.

Lots and lots of spa time..body work..healing high vibe food and attunement to abundance codes and expansive flow of all the support imaginable..visits to sacred sites and water temples..special guests and local friends to honor us with their beautiful gifts..deep group practice and attunement for nervous system healing and restoration..lots of deep rest and play.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Seems to be anchoring more into form each day. Allowing the details to land..before announcing anything..but feels fun to share here and get a sense for who might be called to join. Likely December 27 – Jan 8th or so..a longer immersion with space to dive really deep into our group energy attunement and practices for embodying our true selves..and learning tangible ways to bring more of our divinity into form in our everyday life and creation. Quite the activation 🙂

Wanna come play? Hit reply if you feel a resounding yes and I can add you to our short list as we start to allow more guidance for emerge.

I’d love to share the resources that emerged on our call today with our Akashic Facilitator training group. With almost everyone I work with in whatever capacity we are sharing in – intuitive healing, business building, training, mentorship – sexual energy is a factor that almost always comes up.

Healing our trauma and notably our sexual trauma is a core part of our embodied ascension journey. How else are we to descend into our cells, into our body fully if we don’t touch into the deep dark murky spots that hold the densities in the way of beaming our fullest power – potency – light – aliveness?

I have travelled quite a journey in this path myself over the years..healing immense dis-association and sexual trauma/violations of many kinds..and I am happy to share all I’ve learned along the way.

Here are just a few resources to tune into if you are called to deepen in your exploration of this path…

  1. Tachyon Yoni Eggs
  2. Latest visionary souls that covers sexual trauma and using BDSM for healing
  3. De-Armoring Practice // + great episode we did together that also explores this (and yoni eggs)
  4. Sexual Healing – Tantra: all my fave resources I’ve created/collected over the years
  5. Womb Healing Meditation – with Mary Magdalene
And perfect timing of course – our latest episode of Visionary Souls Podcast just came out diving deep into sexuality, trauma healing, dominatrix vibes and all the magic we love exploring as divine playful flow channels thru us. Definitely check this out to receive some awesome support and inspiration in your healing – embodiment – integration journey.
💎 Juliette Karaman is a coach, teacher, mentor, and writer on relationships, trauma, healing, sex, and intimacy. She herself is a trauma survivor so is deeply attuned to what her clients go through and has them understand the connection between the psyche and their bodies. Merging her decade of conscious sexuality with the ability to hold deep space has her clients regain confidence in their bodies, psyche, and relationship to themselves. She also is a mother of 4, which adds a whole extra layer to her wisdom. 🔑
Listen in + come play.

Enjoy the May energies + updates..they are massive.

Be easy..enjoy when you’re able to simply observe..the show 🙂

xx all my love..


Updates + Expansions…

I gave my website a little update..feels so good to change it up. Funny how fast we outgrow our digital channels. Reminded of how many awesome resources there are receive.

I am blocked off of Facebook..focusing energy on ASCEND even more so..would love to connect with you there if you’re called to come play and explore.

Love what we’ve created. Going into a new funding round…could be multi-million dollar raise 🙂

I have awesome energy healing transmissions available in my Transmission Library here..can assist with integration underway.

Check out my free challenges + meditations on Youtube and Insight Timer.

Apply for 1:1 Visionary Mentorship here.

Limited availability for 1:1 sessions and quantum transmissions.

Our beautiful immersion ohana post-experience glow. So grateful to co-create and remember with these beautiful beings <3

Creation Portal Open

aloha are you being in this moment?

deep breath..slowing down..really listening..getting curious.

how am i being?

how am i feeling?

do i feel supported?

can i support myself with anything feel…

the way i truly want to feel?

or can i simply choose..

to attune to the frequency – feeling – state of being…

i most desire residing in?

once we clear out more of whats not ours..and never was..

we can feel more spaciousness..and simply being…


allowing divinity to move through..

without trying, efforting, masking, posturing.

tis quite a wild experience to behold. when you start observing in yourself..this witness and watch..and not react..or engage in the old protective survival games.

there is something else happening here. someone else being here..underneath it all.

underneath what used to be so much noise, impossible to see through.

now we can see more clearly. than ever before.

remembering ourselves. and really..tuning in. to our heart, truth, more love..seeing ourselves. as we are.

more and more i see little children in all our faces.

we are returning to the divine child within. embodying god-spirit-source.

we are innocent. we are holy. we are whole.

we are here to play and enjoy.

i had a breakthrough this weekend..around THIS.

letting go of posturing at an even deeper level, that protected from shame and insecurity at being seen as not enough or wrong..

it emerged through dancing. and finally feeling more free to express and play and enjoy..because i finally had reached a new level of self-containment of my energy..feeling impermeable to outside a deeper way than ever before.

feeling inner stability to simply be me. without caring or tuning into others feelings or thoughts.

which is a miracle..after living in this body for 30+ years that had to be so highly attuned to tracking the be safe..and affirm survival. because needs were not met for so long..hence an overdeveloped skill of tracking resources externally had to come into existence…how else would we survive?

and then..we learn to let this go..layer by all its complexity.

remembering we have it…what we, within, we really do..and we learn to believe that we do. and trust source our the moment they arise.

allowing availability now for true love and interdependence. sovereign union. coherence in all relations. true presence and authenticity. true allowing of what is.

thank you thank you thank you.

