The end of an era

What a powerful week it’s been..I’m noticing a deep desire for simplicity in all realms of life, do you feel me? As I write words mid-sentence I notice a tendency I have to be longwinded..especially when speaking. I feel sensitive to how much I think and talk about myself. I feel sensitive to how I interact and show up in conditioned behaviors. All of the above was amplified to an extreme during Odyssey. I suppose I created the perfect alchemical cauldron in which I could really see myself, outside of the echo chambers I can easily play in.


What I noticed most of all over the my dream event, with my soul family, co-creating the new way of leading…receiving so many opportunities to shift, evolve, uplevel, heal..all the things. Saying YES to truth, authenticity, pivoting..awkwardness and confusion therein. What I noticed most was my tendency even still to be really hard on myself – and a really old pattern came up super loudly: I was talking to myself in a voice I hadn’t heard in what feels to be forever..the one thats abusive, mean, critical..always looking for evidence about whats wrong instead of celebrating whats great.

This happened particularly when I was under-resourced and my nervous system was feeling shot..especially after the event ended. I am so humbled to see how at this moment I am invited into true mastery – its easy to think you’re a master when you’re playing in hierarchy even unconsciously and surrounding yourself with people who put you on a pedestal and want to be like you.

When you step out of the coaching echo chamber and into true community with allies and equals wow do your blindspots become apparent to say the least. I am now more clear than ever on what this supposed new paradigm of leadership I’ve been speaking to for months and years actually entails and its not what you or I probably thought.

The new paradigm of embodied leadership rooted in coherence and mastery requires us to..

– Masterfully cultivate a physical body that can hold increasingly high frequencies
– Entrain our nervous systems to maintain a grounded sense of calm no matter what is going on
– Know our trauma and triggers inside and out so we operate as truly responsible leaders instead of ever operating out of reactionary survival mechanisms
– We must be ultra discerning of our energy now more than ever to be completely focused on answering our soul calling, no distractions, no trying to do it all, no over-extending ourselves

There’s more of course but these are the commitments I am clear on requiring of myself at this time.

There are so many other lessons to share. We’ll do a live stream on Weds at 6pm PST on it all..and I hope to be an example of transparency and vulnerable strength in sharing what we could have done differently knowing what we know now and being who we BE now.

The thing is – when you launch something so new and pioneering..not everyone will like it or get it and yeah its messy and chaotic and weird, and also divinely perfect in every way otherwise we wouldn’t be here, like this, now.

I’m really seeing how its impossible to please everyone.

That the most important thing ever is to please yourself.
To meet your own standards.
To honor your commitments to you.
To celebrate yourself to showing up perfectly imperfect.
To love yourself deeply no matter what.
To know you’re always growing and evolving.
To never give up.
To not stay in beat up/judgement/criticism for too long if at all.

This is something I am learning – the distinction between criticism and feedback especially when you are reflecting within on what you’d like to do differently.
Its so important to start with self-love, celebration and appreciation first and foremost.

More to come soon beloveds. In the mean time, I’m grateful to announce that soon all of my online courses and workshops will be free on YouTube, even the un-released Mastering Magnetism course I created last year with my brother Kevin Orosz. I feel like this marks the closure of an old way of doing everyone else, like I was copying what other coaches and leaders do because that’s just the way it is.

Remember when I sent a newsletter out marketing my membership Academy? It never really landed or felt magnetic because I was doing something I thought I had to do – and had even talked about for years. But its not my style actually. And its okay because Im learning more about my true authentic style and sometimes we learn by trying what doesn’t feel good first so we can re-orient. There’s no such thing as a mistake. Hopefully as we grow we get to spend less time and money on learning the hard way because our barometer for good feelings and truth gets clearer and clearer as we practice.

What is aligned for me in my offerings as of now is to continue supporting visionaries 1:1 in Intuitive Soul Sessions which entail energetic upgrades and attunements, psychic guidance, soul-purpose alignment support and essentially a clear energetic container for you to explore your spiritual gifts and inquiry into your destiny manifesting at this time. I always share a comprehensive program following these sessions too such as prescriptive practices, course-work, meditations and more to support the ongoing integration of all that comes up – these are very rich experiences that I love co-creating with you! I have a few openings for this month and next if you’d love to receive support in this way.

Additionally I am excited to offer 1:1 immersions wherein we co-create a customized program for us to enjoy a 48 hour immersive retreat to support you in energetically up-grading and aligning with your purpose and genius feel your best, to feel fully achieve whatever it is thats present on your heart to receive and embody. If you’re curious about organizing a 1:1 immersion that includes support before and after too please hit reply to discuss.

As for 1:1 mentoring containers..I won’t be conducting my offerings in any of the old ways I used to. In fact with my current co-creators (the term client no longer resonates), I am excited this week to explore the co-creation of new agreements and sacred contracts that more authentically represent the nature of what it is we’re called to pioneer together. There is so much implicit value offered when I am intentionally holding space for someone that I am called to support in this way and its important to acknowledge what’s actually occurring instead of continuing to pretend to be doing something in an old way that no longer feels true.

