we are collectively launching into a massive quantum leap..

aloha love,
hope you’re weathering the epic energetic storms of april with grace and maybe even a little playfulness and ease..ive been receiving massive downloads + upgrades..energy coming in through new channels..new forms..hitting the body differently..expanding the cells, feeling vibration in new ways, new sight coming online. remembering 🙂

enjoying a very busy few weeks..creating, connecting..building new visions and collaborating with soul family allies + co-creators..so much magic anchoring, words can’t describe.

wishing the same – abundance, love, expansion, affirmation, beauty, and all the magic in between..for you.

checking in quick to share a guide i just channeled on getting started with crypto..check it out.

its really a perfect moment to get in this game. an opportunity to win big. there’s so much support here..please consider joining the party.

we are moving beautifully with ASCEND..scheduled for August launch now. check out our logo..its pretty dope. sign up to stay posted on launch details. so much grace in bringing this to life..i’m reminded constantly of how abundantly supported we are when we are allowing ourselves to be conduit for spirit – for a higher vision, when its not about US..but about we. everything is provided, always.

new book is coming in strong..can’t wait to share more when its time..its so good.

lots of people are finding the empath experience and celebrating how its changed their lives..so humbled to receive these constant affirmations..interesting to follow waves of how the impact is being shared..many people tend to reach out on similar days..a mirror of what the collective consciousness – evolution is going through. grateful for the time capsule of the books and stories we share reaching people where they are at beyond time and space..in the perfect moment.

did you see the surprise episode of visionary souls i released a bit ago? fun to channel..more coming..something percolating about abortion, birth control, addiction..we shall see when its the right time to share.

just signed a new client-collaborator-soul family visionary…so grateful he found me through my book which catalyzed a major awakening for him..total rock star. we are committed to a 4 month journey of deep soul transformation – integration – trauma release – creative elevation…such an honor to play with the most divine beings on earth devoted to mastery, presence and integrity.

getting ready to take off next week to kauai for a 5 day 1:1 immersion with another beautiful visionary i’ve had the absolute privilege of supporting these last few months – through leaving a 20 year marriage she finally gave herself permission to exit because it wasn’t aligned with her truth..into just a few weeks later meeting her soul-mate, a beautiful woman of grace and dignity who can really meet her in the ways she craves to be met, danced with, appreciated, loved.

Our immersion is focused on uprooting and transmuting the core wounds of codependency to embody completely in every way her divine blue print and return to original innocence – essence – divinity. its going to be profound..for both of us of course. but then again our sacred work is always a co-creation. we are both always receiving immensely..this is how we love to play.

i am beyond honored to serve in these potent ways. sometimes i pinch myself – how did i get here? what an honor to play with the most beautiful beings..our council is phenomenal, i think we’re going to start a company together…and the akashic training crew is another divine field of radiant light beings..miraculous really.

what an honor to connect beyond translation.
where every connection feels energizing and nourishing..elevating and inspiring.
where we can simply be, as we are..
and that is always..more than enough.
re-patterning and deprogramming our cells from lifetimes of lessons that would tell us otherwise.
just be being together..receiving these attunements.

i love the ease with which we can simply be.
here. now. together.

our maui embodied ascension immersion is turning out to be quite the mastermind – knights of the roundtable – priests and priestesses of avalon – atlantis – lemuria and all the galactic councils we’ve been a part of through all the lifetimes we’ve experienced..

what is it like when we allow our entire existence to be led by our hearts knowing?
in pure presence
as clear conduits for source?

this is where we practice.

we are collectively launching into a massive quantum leap..

starting new businesses that are world-changing
creating profound new relationships in sovereignty
embodying infinite value + self worth
bringing our divinity completely into human form
showing up as the leaders we are destined to be
architecting the visions + projects we’re meant to birth
magnetizing the resources + support required for ALL to unfold with ease..grace..joy..genius.

its gonna be so much fun. the most magical beings imaginable are coming. everyone is a co-facilitator. everyone comes with great gifts to share. in fact we are making a new website – outside of my personal business website..because embodied ascension is its own container. its not my retreat. its ours.

together we are creating something new.
a grand experiment in co-creative leadership.
in collective collaboration.
coherence and unity..

you know..the training ground for the new earth 🙂

its not about me..its about WE..

anchoring this in fully.
now..in every moment.
here’s our invitation.

loving you..always.

xx Syd

PS: Highly recommend joining the FREE wealth series underway within MTVO, curated by my teacher/friend/galactic pal Jason Estes…check out the intro video and then email PR@JasonDEstes.com to join saying ” I’d love to enroll in the Wealth Series.” It’s gonna be awesome..learning the steps to become a conscious millionaire..billionaire..trillionaire..yes please. let’s play!

Here’s me and my friend Becki – she’s an amazing healer – acupuncturist, sound healer, fern medicine woman, miracle water maker..and assisting us in our embodied ascension immersion.

so grateful for our friendship 🙂

All the ways to Play + Co-create

Getting Started with Crypto – Let’s FLY

There’s so much info out there about cryptocurrency and I can see how its hard to know where to look for trusted guidance and support in getting started. It doesn’t have to be overly complex, and there is sooo much support here for you to take advantage of in starting your journey, you just have to know where to look.

Hopefully I can help by sharing some of the key resources that have helped me 10x investments in some cases while overall creating more ease, abundance, stability and expansion in beautiful ways.

Make no mistake – this IS the future of finance, and there is no better moment than right now to get started educating yourself about all the paradigm shifts already underway that are certain to become our new norm in the next few years…sooner than we can imagine.

Here’s a step by step process (below) I suggest for getting started in your crypto journey – according to the steps I followed myself to get to a multiple five-figure portfolio thats continuing to create wonderful returns.

Say goodbye to traditional banking that rents your money out (at no benefit to you) to others for incredibly high interest, and HELLO to dividends that come in great abundance WHILE investing in awesome companies and visions that are making a tangible positive impact in the world.