Life is really, really divine ❤️

I am grateful to be alive, on earth, embodied in-as this awesome being 🐬

Expanding capacity for more love, joy, connection, depth, play, innocence and pure authenticity.
Starting our retreat here soon. Feels like family and home, already.
Opened our akashic – 5D biz training this week with the perfect constellation of visionaries. Reminded of how much I love this souls favorite way to play and create.
I’m now consulting on two world changing projects focused on bringing quantum healing technology and new vehicles for generating abundance to humanity.
I feel so in love with myself. With this beautiful dance of living in the now.
Grateful for all the layers of the journey and lessons it’s taken to prepare..for simply allowing and being, here 💎
More please ❤️
Grateful to offer 5D Visionary Biz Training in our Akashic Facilitator fave realms of co-creation colliding…
We just started the training this week and already I can tell this journey is going to be so much fun..and so powerful when it comes to sourcing world-changing services and offerings that are truly divinely designed.
Building businesses that reflect our authentic genius and radiate our resonance quite naturally so our ideal collaborators easily feel-find-co-create with us…creating and leading from presence + coherence is our fave way to play.
To learn more about our self-guided 5D biz training..which is like 1:1 mentorship with me but done at your own pace with daily practices, strategy, templates +  support for anchoring (+ scaling) your vision + services…check out our training here.
Would love to co-create with you in this awesome space.

I also added a bunch of free strategy trainings on 5D business on our new social platform – community: ASCEND, if you’d like to come play + explore.

here are some resources to support during this awesome integration:

happy playing..and stepping into all the new timelines available now..

what reality are you choosing to experience – create?

when might now be a beautiful moment to start really living it.

dance some more helps 🙂

loving you familia..have a gorgeous rest of this month!

enjoy…loving you.

xx Syd

Timeline Healing + Forgiveness

Here are three key practices helpful now for integrating former timelines, creating space for newer energies to integrate: 

 1. Forgiveness practice – good to do with mom, dad and any tender relationships (primary ones like former lovers and partners). Bring one person to mind and imagine their energy field in front of yours, then recite each line below which works on different layers of the field and any ridges/distortions that may be present. If you feel like one line brings up a lot you may continue repeating this line till you feel movement or clearing. Each relationship field will be different and this practice can bring up a lot so make sure to take it slow and hydrate as a lot of energy may be released. 

Forgiveness brings peace

Forgiveness corrects perception

Forgiveness bestows the gifts of God

Forgiveness heals the perception of separation

Forgiveness undoes all fear

Forgiveness undoes all perceived guilt

Forgiveness releases

Forgiveness frees one’s vision

Forgiveness cleanses

Forgiveness makes all things lovely

Forgiveness brings the memory of God

Forgiveness removes the untrue

Forgiveness allows the overlooking of mistakes

Forgiveness sweeps away the belief in sin

Forgiveness brings an end to specialness

Forgiveness brings release from all illusion

Forgiveness brings the understanding of God’s Love for you

Forgiveness turns the world of sin into a world of glory

Forgiveness is the great release from time

Forgiveness takes away what stands between your brother and you

Forgiveness is the answer to attack of any kind

Forgiveness undoes what fear has produced

Forgiveness heals

~ from Sensei Steven,

 2. Remembering Unity work:

 3. Ho’oponopono Forgiveness

Center yourself in whatever way feels good. Then bring to awareness within your heart – yourself, or any other being or entity (an idea, an institution, a place, an organization, anything at all), that you would love to create more peace and harmony with. Repeat internally: “I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you… I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you.”

I also guide you through a timeline healing exercise in the intro to our recent episode of Visionary Souls here. 

My Favorite Sex Magic, Energy Mastery + Alchemy Resources

Here are some of my favorite resources on sex magic, energy mastery and alchemy..which are all foundational aspects of creating a thriving, abundant life and business you love..

Egyptian Codes – Sex Magic exploration with Kara Sophia (podcast):

Sex Magic Masterclass – An earlier course offering on the intersection of business, money and sex magic

Releasing Shame – Mind Love Podcast:

Divinity Codes Divine Union trainings:

Divine Masculine:

Abundance Activation:

Divine Union:

Infinite Abundance:

More about all my self-mastery courses here.

My course Mastering Magnetism is a good one to go thru focused on activating lower energy centers + we talk about right relationship with sexual energy  – check it out

Other Recommended Resources:

My all time favorite book on sex-magic and alchemical practice for activating and awakening our light bodies

The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida – about working with life force energy consciously

Retention Practice – any of his books/talks are great..he is a foremost teacher of the practice: Mantak Chia

Retention Playlist by Layla Martin, one of my fave teachers

Two trusted masculine leaders – friends of mine that teach this work as well: destin gerek + aaron kleinerman if you care to receive deeper support here.

Check out all my podcasts I’ve been a guest on – usually speaking to transmuting shame and sexual liberation on pathway to authenticity – here.

Curious to explore 1:1 mentorship in energy mastery, embodiment and visionary leadership – please schedule a consult with me to explore


Life Path Review? Right on Time. #fullmoonmusings

aloha darlin..sending you lots of love amidst this full moon portal and all the portals of immense energy therein.

It’s all been quite a work IN, that’s for sure.

I wanted to check in and share something that has been percolating strongly in my heart the last 48 hours..perhaps as a helpful example of how i am meeting the current energies and all they’re bringing up for us to process. i’ve been streaming a lot of writing and creative energy..still awaiting my final book notes from publisher to work on and complete…so much flowing in between time.

I hope you find this nourishing and helpful to consider. i’m also open to receiving how you resonate and what is coming up for you in this sometimes turbulent cycle we are traversing..we have so much more in common than we think. almost always. i love sharing in ways that help us feel more affirmed and allowed to be as we and ourselves and one another.

…..quick note: down below you’ll see some invites for ways to play and a chance to co-create in a special live online experience for the upcoming equinox. would love to connect with you in any of these ways if it’s meant to be….

Sometimes I feel like deleting everything I’ve ever posted publicly because it doesn’t accurately reflect how and who I am now. We are changing light years in a day now and it’s bizarre to have time capsules not to mention videos of ourselves out there for people to be meeting – sometimes unknowingly different versions of ourselves that have long come to pass.