I am excited to support aligned visionary leaders who are also called to pioneer a new way of structuring our containers and offerings in ways that feel truly authentic to the highest level of soul service we are here to offer.

If this is you I’d love to explore supporting you, just reply and we can jam soon.

We’ve launched two offerings for continuing the beautiful co-creations in Odyssey – essentially the trainings I’ve always dreamed of participating in that don’t exist yet. When you really desire/crave something and it hasn’t come into being yet – that means you get to make it 🙂 That’s how Odyssey was born in the first place.

Check out if you’re curious about participating in our mastery + embodied leadership training programs – one is a 9 month council incubator and the other is a 12 month accelerator program for visionary leaders. Both start early 2020 and include deep transformational work with master trainers, core Odyssey alliance co-creators and New Earth Architects and Investors.

Remember to celebrate you in this moment my love.
You’re doing so good.
You’re doing you’re best.
And so is everyone else.
Can we trust that everything is unfolding for the highest good?
With or without us actually.
Our job is to feel good.
To choose positivity.
To Choose love.
A leader doesn’t have the luxury of being in a bad mood.
This is true mastery.

I love you <3


Sacred Soul Immersion // Mount Shasta Recap

Embodying the new paradigms we most desire experiencing requires complete and total presence, surrender and allowing for the divine to surprise us, amaze us, expand us to receive that which has always been ours to hold and remember.

Our nature is love, presence, patience, healing, unity, compassion.

Fear, contraction, dis-ease and separation are learned conditional behaviors that can easily be unlearned, deprogrammed, pattern interrupted as soon as you choose. 

When held in loving space with divine mirrors always reminding you of your true essence simply by looking in their eyes – you remember you are creator and creation at once, dancing in truly infinite possibilities in one quantum leap after the next, deeper into this now moment.

More yourself than you’ve ever been. Tasting your love and presence deeper with every breathe.

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Feeling the miracle of this body and this soul choosing to be here in this heavenly experience we are so blessed to explore.

Words that don’t resonate with the highest truth and integrity no longer resonate with the high frequency reality you know you’re always creating.

We require new language to birth this New Earth, and we do it together in presence, coherence, thru expressing our authentic present experiences and felt insights.

We do it through BEING and FEELING together and simply allowing the divine intelligence orchestrating all to give us the perfect medicine in the most perfect ways always in perfect time.

So we grow, evolve, expand, remember and embody all that we are and all that we’ve always been meant to be.

Heaven on Earth is here, are you playing?

Infinite gratitude to my soul family tribe who said yes to this cosmic call to activate such a magnificent portal together this last week. I’m honored to know you and walk with you and be with you again on this pioneering journey of re-sanctifying all that we feel to be true and utterly real: angels, spirits, earth guardians, ancient wisdom, magic and miracles; the stuff of cosmic royalty, of gods and goddesses, of infinite power Embodied in divine human form. 💎

I love our love, in all the ways our hearts love to sing 💕

As one 💎😇

August 7-11, 2019 <3


Bliss requires devotion. Your dream life requires discipline. Are you actually all in on being who you’re required to be to receive what you say you desire? Be honest.

Can you hear yourself? Are you actually willing to do what it takes or are you pretending or convincing yourself to follow someone else’s path, still not making your decisions for you?


Ultimately its up to you – I only invite you to come play with me in a mentoring container, on a retreat, a VIP day, in one of my courses, in a 1:1 intuitive soul session…really if you want to be intimately connected in anyway in my life whatsoever, you gotta play ALL IN.

And you’re the only one who can say in full honesty if that’s what’s true – you know if you’re hiding. You might say you’re willing to do what it takes to have the shiny beautiful bliss life you say you want. But wait till the initiations come which they most certainly will – how do you show up then?

Do you run away and try to fix it all first so you can maintain some appearance/mask that you’re good and everything’s fine…or do you ask for help? Do you allow yourself to receive support? Do you allow yourself to be seen for who you really are in all your divine imperfection?

Anchoring in your purpose and living in alignment with who you really are is the most intimate journey there is. It requires incredible vulnerability which is really strength and your superpowers of connection and compassion.

Your soul knows you’re here to expand and grow and FLY into absolute infinite levels of bliss, joy and whatever else you want.

But receiving what you say you want requires surrender and release of the old parts of you that aren’t in resonance with your truth, your values, your devotion to your soul.

When fear arises do you let it run your life or do you know who you are so fully that you’ve got you no matter what and you simply allow fear to be a guiding discernment on your path towards more expansion and delight?

Sometimes you feel resistance with me in particular because the way I address you triggers the parts of you that aren’t yet willing to be seen and fully felt. I often summon out from within you a power/potency/directness that’s wanting to be released and the longer you hold onto it and continue trying to self-forget, the more painful the repression will become.

