Heaven on Earth Wear

I’ve been wanting to design clothing my entire life. 

I used to sew some of my clothes as a child – creating awesome bellbottoms and asymmetrical skirts even in middle school..before I started wearing only red and white or khaki matching fits with old navy tech vests to fit my San Francisco hip hop – asian – influenced aesthetic..before the punk rock phase of course 😛

Now I am finally listening to the calling and starting by exploring what it feels like to encode clothing with energy healing and light codes to amplify our empowered, embodied ascension path. 

Introducing: Heaven on Earth Wear

Intention:: Multidimensional clothing amplifying attunement to our highest selves. Here to remember and remind: Heaven on Earth is here when we choose to be. 

How can our clothing be a living, breathing reminder of our values, visions and capacity to attune to, create and embody absolutely anything we desire? 

Here is a humble beginning into a new experiment..maybe a new paradigm. Essentially creating the yummy, soft, comfy, yet super charged pieces I’ve been looking for myself..

Create the world and all the ways of being in it you wish existed. 

More pieces to come as inspiration continues to anchor <3

Explore:: https://www.bonfire.com/store/heaven-on-earth-2/

Let it Die

hello my love..

welcome to what feels like a potent new timeline anchoring into being. digesting some new energetic currents over last 48 hours for sure..felt a bit hungover today upon waking with all the backlog cleaning out in dreams. purging more fear out of the system..the residue..all the way out.

I’m so thankful to start my day reuniting with my soul sister Maria Jones diving deep into the most cosmic astrology reading I’ve ever experienced. ((highly recommend exploring booking a reading with her..she’s an angel!))

Love meeting with other multidimensional beings who love to connect in the numerous realms we feel so at home playing in..feels so good being seen, felt + received soul to soul. Then again this is the energy I love to offer others into as well..so it feels even better to receive with another divine mirror.

I am grateful to remember so many other lifetimes that have paved the way for this one presently unfolding. All of this life has been pre-ordained already..the milestones, the lessons, the victories, even the curveballs. The soul laughs when we can remember this simplicity and give ourselves a break. It’s all already done.
It feels so affirming to feel the shifting in real time from 3D into 5D and higher and higher..more presence, authenticity and embodiment of our deep deep depths. Its inevitable now..there’s nowhere else to go but IN, all the way + more here and now..home.
Resistance to feeling and facing whats in the way of true presence will be immense for most..painful for some..words can’t quite convey the experience of the layers we are all being invited to process and really metabolize through our cells.
Our deepest darkest ideas and beliefs..past life traumas and lessons that aren’t yet integrated…the soul wounds we have carried across numerous timelines and dimensions – are all here, now, to meet in a new way. Now we are invited to see, clearly.
With love, acceptance, understanding..the higher perspective – the clarity of your higher self, your true being. Who knows why you went through everything you traversed..and that it was the perfectly designed lesson meant just for you to grow in the ways your soul chose to do so. To own this responsibility fully allows us to move into a new experience of creatorship for every component of our lives and all aspects of our experiences.
And the reminder: there are no mistakes. Just growth opportunities. Always. How we respond to the lesson is all that matters. Are we judging, criticizing and worrying…or something else? What feels more expansive and true? Here is where we attune ourselves now to a new reality.
I remember many lifetimes and other dimensions sometimes more prominently than those explored on Earth..I come from a galaxy far far far…FAR..away 🙂 So many of us now incarnated have..and there can be a deep grief sometimes at feeling the homesickness of being so far away from the energies we know all too well..that we are here to template in this dimension, through these bodies.
There was a deep loneliness passing through over this last week..and then a return to purpose and reconnection to self..we can never truly be lonely when we accept we are alone always and yet in the alone-ness is the all-oneness and infinitely present connection to our own god-self-source. It seems we are feeling more the collective currents of darkness, fear and loneliness, disconnection from god – that so many are finally coming to terms with as they inevitably awaken or come online.
The collective grid has become louder now as more are joining..and we feel what they are all bringing to the table..which gratefully highlights in our own beings the places and spaces we perhaps still tried to shy away from and avoid. Sometimes it can feel so scary to feel these energies we’ve repressed for so long..they can feel like dying because yes in a way a part of you thats no longer required for safety, protection or projection will indeed die.
Now I am exploring my role and presence during the Orion Wars, and a trauma around not feeling safe to share my true voice – frequency…since so much of my path is loudly directing me to share my voice more in direct transmissions and maybe..well..just by singing for fun. Imagine that..as if it could be that easy.
Healing through play and making music..may I receive this ease and grace and gift to and through my soul?
Others are surely exploring this potential now too..we have a similar directive..our soul pods and respective teams. Again, all designed before we came.
I am also exploring at a deeper level my experiences and numerous initiatory passages through the ancient mystery schools around the world..particularly Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and Greece.
It seems everyone who comes into my path to co-create in someway was also present in these fields..and we are simply finding / remembering each other and more of our true selves again.
How may we be guided to bring through this wisdom into being..in a pure, loving, useful way? Perhaps it is for our own joy to receive it and remember it fully..and not so much for sharing (yet) with others.
So often we are conditioned to think the wisdom we hold must be packaged in a certain way to help others when perhaps now – even more now as we accelerate into higher dimensional consciousness – we trust and know that we emit the wisdom energetically (and more directly to those willing to receive) and more efficiently simply through living it day by day.
It’s fun to write and create and make things and teach..this is in so many of our soul codes, our divine nature..to step into service this way. And yet, our dimensional shift  now underway invites us to reconsider – and let go of – the ways we’ve served as an unconscious obligation or even a chore..maybe a whole identity has been cultivated based on this underlying pull to give and help and save.
Maybe service has even been a distraction from simply being and receiving..and allowing one to feel supported simply for being the unique frequency we are transmitting and giving to all just by living.
Who is underneath the self-created platform + its perception of service that gives way to constantly being needed and wanted? That feels also a deep need to give and do and produce..to prove oneself..to validate worthiness..to feel like one is enough. Is this pattern even seeded from this lifetime or is it from long, long ago, still echo-ing into this reality? For many this is an ancient thread ripe for re-evaluation..and ultimately a grand completion.
Something and someone new (and more true) would love to emerge.