This full moon portal has me questioning my entire path and everything I’ve ever created. I welcome this energy as I am used to playing in similar currents normally anyway – if we aren’t questioning our path and intentions regularly than usually we are stagnant and playing it safe instead of expanding and evolving at our destined pace.
I’ve been processing self abandonment wounds around how I haven’t allowed myself to truly live for me – I’ve been a a great performer most of my life, doing what I think you want me to do and being how you want me to be to get Your love and validation. All of which stems from very early on in this beings birth cycle where love and attunement was non existent in the ways I required to develop a healthy nervous system with the capacity to contain the immense energy I am meant to embody.
I have done so much self work and repatterning and don’t recognize myself even from one year ago. Even when I was hitting rock bottom in my drug and alcohol addictions – nearly dying many times trying to escape this body and planet I didn’t feel I belonged – I was drawn to sexual healing although with great shame as I explored stripping and escorting by night while working at an office job by day.

Years later in my awakening I realized: I was just seeking like many others to re-create the temple. We used to have temples on this planet for sacred sexual healing, connection and community – we were able to live in great harmony due to the support offered by these spaces and beings stewarding them. There was no shame in utilizing our authentic sexuality to transmute density in this earth – to allow our pleasure to completely guide us, to be radically expressed in our full hearts desires, to live completely for ourselves – that was our higher purpose, embodying our essence.

Sexuality has always been a theme I’ve shared about and explored whether it be on countless podcasts or posts or lightly in my book – more so in my upcoming book..but always it seems thru the more safe guise of business or energy mastery or other understandable more seemingly acceptable concepts that won’t freak people out or distance my supposed audiences from staying connected with me in the ways they’re more accustomed to.
What if I came out and shared what I really want to? How I had two dates on New Years and love to explore shibari bondage as a key to nervous system healing and embodiment practice, how exploring kink and BDSM practices has proven for me to be the root of healing core wounds around repressed authenticity and power, how years ago I applied to work at a dungeon as a dominatrix in New York and occasionally still consider the possibility of returning to actively practicing within that style of healing.

I also want to teach men – especially younger ones – about energy mastery, semen retention, how to make love for hours and how we can all activate more orgasmic energy and channel it so beautifully into our creative visions and ventures. My path has trained me perfectly to share immensity in these realms and it comes through in pieces but hasn’t had permission to crystallize as clearly as I’m now feeling is required.

I am here to be an example of transmuting shame into complete liberation. I am here to be completely and fully embodied in my truth. I am here to be playing at my full size, full light capacity – which I am still getting used to containing in this body, on this planet, in this particular dimension. I want so badly to connect with others in this depth and intimacy and I’m afraid I’ve still been pretending or hiding out in the multidimensional realms as a biz coach, intuitive guide, author or entrepreneur instead of being completely open as to what I’m here to share and help others actualize.
I’ve also always wanted to DJ for as long as I can remember. Im terrified of what having the equipment set up ready to practice on might mean so I’ve avoided it for years. I even had a controller once and could barely practice on it – if I allowed myself to do what I truly love then I definitely would see how I’m pretending in all these other ways to serve others and sacrifice my happiness to live in ways others will understand and validate.
I am not here to be understood or validated by anyone and yet I am still learning how to give these gifts to myself and truly receive them. The path of the visionary is to consciously activate others to question their own realities and patterns so that we together can interrupt the norm and change our experience and realities. We become comfortable with triggering others out of their density so together we can activate more light and potential.

We become familiar with agitating peoples brains with concepts and possibilities they never thought existed – this is how we imagine new choices that we didn’t see before. This is how we grow and architect the world we’ve always dreamed of playing in – heaven on earth. It is first a place we realize in our own being, then from this embodiment of our own understanding we create our unique contribution in this planetary experience and somehow as we all share our unique piece, the puzzle completes itself as we feel more and more at home.

I am sitting in this stirring and watching so much unearth and illuminate. I am practicing patience with it all. And gratitude for the willingness to see and honor the feelings and expressions wanting to flow through, fully. I am listening and allowing more detail and guidance to emerge.

I am choosing to trust that the path of least resistance will eventually reveal itself as I create more space for it to land. I am accepting myself as I am right now and appreciating all that’s transpired to bring me deeper into this precise present moment.

There’s nowhere else to be ❤️

How is the full moon showing up for you?

How is your destiny calling you into greater truth, clarity and alignment?

What is ready to be let go of to allow for more space – room – for you to be all that you are? For more of your path to clearly reveal?

How are you taking care of yourself to integrate the energies we are receiving?

I love you.

Thanks for being you. That is all that’s required.

xx Syd

PS: We have 3 spots to co-create in our upcoming Akashic Facilitator – 5D Biz Training starting 4/4 and one spot to join us for our visionary convergence – immersion in Hawaii.

More and more these containers are showing up perfectly to offer the somatic recalibration, frequency shifts and tangible visionary guidance and strategy required for us to align with our destined paths.

I am so grateful that the visions for these experiences chose me to birth them long before I could fully realize how absolutely perfectly on time they’d be with all they seek to offer and remind us of.

To explore 1:1 mentorship or 1:1 support sessions, remote energy healing and quantum transmissions, check my availability here.

Would also love to anchor the equinox energies with you in our upcoming Akashic Ascension Portal gathering.

Register to join us for this 1.5 hour co-creation, attunement, activation, recalibration session below. We will be templating elements of the energies we’ll be working with in our Hawaii Immersion too which will be powerful and lots of fun.