It’s such an energy drain to hide your power, isn’t it?

So tell me love…do you want to fall in love with life? Do you want to create epic abundance in all moments? Do you want to PLAY ALL IN? Do you want to embody your full power? Do you want to be of excellent service to yourself and those you’re called to serve? Do you want to quantum leap into clarity around your offerings and soul service? Do you want to thrive, fully and completely? Do you want to trust yourself and know who you are and why you are really here?

If you’re not ready for that, that’s fine – most people aren’t actually even if they say they are. Quantum leaping requires fierce courage and devotion to truth no mater that.

Call me when you’re ready and perhaps we can play again some other time. But if you are feeling a yes deep down and you’re ready to LEAP, I’m ready when you are. You are always the only one who can really decide.

Instant Energetic Alignment Upgrades

Energetic Alignment Hacks..the simplest steps can have the most profound impact on how we flow our power, our innate wisdom, trust our intuition, FEEL ourselves fully..and shine.

Some fun things I’ve noticed deeply supporting more power being able to flow through this divine vessel…
Deleting ALL my old phone contacts, literally I had like 3K people in my phone from all the years including hundreds of people I don’t even remember from other lifetimes and from when I was in recovery (hundreds of people with AA in their name LOL who I haven’t spoken to in years). I used this app on iPhone to do it quickly.
Deleting ALL facebook messages, same thing as above – any open messages for me actually imply an exchange of psychic space and open energy that at this level of transmission I am currently called to embody I simply can’t have open in any capacity. It feels so good to let go and close all the loops and simply release the attachments to “what if..” or whatever the old conversations maybe left hanging in the is the app I used to do so quickly.
Clearing out physical space and releasing all material possessions that are not in alignment with my highest excitement, including interestingly enough some brand products I aligned myself with in the last 2 months sharing openly as recommended products that I found supportive then but no longer resonate with. In our rapid upgrading ascension journey its so important to honor falling out of resonance with particular things-people-places-truths-messages-commitments that even recently maybe felt supportive but suddenly no longer do. I gave a ton of things away, closed energetic loops in which I was promoting said products (removed from Instagram, website, youtube, etc. and any other spaces wherein I have an energetic imprint of connection to these channels/products/messages).
Clearing gunk out of computer, going thru all ancient downloads, photos and un-used applications that are simply taking up space. Its time consuming but eventually you notice an immediate clarity and openness of more flow and easier access to intuitive insight and presence..clear the space to allow yourself to receive more of what’s truly available to you in ever now moment..especially if you’re using your computer all the time like me for writing world-changing books and making epic magic..its so important to treat our digital space as we do our physical space as we do our beautiful sacred body temple space.
Deleting more friends on facebook who I simply don’t resonate with at all who feel know immediately without even reading their stuff, you can feel the energy emitting a needy-ness, negativity, unconscious trauma, victim mentality or inauthenticity that I simply don’t want to expose myself to – and so many people I’ve never even met who somehow psychically we have a connection and perhaps at one time had a resonance but in the last week especially I feel so many timelines shifting and only continuing to accelerate in terms of contrast..some people who you used to resonate with will suddenly feel like they’re communicating in an entirely different language which you’ll feel you can no longer even understand.

Let it go, trust the timelines guiding everyone to our highest potential and divinity embodiment.

We all have different roles we are called to serve in our most aligned, empowered, activated destinies..

I trust you to trust YOU. You know the way for you. You know whats true. You know what feels best. You know you are here to serve a powerful purpose. You are such a powerful being, I honor you for being YOU in all the ways only YOU can be.

 Up, up, up and deeper In, In, In we FLOW…

And so it is <3

xx Syd


Know This In Your Bones

Intense vibes this week, heads up love <3

Feeling it already?

I recommend alone time, rest and restoration as much as possible, time in nature, practicing self care and self love as your new way of life..not just a routine..but a way of being.

And ask for support if you need it. You don’t ever need to do anything alone or feel alone in this ascension journey.

You are called to meet you more deeply than ever, yet..but there are so many others who resonate too and can mirror back to you the feelings and experiences you’re having that maybe feel ungrounding or like you’re the only person who could possibly ever relate – trust you’re not alone.


This is why I love gathering people together in person in retreats and in sacred containers – we can feel so held and supported and seen and as such – incredible healing simply happens when we relax and rest into this beautiful present moment as fully here, willing to receive, open to learning, open to seeing anew..and so it is.

My next upcoming retreat is July at the Omega Institute all about energy mastery, intuition, conscious communication, intimacy and embodied wholeness – feeling totally at home in your energy, your body, your intuition, and feeling your full power come online to fly into your life beyond your wildest dreams and then some…

I have two spots to join me in Shasta this August. Apply if you feel the call to embody your sacred soul, attune to the akashic records (and deepen in your channeling), activate alignment in your purpose, power, pleasure and prosperity consciousness and most of all – connect with the most beautiful powerful soul family from across the world – a true cosmic reunion for sure.