Feels so good – and its a win-win-win for all..welcome to the new paradigm of abundance for all. Its also an opportunity to become really sovereign + wise about your energy (money and all assets therein) and consciously decide how you want to empower yourself to play a bigger game 🙂

Let’s begin::

  1. Highly recommend getting + reading this book – Crypto Revolution – by my friend (and an advisor in our new company ASCEND) Aaron and his co-creator Bryce from Crypto101 Podcast – experts and pioneers in crypto. Check out their podcast too..so much helpful wisdom + support here.
  2. Check out this video all about Coin Metro + Investments of the Future with some of my favorite people jamming on all things crypto including the CEO of CoinMetro – my favorite (and beginner-friendly) exchange. Video also posted at very bottom of this list.
  3. Another great movie to watch that will help you understand the whole ecosystem of crypto + blockchain: Cryptopia
  4. Check out the trailer or Cryptopia here.
  5. These are some other great movies that will inspire you and guide you in understanding more of our changing economic paradigms: “Top 5 Blockchain + Crypto Movies”  – I recommend Bitcoin + Banking on Bitcoin.
  6. My favorite exchange and one I highly recommend to get set up on is Coin Metro.  It’s super easy to open an account here and start playing around – even with small investments (literally start with $50-100 bucks!), so you can get a feel for yourself about how crypto works. I also love how CoinMetro is building everything in their platform with a win-win-win in mind. When you join – and you love it, which I promise you will – you won’t be able to help but tell all the people you love to get on board the abundance train! You can share your own affiliate link and get sweet bonuses from simply sharing the platform with those you care about..easy win.
  7. Investing in crypto really is in a lot of ways just like the stock market except instead of buying stock in companies we invest in tokens/coins – some of which are tied to a company’s utility (overall value/value prop within the blockchain ie what the company’s overall usefulness is in ecosystem of their expertise) and some of which are used as a modicum of actual exchange (a straight currency – a way to exchange digital assets). I like the breakdown of the different types of tokens here: Utility Token vs. Security Token.
  8. I promise, once you start playing you’ll see how much more sense it makes to have your money in these assets than sitting, waiting, not doing anything at all, in a traditional bank account.
  9. I recommend CoinMetro (and I recommend investing in their utility token: XCM) because I know the founding team and lead investors – they are some of the most high integrity, awesome people in the crypto space..pioneering a new model that really supports infinite wealth generation for all. We are partnering with them to bring parts of ASCEND‘s economy to life which entails its own cryptocurrency. Tune into Kevin (the CEO’s) AMAs (ask me anything) that are done weekly – and they have the most helpful, responsive customer support of any tech platform I’ve ever encountered.
  10. Do your own research and approach crypto like a fun project to expand your consciousness and learn about new ways to energetically invest in causes you believe in – there is SO much to explore in this new realm that’s very much still birthing..its so exciting to learn about all the new potentials that are coming up sometimes daily in the space.
  11. Start subscribing to some crypto news outlets (I like Feedly for this and I follow Bitcoin news and crypto news categories). I don’t read it religiously but I try to check in often to stay on top of all the new changes and updates that are almost constantly arising in this rapidly evolving space.
  12. I like this overview for beginner’s insight into what Crypto is and how to relate within some of the new terminologies.
  13. Coin Metro pretty much has everything you need to manage your assets all in one place = plus two-factor authentication makes it super secure.
  14. For tracking stats on various assets I love the app Coin Stats where you can select your favorites and track the market according to different time frames.
  15. There are tons of emerging groups and support platforms claiming to teach about crypto and in some cases charging a lot of money for otherwise free information – careful. If you’re willing to do the work and source your own answers and commit to doing your own research, you can make a lot of magic here. I feel this is the best way really as crypto feels so intuitive and its to me emerging as a resonance game – those of us who are tapped into collective energy patterns can read the market usually pretty precisely and that can positively inform buy/sell decisions..etc..its a very fun game for the intuitively inclined and even all the more reason to develop your intuitive capabilities 🙂
  16. Some other popular exchanges in case you’re curious are CoinBase (probably most popular in the world) and Kraken..those are the ones I’ve personally used but since I now live in Hawaii there are some barriers to entry since this state doesn’t have adequate licensing to allow citizens to do crypto investing although changes are underway hopefully soon to shift the laws. Same is true for now in New York and Washington state. To workaround this I created an LLC in another state (Wyoming) that allows me to get on CoinMetro as a business entity..easy, legal, pretty simple to set up. In case you’re wondering, I created the Wyoming LLC using this company and the “sprinter” package. Good solution for now. If you need help with this CoinMetro has epic customer support you can reach out to anytime and they’ll help.
  17. Awhile back I shared a post about Ember Fund which I also really like (per my friend Aaron’s suggestion)..kind of a hedge fund for crypto..and I keep a few assets in there just for fun. Check it out if you’re called.
  18. Another fun thing to play with is to get off chrome and safari browsers especially on mobile and start using  BRAVE browser which has great privacy and security (and its super fast) measures in place PLUS you can earn crypto from simply being on the platform. I invest in their token: Basic Attention Token (BAT) because I believe in what they’re doing and wanna support the new precedents they’re anchoring.

I know all of this can feel overwhelming – where to begin?! Everything is so new..talk about learning a whole new language and entirely new ways of being in the world. What I love about all of this though – is that we’re invited to radically shift our perceptions about literally everything we’ve ever been taught about how the world works..about how power and wealth are distributed and about how free we can really be (answer: infinitely).

The choice is yours. Take your power back from the old school banking system thats inherently designed to frankly rip us off (Crypto Revolution outlines this model super clearly towards the beginning of the book) and put your money (your energy) to work for you in beautiful, expansive, positive ways. Support causes that matter. Bring more consciousness to your finances. Take more responsibility for how your money can grow..build a capacity for greater wealth and impact overall. Receive support in getting started. We are all pioneering the new way and no one does it alone.

I’m excited beyond belief to see where this all takes us over the next year and beyond. I know that this whole space is evolving at the speed of light..and so many brilliant, genius, visionary beings are involved in bringing it to life..anything is possible, we are infinite, what kind of world do we want to build, enjoy and share?

Let’s generate incredible resources anchored in love, integrity and sovereignty to architect it…together. 

Heaven on Earth is here..when we choose to be.

Other videos I recommend tuning into…

Great news from the CoinBase team lead..love that this is on mainstream media.

This guy is sweet and actually walks you through how to get started on CoinBase, one of the most popular exchanges out there. I used to be on CoinBase but got kicked off very quickly upon establishing my Hawaii residency which isn’t permitted on the platform 🙁

Super simple breakdown of money and crypto..love it.

Another super simple overview..