Celebration – We Made It!

aloha my love…

we made it through the 2-22-22 portal…though we are perhaps still integrating some big too?

how are you being?
is there anyway you would love to feel supported?
how can you give yourself that gift now?
don’t wait.

i am learning a deep lesson about space and integration time as we are receiving the strongest energies we’ve ever experienced before in a human body.

more rest. more stillness. more quiet. more silence. more being.

practicing all of the above..intentionally setting containers to simply be without distraction.

feels to be precisely what the present energy we receive is asking for.

celebrating being alive, for sure. celebrating witnessing our capacity to transcend trauma and show up in deeper authenticity..especially in triggering moments.

celebrating being able to PLAY FULLY ON ASCEND!!

its been a wild 2 year journey..with so many initiations and lessons..and growth..beyond anything imaginable..and now we’re here.

we built will they come?

yes please!! here’s our invitation:::

we are live on the app store and play stores..check us out.

thank you for your support in making ASCEND great..we can’t wait to see how everyone plays together in our new community.
since yesterday was our public launch – we welcome you to share the ASCEND invitation with your friends and collaborators.
please feel free to make a celebratory announcement in any way(s) that feel(s) most inspiring…including:
1. Share our graphic – shown below and above – we think they’ll make ya smile 🙂
2. Include a link to download the app by tagging our homepage:
3. Share our vision video here:
4. Learn about why ASCEND is different + designed to help via our app demo here:
Note: if you already have the app installed, please process the update from the App Store or Play Store OR delete and reinstall the app. If you experience any bugs or slowness, please reinstall the app over the next few days as we continue to make optimizations. Then make sure you allow microphone and camera permissions so your posts are enabled.
Sample Social Copy – feel free to adjust as your own…
The world is ready for a new social community designed for personal growth, authenticity and genuine value, don’t ya think?
Let’s create and discover meaningful content curated to help us grow and expand. Where content is scored by helpfulness and moderated by the community, all built on authenticity and transparency. Plus, you’ll love all the new ways we can share and amplify abundance.
I’m going to ASCEND. Will you join me?
We hope you have a blast exploring, creating and sharing on ASCEND. Thank you again for your support + enthusiasm, we are so looking forward to seeing what you’re inspired to create.

Let’s play.

Check out more fun announcements, invitations + celebrations below.

I’m recording the first episode of Visionary Souls 2022 today..with a dear friend..who I did one of my first podcasts ever with YEARS ago back in the Bali days.

The podcast this year will be focused on trauma healing + integration, embodied sexuality and multidimensional these are the key themes I am called to explore. Will be lots of fun to share..keep an eye out!

Also join our Visionary Souls Creating Heaven on Earth group on ASCEND to stay in touch, comment on and share more with others about the podcast. It’ll be fun to see what we co-create here.

Curious about our Akashic Facilitator Training..we have a few spots left if you’d love to join us. This group will have a business focus – how we can use the akashic records and multidimensional attunement to launch our dream visions in the world with ease, magnetism and extra-dimensional visionary creativity. Apply here.

Want to join me ((and a glorious group of soul fam)) in Hawaii for what will likely be my last retreat for a long while? Would love to have you with us. More info below and here.

Love always..more and more…


PS: Join me and our Entourage co-facilitators in our ENTOURAGE group on ASCEND!!

1. Download the ASCEND app
2. Go to your profile page
3. Go to the top right hand corner menu – then GROUPS
4. Go to the search magnifying glass and type in: Entourage
5. Request to be a member
6. Add your payment details to share energy balance of $11/month
7. Wait for your official welcome/approval to join soon

Here we can tune in regularly to receive and share ascension – embodiment – purpose alignment – multidimensional healing resources and support – plus make new friends with visionary community from around the world.

We’ll meet at least once a month on zoom for closer connection, practice + healing..and much more. Each one of our Entourage program facilitators will lead one of the calls if not more than one of us together..

Looking so forward to playing with you here. Feel free to share this invite with anyone you love who you’re inspired to learn + grow + expand with.

Learn more about our Entourage training program here..which informs the ASCEND Entourage Experience.

Celebrations from Entourage…which completed 2-22-22::
“I celebrate 🎊:
1. Stepping more confidently into my role and embodiment as a spiritual leader. I’ve shed sooooo many layers of shame and self doubt around this over the past few months. A COMPLETE throat chakra clearing!!! I feel sooo at home as this ‘character’ now. I’ve finally begun to give myself the full permission to PLAY as I’ve always wanted to play!!!!
Today, a new archetype that I want to begin more consciously embodying became clear – ‘The Wealthy Mystic’ 👑
2. I was led through the most difficult financial initiation of my life in this container! Bringing me to a place where I had to confront the fact that I had been so unhealthily attaching my self worth to money.
Coming down to a place where I felt completely stripped of personal wealth has made me feel a lot less fearful of this scenario. This experience showed me how safe and supported I truly am in this life – regardless of what my bank account number reflects! I feel less afraid of making mistakes. I used to feel so paralyzed by the idea of making a ‘bad’ financial decision. I’ve now learned that all decisions can be viewed as good or bad – depending on the lens you’ve wearing.
That AND the experience showed me that I DO really want to continue doing the type of work that I have been doing up until now.
I always had a deep suspicion that I was just creating content for the attention and potential fame and money opportunities. I’ve now realized that actually that will always be a draw (and I’m not ashamed of that) but honestly – I truly do gain soooo much by processing my inner world through writing and videos.
No longer having the external validation to fuel my content creation proved that to me. I’ve actually created MORE when I lost the external validation! Feeling so much freer with it all.
3. I’ve been able to shed the version of me that was tightly gripping onto old trauma stories because she believed that that was the only valuable thing about her… the fact that these really difficult things happened to her and that she was able to get out of it.
I didn’t know how to extract my strengths from the experience and move on. I just kept looping myself in the memories of the experience itself and giving more power to the experience than it deserved.”

We have 5 spots remaining in our upcoming 4/4 Akashic Facilitator Training

…and one spot to join us in our first ever in person immersion in Hawaii for advanced practitioners of energy healing + embodiment..April 16-24, 2022 here on Big Island.

