Visionary VIP Immersions

I have a limited amount of space for 1:1 in person Visionary VIP intensives while I am on tour the next few weeks before leaving the states:

🔑LA the next two weeks

🔑SF Oct 1-7

🔑Sedona Oct 8-15

🔑SLC Oct 16-23

🔑Boulder/Denver Oct 24-Nov 3

Apply for a life changing engagement to activate your highest alignment in all areas of your life 🙏🏼

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Ascension Energy Update (Especially for EMPATHS) + Why I Shared My Past-Life Regression Publicly

New Podcast: I AM Goddess Collective – Let’s Talk about Money, Sex, Power + Living a BLISSED OUT LIFE in Heaven on Earth

with Sydney Campos

What Living in 5D Really Means: Ascension Update + Divinity

You can still join DIVINITY CODES

Intuitive Soul Sessions

Bali Retreat

Divinity Codes Mastery Starts 9/9

And trust me, this is going to be an incredible journey into your entirely new UPGRADED paradigm: one in which desire leads the way, inspiration is your guiding light and PLEASURE, PURPOSE, PROSPERITY and POWER embodied in every moment is the new norm.

This is the program I wish I had when I was born, when I got sober and started feeling my emotions and intuition again, and especially when I went through my spiritual bottom with financial scarcity close to two years ago.

This program entails all the tools, techniques, practices, consciousness activation and energy mastery genius I’ve utilized over the years to:

  • Scale my business to multiple six-figures by revolutionizing my relationship with prosperity

  • Attract soul-aligned opportunities and relationships across the board including my soul mate partner

  • Embody my highest vision for every area of my life – living a life that continues to amaze me

  • Become magnetic for absolute miracles, again and again, all day everyday

  • Guide countless clients to 3-10x their income and quantum leap their desired results in days, week and months – not years

  • Somatically and spiritually release lifetimes of shame, guilt, fear and other lower vibrational energies that manifest as physical dis-ease and obstacles to receiving effortlessly all of that which you desire

  • Gracefully co-create with the infinitely abundant universe, receiving like a boss professional and celebrating how everything always turns out better than I can ever plan

  • Embody unconditional trust and faith in the divine plan unfolding, exuding a high degree of worthiness, self-confidence and radiant, magnetic light


Remember who you are.  

Enroll to join me today.




PS: Early enrollment is open until 8/24, after which point pricing increases. If you’re called to work with me, this is the last LIVE group training I will be conducting for the foreseeable future as I focus my energy on 1:1 coaching, writing my next book and my intimate transformative retreats.





Decode Divinity Starting 8/8

Purpose, pleasure, prosperity and power: what’s your relationship with the collective shadow of humanity?

These elements of existence tend to be the spaces in which we experience the most trauma, confusion, pain, and fear.

And that’s certainly been the case for me for much of my life until I started applying the tools and teachings required to RECEIVE and embody expansive abundance, freedom, love and authenticity: the keys to divinity.

Starting 8/8 you will be guided to activate your highest soul-self, embody your purpose, unleash your power and turn on next-level pleasure and prosperity and:

😇 Expand your consciousness and embody your higher self via divinely designed challenges that stretch you to actualize your full potential

😇 Realign your mind, body and energy to serve your soul

😇 Own your truth, trust your intuition, radiate authenticity and become an expert receiver

😇 Experience how extraordinary life is when you activate your genius and harness your visionary super powers

😇 Ground into next-level quantum leaps in purpose, power, pleasure and prosperity

😇 Be held in your highest possibility as you receive multi-dimensional guidance and expert support in our own intimate sacred space



You Are Being Initiated

It feels like…this voice, this propulsion, this FORCE asking you to be clear, clearer than ever before, in answering::

What are YOU really here for?

What are the ways you’re continuing to HIDE behind security and the illusion of safety, convincing yourself that what you’re doing is what you’re meant to be doing in service to your EGO (which is designed for SURVIVAL) not your soul (designed to THRIVE)?

Perhaps you’ve been offered a ton of money to do something you’re not a FULL YES to recently: how did you respond?

Are you listening to the tests?