Time to Take Your Power Back + Expand


how are you being in this moment? take a breath and really feel it..how am I being? is there anything i need in this moment to feel supported, nourished, more the ways i want to feel?

give yourself that now, whatever it is..do not wait. your higher self is waiting to give you such clear direction as to the next right aligned destined steps in your path.

its meant to be simple.

this will be my last newsletter for awhile..i’ll be diving deep into writing my book thats finally ready..revealing itself as complete..the missing pieces are now here to integrate. long story..gotta write it into a book.

consciousness codes – authenticity – embodiment – akashic records – quantum healing…

a recovery program for embodying your higher self.

cuz we’re ready.

you get the jist 🙂

its gonna be fun. can’t wait to share it when its time. feels good to channel energy into one portal that has staying power as opposed to spreading energy thin over all these platforms we’ve invested to share on..kinda weird when you think about it isnt it? the idea of posting to 5 different channels..i’m taking a long overdue break (and creating an entirely new system that feels much better too..more about that below)..

wanted to drop a quick note – if you have been considering getting into crypto currency investing, now is the time. don’t wait any longer..you’re going to need to learn about our future financial system sooner or later and now really is a prefect moment to jump in.

for beginner friendly awesome ease and support – I recommend our friends at Coin Metro as my preferred exchange.. check them out here. And get their utility token XCM..its gonna grow massively..promise..I’m all in and putting all my savings into it FYI..lets amplify mega abundance!

Ascend is going amazingly..we are starting development after finalizing designs and branding..its unlike anything you’ve ever seen. i’m so proud of what we are creating and how we are creating it..divine resonance – divine union – business magic. comes out in July..if you care to contribute as an investor, we are sourcing friends + family for a smaller raise to support us through launch. get in touch by hitting reply if you’d like to explore contributing ($25K+ level with accredited investors via SAFE).

Lots of initiations underway for April – clearing fear out of our systems, releasing shock and traumas of scarcity and moments in which all our survival systems were triggered..purging these energies from our cellular memory is no joke and yet we are immensely supported this month by all the incoming frequencies to do so…with grace.

So thankful for the abundance of support on offer..so much love + healing + amplification in our 5D council, our training (starting tomorrow!) and our field assembling to join together in Maui this June.

Celebrating the ripples of healing and consciousness expansion beaming out from these portals..

We are truly anchoring the new ways forward..the new ways of being, doing, creating, allowing, trusting, receiving..playing.

It is a high honor to connect with you in this moment. Its rare to share this depth and resonance. Most people are freaked out by prolonged eye contact let alone conversations about the new earth and multidimensional consciousness and akashic records and all the other quantum magic we frequently play in..

I’ll leave you with this..

What is arising in your life now for you to take your power back from?
Anything and everything outside of you that you’ve deemed as more powerful – to provide to you something you actually want to source from within..

Take it back. Claim it. Source it from yourself.

Your own love.
Your own acknowledgement.
Your own safety.
Your own support.
Your own abundance.
Your worthiness.

Decide. Receive. Embody. Radiate.

The physical body is clearing a lot lately. Support it in the ways that feel good. More rest, more nourishment, more movement, less screens, more friends, more massage, more support, more love..more fun. More nature 🙂 The simple things are really always the best medicine..our bodies know.

Have had some potent healing transmissions come through 1:1 and in group facilitation lately..we over-laid someones energy (divinity-source) over the covid vaccine the other day and re-programmed their RNA to stay in harmonic resonance with their highest timeline/true self/divine physiology..and that felt really good..

We are receiving such incredible energies..from new universes and dimensions we’ve never heard of before. Cassiopeia came through strong this last week. These feel like very familiar beings..now able to assist more on earth as our energies shift to be open to hearing-sensing-allowing them in to integrate and weave with us.

Excited for what we are anchoring in our Akashic group this time around..it gets more galactic and upleveled in multidimensional prowess each time we travel together through these waves..what an honor to co-create and share..and learn, now..

Without translation. Without pretending. Without trying. Without struggling.

Just as we are. Its such a gift..this ease..of being..with you.

As we are.

x Syd

PS: Birthing a new you, a new business, a new relationship, a new sacred container of wealth, embodiment, ease, visionary creativity..liberation? Yum, yes please, more please 🙂

Envisioning new 1:1 co-creators will be with us in Maui for the retreat ..how lovely does that feel? Book a call to explore 1:1 co-creation, amplification, support..quantum leaps.

Other 1:1 offerings are all here..let’s play.

New Visionary Souls Podcast:
Triggers as Initiations/Invitations

Embodied Ascension is a 9 day – 8 night portal designed to initiate and prepare our beings for infinite expansion – our dreams are unfolding before our eyes. Here is the container in which we prepare to launch forward, with grace, ease and pristine presence.
We are birthing new worlds that call us into new dimensions of presence, power and potency. Let’s practice together and anchor these new ways of being we are meant to embody.
Your spirit will feel profoundly nurtured and at ease, your body will receive potent healing and recalibration, your heart will feel magnificently open, overflowing..this is the essence of ascension and exemplary leadership in the New Earth.
Heaven on Earth is here when we allow ourselves (fully) to be.
Our Immersion is designed for an intimate group of visionaries devoted to embodying their true selves while being powerful examples of love, presence and healing in a world that’s calling for our medicine now more than ever.
Together we are pioneering and co-creating a new style of intentional immersion into shared presence rooted in collaboration, mastery, co-leadership and coherence.

Everyone in this experience (just like life, right?) is a facilitator, a contributor, a co-creator..how do we show up when we are each invited to lead?

Welcome to the New Earth experiment..Let’s play.

Just One More Week

aloha love..

how are you feeling today? there have been some big waves these last 48 hours. i was in an “i’m not enough” loop for part of yesterday and then I realized..oh..my inner child is angry with me because I somehow went into a creation-bender without giving myself adequate space to move, to melt, to rest, to receive.

one of my students – sisters – collaborators reached out just in the moment i really needed to hear some loving support. i love how telepathic we are especially after all these lifetimes and recent months of doing deep work together..we can really feel eachother so strongly and we know when to reach out in the precise moment when our presence is called for.

same thing is true for marketing, sharing, inviting..we become more telepathic and present and magnetic the deeper into our authentic selves we go..and the invitations to come play practically send themselves..its fun to watch and receive..what happens when:

you go outside and play and do something fun and adventurous instead of working for 3 more hours because you think thats going to get you some kind of result you’re expecting.

you choose to spend an hour connecting with an old friend on the phone, nourishing your spirit and soul so beautifully..instead of working and being busy having anxiety around not doing enough – not being enough – not having enough..

you commit to prioritizing your daily practice and energy work above all else and build your day around that..or rather let your day flow around this beautiful foundation you’ve built..strong enough to hold you through anything that comes especially these immense energetic updates we are all receiving..do you feel stable and centered amidst the pending storm?

we have a potent group anchoring for our only level one akashic facilitator training of 2021 starting in just a week from today..can you imagine?