We are assembling a cosmic crew of soul fam who share lexicons of akashic facilitation, advanced energy healing, multidimensional embodiment + intuitive guidance to play together in Hawaii vortexes this April.
The Hawaii Immersion is open to graduates of the Akashic Facilitator Training program and other advanced practitioners of energy healing, intuitive facilitation, sound healing, and embodiment practice.
+ + +
The intention for gathering has effortlessly landed as::

A co-creative portal amplifying nourishment, potency, expansion and ease for healing facilitators creating Heaven on Earth while attuning to highest timelines, true self embodiment, multidimensional mastery and home-state in body, mind and soul.

Feel into our potential co-creation..
  • timing:: april 16-24, 9 days, 8 nights together in paradise bali-style villa 2 min walk from my fave black-sand beach – Kehena 🙂 One of the newer beaches formed by lava flow..very activating
  • gourmet chef providing our meals so we can focus on receiving + deep nourishment/self-care
  • daily practice shared together – with each of us taking turns in offering gifts/guidance as we are inspired
  • advanced practice in akashic records + multidimensional healing modalities..including hands-on healing, group telepathy, remote viewing and more
  • space to beta test your program offerings + teachings plus other visions and contributions with a high vibe embodied group of fellow facilitators who can provide excellent feedback and support in crafting your vision
  • manifestation – magic – alchemy practice to deepen into our highest timelines and visions or 2022 and beyond
  • gridwork + vortex activations + initiations in some of Lemuria’s most sacred sites
  • visiting Pele – the active volcano – in person for fire ceremony + gridwork
  • ocean hot springs visit(s) – some of the most healing waters on earth
  • daily movement practice + embodiment play/somatic attunment
  • ecstatic dance multiple nights with awesome community (as you feel called to join)
  • sound healing + bodywork with favorite practitioners (some of whom are my dear friends)
  • lots of relaxing down time, beach time, space to simply BE and rest into all that you’re anchoring and expanding capacity to RECEIVE..
The message I get about this journey is – co-create a sanctuary space for the soul to truly rest and come home even more deeply into itself.

We will co-create the experience and be open to what flows each day..less is more..and we may be surprised as to what we’re guided into once we are gathered together here and the portal opens.

Schedule a call to ascertain resonance for this unique group // portal of co-creation.

One Hundred Years in a Day

aloha darlin..beloved

what a moment. we are going through it. i wonder if you’ve felt like the last few days were 100 years in a span of 24-48 hours? thats what its felt like for me lately. and most of those i know and love..are saying similarly..

what is time anyway?

time flies when you’re having none..:-)

i got to swim with dolphins in the most majestic portal in Kona was beyond imagination. light portals/pillars filling the ocean in a way I’ve never before experienced. heaven on earth. so many codes. so much remembrance..of our true nature..and then high high frequency surround sound / feel / all senses activate…phew flying with our cosmic allies. reminding us about the play and joy in it all..just in being alive. can we let go of the rest?

why is it so hard to simply let go?

i wrote a chapter about this..”surrender: but how?” – all the sub headings and chapters in my book are seeming more and more to be like jokes..poking fun at the whole ascension process. it does feel like a cosmic joke a lot of the time..wherever you go, there you are. theres no running away or avoiding the inevitable. we must face ourselves..

especially the parts we’ve been avoiding.

shame has been coming up loudly for me. deep unconscious layers..inherited from my parents for sure..and their parents..and also metabolized through my body for a lonnnng life so far…and just now coming up because i have the capacity to meet this new depth.

it hurts. felt my head rushing as i touched in the formerly unconscious layer the other day in therapy. so grateful for support to face these energies that otherwise could feel so paralyzing to deal with alone..well i wouldn’t deal with it..i would avoid and disassociate..thats what served me well for so long, the good old survival program…

but we can’t avoid it especially now. the energy we are receiving is bringing everything up to the surface, especially all that we’ve been avoiding feeling.

it can feel like a lot even for those of us that aren’t strangers to a dark night of the soul every now and again..this too becomes comical in a way..oh here we are again, another ego death. congratulations. more of who you are can come through…there you are..hmm sweet relief for a moment..until another new lesson emerges..a familiar resonance of the other lessons of course..nothing really is new after all, is it?

we are getting better at meeting the energies from stability, calm, knowing..that we must meet it..and take responsibility. we are growing up..spiritually maturing maybe?

i am learning a lot through divine union currently. i am deeply in love..i am with a profound mirror learning about unconscious layers ive never felt such a loving, safe way. and we are both willing to show up and do the work. i understand what a great gift this is..and i am enjoying it so fully..feeling so supported, seen, met..received..cared for 🙂

more on that someday…feels fun to share a bit here..with my insider soul family. i love you, thanks for listening and connecting.

i think life is about to get a lot busier..for me..for you.for all of us lightworkers. we are being redirected in many cases. i am meeting so many who are leaving their jobs in some cases jobs they’ve been in for many decades..wanting to do their soul calling now instead..

yes it is time. absolutely. some of us have led the way with pioneering that path over the years..

we must listen to these callings..and trust our knowing..and that the shift doesn’t have to happen overnight or immediately although it might if you’re really listening and following the next right steps that are always illuminated when you’re present.

from this energy – guidance has emerged to formulate our next akashic facilitator training to support business intra-preneurs and those consciously devoted to eventually leaving their business to start their own entrepreneurial venture.

Our upcoming Akashic Facilitator Training begins 4/4 and plays till 6/6..of course the dates perfectly align in accordance with another massive integration portal we’ll all be going through, as usual 🙂

Our group calls for this round are on Saturdays to accommodate the field that’s anchoring to support business intra-preneurs and those in corporate / organizational structures that are ready to bridge dimensions of leadership, coherence, mastery, and intuitive wisdom..and those ready to transition out of the M-F 9-5 into their own new flow.