After Shasta is ODYSSEY in November. Have you signed up and applied and gotten IN yet? Heaven on earth embodied and fully activated, now. Come play.

Then in December its BALI DIVINITY CODES time beloveds..I have 3 spaces left for this intimate journey. Would love to have you apply if you’re called to come activate your highest alignment and embody divinity in your beautiful Heaven on Earth life, all the ways..this will be the last Bali retreat for now <3SO back to this moment, this week this energy.

Your victim consciousness and any remnants of illusions therein are being slayed, for good. Can you feel it?

Know this in your bones.

Nothing and no one is in control of your present moment happiness but you.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable, anxious, fearful, obsessive, contracted in anyway – can you allow yourself to feel what’s underneath the presenting pain your ego wants to dismiss as a problem to try to solve as soon as possible?

Can you imagine there’s nothing to fix?
Instead can you see your true invitation as feeling all the way what wants to surface beneath the supposed fear and worry that dominate your life in so many moments?
Underneath your fear and anxiety about the future is a deep knowing you are here to thrive and expand in extraordinary ways but perhaps you haven’t let yourself deserve that dream fully and know in every cell it’s your destiny to receive it.
Under your obsession about fitting in and being loved is a sadness, grief and longing for all the ways you’ve abandoned yourself, your truth, your desires to please others, as though that would ensure survival.
Under your scarcity consciousness and fear of running out of money or not having what you need to feel taken care of is a deeply repressed personal power that withholds your genius gifts + aliveness from being fully shared as the ultimate activator of abundance.
How much energy do you waste and drain away worrying? Worry is simply control in disguise. Control is contraction, the opposite of your divinity which knows trust and surrender are your blueprint.
Instead of being here – how often are you in the past or the future?
It’s not your fault if you were taught these massively programmed survival-oppression tactics but you’re consciousness now is awakening and it is your fault if you don’t take responsibility to change.

You’re not a victim to your circumstance.

Or to anything or anyone at all that’s led you to believe by no conscious fault of their own what they too took on as a failed survival illusion.

Trans-generational trauma is like that: it seeks to repeat itself to validate insanity, to rationalize wrongdoing and soul suffering because until made conscious your false identity seeks corroboration in a wounded reality.

So, now, what do you choose?

If you’re feeling stuck know you’re not alone, ever. You may be being asked to face yourself more deeply than you ever have, to fully feel your depth, and fully receive the messages and healing available right now always in service to your highest alignment and divinity embodiment in this now.
If you desire support on your journey, it’s available in so many abundant forms – just ask, and receive.
See you on the other side – this week is a potent energy portal leading up to the full moon this weekend, the entire planet – our bodies – our souls is/are undergoing a huge paradigm reorientation perhaps in the most massive sense we’ve ever known in this lifetime.
Initiations into greater integrity, sovereignty, true divine union as within so without. You wouldn’t be here right now in this moment especially reading these words if you weren’t absolutely prepared to hold all that’s here and all that’s to come.
You are being reconditioned to hold such an extraordinary light, the truth of who you really are, with such incredible gifts and fruit to bear. Love your shadow, love your darkness and seek your depth – you are the medicine my love.
How you take care of you is how you take care of all.
All is love and anything else is a hallucination.
You’ve got this.
Remember you are a warrior.

You wouldn’t have chosen to be here now otherwise.

I love you. Thank you for BEING.

X Syd

Tune in with me below for an epic Energy Activation for Genius Embodiment + Purpose Alignment, come play!

Free Challenges + Visionary Upgrades

5-Day Divinity Codes Challenge

7-Day Alignment Alchemy Challenge

Quantum Leap Your Life Free Summit

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IMAGINE // Odyssey

If you’re called to join our family of 333 light worker luminary leaders activating the new narratives of Power, Pleasure, Purpose and Prosperity starting now and when we gather in person this November 8-11, here’s your invitation. This is a movement, a community, a support container that’s already amplifying incredibly beautiful energy, resources and cross pollination to manifest our highest callings in the more beautiful world we know in our hearts is possible.

Currently we are calling in DJs, live artists, healers of all modalities, facilitators with an inspiration to deliver particular training and activation in support of new paradigm leadership, conscious communication, energy mastery, radical authenticity and more, plus movement / vibe-setters for morning and embodiment practice throughout our convergence and ceremonialists, sound healers and performers.

There are lots of ways to be of service in this beautiful journey which is already activating everyone involved with heightened creativity, amplified vision, magnetic momentum and of course the joy of knowing you’re so supported by soul family who are here to always hold you to your highest!

Coming soon for everyone that officially activates the container with their ticket and booked accommodations are bi-monthly mastermind calls, opportunities for facilitators to share their genius and garner support for their offerings, creative strategy sessions for actionable steps / building blocks to act our greatest aligned desires into being, working groups assembling to co-create offerings and projects leading up to Odyssey, and so much more!!