the celebrations from this container are incredible..astounding..miraculous. its a deeply transformational – embodied ascension journey through and through..it feels funny trying to describe it actually because what we are truly co-creating is a field that’s never existed on earth or in this dimension before in which truly infinite possibility, accelerated quantum healing and absolute leaps into new consciousness are the norm.we have two spots left in this sacred group and i’d love to personally invite you to join us if you are feeling the call. surely we are gathering at a potent time by no mistake at all..we always get the call to gather at times like these because energies incoming are moving through us so powerfully, illuminating the deepest darkest shadows, asking us to step more fully into the light..

to trust your truth.
to trust your power.
to never doubt yourself again.
to use your intuition as your guiding light.
to open your multidimensional consciousness..
to receive new healing modalities and technologies designed for you to feel your best
…and share with overflow..this magic with others.

in our upcoming group some of our shared intentions we are anchoring for the journey include:

– transmuting lineage density especially as it relates to scarcity and survival programs
– activating and embodying new dimensions of magnetism and ease in receiving
– dismantling self-repression and self-doubt to expand into more presence, power and confidence
– launching a healing practice to serve clients through intuitive healing and absolute magic
– coming into deeper embodiment of ones authentic self – knowing who you are and why you are

You know..the usual lifetimes and lifetimes of healing and expansion in a few weeks and months.

I love how some of our former training containers are still meeting with one another..that’s right..we pretty much fall in love with our soul family constellation in here, and we go deep..its a beautiful experience indeed, my favorite way to play.

Check out all our celebrations + fill out the application to join here.

This is our last round for this year – and given everything else I am birthing its not clear if i will be teaching this ever again..in fact I am envisioning my students taking this on to teach going forward..a process we’ll be covering in Level Two Training at the end of this year..and doing part of the training in Bali is feeling better than ever 🙂 Level one is of course required for this..so come play if you’re called, time to fly…I opened instagram today to a flood of gratitude from readers of my book The Empath Experience: What to Do When You Feel Everything. Its beautiful when the universe sends us signs like this – that the creations we’ve put out into the ethers in some cases years ago are still making an impact and meeting those who are in resonance in such beautiful moments..they’re like time capsules getting set off to open when the right person decides to activate the connection..in some ways they’re connecting with a former version of me..but regardless..we are connecting. I am grateful, thank you for the reminders <3

Our Maui Embodied Ascension immersion
 is coming in just a few weeks..and its turning into quite a cosmic family affair of course..we knew this would be the case but the container is really revealing itself to be even more magical than we could have even seen a few weeks ago..with additions like..

– co-creating an epic tree planting mission with our friends at Earth Change/Crystallized Roots Movement to plant 500 trees here in Maui with source seeds

– having all access to a quantum healing bio-feedback bed (one of 12 in the entire world) on site in our own private healing sanctuary to play in throughout the entire retreat

– special guests and friends coming in to co-facilitate experiences and healing offerings

– higher brain/network spinal analysis tune-ups with a master chiropractor/medical intuitive at our service

– beautiful opportunities for all who participate to co-create, lead, contribute and step up to the plate as brilliant visionary leaders, sharing their gifts and genius with all who are anchoring our field

– sacred site initiations and grid work to activate new DNA, rewire particular aspects of our consciousness and physical embodiment and transmit / anchor potent healing with Gaia

So much more..we are opening a portal. A big one..an infinite one.

I got the message to move into a bigger home soon to integrate all of the expansions.

Yep…it’s like that 🙂

If you know the second half of 2021 is going to be the best year of your life and you’re ready to step into it with full power, presence and the deepest confidence and self-love you’ve ever felt/known/experienced – here’s our chance to play together in paradise to collectively quantum leap into our desired realities..Heaven on Earth is here.

When we choose to be.

x Syd

PS: I have one opening for 1:1 mentorship if you’re called to explore co-creating. Book a call here to explore resonance and let’s see how we might architect a new business, vision, relationship, embodiment, energy system, consciousness..whatever you’d love to expand into and live into as your intended reality..is possible..when you are willing to leap and receive 🙂 Ready to rock?

Tuned in live yesterday in the below video exploring April Energies + all the new ways of being we are invited to expand into..come play:

Flying into the Unknown + Truly Living

Aloha Love…

how are you being?

happy aloha Friday from Maui..the land of perpetual summer. so thankful to be broadcasting from this particular earth station now more than ever. on divine assignment…receiving so much support from the precious water, clean air, lush greenery and abundance of pure mana (life-force energy flowing through all)..appreciating the sensation of being thousands of miles away from any continental consciousness grids..feeling clear.

today is an immense energetic portal..you might have felt it as i have all week long..gearing up to receive/integrate clarity and illumination on anything thats felt maybe even subtly out of alignment in your life and relationships..its all likely to be very highlighted and ultra-sensitive in your awareness now.

i let go of my intimate partnership the other day..and i am celebrating the ease with which the clarity came and how quickly i was able to listen and respond..consciously and with love. feeling a lot of neutrality..clarity is so beautiful like that..when the healing happens and the integration can almost feel instantaneous…i surrender.

feels like a huge timeline completion perhaps one of many lifetimes in the making. collectively feels like an invitation to release ancient programs and outdated operating systems of any and all flavors of co-dependency, enmeshment, disempowerment and any of the familiar games therein.

calling all aspects of ourselves back into center now.

calling all power i have given others or to anything outside of me back into my heart, now.

(feel free to say these out loud and feel the energy shift..):

disempowering my authentic self is now being released and cleared from all aspects of my being.

giving my power away is now being released and cleared from my body mind.

giving my power away is now being released and cleared from my personality structure.

doubting my truth is now being released and cleared from my body mind.

ignoring my body’s guidance is now being released and cleared from my selected games.

Deep breath..good to hydrate after releasing like this 🙂

Now..where we we??

its astounding to me how much we are able to learn now and how fast..especially in relationship. but then again – all of life is relationship.

how are you being in yours, how are you showing up?

especially in relationship to yourself, the most important one of all?

constantly reminded of how this – our divine union within – must be the foundation upon which all of our lives are anchoring..

otherwise – we are groundless..we are lost..we are not truly here, not truly living.

let us all remember..what we are now pioneering.

We are creating the new templates for authenticity, intimacy and divine union.

Through the ways we choose to BE, we are pioneering the paths and potentials of what it means to actually live..when we choose to be completely here, to be alive all the way, to not just live in the mind or identity-personality games therein, but to have a full-spectrum feeling experience of this entire body, all the dimensions therein and all those that expand outside from our hearts.

Oh..to be real. Learning as we go. Thankful for opportunities to practice..thankful for all divine human mirrors.

What is it like to be truly free and sovereign in ones own self and to share divine love from this space of overflow?

We are experimenting and sensing into this reality more closely than ever..we are so supported in making this quest.