Eclipse portal indeed..rebirthing in every moment. What would like to arise anew now? Who are you being, now?

How would you love to deepen?

The guidance keeps saying..relax and receive.
Relax and receive.
Allow support in.
Allow all that is here to assist in.
Open to receive.

This is all that is required now.

I love you very much. Thanks for co-creating + being you..

xx Syd

+ + + +
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Akashic Facilitator Grad + Mentorship Celebrations..
“Sydney has been beyond instrumental in my personal growth and spiritual expansion. She is a potent quantum healer, an empowering teacher, an extremely clear, divine, channel, and a loving support. She is truly a servant of the highest good of all.
I’ve worked with Sydney as a mentor and as a teacher, and in both capacities her approach is centered in unconditional love and empowerment. She is able to clearly see my highest good, and offer guidance and teaching that supports me stepping fully into personal sovereignty.
I took the Akashic Records Facilitator training really just for exploration, fun, and personal benefit. I had no expectations of becoming a reader for others. But this course is designed to help everyone discover their own unique gifts, and I was empowered to share my unique gifts with the world.
My soul is here to be of service to our home, Mother Earth, and to all of her inhabitants. This course has been a catalyst in opening up the tangible ways that I may offer healing and love to the world. It had been a jumping off point for embodying my divinity and living my soul’s purpose.
I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in remembering who they really are and what they came here to do! Whether you are an experienced coach, teacher, healer, or someone on the first steps of your spiritual path, trust that you are reading this for a reason! Your soul is calling you. The time is now and there is, without a doubt, something here to support your soul’s evolution!!
In love and gratitude,
Mercy Joseph, Akashic Facilitator, Intuitive Energy

Healer, Conscious Mama


“I joined Sydney’s program because I felt so very called to the Akashics, and finding more about myself and to heal. When I started to read about the Akashic Facilitator Program I was very excited as it sounded the perfect fit for me. Healing, Learning, Expanding and becoming an Akashic Records Facilitator.
I was beyond grateful for Sydney’s Attunements – I have been suffering with, for as long as I can remember, taking on other people’s energy. This was sooo exhausting for me as whenever I would even have a conversation with anyone, at night when my guard was down I would somehow take all of their pain and energy to subconsciously clean it. My life was unbearable with this, as my “empath” abilities were too strong, I was spending 7 hours a day trying to clear myself.
Her attunement alone closed up those auric holes that were open to taking on other people’s energy. Allowing me to live a life worth living,  I am beyond grateful! The other attunements were all very much helpful and am so grateful for each one.  I also was doubtful of being a good Akashic Records Facilitator, but I thought I would give it a try anyways. I picked it up the very first day! I was very very happy to awaken my abilities in claircognizance, clairaudience, and clairvoyance.

What I love about being an Akashic Records Facilitator is it’s SO fun, and you get to use your creativity, and it’s very healing. It’s an all around win for me. Sydney is such a pleasure to be around, she is incredible at holding space, and allowing us to remember our own divinity and our own power.  Her program is very empowering as it’s allowed me to find my own uniqueness in the way I present the Akashics.” ~ Steph K., Akashic Facilitator Graduate, Kambo Practitioner, Vancouver

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We are successfully nearing the end of our beta launch for the new ASCEND app..and its going INCREDIBLY well..so grateful to be that much closer to sharing this visionary platform with the world.

Looks like we’re on track for early Spring public launch, ahead of schedule.

We are continuing to welcome a few more investors who are called to be a part of architecting the world’s first 5D social platform, ideally contributing at the $100K+ level via SAFE (instrument) or combo of promissory note/SAFE.