Or are you choosing the immediate pay-off instead of trusting your higher intelligence soul-self that KNOWS more abundance than you can ever imagine – fulfillment and deep sense of embodied purpose being the most valuable currency of all – awaits on the other side of your FULL integral YES.
Perhaps the identity that served you to survive up until now feels like its literally DYING away, because it is. Which the ego doesn’t know is different from an actual physical death. Hence the pain and fear ensues. Anything to keep going.
But really, aren’t you ready to interrupt the pattern that would have you continue the cycle on and on and on until infinity? Scraping by, dimming your light, settling in all the subtle ways.

BE honest.

You get to CHOOSE now. In fact you’ve always had a choice.

Your time. Your Energy. Your unique soul-powered vision = all your ultimate currency through which ANYTHING you highly DESIRE will easily manifest into creation.

Perhaps easier than you’ve ever thought possible, hence the paradox – can it ALL just be that easy, really? Even after all this time of thinking I have to work hard and MAKE IT HAPPEN?

Yes, of course.

So tell me, what are you CHOOSING now knowing how this game is designed to be PLAYED?

Seriously. ALL IN. 

It’s time to assemble the team. 


Connecting with Your Inner Child

I loved this podcast interview SOUL much. Tuning into a lot of what I cover in my Remember Who You Are Retreat curriculum and my book The Empath Experience – how our Inner Child is the key to unlocking our soul essence and visionary genius.

Would love to know how you relate.

Especially conscious visionary leaders in my network here – do you feel supported by yourself first and foremost in sourcing your acknowledgement, value and worth from within?

Do you allow yourself to feel completely confident in your decisions, guided by your own pure inspiration?

Or are you constantly wondering what others are thinking of you and at times even feeling drained by how much others weigh you down with judgement, criticism or otherwise worrying energy?

Loving and supporting your inner child is the key to unlocking your true potential and depth in intimacy, power, authenticity and sheer RADIANCE.

Listen in to find out why.

Tune in + share this message with someone who can use some truth, love + RADIANCE.


The Empath Experience NYC Book Launch LIVE

It’s my absolute honor to invite you to join me in celebrating the release of my book, The Empath Experience: What To Do When You Feel Everything which I launched officially in New York City on May 13th with an intimate group at The Assemblage.


For this wonderful occasion I led a powerful group meditation, shared activating practices I mention in my book for cultivating energetic and intuitive mastery and conducted a brief talk on my vision for the empath empowerment awakening (PLUS a live Q+A afterwards!).

I was also interviewed by my friend and fellow empath David Sauvage, creator of a EMPATH (who will be on the podcast in just a few weeks!).

Tune in to listen to the live recording of this book event and feel what it feels like to be in our intimate group! I can’t wait to share this special experience with you. If you haven’t already, make sure to order your copy of The Empath Experience today:


How To Be A Visionary

What does it feel like to no longer abandon yourself and your deepest desires solely to please other people?

To live life truly on your terms – despite any fear or doubt that people won’t understand.

How about dropping the idea that you ever need to be understood, now and forever?

To feel safe, to feel included, to feel loved, to feel deserving of support, to RECEIVE.

You are here to create the future, visionary.

No one very likely will understand immediately. That’s how you KNOW you’re on the right path – creating something truly NEW and innovative in a world that desperately needs more LEADERS, less followers.

Authenticity is a hot topic and GREAT buzz word but how often are you really feeling SOMEONE let alone yourself showing up ALL THE WAY in full authenticity – soul-baring realness that has such a magnetic effect you can hardly believe how powerful it feels once it hits you.

Suddenly it doesn’t matter what someone is even saying – the content is distracting – its the feeling that matters most, the feeling we all desperately seek through tireless scanning and scrolling yet have such a thirst for still because where is the REAL DEAL?

Until finally we have a taste and its finally like YES PLEASE my heart is full, I feel seen, I feel heard, I feel WITH YOU, never alone, never was alone, never will be. I have arrived. Take me with you.

How do we activate this inherent magnetism and receptivity we all have built within?

It’s simple but like all great paradoxical lessons its not necessarily easy.

Are you willing to face your truth? All the way, the most courageous undertaking of all in this entire lifetime? What is REALLY in your way of allowing yourself to BE and HAVE and DO precisely what you came here for? And how about NOW?

Be honest. You are the only thing in your way, aren’t you?

What a relief to know there are no victims, only creators of your own most divine reality that your genius soul has architected to teach you precisely what you’ve come to learn.

So tell me, what are you committed to creating NOW knowing that you have had the power all along?

xx Syd