And yet it is simultaneously designed to bring up all shadows, distortions and wounding in the way of simply being..who we have always been..all along.

Ah yes, the paradox of the mind, the ego, the wounded child..and our divinity..waiting to come in and be allowed/invited to play.

What a delightful game we’ve all elected to come play, indeed.

I love when the reminder hits to see every other human as part of this great team..a unified field really..thats chosen in this precise moment to create so many new ways of being together..to architect the future potentials we know we deserve to play in and enjoy..to template divine union within and with all..we are quite a team.

April so far feels to be offering us even more potent opportunities for self-healing and excavation of all thats no longer true or in resonance with our preferred realities..are you ready to weather the storm with grace, with ease, with even a little joy?

I am thankful that the guidance to offer support containers at times like this always comes through in perfect alignment – to support those who are ready to dive deep into the inner realms of alchemy and embodiment with abundant love and care.

Transformation, profound healing, de-fragmentation and embodying one’s true self in all aspects, in all areas of life..is not only possible now more than ever especially with the particular energies we are receiving – it can happen in such amplified and accelerated capacities, especially with group and 1:1 support.

If you’re ready to leap off the cliff out of programmed realities of survival, protection, contraction, avoiding one’s purpose and power, efforting, controlling and worrying..

into a new paradigm of presence, authenticity, trust, magnetism and ease..

Let’s play.

Our Akashic Training starts in less than 2 weeks and our Maui Retreat is happening just a little bit afterwards (both programs now entail even more 1:1 and group support added in to amplify abundance of nourishment, care and connection in all ways we love to receive..yes please).

I have one spot for 1:1 mentorship in which we journey for 7 months into soul embodiment, radical alignment with purpose, abundance consciousness activation and more than words..but you feel it. We also meet in-person in Maui or Kauai for a deep dive private immersion..lifetimes in a day..of activation, upgrading dna, clearing lineage healing, repatterning cellular structure, purging lifetimes of density, awakening ones light body..you know how we do.

I love to play with other visionaries who actively seek to dance in the fire of transformation..can we stand in the fire without getting burned, allowing the alchemical fires to burn away all that is not truly ours or us?

Let’s find out..this is how we co-create a new reality and so many beautiful potentials therein. All stemming from..embodiment..cleaning and recalibrating and expanding ones energy field..to disrupt the hologram of this supposed reality..to attract with ease new insight, choices and paths..and receive what is yours to enjoy.

It’s all already been planned all along, we just get off course and forget..time to align.

Time to expand. Time to remember. Time to fly.

Time to truly live..time to step into who we’ve always been destined to be…time to RECEIVE all that has always been ours to revel in..and share from overflow..time to PLAY.

Enjoy the journey – it’ll never be like this, as you are right now in this moment, again..savor it..celebrate it..receive it.

Celebrating you and your choice to be here, now..thanks for playing.

Time to be ALL in.

Let’s rock it.

x Syd

PS: Sharing some beautiful resources + gifts below..enjoy <3

A group of passionate visionaries gathered over the potent Equinox portal for a mini-retreat fused into a strategic immersion to explore new ways of being and co-creating their visions and dream creative contributions anchored in ease, trust and authenticity.

After our meditation and in some cases during it – numerous miracles, synchronicities and alignments came up to celebrate (as is usually the case when we activate fields of infinite possibility)..such as:

  • receiving a genius idea that solves a key strategic challenge for a business’ structure and revenue generation strategy
  • receiving a message from a former biz partner sharing a success that happened without the former leader doing the work they always used to do to “make things happen”
  • cellular detoxing, allowing latent pain that had been percolating for months to finally leave the body
  • awakening of new intuitive perception and energetic sensitivity, opening to conscious dimensional travel
  • And many more..as usual 🙂

In our amplified field – a mini-retreat in itself – you are invited to receive healing guidance, Akashic transmissions, personalized coaching and consulting, and insight into the principals and protocols of 5D business and co-creation, including:

  • 45 Minute Guided Akashic Meditation – Energy Healing – Journey assisting you to embody your authenticity, activate your magnetism and intimately connect with your creative vision to see new potentials and paths forward
  • 2.4 Hour complete audio transmission including embodied movement guidance, meditation, 1:1 support and channeling, 5D business strategy and approaches to authentic marketing, business-architecture and creative visioning
  • 2-Page Guide for 5D Business Protocol, Key Principals + Embodiment Practices for amplified magnetism, ease and authenticity

This retreat activation supports visionary pioneers of the new earth – who see, feel and remember the future potentials we are here to architect and anchor through our true selves, through presence, through our hearts.

Just for you – save 50% off our entire epic immersion (2.4 hours of support + practice with 2-page guide) with this code: VVE50

Enjoy! I hope this brings you many blessings and supports you in your visionary journey in all the ways you desire receiving illumination – expansion – ease. I’m always grateful to receive feedback from these experiences..feel free to share your experience by sending me a note – celebrating.


New Video: Exploring 5D Business + Co-Creation

3 Spots Remain for our only Level One Akashic Facilitator Training of 2021.

Would love to have you with us if you’re called to receive incredible support in becoming a masterful facilitator of transformation, intuitive healing and embodiment.

This is one of my favorite ways to play and truly is a profound gift that keeps on giving.

Honored to invite you into this portal.

Create the world and all the things and ways of being in it that you wish existed.
We will see it when we become it.
How do we show up in each moment, trusting our hearts, our bodies, our spirits to guide the way?
Our retreat home is nestled at a beautiful center we have all to ourselves, right on the side of Maui’s grand Haleakala Volcano – the heart chakra of the Earth. Our experience is designed to attune ourselves to new embodiments of flow, ease, receptivity and trust.
Each day is an opportunity to play and attune to our mastery in comfortably navigating the unknown potentials of the infinite. Returning to presence, trust, faith and effortless receiving.

Through enjoying guided movement and energetic activation, uniquely curated transformational group practices, excursions to sacred sites and vortexes, nourishing gourmet food and pristine accommodations, bodywork and 1:1 healing sessions, and many more surprises and experiences beyond one’s imagination of a “retreat” – we allow ourselves full permission to::

⧫ Deeply feel, celebrate and expand into our true selves ⧫

⧫ Attune to the highest frequencies imaginable  ⧫

⧫ Integrate and embody our authentic presence + purpose ⧫

⧫ Become masterful in powerfully discerning our truth ⧫

⧫ Activate our innate power to unleash new dimensions of genius ⧫

⧫ Reconnect to nature as a portal into divinity embodiment  ⧫

Visionary Vortex 5D Business Immersion

A group of passionate visionaries gathered over the potent Equinox portal to explore new ways of being and co-creating their visions and dream creative projects and callings anchored in ease, trust and authenticity.