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Current Energy Update

aloha love..i just got a message to share this..after a powerful council session with our entourage. the energy we share is so palpable and so much is revealed in our shared presence.

Current energy asks us to look deeply at what we are really here for. Even if we’ve been living our purpose till now there is greater insight arising now into how we’ve actually been unknowingly still playing a part of someone else’s story or expectation.

There is immense grief and sometimes anger or even rage present upon feeling the self abandonment of not having fully allowed one’s soul mission to come into form. The masks we learned to dawn so young run so deep.

Even if we thought we’ve removed so many of them up until now there is more clarity being illuminated into the ways we are still pretending or posturing as someone other than our essence’s desired being.

Before this awareness comes into form may be distractions and longings or even sabotage away from fully receiving ones destined guidance into greater truth and knowing.

Longing for partnership, for deeper affirmation in relationships and community, for deeper connection with god and guidance – the unshakable knowing of support and assurance that all is well and unfolding as designed.

These external longings stem from desire to feel internal completion and wholeness within..the outside in approach hasn’t worked for a long time as we’ve evolved into higher dimensional being. Yet parts of ourselves may still attempt at the old game for familiarities sake..somehow there is comfort in this.

When we sink into the energy downloading now there is a tendency to feel dissolution with all things physical. The body itself may dissolve more quickly than ever. Dropping into presence has never felt more accessible.

Are we allowed to sink this deeply and even stay here while still walking awake through this dream?

They say now is the moment to practice and really remember this as a way of being we know all too well.

Attuning into deeper peace and silence. It can feel uncomfortable as edges of our addictions to chaos and busy-ness – distractions from being with our true essence – surely arise to capture our attention.

There are shadows here to be felt. Deeply and fully.

We are already different than yesterday.

The purpose we were seemingly living may no longer be in alignment with what our divinity demands of us – or rather, what it has always had designed – destined for us to explore.

Where you are now is perfect, you wouldn’t be here otherwise.

There is no falling behind or being behind the curve. We are all beginning again as new beings. We are all invited to dismantle yet again more layers of who we thought we were only to reveal more of who we truly are.

How you are being is all that is required.
They – my guidance – always remind.
The what and who are always ever evolving.
How is our constant choice – how we attune ourselves to move through the inevitable shifting currents as we meet ourselves anew again and again.

I love you anyway. I love you more when you stop trying. I love you more the more you let go. I love you more the more you stop fighting. I love you more the more you cease resisting..yourself and all that would love to love and live as love through you.

xx Syd

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The Mind Knowing is the Least Important Part

aloha darlin..

it was a wild start to this month..and now the dust feels to be settling..more space is here..to enjoy and expand into.

This came through one year ago and feels more pertinent than ever..

Heaven on Earth is here when we choose to be.

A student brought through in an Akashic Records journey we shared recently something so beautiful you almost could have missed it:: the mind understanding is the least important thing.

We are evolving into a 5D consciousness which invites ultimate presence in all moments, transcending time, welcoming an entirely new creation process rooted in more pure being than thinking or action into.

We are reconditioning ourselves to embody highly attuned states of faith, trust in uncertainty and even joyfulness in admitting we have no idea what’s happening and we never have and never will and it’s not our job to pretend we do anymore.

What a sweet relief.

When we let go of the pressure to know and manage and track and strategize and control, how much more creative energy do channel into genius innovation, playful magical beautiful contribution, healing ourselves and the collective, connecting more deeply within and without..what kind of world do we experience in truly infinite possibility wherein all roads lead to collective thrival, harmony, expansion and quantum leaps, miracles, abundance beyond our wildest dreams..all the new norms, yes absolutely.
We are attuning to deeply receiving. Ourselves and each other. There is a profound intimacy in presence with yourself and within all of life. Some would call it tantra or unity consciousness but I like saying it’s all about purely being. Here and now.

Honesty. Authenticity. Transparent like water. Flowing, detached, powerfully flowing like a massive river with no end and no beginning. Remembering our infinite nature and remembering to enjoy the cosmic ride of this embodiment.
It’s never been a more ripe moment to launch your dreams beloveds.

Our new earth is craving your genius contributions. Your multidimensional support team is here rooting for you ready to assist, awaiting your order.
Place your order humanity, you can have anything you desire.

What are you waiting for? Give yourself permission to really live and expand from here.

There is so much beauty, abundance, love and fulfillment to enjoy and share.

Life is a ceremony of celebration and divine play.

Let it be easy..

Speaking of which….a fun way to create more EASE and allow more abundance to amplify and flow..

a gift for you – please share with anyone you’re called to share with!

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Even if you can put in $100 a month into crypto just to start playing for fun..you’ll quickly see how this is the future of finance..and our world and infrastructure as we know it..in many ways.