Odyssey 2019 stands for action and embodiment of all the principles we are investigating, not just gathering and sound good and looking good..what are we actually contributing and co-creating? What is the legacy we want to leave? What are we giving as our collective gift to this beautiful planet, to ourselves, to each other?

Tune into the vision here + Let’s PLAY.

Here’s the latest on the Odyssey vision since launch plus a special future vision meditation to activate your quantum self.

In only a few weeks pricing for Odyssey 2019 increases. Right now there are 20 tickets remaining for Early Activators to support officially igniting this container! I’m so excited to share all the behind the scenes movement that’s been catalyzing over the last few weeks since we launched.

As you may have heard already, this isn’t a conventional gathering by any means. Everyone attending Odyssey applies to participate, purchases a ticket and books accommodations at 1440 Multiversity such that everyone is entering our container within an equal playing field. There are no spectators, hierarchies or special treatment of speakers vs. attendees. Everyone contributes their uniqueness to the space.

Each ticket to Odyssey comes fully loaded with the same amount of money per person to then be played with throughout the convergence – gifted as sacred honorarium for speakers, healers, and facilitators (or anyone else in the space) that share impact in meaningful ways. Instead of charging a set speaking fee for example, imagine your speaking engagement being crowdsourced from amongst the most engaged, intelligence, high-vibe visionary group you’ve ever met.

Furthermore everyone who gets a ticket and then invites others into join will receive $111 honorarium for everyone they invite who fulfills the booking process. There are so many win-wins infused throughout this process – how light, playful, powerful and abundant can this entire journey feel?! Starting now.

ODYSSEY is an invitation into fully embodying the principles of a 5D reality which everyone has a gift to give, everyone has a unique genius to contribute and all are held accountable as radical investors in our shared vision for liberation and human-unity.

In creating a convergence that is genuinely new and innovative, we must begin to build the kinds of containers that are energetically infused with the kind of integrity and authenticity we desire to live in every moment.

Can you feel the difference between the old and new?

This is how we play in Heaven on Earth ❤️

Sacred Soul Immersion // Mount Shasta Retreat 2019

S A C R E D S O U L Immersion Mount Shasta

Lion’s Gate 8.7.19-8.11.19

Re-member, restore + embody your sacred soulfulness in your..

Sexuality + powerfully owning your heart’s desires
Divine assignment + your soul-aligned calling
Prosperity + masterful receiving with effortlessness ease

In this sacred journey we will be activating and practicing advanced meditation, energy healing, grid work, soul mapping, embodied leadership + facilitation, Akashic Records attunement and channeling, mind-body-spirit-soul alignment and all the magic in between.

This retreat is programmed to instill within participants quantum leaps in self-confidence, radiance, soul sovereignty and amplified magnetism to receive their soul’s desires. In other words, this retreat offers a crash course full of fun, joyful, soul-stretching activations to guide you in creating your very own Heaven on Earth and embodying your multi-dimensional creator consciousness.

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The flow of the experience was amazing. Sydney’s ability to read participants in a very clear way with lots of permission and space for them to receive is astounding. Sydney has a nice balance of telling her story and not projecting her own issues – she expertly tells her story for service and connection. Sydney’s capacity to keep her energetic level steady is incredible. She stays energetically in service so consistently – it’s profound. Her ability to hold space is incredible. People want what she has. If you’re asking me – I can promise you you’re going to get SO much out of this. Whatever you’re looking for will be right in front of you.” 

~ Kelly M., CEO + Entrepreneur, NYC-Based

⧫ Become masterfully magnetic 

Embody your authentic essence 

Revolutionize your relationship with abundance, pleasure and your divine purpose 

“Within three weeks of working with Sydney I 10x’d my monthly revenue from $3K to $30K without creating any new business infrastructure but instead by simply following the customized energetic alignment practices Sydney intuitively guided me through.”

~ Margie Pargie, CEO+ Founder, Aerial Yoga Goddess, Transformational Coach

We will be following daily rituals and curated programming to help you release unconscious, inherited family trauma, stagnant energy wanting to be freed from your system and other density that’s in the way of you living your most happy, joyful, abundant, powerful life now.

Each day of the retreat includes an arc of morning practice with movement, dance and somatic healing then a segment on shadow work facilitated in group experiences with additional 1:1 guidance and support.


“I was really impressed by how Sydney can observe and witness when other people are stuck in their story she can help by just listening and help them see themselves more clearly. My core wounds are my window into how I can best help others. I am empowered in my wounds form now on.  I now desire fun and play and I see how I deserve to give that to myself. Sydney puts herself fully out there with utter transparent and shares her experience, strength and hope on the table – balls to the wall. She’s not holding back at all. She has transformed from her experiences and she can talk WITH you not TO YOU in a way that’s very inviting, inclusive, compassionate, relatable. If you’re thinking about joining this retreat: It’ll be a heart-changing event for you if you show up.” 

