How Loving Your Darkness Leads You To The Light

You may think you recognize me as a successful entrepreneur by all appearances – traveling the world, teaching, speaking and leading retreats internationally, running a multiple six figure soul aligned business, empowering men and women everywhere to shine their full light on HIGH, now – because why wait?! What are you waiting for?

Oh and the girl who got a major publishing deal OFFERED to her via a Facebook message. Real talk, happened last May while I was I Bali. And now my book is arriving to my door any day now. It won’t feel completely real until I’m holding it in my hands.

Maybe you wonder what an alchemist is, or soul alignment or consciousness activation – words I use rather interchangeably to describe a completely indescribable process that occurs when I exchange energy with individuals in groups with the shared intention of ushering in radical transformation, healing and liberation.

Maybe you see me in love with the soul partner beyond my wildest dreams who I have no question whatsoever is the soul I desire spending the rest of my life with and stewarding in magic star seed babies who will be our most enlightened teachers of all.

Maybe you see me doing live streams all the time wondering how I can share so authentically and vulnerably without any apparent fear or filtering, as many have reflected back to me they resonate with so deeply.

Maybe you think I’m just another coach talking about magic and miracles and flow and whatever else hot topic theme happens to be trending, making masterclasses and programs maybe with the desire underlying to simply get rich quick. Perhaps you think this is all a big hustle.

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 7.53.22 PM
What you may not know is that 7 years ago I was bottoming our from a series of blackouts and near overdoses from mixing too many drinks and drugs, getting removed from nightclubs in a stretcher to go to the emergency room and getting arrested here and there for being drunk in public (3 times, once in a bowling alley).

Or that when I first moved to NYC in 2010 I was so overcome with paralyzing financial fear and scarcity and unworthiness that I opted to take two “jobs” as a stripper and an escort while working a day job too. This of course lasted a few months until I was fired from the strip club for getting caught doing drugs with a customer. I was the worst stripper anyway, I would always get too drunk and forget I was supposed to be hustling and making money which I was always inevitably losing.

I had two wake up calls. The first was sitting in therapy thinking I’d go in to have someone support me in finding my true purpose – then I’d be happy, once I knew what I was really here for and when I could find the job to properly express that through. I had no intention at the time of being an entrepreneur, I was peering out through a limited lens of possibility at the time offered by the corporate world of advertising, tech, finance and marketing.

In college I studied social movements and human rights, double majoring in Political Science and Latin American Studies. I was particularly drawn to post-colonial studies and world systems philosophies in which I saw potential avenues of post-capitalistic realities. So naturally I intended to become a civil rights attorney or nonprofit lawyer who could serve this new world vision through the systems that be.

I was lost and calling my parents on the phone having panic attacks while walking to the subway on the streets of New York City feeling like the loneliest person on the planet, completely paranoid that cops were following me (which happens sometimes when you do too much coke). My parents had recommended AA at the time but I heard therapy instead so I went. I was desperate.

A few sessions in I dropped the act of pretending to look good – this shadow of looking good ran so deep in me I was even attempting to fool my therapist who I at some level was seeking genuine support from, but I couldn’t be fully present to even receive that. During one session I experienced a moment of grace in which something came over me and she asked me a question which catalyzed me finally telling the whole truth of what I had been going, all the ways I had been hiding.

At first she thought I may be bi-polar or schizophrenic, definitely depressed. Once I told her how much I was drinking and the drugs I was doing and the dangerous behaviors I was engaging in- the whole truth came out in a way I had never told it before, to anyone let alone myself. Hearing myself say those words and then seeing the look on her face which was one of total shock that I was somehow alive hit me. I finally saw myself in the mirror and I saw that I was dying. Not only that, I was killing myself slowly.

That still wasn’t the end. The last night I drank was Halloween 2011 (my sobriety date is 11/1/11 if you can imagine because I got high to qualm the resulting hangover, which had gotten to be so debilitating over time, I was a full blown alcoholic probably since the age of 17 when I first tried out AA in San Francisco and decided it wasn’t for me because I still had more fun to have); the morning after I woke up in a bed I didn’t recognize (a phenomenon which had happened innumerable times before), next to someone I had met at a bar last week (again, familiar phenomenon), with all my stuff strewn about.

I was only woken up by the alarm on my phone signaling a reminder to get ready for a brunch date I had with my family friend and her niece who wanted to talk to me about college, as though I was a role model and someone she truly desired learning from. Something about this contrast hit me at the soul level. Who was this person laying her in this bed like THIS who at the same time in some other dimension is being looked upon as a role model, a leader, an example (and I was by all means a leader, having worked in nonprofits and done tons of community organizing in addition to volunteering and being heavily invoked with high school and college social innovation and diversity focused initiatives)..but the jig was up so they say. I was done leading a double life.