I am so grateful for this resource + all the abundance flowing…empowering + anchoring in new levels of security, stability, expansion and generosity.

Let’s PLAY xx

Starting our ASCEND beta launch tomorrow..
Settling into new home that I love..
Danced till I could barely move today..
Surrounded by soul family.

Life is so beautiful.
When we are really here for it.

xx Syd

PS: I am receiving awesome beings in my field curious about mentorship + co-creation. I have two spots for 5D Visionary co-creation.

Explore here + set up a call if you know its you.

Latest video:: EXPAND

Crunchy Crabby Pants + Overflow

aloha my love..

happy post-new moon..or maybe you’re still integrating what i like to call some crunchy vibes.

i was a crabby crunchy baby yesterday 🙂 felt like my inner child was tantrum-ing a lot..wanting more love, support, care..and to feel..cry.

yet honestly felt a bit energetically constipated and found it hard to process some of what was moving through..

dance certainly helped a lot as did soaking in the hot ocean ponds we have here.

my sense is that this new moon – diwali – scorpio – energies…are bringing up (as per their design) some shadowy-sticky-stuck stuff..to put it lightly..for us to feel and be with and..maybe even integrate.

i slept about 11 hours last night which was also helpful in allowing what was moving through to pass…

sharing in case it helps affirm some of what you might have been experiencing too.

we really are being invited now into spiritual maturity and emotional mastery in a way we havent been absolutely required to practice before..or so it seems..or maybe now we’re just finally ready to really step up to the plate.

for the remainder of 2021..i am hearing the messages: go slow, rest more, go inside, clear out your cells..preparing for more space..to receive more light. more of our purpose and divine assignments.

some of us may be guided to take full on sabbaticals..maybe even for a few months. listen to that. others are stepping in to take your place for now and you may be re-assigned to a new path. if you are available for it.

sharing some potent activations – images that to me represent the energy we are anchoring in our Entourage accelerator starting on the 11-11 portal..enjoy:::


Overflowing with gratitude for the divine earth-angels assembling for our Entourage opening 11-11-21, journeying together over a potent ascension – embodiment portal till 2-22-22 and beyond.
There is no greater joy for me than co-creating fields of miraculous healing, expansion and affirmation of our divine missions and gifts with resonant soul family.
I suppose part of creating the world I wish existed has always meant architecting group experiences that transmit the strong energy of family, permission, presence and stability – the medicine I have always most wanted to receive + share in this lifetime.
Thank you to our extraordinary guest facilitators joining us for the ride ahead – Zoe Davenport, Daniel Scranton, Ahaumna AhMayah, April Pfender, Jeroen de Wit + Jason Estes, and to all our multidimensional councils of light and our various dimensional aspects co-creating along the way.
Welcoming our rebirthing, remembering, listening to our bodies’ wisdom, attuned wholeness, refinement of our genius and gifts, deepening in our unique capacities and abilities, clear seeing and knowing, and recalibrated trust, faith and stability in the present moment unfolding.
Here to be comfortable, peaceful eyes ((and hearts)) within the storm – anchoring presence, authenticity, embodiment + coherence here in Heaven on Earth.
What an honor to reunite especially at a profound moment like this..as we are..full permission to turn our light all the way on and up. Integrating more of our multidimensional – omni-dimensional wisdom and capacities..remembering our infinite being-ness.
So grateful to be alive + thriving..attuning to receive, reflect + radiate even more love <3
xx Sydney
PS // For the rest of the year I am focused on facilitating a life-changing container here in Entourage, supporting my students 1:1, completing my manuscript for “I’m Ascending, Now What?” and of course..launching our world-changing social community (weascendnow.com).
I am not checking/responding to FB/IG messages and keeping this email to a minimum.

To apply to co-create via 5D Visionary mentorship or to book a Soul Sourcing session, you can schedule via my website (limited availability).

Feel free to explore 5D Visionary Business Training for much of the support that I offer in 1:1 mentorship re: intuitive business building, energy work, attunement + strategy.

+ + +

Other fun ways to play…

Check out all my trainings + transmissions in our library here.

+ + +
+ + +
+ + +
I wish you a beautiful end to 2021 and an abundant, expansive beginning to 2022..the world we came to play in is here, welcoming us home, as our true selves.
Dreaming awake Heaven on Earth in every breath, through every cell..in every choice that’s aligned with our hearts calling <3

Xelliss – Ascension Support Allies

Sharing these beautiful allies as they have been wonderful support over the last few months of upgrades. 

Particularly when I was in an immersive retreat this summer in Dallas doing very deep sexual trauma de-armoring / re-patterning work – and my digestion was all out of wack / skin was breaking out as the cellular clearing was happening..these really helped with integration, return to balance + overall nourishment.

I know a lot of us are going thru huge detoxes now and upgrading immensely as we are called to finally feel all the energies and emotions we never gave ourselves permission to feel…its all coming up and out..so its more important than ever we tune into resonant allies that can assist so the process isn’t so arduous. 