~ David S., Business Executive, NJ-based

Be guided on sacred ceremonies and activations in the most powerful energy vortexes on Earth 

Activate your higher self embodiment, live in alignment with your soul 

Unlock your genius. Share your gifts. Speak your truth 

Clear whatever is in your way of being your most radiant soul self, now 

“When I came to Bali, I was at the end of my lifeline. This is not an exaggeration either. The more mentors I hired, the worse I felt. This was my last leap of faith, and it literally used the last of my resources. It was one final plea for the help that I knew I needed. I feel like you saved my life. Literally and in every sense of the phrase.

Mind/body/soul- you saved my life. You showed me the way through the blackest darkness and into a state of light, warmth, and bliss that I have NEVER felt in this human life. I feel like you returned me to my source, returned me to a state of inner (and outer) paradise. You liberated me and guided me to TRUE soul sovereignty.

I will never be able to express my gratitude to you. I have NOTHING but deep deep deep love and connection for you. I felt connected to you from the moment I “met” you online, but this experience was something else entirely. Thank you for bringing me back to myself, back to my power, back to my sovereignty, and even helping me to discover my TRUE purpose on this planet. How can I thank you enough? I can’t.”

~ Quinn Downie, Intuitive Guide + Soul Success Coach, Bali Awaken + Ascend 2019 Retreat Participant


“Since working with Sydney over our three month program, my health feels amazing and I feel so much vitality, life and flow in my body and self. I trust myself again and love all of who I am, the shame is all gone. I’ve been on a process of shedding so many layers to get to the essence and core of who I am and feel so much more confident in sharing that side of me.

I have created an incredible coaching program and have been sharing my gifts, strengths and genius with incredible women who are rising as leaders in the world. I have created so much self love that I’m now in a relationship with the soul mate man of my dreams. I have become so free of sexual shame and have healed so much with my relationship with my parents and my whole family lineage. The eczema I’ve had all over my body since I stopped breastfeeding as a baby has completely healed.”

~ Joshua Little, Personal Freedom Mentor, Actor, Singer, Visionary, California USA

Throughout each day’s program you will uncover layers of your true self you perhaps have never before been in contact with, each day becoming more and more acquainted with the voice of your soul truth, your infinite self awakening to your true power.

At the end of the day we typically close with a group somatic healing experience such as breath work, sound healing, dance or cacao ceremony for easeful integration of the deep energetic healing you will be undergoing.

“Sydney, your medicine was exactly what my soul needed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your unconditional love, wisdom, support and guidance. You have helped me embody and love myself in ways I didn’t expect to and overcome challenges and shadows that I never thought were possible. I celebrate you and your souls work and I am now ready to fly and no longer play it safe.”

~ Sonia C, Intuitive Healer and Visionary Guide, Bali Awaken & Ascend 2019 Retreat Participant

Included in this immersion

5 Days, 4 Nights life-changing activation

1:1 support before, after and during retreat

High vibe gourmet food prepared by private chef

Energy Healing, Grid Work, Cellular Activation, Channeling, Ceremony in Sacred Shasta Vortexes

Group Work in Family Constellations, Inner Child Healing, Reparenting/Rebirthing, Trauma Release, Somatic Experiencing, Breathwork, Akashic Records Attunement + Channeling, Bioenergetic Release, Sound Healing, Dance Liberation and more

We are supported throughout the retreat experience with nourishing, gourmet vegan meals and snacks prepared by our very own private chef. In addition to our intensive transformational work, you will have ample rest and integration time to enjoy our beautiful retreat grounds plus almost daily excursions to local Shasta sacred sites for energy transmissions and healing ceremonies we will be activating together.

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“After the retreat I went into two auditions and had a completely different experience with showing up – I felt like my authentic self, unafraid to share who I am. I am now existing in a new paradigm – how can my gifts heal and help others? Believing this now – this is seeing how a naturally insecure person who is so hard on herself who is so dependent on everyone’s approval growing into an independent, powerful, inspired visionary. Now I am free to detach from the results because I am free of expectations and a need for approval and validation. My entire outlook has shifted. Considering doing this retreat? DO IT. ” 

~ Rebecca W., Musician + Healer, NJ-based

Curated Group Facilitation For You To…

Attune to the Akashic Records + Channel

Crystallize Your Calling

Speak Your Authentic Truth

Own Your Power + Embody Presence

Accelerate + Amplify Abundance

Revolutionize Receptivity + Trust

Master The Art of Surrender

Since working with Sydney, my biggest breakthroughs are having more trust in myself and the universe and living in a state of flow. I’ve found a community of deep soul family connections, deepened soul connections with people I have known for decades, have become more open and honest which has resulted in a total life upgrade, meaning: feeling the way I have wanted to feel about my life for decades, allowing people to see me for me and love me for me.