After our meditation and in some cases during it – numerous miracles, synchronicities and alignments came up to celebrate (as is usually the case when we activate fields of infinite possibility)..such as:

  • receiving a genius idea that solves a key strategic challenge for a business’ structure and revenue generation strategy
  • receiving a message from a former biz partner sharing a success that happened without the former leader doing the work they always used to do to “make things happen”
  • cellular detoxing, allowing latent pain that had been percolating for months to finally leave the body
  • awakening of new intuitive perception and energetic sensitivity, opening to conscious dimensional travel

In our amplified field – a mini-retreat in itself – you are invited to receive healing guidance, Akashic transmissions, personalized coaching and consulting, and insight into the principals and protocols of 5D business and co-creation, including:

  • 45 Minute Guided Akashic Meditation – Energy Healing – Journey assisting you to embody your authenticity, activate your magnetism and intimmately connect with your creative vision to see new potentials and paths forward
  •  2.4 Hour complete audio transmission including embodied movement guidance, meditation, 1:1 support and channeling, 5D business strategy and approaches to authentic marketing, business-architecture and creative visioning
  • 2-Page Guide for 5D Business Protocol, Key Principals + Embodiment Practices for amplified magnetism, ease and authenticity

This retreat activation supports visionary pioneers of the new earth – who see, feel and remember the future potentials we are here to architect and anchor through our true selves, through presence, through our hearts.

Let’s play.

Ready to Receive?


aloha love – hope you’re having a beautiful week so far. How are you being?

Here is a message coming thru, loud and clear – “the less I do, the more still I am – the more I receive.”

With our businesses, with the visions we’re here to steward, it’s not about us. It’s not about you.

All of our suffering comes from making things about us. It’s not about us. Embodying this..is a definite practice..underway..illuminated in every aspect of life lately 🙂

Consider: Our vision is its own sovereign being. We are in a Divine Union with this being that has chosen us to steward its consciousness into form. Just like we would have a child, it’s the same thing. And as women too, we have a gestation period, a massive body upgrades. I’ve been seeing that parallel so much of like literal tangible birth and pregnancy with vision birthing. Aren’t they the same thing?

So now..actualizing great vision in alignment with our soul purpose and genius..becomes about..how we take care of ourselves so we can birth the vision-baby-being into form with lots of support, resources and care. This is the feminine way of leading in the New Earth. Can you feel this initiation underway in your life too?

Reminders to slow down..to receive..to rest..to not be so body, detach from overwhelm, results, expectations..relinquish control.

Have you been listening?

Our most crucial invitation now is to be calm, to make sure that the baby, the vision, has a peaceful environment to germinate, to grow, to evolve, to show itself, to develop. That’s our responsibility.

We were conditioned by a lot of different lifetimes and many different societies we’ve traversed to think that we have to figure everything out, to make it and plan it. As if its all up to us and we are creating in an echo chamber..

Forgetting we’ve been transmitting spirit all along..

Whose really leading the way forward?

Meanwhile, think about the pregnancy, the body knows exactly what to do. It’s already doing the whole process. The mind has no place in any of it.

Same thing with the vision, the body knows what to do, the soul knows what to do when we are listening and in communion with it like we’re in an intimate relationship.

This is a huge rewiring, huge reframe but its precisely what we are all re-patterning together.

This is the natural state of this birthing, through this body, through this consciousness, receiving.

…excerpted and inspired from our recent 5D Visionary Council convergence..anchoring beautiful ways of co-creating, allowing, receiving.

To receive the guided transmission – visualization component of this reflection to experience it for yourself – check out the newly updated 5D Visionary Embodiment Activation just posted on my site for you to play with. Our council had prolific magnetism-expansion-receiving activations following this journey..its a pleasure to share with you.

To go deeper…and work with the potent energy brewing for our Spring Equinox…

We are gathering for the equinox this Sunday – anchoring our hearts visions and soul callings, receiving healing and multidimensional guidance to support our unfolding, seeding new dreams and potent intentions..connecting with soul family.

Feel into this magic…

We’ll ground into the powerful Equinox energy (some even call this a year year to start completely fresh in) by receiving a collective Akashic Transmission + energy healing supporting our field.

This transmission will likely entail numerous practices, attunements + invitations to intimately connect with your vision – genius birthing through you.

Plus I’ll be presenting key protocols and ways of being in 5D business strategy, co-creation and magnetism. We’ll wrap our immersion (its gonna be an upgrade-party ya’ll!) with opportunities for sharing, and 1:1 intuitive / strategy / healing support.

Join us in exploring new paradigms of business- soul service expression, effortless receiving, embodying trust and co-creating in 5D ❤

🙏🏼  See you here 🙏🏼

Loving you more..body is processing so much this week, rest and recharge as you need..more the better..naps are amazing! In fact I was instructed by spirit recently to add daily naps into my schedule 🙂

Feels like the best medicine..when we stay still, the visions and manifestations and resources we are calling in can finally find us and arrive into our reality…I am experiencing this in beautiful ways..its real, it really works..its the way of flowing in the stream of life..with the stream.

We’ve all heard the same invitations for years but now we get to practice truly embodying it..not just knowing it..but living it.

It’s so much more fun (and wildly effective) to practice these new ways of being (and all the healing and transmutation they inevitably bring up for us to grow through) together.

I am loving all the digital portals we co-create to architect such potent healing-upgrade fields..its such a pleasure and honor to connect with such extraordinary beings all over the world. Our council has visionaries positioned literally all over the map – more time zones represented than I’ve ever met with at once..its pure magic!

Our sole Akashic Facilitator (Level One) Training for 2021 is coming up in a few weeks and only has 3 spots left. If you’ve been called to this practice, refining your healing modalities, stepping into mastery in your facilitation, receiving deep healing and integration support along committed high-integrity visionary community – this is going to be a blast. We’d love to have you with us.

Level Two Advanced Practitioner Training will be released in the coming weeks – includes a live retreat in Bali, with deep practice supporting you to learn more masterful techniques for healing core wounds, connecting with galactic and omniversal consciousness, developing greater capacities for presence and embodied leadership..being an example of the best you..and stepping into group field facilitation and healing..plus so much more. This is only open to those who have completed Level One as the course prepares you to be able to teach the Level One course to your own students 🙂

How fun is that? Feels so good.

Our live-in person upgrade experience in Maui for the Embodied Ascension Immersion is becoming more potent by the day as frankly I am receiving many initiations in preparation for hosting / co-creating this space..its been such a beautiful journey so far when I look back to December when the vision really seeded. We birth visions sometimes maybe all the time that are meant to show us where we get to expand – where we get to grow to meet the vision in this new frequency/resonance..and this has certainly been the case with the Maui Retreat.