I just finished an incredible session with a new member of Entourage..tears were shed upon remembering our times together in Atlantis and Egypt..such a deep soul reunion..and a loud message that came through from our guides was: lighten up, the process of healing doesn’t have to be so hard..you can drop the militancy and perfectionism and stop confusing righteousness with purity. 

As we anchor into more truth, ease naturally unfolds. Allow more of your truth to emanate through your cells and all that is not true to simply fall away. There is no trying here, simply allowing. Get out of the way of allowing what naturally wants to unfold to simply be. And even just maybe find yourself enjoying the process..little by little.

I am so grateful for all the support that is here. I am so grateful to be alive and in a body for this earth ride. I am grateful to be surrounded by brilliant beings committed to truth, love and beauty. I am grateful to be re-uniting with so much of my soul family team. I am grateful to be.

Learn more about all the awesome allies I mention above here:: https://xelliss.com/sydney/shop

Tune into the energy and see if it’s for you. Could really help with all we are integrating now and next few months/lifetime. It’s also an awesome opportunity to be a distributor too and be on a team thats generating a lot of abundance..with great ease <3

Rebooting Earth + Ourselves

aloha love…

sending you so much love. happy november. welcome to the big reboot. time to look within…and remember..what is my heart guiding me into now? all about presence, sinking deeper into ourselves..to see the world clearly. and make clear choices..every next step..in our destiny.

S h i f t i n g into higher frequencies, accentuating higher self embodiment and soul aligned timelines. Love this image ((above)) for how it captures the very real ways in which we are constantly surrounded by etheric stadiums filled with our spiritual support squad.

They’re always waiting for us to ask for assistance for they can’t intervene without our conscious request. They love us so much they’d love to let us grow and make our own choices so we truly learn the lessons we sought to come into embodiment to experience.

Two more months of 2021..dream timelines anchoring of our greatest visions. We’ve never been more supported in actualizing our hearts desires, it feels so palpable..the amplifying energy we are receiving to play with and transmit. Working with these frequencies consciously invites us into a new paradigm of nervous system stability and coherence.

Presence is the greatest currency at this time – the ability to sit in relaxed observance of what is without attachment or judgment or any inner dialogue at all perhaps. Here is where freedom lives.

Today I am celebrating 10 years since my last drink of alcohol or drug that was taken to escape this reality or disassociate from my body/trauma. I used to go to AA meetings for years when I first got sober in NYC and I’d wonder how people could make it that long – knowing someday I would but I was curious what life would be like all those years ahead. Beyond my imagination of course.
Creating the world I wish existed. Becoming the being I am destined to be. Getting out of the way of being myself.
I am unrecognizable. And yet deeply familiar and remembered. In the best ways possible ❤️😍
I wish all on the journey of sobriety and clarity the utmost blessings on our paths unfolding. It is where we are inevitably heading I believe – clear fields meeting in complete coherence without attachment to external entities or dependencies on anything outside to cultivate peace, presence, acceptance and love.
We are infinite beings capable of absolute magic..when we start to use and trust the technology embedded within our bodies without interference or obstruction.
Grateful to be alive and thriving ❤️
Wanted to share a beautiful
Healing field I was honored to co-create this morning.
I love this as an example of higher dimensional
Healing – some of what we’ll explore in our journey..what other ways can we share remote transmissions and amplify intentions?

My favorite part in this towards end is when master sha says “relax and receive!!”

We have just one more spot to join us in our Entourage starting 11-11..its already feeling like such a beautiful healing vortex + amplifier of all our hearts visions and callings..I am so thankful for those called to anchor together during this extraordinary moment in our evolution. Diving all the way in.

Here’s a sweet co-creation with my friend Daniel Scranton, channel for many beings of light..sharing The Creators..love the energy here. Excited to collaborate with Daniel in Entourage..among other fave visionaries + friends coming to join us.

Much love family..set your intentions powerfully for the new moon in scorpio this thursday..its going to be a beautiful healing portal. ive been having extra vivid dreams and activations during the night lately in preparation for what feels like another layer of release..and attunement to deeper peace, clarity, presence.

ascend is in beta test starting this week!! can’t wait to share with you. its fantastic..and feels sooo good to play and create on.

time to live our greatest dreams..and come home fully to ourselves..building the bodies and nervous systems that can withstand the incredible energy we are here to emit.

this is the essence of my mission..embodying THIS as an example..and helping others simply by Being to become more of themselves too.

welcome home. there are so many ancient beings joining us on earth now. we feel their frequencies emerging as the collective consciousness expands and rises even higher..they feel like so many old friends returning.

i sometimes feel a grief arise..that i miss people i haven’t even ever met..but i remember their souls from thousands of lifetimes elsewhere..and finally..we are on the same planet, here to co-create and share and connect..and play.

the kind of gratitude that you cry so deeply you feel it through your whole body..melting away layers of protection and anything in the way of receiving all the love we are..is the feeling.

off to write the next few days..so grateful for whats emerging in my book..its gonna be so fun to share when its time. always in perfect timing. i am so beyond blessed to be so supported in doing what i am here to do. thank you.

i wish all the same for you and more.

we spoke about abundance in our video today..and received a gorgeously potent healing together afterwards to anchor it all in. hope you can share in this magic.