To anyone whose on the fence about joining/hiring Sydney, just move forward, it is worth every penny. The journey you will embark upon is transformational, healing, and unparalleled.”

~Stephanie Cunningham, Metaphysical Mentor, Reiki Energy Healer, Ohio USA

Retreat Program

Day One: The Art of Receiving

    • Owning Your Sacred Desires
    • Trusting Your Soul Truth
    • Embodied Leadership
    • Breathwork + Sound Healing

Day Two: Holy Desire

    • Energy Mastery for Trust and Receptivity
    • Owning Your Holy Desires
    • Embodying Your Power
    • Meditation + Dance Medicine

Day Three: Power Activation

    • Embodied Presence
    • Healing for Wholeness
    • Inner Child + Reparenting Activation
    • Family Constellations
    • Breathwork

Day Four: Pleasure Embodiment

    • Sensual Expression
    • Authentic Relating + Intimacy Activation
    • Sex Magic Alchemy + Manifestation
    • Vortex Excursion
    • Cacao Ceremony + Sound Healing

Day Five: Divine Assignment

    • Embodying Your Vision
    • Living Your Soul Purpose
    • Anchoring Self-Mastery + Sovereignty
    • Limitless Living + Your Dream Beyond the Dream

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“Sydney’s retreat in Bali literally changed my life. My intention going to her retreat was to fall deeper in love with myself. And that’s exactly what happened. I had multiple major breakthroughs on her retreat related to RECEIVING and ALLOWING myself to experience more FUN, JOY, and FLOW in my life. It was on this retreat that I realized, at a very DEEP and visceral level, that LIFE DOESN’T HAVE TO BE HARD.

And since then, as I’ve described to multiple people, I feel like I’ve been in this incredible state of “Bali Flow” that has allowed me to have my first six-figure salary month with less effort and more fun than ever before (and that, of course, has been a consequence of simultaneously SERVING more powerfully than ever before).

Sydney Campos is an incredible facilitator and every aspect of her Bali retreat — from the AMAZING food to the powerful workshops to the beautiful local excursions — was perfect, and I do not have any doubt that this retreat will be any different.”

~ Stefano Ganddini, Spiritual Performance Coach, Speaker


What’s Included

    • Luxury accommodations in a beautiful retreat center amidst the Shasta forest and energy vortexes
    • Daily guided movement, yoga and meditation practice
    • Gourmet vegan meals, drinks and snacks prepared by a private chef
    • Expert guidance in somatic experiencing and healing techniques such as tapping (EFT), breath work, vocal activation, vibrational attunement and trauma release
    •  Daily group work with 1:1 support and facilitation in Inner Child Healing, Intuition Activation, Energy Mastery, Amplifying Magnetism, Healing Trust and Receptivity, Family Constellations, Sound Healing, Aligning To Your Divine Purpose, Owning Your Power, Accelerating Abundance, Pleasure Embodiment, Somatic Experiencing, Activating Intimacy + Authenticity, Multidimensional Awakening, Sacred Cacao Ceremony, Ecstatic Dance, Authentic Relating and more
    • One 30 minute coaching call with Sydney before and after the retreat
    • Resources, tools, techniques and materials uniquely curated for this experience that you can’t find presented like this anywhere else
  • Private group facilitation and monthly support calls leading up to the retreat and long-afterwards for guidance in continued integration and embodiment (with participants from Sydney’s other retreats and programs)

Logistics + Investment

  • Arrive close to 5pm on Wednesday August 7th (opening circle begins at 6:30pm), depart Sunday August 11th at 1pm
  • Pay in full for $2.4K or payment plan for $2.7K with $555 deposit required to hold space and total balance due by 7/25
  • All-inclusive 5 Day/4 night immersive retreat includes all meals, activities, excursions and 1:1 coaching (before, during and after retreat)
  • Guests are responsible for booking own travel to and from the venue, including flights and transport to the house in Shasta (via car service or car pool)
  • Space for this intimate retreat is limited to 8
  • Recommended airports: The best airport to fly into is Medford, OR or Redding, CA which are only an hour away driving. Within a 3 hour or so drive, the closest major airport is Sacramento International Airport (SMF), with Reno-Tahoe International airport (RNO) as a good alternative. Car-pools can be arranged depending on which timing/location is best for you.

“My biggest results from working with Sydney were the confidence to quit my job and believe that everything would be ok. I also took a lot of action with Sydney that I didn’t have the confidence to take alone. She introduced me to what my life could (and would) look like.

To this day Sydney has been one of the more comprehensive mentors of mine.

~Jenna Hillier, Visionary Health Coach, CPA, NYC USA

Your Retreat Host


Sydney Campos is a Visionary Mentor, Intuitive Channel, Spiritual Teacher and Author of The Empath Experience: What To Do When You Feel Everything. Sydney guides visionary leaders to live in alignment with their soul purpose while embodying next-level power, pleasure and prosperity.