It was exhausting keeping track of all the identities I had made up. I was losing count and starting to believe so many of the lies I had told as though they were true. I didn’t know what to do but I knew I had to stop. I didn’t know another way to be since I had been playing this game since I started drinking to feel comfortable in my own skin at the age of 14. That’s ten solid years of heavy substance abuse, peppered with intense codependency and abuse in relationships, violence, danger.

I truly am so supported and BLESSED to be alive, STD free, with a healthy fully functional mind-body-soul. I am a miracle. I say all this to say that you are TOO. The ways in which we check out, escape reality, give up on ourselves, cause harm and pain are innumerable of course but fundamentally universally rooted in a shared unconsciousness running rampant throughout our collective which would have you believe you’re not enough and neither am I; I need something else to be complete; I am alone; no one understands me; I need you to love me so I can feel safe and like maybe just maybe I deserve to love me too; I can’t trust life or the universe to support me; I’m here to work hard and I have to make things happen and figure it all out.

The universal delusion that we are somehow different and that any difference is to feared is on its way out my loves. There is no such thing as competition when you are wholly completely loving you in all the ways you’ve ever needed and expressing your truth, your authentic voice, your gifts in all the divine ways that FEEL best for YOU.

When we all bring our SOULS to the show we see there’s no point in trying to play someone else’s game let alone attempt to beat them at it. In our uniqueness we connect together at once with the infinite source from which we all derive. And only when I can fully meet myself in the depths of my shadow and the height of my light – loving it ALL, every single lesson, every single wound, every single trigger which has always been the greatest teacher – can I meet you soul to soul in the moment we’ve all been together here waiting for.

So much of social media breeds a promise of connection but it’s premised on such old paradigm separation and hierarchy (putting people on pedestals, idealizing gurus), disempowerment (triggering us to feel like we lack what we need to feel okay, to feel enough, to feel truly loving and loved) and inauthenticity. It didn’t happen unless it’s in social media..what does that even mean?

It means we care about being SEEN and HEARD and truly felt at the deepest level in our most authentic expression. But this can’t and will not happen until we are each individually willing to SEE AND HEAR and RADICALLY LOVE ourselves.

As always my loves, it’s always been an inside job.

The answer is never outside of YOU. Are you listening?



I’m offering in-person curated VIP Days in Denver, Boulder, NYC, SW (Santa Fe, Phoenix, Austin + Sedona), Chicago and LA for the next few weeks.

These highly activating, transformative experiences entail a custom program to support your specific needs and desires.

We do a preparatory coaching session before our immersion to get clear on your goals and desired breakthroughs.

Your immersion can entail..

💕Business strategy support on aligning fully to your gifts and executing practical action to bring them fully to life

❤️Intuitive Coaching

💕Akashic Record Reading

🔑Guidance in cultivating emotional and energetic mastery

💯 Clearing anything and everything in your way of embodying your desires ways of being NOW

🙏🏼 Immersion in nature, or perhaps a luxury location I select based on your desires and what you truly seek to embody – we will spend a day FEELING what it truly feels like to BE who you’ve always wanted to BE now 🔑

I love working with people in person, there’s something so special about the energetic exchange that takes place when we connect in this way.

If you’re feeling the call to up-level and align powerfully to your purpose, your mission, your most extraordinary life in all dimensions (health, wealth, love, relationships, career, CREATIVITY, authenticity, PLEASURE and POWER),

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Announcing the launch of my new book



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Moving Like You

Blown away by the healing power of dance, yet again. Dance has been such a major part of my healing and transformation starting with when I first arrived to Bali in December 2016.

Dance like no one is watching.
Move like you.
Follow your good feelings. 
Follow your bliss.

And let them guide you home to YOU.
To your infinite soul.


This seemingly simple practice is in fact the most potent medicine for someone like me whose journey has especially entailed one of navigating the following shadows:

What are people thinking of me?
Do people like me?
Am I important?
Do I matter ENOUGH?
Do you think I look cool?

Maybe if I feel finally that ENOUGH (there’s that word again…) people think (because I can read your mind and your energy..or so I assumed that was the case for so long albeit unconsciously)..people think all of the above about me and give me ENOUGH love, ENOUGH validation, ENOUGH likes…

Then maybe only THEN can I too decide that I deserve to feel like I really am ENOUGH.

This shadow rears its head in the most subtle ways even still. It’s so incredible this journey of illumination and courageously going right into the most painful wounds that are sure to bring about ego-death cycle after cycle. Always revealing that there is always ever only more love.

Move like YOU means move like you don’t give a #$% about what anyone else is doing, how they’re being, how they’re moving, what they’re saying with their body..