I love how our training is designed to support those called to develop the resources and skillsets within to embody stability, centeredness and calm amidst the chaos..while attuning to higher frequency energy, guidance and affirmation of one’s own soul knowings.
I love how much light heartedness and playfulness we can bring to healing some of our deepest wounds, re-patterning lifetimes of trauma and density..through simply learning and practicing to be more of our true selves.
I love the Akashic field as simply a vehicle into other modalities and energy healing capacities we are only just now seeing come online in humanity..bridging so many different dimensions of wisdom and experience into these forms, for the benefit of all..and mostly for our own deep enjoyment and fulfillment at feeling fully utilized in our genius.
Our upcoming 4/4 training will be focused heavily on empowering business leaders to incorporate more embodiment, coherence, multidimensional awareness and intuitive prowess (magic!) into their service offerings, whether that be in a corporate environment or in their new business they’re venturing into architecting.
Calling all corporate intra-preneurs…who want to activate more presence, authenticity and multidimensional wisdom within their organizational structures and in their own creative vortexes birthing..soon underway!!
What kind of world would we live in if at our corporate board meetings we had a resident akashic oracle on deck ready to tune into higher dimensional insight and healing wisdom to inform the company’s direction along its most aligned timeline?
How fun will it be..when this becomes more the norm? 🙂
Pure magic happens when we learn to trust ourselves, unlock our unbridled creativity and step into the unknown of our true capacity for innovation and visionary architecture…we are so supported.
Our new earth is inviting us to step fully into our true multidimensional artists here to create extraordinary visions that no one has ever even imagined being possible..
We are creating from being. Doing less, being more. And more is happening without us getting in the way. We are seeing more unfold before our eyes, wondering how its all happening without us doing so much.
The old paradigm of hyper productivity and over attention to action has been dissolving at light-speed. Our nervous systems are becoming calmer and accustomed to simply receiving..being the beacons of pure transmission we are designed to be.
Here to create the future and all the ways of being in it we wish existed…shall we dance?
love you more…and more..

xx Syd


ASCEND is launching just a few days. Its so beautiful what we’ve created. I would love to see you over there. Please join us – download ASCEND community on the app store or google play store to join ahead of launch and see what we’re all about <3

I will be leaving all other social media to ASCEND…will you join me?

I have a few openings for 1:1 sessions and 1 spot for 5d mentorship. feel free to explore here if you’re called to come play…would love to meet ya.

Celebrating this beautiful experience shared by Jennifer Farner, a recent grad of our Fall 2021 Training…exemplifying whats possible <3

One spot to join us for our April Hawaii advanced practitioner immersion.

Apply to join our 4/4 Training

Affirm Your Truth

aloha beloved one…how are you being?

sending lots of love..body updates processing quite strongly all week since last weekend, so many going thru sickness and purging deep residues of trauma, core wounds..all that can’t come with us on the path we’re now guided to travel..

another new timeline is inviting us home..more so.

home within and without.

whats in the way of being all in, now?

letting go of unworthiness, guilt, shame..around receiving this much love, beauty, ease..potency.

our own presence.

fully embodying..

more deeply than before.

the frequencies now elevating earth are more like home..

so more of who we can come into form.

we’ve been waiting..

and its now our time.

how shall we take care of our sweet body temples amidst the expansion and integration?

rest, rejuvenate, restore..receive.

how would it feel most beautiful to receive support?

are you resourced?

feels like we are being guided to tap into even deeper inner resources.

new abilities are healing potentials.

well..they are ancient ones..but we are remembering them.

so grateful for the beautiful beings coming into my field..12-15D resonance..angelic light family..light bearers..

finding eachother again.

instant recognition.

here to reassemble our divine celestial forms.

and share the gifts/genius/contributions/energies we are meant to channel..

it feels so good to is the same as receiving.

let the body fully unlock. all channels open.

feeling our full power flow and radiate through.

we have the capacity now to allow it all.

here to amplify with you if you’re called.

incredible momentum is supporting us along the way..miracles are the norm when we meet to play.

how else would we anyway? 🙂

Here’s a sweet gift…loved this convo so much..lots of ascension guidance and energetic healing codes..would love to know how it lands for you…

Loved this podcast we recently did on The Raw and Wild Hearts all about quantum healing, psychic development + embodying your light in the face of massive transformation <3
We also explored..
Cacao sourcing and sustainability of systems overall
The importance of ceremony as spiritual beings
The greater persecution of our energy and potential
Sydney is here to attune the body to feel safe in expansion
Opening up to the possibilities of the unknown
Awakening up to our multi-dimensional abilities
The Butterfly Effect exchange through attuning
Trauma is unnatural, they have been normalized
Practicing your sensory language and embodiment language
Akashic Records is for everyone
Commodifying or co-opting spirituality
Embodied ascension
The body is a portal of heaven into earth
Breaking conditioning and coming into timelessness
You are worthy of it all
What are the Akashic Records
Asking qualitative questions from a place of expansion
The knowledge is within our cells
Healing can be light work
Finding a container for emotional expression as a child
You are a product of your practice
Life is the ceremony, our being is the ritual
The ultimate feedback loop
We don’t have time not to share this light
Allow over conquer
Shifting the energy online to support our frequency
Name and affirm your body consciousness
5D visionary business
Akashic Ascension Portal – Hawaii 2022 Immersion
April 16 – April 24

Open to former students of our Akashic Facilitator Training (one of only two rounds of 2022 starts 3-3 if you’re called to join us).

And now also open to other advanced practitioners of energy healing, intuitive facilitation, sound healing, embodiment practice..we’d schedule a call to ascertain resonance for this unique group // portal of co-creation.

Just hit reply to set up..we have 4 spaces left and I’d love to have you with us if you are called to be here for our divine assignment and celebration of being…here in paradise.