PS: Curious about launching or rebranding your online business..stepping into serving your soul purpose and spiritual gifts? I created a beautiful training guiding you through the step by step process from an embodied attuned perspective in my 5D Visionary Business Training. People are having awesome experiences creating in this training..as it is an energetic activation as much as it is strategic guidance. Would love to share this experience with you if you’re called to receive.

Blessed we are to dance on this ground ❤️👑😍
heaven on earth is here.
Awakening the divine child within – how we enter the kingdom of heaven.
Everything you want is already here.
I am hearing more messages and divine guidance arise now as music and songs more than ever. Its delightful..spirit is DJing the soundtrack to this adventure called life.
Danced so hard these last few weeks landing on Big I my feet are growing a new layer of skin 😂
Being challenged by pele to let go of all future attachments – all attachments really..to be fully here and meow 😂👽
Cultivating immense security, stability, faith and trust from within..deeper than ever before.
A new being has arrived in these cells. She is quieter, slower, lighter and feels a bit taller. Her presence and silence speak volumes, far more precisely than words could ever convey.
Her gaze penetrates straight through into heart and soul, cutting through all interference or masks of distraction. She welcomes love as love itself radiating its own essence mirroring back infinitely.
She lets go easily and no longer carries any weight of the past, without judgement, criticism, obligation to upholding identity constructs..more free to be as she was always intended to be..dancing, playing, being 👑🧬
Belly laughing at the cosmic joke and absolute perfection of it all.
The divine plan indeed..the game we came to play.
Relax, its all just a dream 🤟🏼🔑

Tears of Gratitude

aloha love..

happy post-full moon glow. how are you being? we are sensing the need for more rest and integration time after a deep clean out these past few days. lots of excavation and clearing out of what can’t come with us on the next steps ahead.

We just had our final group call of our 9 week Akashic Facilitator Training today..such a brilliant group of souls gathered for this special experience, as always. Such a pleasure to see how everyone has transformed and integrated into new versions of themselves over just a few weeks.

So many tears of gratitude in today’s closing ceremony..but really just the beginning of another new journey underway. It’s such an honor to share this life-changing work.

Reminds me of how excited I am for what’s brewing in Entourage.. anchoring incredible energy into our cells + the planet..having lots of fun upgrading and expanding together. i love this container and how its been guided to come into form..really nothing like it exists yet on earth.
Entourage is an invitation for anyone who would love to learn how to facilitate healing in the Akashic Records and explore other multidimensional healing modalities, refine their intuitive discernment and energy mastery, and embody a new level of authenticity and presence in their leadership.
We’re journeying together in a 4-month ascension accelerator + training program designed to amplify presence, authenticity, coherence and embodiment and overall collective harmony and thriving in Heaven on Earth.
Our Entourage is a convergence of New Earth visionaries, leaders, seers, healers, and conscious creators called to:
* Clarify,  fully align with and authentically embody ones soul purpose and highest callings in this lifetime.
* Step into and template a new paradigm of authentic, embodied leadership that normalizes intuition and multidimensionality as a fabric of life.
* Dive deep into somatic healing and energy field + nervous system recalibration to completely shift one’s frequency to align with highest available timelines.
* Alchemize core wounds, traumas and densities stagnating or obstructing embodiment, authenticity, coherence and personal power.
* Become highly attuned and cultivate mastery in intuitive facilitation and multidimensional healing modalities.
* Seed solutions and new potentials that support Earth and collective evolution into greater unity + harmony.
Our comprehensive training includes:
* Bi-monthly group council calls for practice, sharing + support
* Guest mentors each month sharing wisdom + healing activations
* Group QHHT / past life regression experience
* Advanced Akashic Records Facilitation attunement + practice
* 1:1 support + Akashic Soul Sourcing sessions
* Curated Energy Mastery Practice each month
* Group support + resources shared in private Telegram group
* Visionary intake process to clearly anchor intentions + goals
Here is a preview of the energy we’ll be playing in during Entourage – a live activation to connect with your higher self and guides::
We have just a few spots left.

This is my final offering for 2021..I can’t wait to share this beautiful space together. If you’ve felt a calling to work together 1:1 in session and in a powerful group container..this is it.

all my love..