Why do we care so much anyway?
It doesn’t make sense if you really think about pretend to be a certain way all because I’m wanting to control your perspective of me so I can tune into the feedback look and receive some kind of message about myself I’m seeking outside. What a backwards program indeed.

What a beautiful moment when we all truly start moving like US. Uniquely, as the insane multi-dimensional soul weirdos disguised in human body suits..
We remember we are family.
That we are all uniquely crazy.

Which makes us so much more similar than we’ve ever perhaps thought.
But we feel it.
When we finally feel safe to look into each others eyes.
In full presence. And we see ourselves at last.

At dance last night the brilliant guide gave the room full permission to make eye contact and connect with each person who passed by.
I felt such a deep desire to be met in the depth that I crave to be witnessed in. I wondered why we have to wait for permission to do the thing that feels so good.
And then I remembered how hard this same practice used to be for me too.

How making eye contact with someone else, another soul, was terrifying. Because it meant I had to see myself.
Including all the things I didn’t like about me.
All the things that were repressed down beneath the surface
All the shadowy depths of my being.
That my conscious being would never care to admit to anyone.

Until it got too painful to continue hiding.


Soul Alignment Mentor | Initiator of Remembrance

Remember Who You Are

Absolute magic unfolds when visionaries gather together in person to align to their soul purpose, illuminate unconsciousness and shine light fully on the shadows upon their path leading the way towards complete TRUTH, POWER and LOVE embodied.



Wholeness meeting wholeness is true intimacy.

Not requiring anything outside of you to feel COMPLETE and utterly safe, secure and INSPIRED to trust life and TRUST YOU ❤️

Re-membering you’ve had the answers you seek within all along. Are you listening?

I pray for you to SEE and BE the light and LOVE that you truly are.

Two spaces remain for my Remember Who You Are Retreat happening in just a few weeks in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles.

Gourmet high vibe food

Daily yoga + meditation

Sound healing from two different incredible guides Larisa Gosla + David Romero 


Cacao Ceremony with the magical Mae Aguirre 


Activating immersions in::

🔑 healing your inner child

🔑making your unconscious CONSCIOUS

🔑embodying your full POWER and authentic TRUTH

🔑uncovering and activating your SOUL GIFTS

🔑deepening into greater INTIMACY with self and all others

🔑empowering your INTUITION, energetic discernment and boundaries

🔑cultivating FIERCE ALIGNMENT with your soul mission and purpose

🔑strengthening your inherent sense of worthiness and self-trust so you can RECEIVE easily what your heart knows you deserve

Open to men, women and couples.

Global visionary tribe coming together already from NYC, New Jersey, Houston and Chicago!

Apply here.

Live Your Passion

Listen up sisters: I have a specific invitation for YOU that I KNOW you have been waiting for…

When Ronja Sebastian told me about her latest FREE offering I could barely contain myself 

She is the ULTIMATE bad ass visionary priestess TURNING ON so many souls around the globe, hosting international ECSTATIC AWAKENING retreats, empowering leaders to be AUTHENTIC AF and feel deeply connected to their body-spirit-soul consciousness..hell yes AMEN. Thank you sis!


SO who better to LEARN FROM FIRSTHAND than Ronja + her beautiful co-creator on this wild ride Leonie Gabriella when it comes to LIVING YOUR PASSION, traveling the world like a BOSS BABE, TURNING ON YOUR PLEASURE and activating your SHAKTI super powers than these babes who are DOING IT ALL with total ease and grace?!

Like its the most normal, easy thing in the world.

Because it IS.

If you’re turned on by the idea of living a life of total freedom and traveling the world – THIS might be the most important video you watch this year (#BaliBabes):

And for my soul sisters in here who are already doing the damn thing like JETSETTING all over the place being BOSSY like its nothing..I feel like this community experience will be super activating for you to participate in and re-ignite your passion and excitement for LIVING LIFE BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS.

Remember when launching your biz and starting to travel was the most magical wild thing ever?
Because you had ALWAYS wanted to do precisely that..
And then suddenly you’re doing it.
That FEELING of gratitude and remembrance feels SO GOOD…
Especially when celebrated in community.
That’s why I’m signing up 

The party starts April 12th. Global tribe of visionary women uniting to LIVE THEIR PASSION AND PURPOSE YUMMMMMM YESS PLEASE MORE PLEASE 

Oh and its..TOTALLY FREE to join.

Probably just might just change your life forever 💗💗

#LifeIsNow #Pleasure #Passion #Powerful

P.S. You know when you just get a full body YES for something? Watch the vid and you’ll know what I mean. 💋🙌

Alignment Activation: The Course


“Holy &^%! I thought for sure this would be thousands of dollars based on what I’ve experienced with you.”