Feel into our potential co-creation..
  • timing:: april 16-24, 9 days, 8 nights together in paradise bali-style villa 2 min walk from my fave blacksand beach – Kehena 🙂 One of the newer beaches formed by lava flow..very activating
  • gourmet chef providing our meals so we can focus on receiving + deep nourishment/self-care
  • daily practice shared together – with each of us taking turns in offering gifts/guidance as we are inspired
  • advanced practice in akashic records + multidimensional healing modalities..including hands-on healing, group telepathy, remote viewing and more (somewhat of a curriculum is landing for this)
  • gridwork + vortex activations + initiations in some of Lemuria’s most sacred sites
  • visiting Pele – the active volcano – in person for fire ceremony + gridwork
  • ocean hot springs visit(s) – some of the most healing waters on earth
  • daily movement practice + embodiment play/somatic attunment
  • ecstatic dance multiple nights with awesome community (as you feel called to join)
  • sound healing + bodywork with favorite practitioners (some of whom are my dear friends)
  • lots of relaxing down time, beach time, space to simply BE and rest into all that you’re anchoring for 2022 and beyond..

Send me a note // reply to explore. This will be my last retreat for the foreseeable future as I prepare for ASCEND full-time focus and doing an international book tour 2022-2023 🙂

Big dreams coming true. Would love to celebrate with you IRL..if its meant to shall it be.

Heads up for new Visionary Souls Podcast season coming soon…

xx Syd

PS: Want to work together 1:1? Explore mentorship or a 1:1 session here. I’d love to meet you if you feel a soul calling to much magic is possible when we commit to showing up with clear our true to receiving infinite support..playing in the realms of miracles.

+ + + + + +


“Initially I joined the training because I was spending a lot of money on intuitive readings and I knew that I had the ability to access this information myself, and I wanted to explore that skill more.
Prior to the course I would take the first bit of information that came through me as true. During the training, I came to find that our intuition is often clouded by our memories, fears, and traumas. Now, I have developed the discipline of altering my vibrational state prior to asking for guidance. The difference in the quality, simplicity, and resonance of the message I receive is undeniable.
I know now that I cannot fake my vibration, and I cannot hide my vibration from the universe. Healing is not a mental journey, it’s a process of moving spiritual “knowledge” down into the body, allowing the cells to relax and the heart to open.
I can describe my experience in the container as the feeling of laying wide open on a spiritual surgery table for months on end. I consistently felt raw, sensitive, emotional, and vulnerable in a way I never had before. I spent a lot of the training in emotional turbulence, but in hindsight, I see the necessity of it. And I’m so grateful to have had such a profoundly loving group of souls to go through such a sacred transformation with.
Sydney’s energy was a crucial component in how I moved through the discomfort of seeing the not-so-pretty pieces of myself. She didn’t have to really do or say anything, it was all in the frequency she held. It was a flashlight in the dark for me, and it allowed me to see the reflection of her beauty and grace in myself. I was most surprised to realize how much I still don’t truly love myself. I had conjured up some pretty thick beliefs about my own self love, and that all evaporated in the presence of the beautiful human mirrors I shared the container with. It was a far fall for my ego, but I’m happy it happened. It allowed me to rebuild my self esteem from a place of compassion and true acceptance for all that I am.
The most challenging thing was being in a container with people who would truly love me no matter what. I had never experienced that in my life, and I had a hard time believing I was worthy of that love. I came up against a lot of programs around shame, worthiness, separation, vanity, and pride – and the beautiful souls in this container gracefully held the space for me to process through all of that pain, and they allowed me to step into the belief that I am unconditionally loved. I had the most fun experiencing the guidance coming through others. It reminded me how the closer we get to unity, the more we step into our true individuality and creative capabilities. It was like a never-ending magic show being part of this field in Sydney’s course.
My biggest celebration was leading a guided meditation and vocal toning exercise for the group. I never had the courage to lead others in that way before, and the thought of doing it always made my throat swell up and my face turn red. But this container provided the feeling of safety and support that my inner child needed to blow past that fear of using my voice in such a vulnerable way.
I would describe the training as the only thing you need to take complete authority and responsibility over your vibration, perception, and direction in life. It’s a safe place to come face to face with some of the more uncomfortable aspects of your unconscious mind, but the unconditional love and light that’s upheld by Sydney makes the shadow work really juicy and rewarding.

If you have been doing “shadow work” for a long time, but you continue to find yourself in the same emotional loops, playing out the same karmic stories, this is the course for you. You will learn how to shift into completely new realities and open your heart as far as it can possibly open..”

~ Rachel G., Visionary Entrepreneur, Akashic Facilitator Grad

Apply to join our March 3, 2022 – May 5, 2022 Training.

And for the first time ever, join our cosmic crew of facilitator grads in Hawaii for a magical advanced practitioner immersion in paradise this April.

I’m Ascending, Now What?

aloha loves and happy new year…

how are you being?

i am expanding into such a new reality..timeline..dimension. you too maybe?

i moved into my dream home.

im falling in love with my twin soul mate..

i am feeling better in my body after some massive fever/chills/aches updating the last week.

i am finishing some dream + ascend..

my students + clients are thriving..

relationships have never been better.

my energy feels so clear and my discernment razor sharp.

core wounds with worthiness and money in general seem to have taken a completely new much neutrality is here..more openness to receive..ease..effortlessness.

embodying more of what i’ve been saying for years.

getting my own words..their deeper meaning. at last.

i hope you are thriving and feeling loved and so supported.

we are in such a potent time..beyond words..a threshold..into the new earth..a new timeline for all..what is the gateway you are presently stepping through?

how are you supporting yourself or receiving support to walk the path..

what would feel good to receive?

what is your inner guidance sharing to support you with?

are you listening?

are there new abilities coming online to tend to?

are you giving yourself ample space to just be..and receive..and listen?

i hope so <3

here to help in any way if I can..i have a space for 1:1 visionary mentorship, a few openings for 1:1 sessions and of course our acclaimed akashic facilitator training and ascension portal retreat here in big island are all coming up soon!

would love to have you with us if you’re called to deepen in your energy mastery, intuitive facilitation, embodiment..our training especially is life changing and it’ll be so fun to finally gather in person here in paradise with all our facilitator family this April!

this came through earlier..ready for some waxing nostalgia co-creation?