So much happens when we can meet in person and transmit codes in the physical..so much shifting, expansion, healing, receiving, remembering can transpire just in being together. Our fields, our bodies, know what to do. Our hearts can open. We can feel safe to be ourselves. We can remember what it feels like to be in our power, to be in our genius, to share our gifts, to embody our divinity…this is our invitation.

The New Earth is calling forth leaders who are ready to be themselves, fully and completely..in presence, in integrity, with wild creativity..welcoming forth new dimensions of consciousness to communicate through their beings..bringing glorious new potentials into Earth..architecting Heaven within this divine game we call life.

And the best part – we get to learn and grow together..we have so much support..we have everything going for us..the time has never been more ripe to receive, to say yes to this quantum leap in expansion, to leave the past where it belongs as we step into a completely new timeline of presence, unity, freedom, power and magnetic ease.

What else are you dreaming into for this Equinox and beyond?
What is your soul calling you forth into experiencing?
Whats feeling like a growing edge?

If your dreams are scaring you a bit they’re not big enough.
Your soul loves to be stretched..
This is how your spirit gets to play in the infinite..
And then it can remind your body and mind..
Of how divine and powerful you truly are.

Are you saying yes to the expansion underway?
Are you moving into it with grace, and even joy?
Letting it all be fun..even the moments of seeming discomfort and the little contractions inevitably in between.
Are you celebrating yourself all the way home?

You’re amazing. Keep going. Remember who you are.

You decided to incarnate here into Heaven on Earth in the most epic moment in all of human history..to offer your unique genius, your keys..into this grand puzzle we are all piecing back together..

You matter so much to the whole unfolding.

Just in who you are being..it is always enough.

I love you lots <3

Look forward to playing soon…


PS: If you’re called to collaborate 1:1 with fantastic energetic support – expert strategy – holistic healing – multidimensional attunement..all the magic..navigating through portals and traversing all the bridges we expand over and through…co-creating the future..anchoring and embodying divine alignment into every aspect of life (particularly within intimacy, relationships, sexuality, creativity and abundance of all kinds)…lets play.

New Moon Musings + Sacred Initiations

Aloha Beloved One..How are You Being?

happy new moon..time to plant seeds of beautiful vision – intentions – dream weaving…so much support is here to receive <3 shall we?

big week..so many transmission shared with clients, students, in our council..with new collaborators. i cant wait to share ASCEND with you when its time – coming out this summer..its incredible. We are deep in design – development mode and it truly brings us to tears at certain moments when we realize we are creating the future of how humanity will engage in the digital sphere..such divine guidance pouring in to assist this entire process.

our greatest visions are given to us just like this – we are chosen, we are initiated, we are meant to carry them thru..we are meant to listen to their guidance. they know how to be, they know what they’re here for..can we allow and trust them to take the lead?

this is the essence of business – architecting in 5D.

i have been guiding visionaries in these processes and activations for years now but it feels like energy is landing in such a way collectively that more are ready to explore and experience what is possible beyond the realm of the mind – linear planning – overly intellectualized strategy in the ways we approach our businesses and visions.

We are now called to anchor the new templates of creation – instead of doing, let us sink into receiving, allowing, imagining, witnessing, transmitting.

Reprogramming the outdated paradigms of linear creation and “have tos” with attunement to deep presence, inner wisdom, trust in ones own guidance and relating to our visions as the sovereign beings they are that have the perfect maps for how they want to be stewarded..all of which is a inherently designed to be a success when we listen, allow, receive, trust ❤
The new earth is birthing thru our true selves…the more we listen, the more ease in our creation – allowing becomes available.

Hence, I am guided to support an intimate group of visionaries on the Spring Equinox – this will be a potent energetic portal supporting our desired manifestations and visions to come into full embodiment, to receive new creative downloads, to receive the guidance and wisdom from our visions themselves regarding how they want to live in this realm..how they want to guide us into more success, impact, abundance, alignment..ease.

Join us on the Equinox portal to explore the mechanics and ways of being entailed in 5D visionary business and co-creation.

Space is limited to allow for focused sharing and 1:1 support and we only have a few spots remaining.I am also offering only 8 additional 1:1 sessions at a special rate (with support in between the immersion and 1:1 session – a mini support container) for those who attend this immersion – to deepen in integration – attunement – next steps that will surely emerge in our potent time together.

Our immersion is programmed to relieve and transmute outdated paradigms of stress, linear creation, patriarchal methodologies and contracts within “work” and nervous system conditioning obstructing deep calm and presence as a natural state.

If you’re curious about what we’ve been architecting and practicing together in our 5D council or how it feels to be in our Akashic Facilitator Training, this is a perfect opportunity to come play and experience the resonance we amplify.

Here’s an invitation to receive support, attunement, and practical guidance on ways to incorporate more ease, authenticity, trust and flow into all aspects of life and all you aspire to contribute ❤

xx SydPS: 4 Spots left in our Akashic Facilitator Training starting 4/8. Five spots left for our Maui Embodied Ascension Immersion. Feeling so much healing – activation – expansion percolating already in these fields..such extraordinary beings gathering to co-create new dimensions of presence, love, healing, vision…Heaven on Earth is here 🙂 Feeling it deeply.

Celebrating – Quantum Immersions now anchoring for co-creating in Kauai and Maui. Curating an extraordinary 5-Day experience now for a special soul whose coming out in April for a deep-dive Lemurian – Divine – Blueprint Embodiment Immersion!!! Including this transmission-experience now in all 1:1 mentorship containers.

One space is open for 1:1 5D Visionary Mentorship starting now to take you through a journey over these next 7 months, including in person immersive healing – transformation – business re-design experience in Kauai or Maui.

Celebrations following Quantum Immersions + 5D Visionary Mentorship..could this be you?