<3 Syd

PS: I’ll be in writing mode now through January finishing up my manuscript..and launching Ascend in just a few weeks. Public launch will be in March. Can’t wait to have all my social media consolidated into one portal that feels energetically aligned with how I want to play and share..it’s going to be world-changing..can’t wait for you to see for yourselves. Take care of yourself in the meantime..what seeds are you planting for the rest of this year? So many beautiful gifts are here to receive. Thank you for being <3

New Podcast on 𝗥𝗮𝗻𝘁𝘀 𝗔𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗛𝘂𝗺𝗮𝗻𝗶𝘁𝘆 #𝟬𝟰𝟮 – 𝗕𝘆𝗽𝗮𝘀𝘀𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗬𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗜𝗡𝗧𝗨𝗜𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡

Exploring spiritual bypassing and spiritual correctness..and::

00:08:11 – About destroying human connection and asking what’s the success indicator of the measures?
00:09:45 – If you didn’t see it on TV would you know if there is a pandemic? 

00:12:54 – Why do people value their intuition and civil rights so lightly just to go on vacation?
00:17:26 – Importance of immune system, better lifestyle, healthy meal
00:29:25 – Why is it important to speak the truth and freedom to speak?
00:34:50 – How can you speak your truth while still taking people’s reactions into account?
00:37:21 – Difference between independence and enmeshment
00:43:08 – Toxic femininity in politics and media
00:46:38 – About spiritual bypassing
00:51:36 – What is a good starting point when you are crawling out of rock bottom? 
00:54:34 – Advice for people who have so much input that they can’t seem to be able to calm down?
00:58:06 – Importance of knowing who you are and knowing your values
01:01:38 – What is 5D?

Another great new video exploring – What is 5D?

Holy Retro

aloha darlin..

how are you being?

holy retrograde!! haha thats what i heard when writing the title of this email..and it made me smile so I went with it. its been quite a ride this month so far..understatement of course.

we’ve been getting upgraded all right. nearly everyone i know has been going thru some kind of immense physical update..night sweats, sore throat, headaches, body pain..shaking out 3D residues left and right..digestion re-set.

this week has feel like deep call to completely rest, be..fast..pray..relax. truly relax. not just superficially..which always continues to be a practice for me..you too?

how are we re-committing to loving ourselves more deeply, more unconditionally, more truly..authentically?

we are called now to redefine what self love actually means for us..not what we were taught it means by someone else.

sometimes feels like thru trial and error we discover our own innate desire for what we’d love to receive..and how..under there all along..finally we can access it when we are still and quiet enough to just be.

still reconditioning the patriarchy..i guess we are in it for the long haul 🙂 came into this life on quite a mission..with our work cut out for us..indeed.

what matters most is how we move from this point..and how we take the steps we choose to walk..doesnt even matter so much where we are going..no one knows. how do we feel along the way is all that counts. loving ourselves anyway..and no matter what.

being ourselves. that is the ultimate spiritual practice.

anyone who tells you otherwise..well..im just not so sure.

i had something funny happen…also a celebration in here too::

Hard to believe how much happens in just a week these days..last weekend I had such a fun mercury retro moment setting up for our Entourage preview party..and the wifi went out 2 mins before our call was scheduled to start.

I proceeded anyway trusting the experience would transmit as needed to those asking to receive..we are the original technology after all. Then mysteriously I tried uploading the video to share a few times this week, and none of the times did the load complete…which I’ve never experienced before.
After nearly giving up, I tried one more time today per one of our council’s requests..and oilaa…finally.

Listen // receive our preview transmission here.

Definitely divine timing. Coincidentally all week I’ve also been receiving the most immense physical/energetic updates I’ve ever experienced.. preparing for immense expansion underway.

I’m looking forward to receiving this experience again..templating the energy we’ll be playing with in our Entourage starting soon, complete with..
  • Advanced Akashic Records Facilitation
  • Exploration into hands-on energy healing modalities
  • Awakening your own signature styles of intuitive healing
  • Integration of multidimensional aspects + higher guidance
  • Deep 1:1 and group support plus lots of 1:1 practice in facilitation within our group
  • Quantum healing transmissions + remote energy attunements
  • Group Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT) Past Life Regression Session
Guest expert mentors each month supporting council exploration of presence, authenticity, embodiment and coherence:: Zoe Davenport, Daniel Scranton, Ahaumna AhMayah, April Pfender, Jeroen de Wit and Jason Estes <3 Some of my best friends and favorite light beings..what a blessing to get to play together here!
Would love to have you with us if you’re feeling the call to co-create over this powerful portal.
I’d be honored to travel with you in this divinely guided journey home to ourselves.

If you have any questions about the program – please check out all the details included on the main page, and then if you still have some curiosities, I invite you to fill out our intention setting/program interest app and from there we can have a call if you’d still like to explore.

This will be my last group / 1:1 offering for quite awhile as I immensely refine my focus to completing my book (due Jan 2!) and launching ASCEND..soo close to our private beta launch in just a few weeks. Called to laser-focus my energy where it matters most..where I am called to serve in the most inspiring, expansive, nourishing ways.