In addition to being a seasoned Business Strategy Advisor and Certified Holistic Health Coach, Sydney is also a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Energy Healer, and Certified Akashic Records Practitioner. Sydney shares her multifaceted inspiration through 1:1 visionary mentoring, self-mastery courses, transformational retreats, intuitive readings and her Visionary Souls Podcast.

An avid adventurer, Sydney is likely to be found in Bali, Venice Beach, San Francisco or anywhere in Mediterranean Europe. Sydney has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Refinery29, Bustle, PureWow and New York Magazine.

Learn more about Sydney’s work with visionary leaders.

Your Retreat Chef

Kristen Alexander

Kristen Alexander is a holistic, plant-based chef, lifestyle activator, intuitive energy worker, vitalist herbalist, and bridge builder who works with the five elements of nature as a New Earth activist bringing balance, ease, and order into the daily lives of the collective.

Her passion for food, nutrition, and the environmental effects of our choices grew and expanded as she experimented with different flavors and cuisines on sail yachts and drew inspiration from reading, observing, and learning from various influences in her daily life. The wisdom, knowledge, and teachings she has received stem mostly from the experiential learning she has embodied throughout her life, world travels, a degree in psychology, and various shamanic, nutritional, culinary, facilitator, and herbal trainings, courses, and certifications taken to expand herself.

Her early relationship with food was eating the Standard American Diet, drinking at an early age, and an ensuing roller coaster journey of yo-yo diets, binge drinking and eating, and negative body image. Once she took responsibility for her own health and learned the truth of how the Industrial Food Industry feeds the world, she began truly feeling how her mind, body, and spirit reacted to the food she ate and became more aware of her food habits and patterns that needed to shift.

Her healing journey began in Bali, Indonesia where she found a supportive community that nurtured her transformation as she dove into her deepest, inner most darknesses of her self, healing and releasing conditioned patterns, thought constructs, and habits that no longer served her on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level of her whole being. This unconditioning, untying, curiosity, and playfulness led me to her hearts desires and a way to contribute to the enrichment of life.

As sbe dove deeper into her heart, she found a truth within her and an understanding that trusting and surrendering to the needs of her soul in order to blossom into its highest expression as a human is the journey of life . This connection and deep listening led her to sensitize her mind and body, change her external environment, and form a relationship with food as medicine and that every-single-thing we sense and create can be used as medicine for the soul.

Her life’s journey is now centered on whole foods, plant-based cuisine, being a voice for Mother Earth, a conduit for the Universe, and a support and guide for those who feel called to dive deep into their heart and soul. Her story has no beginning or ending, only a yearning to share her truth, the fruits of her experiences and teachings. As well as what it means to be in right relation with the body, mind and spirit in connection to our food choices, as it continues to grow and flow into the deep ocean of energy in motion. She is here to be in service to the shared heart of humanity and the soul of the Earth as we co-create a world that bridges heaven and Earth.

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More Retreat Testimonials


Ep. 56: Kari Azuma | How Conscious Motherhood is Dismantling Patriarchy

Since 2010, Kari Azuma has been blessed to coach board members of influential companies, entrepreneurs, coaches, and leaders in the health and wellness sectors. It wasn’t until suffering from post-partum depression and a full-blown identity crisis after the birth of her son in 2015, that she decided to dedicate her life’s work to coaching mothers on leadership development and overcoming stress and overwhelm through powerful self-realization.

She works with mothers through social media, private sessions, and her elite group-coaching model, Empowered Mothers Alliance.  Her latest love endeavor, Threshold, is a retreat that was born from her roots in rites of passage work.  This immersive, in-person experience allows mothers to powerfully reclaim their identity through releasing shame, expectations and lineage patterns, freeing themselves to design the lives of their choosing as women and mothers.  Through Kari’s work with mothers and expectant mothers, she hopes to fulfill on her mission to create a legacy of empowered mothers, leading the next 7 generations.

Super-charged Visionary Souls Podcast LIVE with Conscious Mama, Embodied Leadership Coach, and Sacred Space Activator Kari Azuma on motherhood, rites of passage + stewarding star baby souls 💎


** Why motherhood needs to be better represented in personal development space
** Re-imagining motherhood as bridge to changing paradigm of patriarchy into embodied wholeness and feminine leadership
** The importance and utter necessity of creating sacred space for healing, growth and transformation amidst birthers of the new paradigm (babies and big visions alike)
** What it means to be initiated into motherhood and the gift of stewarding super conscious super charged souls here in Heaven on Earth
** Birth and death cycle, post-partum depression, identity crises and trauma within motherhood journey

And SOUL much more savory insight and super-charged activation, inviting you to hold space for yourself and those you love with more consciousness, trust and full POWER…YES PLEASE! _

Connect with Kari:
Instagram: @kariazuma
Threshold Retreat