  • Activate confidence and clarity to end and exit an unhappy marriage, start a completely new timeline and new precedent for healthy, intimate relationship ideal (in fact multiple clients have come to work with me right before deciding / finally giving themselves permission to leave an unhappy relationship)
  • Cellular re-patterning of codependent attachment to allow space for sovereign divine-union within and with all of life
  • Attracting soul-mate partner within a matter of weeks
  • Design architecture for entire new business and sales model built on ease, magnetism, authenticity and core values
  • Transmute core wounds of shame and worthlessness around receiving love and abundance to embody new dimensions of self-love, trust, and ease in flowing through life, listening to inner wisdom and following soul guidance
  • Radically scaling income in a matter of days and weeks
  • Healing blocks around receiving money, love, intimacy + sexual connection and enjoyment – crushing through glass ceilings of what was previously perceived as highest level possibilities
  • Easily transitioning into ideal weight and body optimization, unleashing more vitality, potency and overall energy
  • Improved relationships across the board with more abundance of love, receiving, alignment and reciprocity
  • Refined business development strategy and soulful marketing that feels good, authentic and magnetic
  • Develop + deploy visionary marketing strategies leading easily into aligned consumer/client attraction and expansion, new brand partnerships + opportunities to co-market – amplify abundance
  • Attract new speaking engagements and invitations to be on panels / PR + media exposure –  easefully amplifying presence + visibility
  • Getting a raise by asking for it + negotiating new position within company
  • Calling in a soul mate relationship – with someone she had been on a date with 9 years ago who magically showed up suddenly in her life again seemingly out of nowhere
  • Calling in the perfect business partner to start the latest new health platform – a new dating platform with a health-focused intention
  • Increasing fundraising viability with new investors after refining marketing messaging and re-positioning technology product offering

And many, many more ..when miracles become the norm. <3

Let’s play.

Schedule a consult call to explore.

“I joined this course not knowing what to expect, never having received an akashic reading before. I just jumped. This training was rigorous, thoughtful, and transformative, and yet so freeing and so personal.

I’ve gotten far more out of it than I could have possibly imagine. It’s not just a course, it is a total system upgrade. Coming to meet each moment with more presence has been so awakening for all senses. The container, we really are a soul family. Relationships can go so deep when there is no chance for us to get lost in the small talk or cultural conditionings of social cues. It feels so safe to float into limitless possibilities with this group.
I’m most proud of how much more sure of myself I feel. I can hold steady to my inner compass with much more ease. I celebrate my vulnerability and the way I’ve melted into a more refined interpretation of energies, channeling, and transmission.

In so many words, this course was a pathway towards transformation rooted at the very core of my being; undoing old patterns of fear and transmuting it into love and a lust for life. I’ve cultivated a deep and true appreciation for where I am right here and now.

I appreciate that the concise simplicity of this course allowed me to go deep and to heal on a level I’ve never met myself at before. This whole course was beautiful. I felt fiercely supported as I did a deep dive into self-love and uncovering shame. Then, of course, there’s the overt process of becoming a transformative akashic facilitator and energy healer.

Yes, this training offered me a chance to unlock and acknowledge the ability that’s always been within me because it taught me how to love myself so much more deeply that I ever thought possible. Thank you. I love you.” ~ Katrina Mary Kiritharan, Healer, Yogi, Founder @ Earthbound Intuitive

Visionary Vortex: 2021 Spring Equinox

Calling all visionary pioneers, wayshowers + new earth architects…

Join us in a sacred invitation – initiation to co-create + attune within an amplified field into quantum healing-embodiment, purpose alignment + infinite possibility.

On March 21st, the Spring Equinox..energies are supporting us to launch ourselves – our planet into a new timeline anchoring profound creativity, new potentials + realities forwards and upwards, and wholly new ways of co-creating with(in) our visions, dreams + soul purpose paths.

Enter our Visionary Vortex..

In our multidimensional retreat-style immersion, we will receive:

  • Curated Akashic Transmissions + Energy Healing
  • Energetic Practices + Attunements to catalyze awakened experiences of receptivity, magnetism + intimacy with yourself, your vision + with all of life
  • Consciousness shifts into visionary business as a portal for Divine Union alchemy + embodiment
  • Keys into 5D Business + New Earth Architecture; protocols, principles, ways of being and receiving
  • Deep support within our field + 1:1 in anchoring your soul-purpose path and vision with ease, grace + joy – attunement to your unique rhythm of receiving and allowing

This retreat activation is for all who resonate as visionary pioneers of the new earth – who see, feel and remember the future potentials we are here to architect and anchor through our true selves, through presence, through our hearts.

Our portal is programmed to relieve and transmute outdated paradigms of stress, linear creation, patriarchal methodologies and contracts within “work” and nervous system conditioning obstructing deep calm and presence as a natural state. 

We are co-creating this immersion with many beings of light, higher councils, and emissaries of the New Earth beyond this dimension and time-space reality who share a vested interest in our success and divinity embodiment, who are here to assist us in aligning with our highest timelines, now. 

Date: Sunday, March 21, 2021

Time: 10am-1pm Hawaii Time / 1pm-4pm PST / 4pm-7pm EST

Location: Zoom Webinar (URL to be shared upon registration)

Three Ways To Play: Choose Your Own Adventure..

  1. Immersion Registration – $88USD: Includes 3 Hours of Deep Dive Training, Attunement, Strategic + Energetic Support to embody your purpose, receive clarity on your path and see your next steps forward. Also includes session recording plus recommended resources + protocols. More on Quantum Transmissions here.
  2. Immersion Registration + One 75-Min Akashic Soul Sourcing Session – $300USD: Join us for the immersion deep dive and also receive 1:1 support in a personalized Akashic Records journey, attunement + multidimensional energy healing experience. Register for immersion + Schedule your 1:1 here.
  3. Immersion Registration + Two 75-Min Akashic Soul Sourcing Session – $555USD: Join us for the immersion deep dive and also receive 1:1 support in TWO personalized Akashic Records journeys, attunements + multidimensional energy healing experiences. Register for immersion + Schedule your 1:1 here.

Register + Claim Your Spot Below..

Ticket Options

More support + information about how to prepare for this experience will be shared upon registration.

Keep in mind – once you join this portal, it will have opened already in your reality, availing you to new opportunities, potentials and clarity to receive more of yourself and vision you are meant to birth. 

Trust we are supported, infinitely, beyond measure.

About Your Co-Facilitator

Sydney Campos is a Visionary, Strategy Advisor, Quantum Healer and Author of The Empath Experience: What To Do When You Feel Everything. She co-creates with New Earth architects and visionary collaborators in embodying new dimensions of mastery, authenticity, innovation and ease. Sydney is devoted to creating Heaven on Earth in all moments.

Whether leading advertising and PR strategy for top global brands and start-ups, hosting transformational retreats in sacred vortexes, jamming with soul family on the Visionary Souls Podcast, building soul-aligned businesses and brands with 5D visionaries, training practitioners in the Akashic Records, or architecting the world’s next social community platform – Sydney illuminates bridges into new dimensions.

Sydney has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Refinery29, Bustle, PureWow and New York Magazine. She gratefully resides at home on the island of Maui.

Create the world and all the things and ways of being in it that you wish existed.