All my love…deep appreciation for your sweet being.

xx Syd

Dying to Rebirth Anew

aloha love..

interesting energies today 🙂

Have felt strong call to get off what’sapp and delete my accounts there soon. You might have heard about today’s outages..

I’ve opened new channel on Telegram – I’ll be sharing primarily here from now on (till we have ASCEND) if you’d like to join::

Visionary Souls Telegram:: https://t.me/joinchat/t9I2rJ_u1QxjMDEx

New Visionary Souls episode coming out this week on the New Moon 10/6. Our last one of this year I believe..feels good to share and book-end.Lastly, the Quantum Energy Wellness beds were just released recently and I am proud to be an affiliate for this world-changing technology.

I wrote a post about these on FB and IG that got a lot of attention..these are life changing. I’ve worked with this tech in person a few times over the last few years and I’m so grateful to announce that these are now available for mass exploration and use.

The inventor had to be in hiding the last few years because his life was in danger by the powers that be since this tech can support the body in healing pretty much anything.

Lots of testing is underway to prove some pretty miraculous claims..but I can tell you from my own experience these beds are the ultimate support allies we can work with to optimize our own infinite capacity to heal (anything).

I look forward to having a bed here in Big Island soon and offering sessions to those called to work with this incredible resource.

If you’d like to receive a bed for a discounted price via my affiliate deal – please reply here and let me know. We will have payment plans available soon to make it even easier for these to get into the places and spaces where they belong.

Imagining a whole new medical system model incorporating these..empowering our bodies to activate at full energetic – vitality – radiance capacity 🙂 And beyond..

Lots to celebrate. The old systems are crumbling and its cool to see it actually happening before our eyes as we energetically sensed it for a long while..

And here we are.

Look forward to connecting with you in Telegram + in our upcoming Entourage Pre-Party experience 10/9.

If you’re in Hawaii, would love to see you at my first IRL workshop in awhile on 10/16.

Then Entourage starts 11/11..such extraordinary beings gathering for this transformative journey..guest mentors joining too are some of my fave peeps: Jason Estes, Zoe Davenport, Ahaumna Amaya, Daniel Scranton, Jeroen De Witt (for group past life regression/quantum healing hypnosis session) and my girl April Pfender..

Quite the activation. Would love to have you with us. Peeps applying are celebrating how the application itself is an initiation..which I love to hear..time to upgrade to a whole new frequency. Lets rock it…together.

A lot of what we explored re: trauma healing + integration + embodiment into more authenticity in our latest live-stream..is the premise of what we’ll be working through in Entourage.

Naturally we’ll be alchemizing core wounds into more of our gift frequencies and raising our consciousness into new dimensions of presence, authenticity, coherence and personal power..

Time to unearth our unique gifts and essence..to share what we are truly here to radiate..and contribute to this new earth we are all templating.

Do you feel a calling to…

Clarify, fully align with and authentically embody ones soul purpose and highest callings in this lifetime..

Step into and template a new paradigm of authentic, embodied leadership that normalizes intuition and multidimensionality as a fabric of life…

Dive deep into somatic healing and energy field + nervous system recalibration to completely shift one’s frequency to align with highest available timelines…

Alchemize core wounds, traumas and densities stagnating or obstructing embodiment, authenticity, coherence and personal power..

Become highly attuned and cultivate mastery in intuitive facilitation and multidimensional healing modalities like the Akashic Records..

Seed solutions and new potentials that support Earth and collective evolution into greater unity + harmony..

Then you’re meant to come play.

Especially if you were resonating with the invitations to co-create within our Akashic Facilitator Training and 5D Visionary Council.

Alright beloveds..enjoy the ride this week.. i am going into a week of deep writing..reflection..and DANCE!!

gratitude overflowing <3

hope you’re taking good care of yourself. you deserve it.

loving you lots.

xx Syd


5D Visionary Business Training

To celebrate being fully alive and thriving, I’d love to share this overflow..the feeling of living your purpose, sharing your gifts in meaningful ways and deriving an abundant income from serving your soul + soul fam with your creative vision.

So for this week only – till the day after my birthday on Oct 12 – I am offering 50% (in honor of my solar return!) off my 5D Visionary Business Training.

This is a comprehensive program that supports you in building and launching your soul-aligned business while doing a mentorship with me including personalized guidance, strategy + energy work (plus awesome curated templates to play with + numerous visualizations and energy updates to receive).

Looking so forward to sharing this beautiful journey with you. There’s never been a better moment to get started in sharing your gifts with the world in ways that feel good..especially as our old systems fall apart..what are new ones we are birthing into being?

Let’s play x

+ + +If you haven’t gotten into crypto yet – now is there time. Check my guide on how to get in.

+ + +

Ascension + Support Resources for nervous system recalibration + restoration

+ + +

Booking for 1:1 Sessions + Mentorship Exploration