Its hard to imagine being on social media for most of my started with making websites in 7th or 8th grade..expages and geocities I believe it was? All the meanwhile chatting with friends on AIM..dial up internet, remember the sounds?

Then Myspace, friendster..who knows which was first..then Facebook. It really started to become a thing more so in college if Im honest – for sharing pictures of parties and events. So grateful a lot of those memories are deleted..or are they? We don’t really know, do we?
Somewhere along the line I started work in advertising, around 2011 and was actually working as a Facebook ads strategist for a leading digital agency in NYC, working with fortune 100 clients. I remember being terrified to witness firsthand the level of specific data we had access to when it came to targeting consumers based on their behaviors and psychographic data – all to sell..candy bars, health products, funeral services, everything and anything.
Entire companies were born just to harvest the data and then sell it to advertisers ready to promise the next big campaign sure to deliver on its laser focused goal of reaching the perfect customer. I think there was some good intention in genuinely help people find what they need to improve their lives..but over the years its all just come to feel overwhelmingly spammy and ripe with manipulaton, so much so I don’t even like being on these platforms much anymore at all.
Kinda challenging when Ive built a huge array of my consulting and coaching businesses around marketing strategy (including social) and transformational guidance/intuitive healing..connecting with such awesome people all across the world through social. Double edged that what we call it?
But why does it have to be? Aren’t we ready for something else? Sure I’ve seen other attempts to create a new social platform over the years but they’ve all felt cheesy or more or less like they recreate the same problems..inherently wanting to make money and continue the consumer/spectator manipulation game. Hard to breakaway from the template..but do we remember…
Facebook started as a hot or not website.
Instagram as a bourbon review site.
Twitter as a bite sized news site..asking us to dilute/minimize actual thoughts (and complete sentences) into 140 characters or less.
Youtube blew up upon Janet Jacksons nip slip video at the super bowl going viral.
All these companies were founded by tech bros more or less..some super young without much embodied understanding of the nervous system, attunement, well being, emotional experience that might be helpful to inform the creation of new global systems that humanity depends upon for connection and collaboration.
We’ve sensed the need for a new way to play…and we stopped waiting around for someone else to make it.
And we’re so close to sharing it publicly oh so soon..
Here we have a potent opportunity to template our world’s newest social community – a space unlike anything we’ve ever seen: free of manipulation, hidden agendas and interference in which we can all share our unique passions and expertise with easy, fun ways to share and receive abundance.
I think we’ll stand out from the rest by nature of the team architecting the vision from the start..we are both committed to spiritual evolution and transformation as the foundation of our lives, with business and all our other awesome strategy/tech acumen following suit next.
We are willing to do the work to be real, authentic, true versions of lead from the create a world thats actually win-win, not just one that says and looks like it is but isn’t really built for it.
We see the vision of the more beautiful world we want to play in..and we sense some core pieces required to usher us into the new behaviors and consciousness necessary to make it real…all of which we built into ASCEND: a virtual playground to practice the ethics and energies required for a thriving planet that works for all.
How does that sound? Are you ready to come join us? What are the kinds of things you’re most looking forward to learning and sharing about on ASCEND?
We’ve created a clear field to do of censorship and distracting manipulation..its a whole new energy to experience one another in, one that challenges us also to strip our conditioning of how we’ve been taught to create with agenda.
What is it your heart truly wants to share – and even to teach? How will you contribute your unique genius? How would it feel to be able to receive abundance easily for sharing the unique gifts you are designed to offer?
You’ve never experienced a community like this before.
Feels like what we’ve been waiting for..
Can’t wait to play with you here soon! <3
Please share if you’re called to celebrate and amplify ASCEND’s mission and invitation.
PS: We are actively fundraising an immediate infusion of $50K to fund our final development milestone although our app product is complete and beautiful at that.

Overall we are fundraising $500K to cover that and our first year of operations..until we are profitable and self-supporting, which we see happening relatively soon.

Welcoming in aligned investor partners who would love to support what we’ve architected so far and where we are headed. Please hit reply if you’d like to explore collaborating.

Every step of our journey has been a unique path..not the traditional VC unicorn start up path all wrapped up in profit..we are doing this for ourselves and humanity – creating the world and all the new ways of being in it we wish existed <3

love you family…sending you the biggest hug across time and space..thank you for existing in this potent moment in our human history..

i love you. thank you for radiating your unique frequency.

it is enough..just being you.

yesterday in Entourage we had a powerful meeting with my friend Daniel Scranton and the Pleidian and Arcturian councils..who have been close allies of our entourage since before its inception. the messages that came thru for us were beyond powerful..and i can synthesize them into the following..

you are here to beam your unique energy
to hold a special frequency
that has never touched earth before
and only you can bring this energy through
and radiate it through the planet to assist all
in their ascension unfolding
and this is your only task at hand
your true soul purpose
the rest is simply to live
and experience
and learn
and grow
and forgive
and heal
and have fun…
because we chose to simply experience
and feel
and remember
all that is only possible through a body
to recall out infinite energetic nature
and actualize its beauty into physical form
simply for the joy of it..
there is no greater love.

thank you for your co-creation..
in heaven on earth.

we are doing being it <3

xx Sydney

PS:: New season of VISIONARY SOULS is coming soon. Subscribe on all platforms to be kept in the loop…