– client’s response to the energetic exchange I’ve set for Alignment Activation 

Sure, I could “charge” $10K easily for this experience.

But pricing is arbitrary AF when you’re dealing in LIFE CHANGING transformation and awakening.

Alignment Activation (1)

When the gift you’re here to share is absolutely priceless, setting a price is almost too limiting within our intuitive, soul-embodied realm of understanding, isn’t it?


For this course experience, I want to serve a global community of visionary souls who are EAGER to DIVE IN and feel what it feels like to invest in yourself, feel what its like to be supported by incredible dedicated community, and most of all, get activated into your next-level life – in abundance consciousness, in full-power, in authenticity, intimacy and energetic mastery.

This experience is what I wish I had had 7 years ago when I was first waking up. And what I wish I had known even 2 years ago when I was starting my business. The culmination of everything I’ve learned and experienced first hand that I share with all my clients that is the foundation for living in ALIGNMENT in all areas of life, now.

The more people who are awakening to their infinite nature of true love, the more closely we are collectively on track to embodying HEAVEN ON EARTH.

This is my highest calling, and soul-service, embodied in this 7-week journey.

Will you SAY YES to YOU – and life beyond your soul’s wildest dreams?

Enroll today.

Celebrating Yourself Is An Act of Revolution

CELEBRATE YOUR WINS no matter how big or how small, no matter how internal or external.

We are conditioned to ONLY celebrate the measurable, data-driven, tangibles when really there is INFINITE value in celebrating all the ways you heal, transcend old paradigms, shift your consciousness and simply AIM TO BE present with your soul-self in this moment.

The third dimension wants numbers, charts and month over month growth to PROVE transformation and transcendence.


Your SOUL and higher dimensional consciousness needs none of the above. It’s too focused on becoming embodied so you can finally realize that the measurements aren’t nearly as important as simply BEING present in this moment in your body, fully open to RECEIVE the divine guidance and endless inspiration ALWAYS on offer to you should you choose to SAY YES.

Thank you for doing your powerful work to raise the collective vibration on the planet and expedite our entire unified movement into higher frequency states of co-existence and divinity embodiment.

We need you all. Every last one of you light bearers, grid activators and frequency holders.
You are so important to THIS planet..surviving, let alone THRIVING.

We probably won’t have money in the next few years anyway, not in the toxic fear-based way we’ve been trained to be addicted to it and overly dependent on it to define our inherent sense of value.

We already see this falling away as our previously ancient institutions and hegemonic power structures are being dismantled every which way more and more as awakening and disclosure become all the more eminent.

So on your journey, remember that your internal work is SO INFINITELY VALUABLE. And even if someone else says you haven’t produced ENOUGH results or TANGIBLE outcomes..your soul knows the truth. Can you celebrate what you know to be true? And rest easy in your knowing that you are ENOUGH as you are?

And in this space, you are the creator and receiver of all you desire and all that you believe you truly deserve, and so much more.

So why not focus your energy on cultivating deep LOVE and JOY for this existence?
You mind might not understand this logic. But that’s precisely the point. Your heart doesn’t need a reason.
Do what you LOVE and never settle for anything less.
Make this life about MASTERING FEAR and OWNING YOUR TRUE WORTH (inherent in your divinity) no matter what.

You’re here to transcend your human and remember the infinite soul that you are.
And remember you’re here to PLAY.

What an extraordinary game you’ve chosen to play.
The greatest quest in all the multi-verse.
To truly SEE YOU in all your brilliance.
And transcend duality, separation and all non-truths.

You’re right on time. Keep doing your sacred work. You’re in fact creating a powerful foundation upon which your full vision can be built so perfectly, so powerfully.

I see you x


Soul Alignment Mentor | Paradigm Shifter | Intuitive Advisor

How to Play The Biggest Game You’ve Ever Played

WOW I’m SO THRILLED by how I am supporting myself in such magical ways to BE MY BEST OPTIMIZED SOUL CENTERED BEING – I love my tribe – I love how we share our gifts and help eachother SHINE!!
To give you an idea of how I am investing in myself JUST THIS MONTH alone, I’d love to share with you my latest inspiration so you can FEEL how much energy I invest in myself to SHINE as radiantly as possible, to BE ALL IN on my vision, my dreams, my service!! It’s the BEST FEELING <3
** Bridge Experience with Preston Smiles + Alexi Panos in June
** Breathwork Retreat with David Elliott – with my beloved + soul fam in New Mexico this May
** Destiny Mapping session with soul sis Jessica Jones next week
** Hypnosis with Morgan Yakus earlier this month
** Another hypnosis with light leader brother David Lion tomorrow
** Bodywork ((Reiki-massage-osteopathy-essential oils and SOUND therapy)) session with Aychele Hill yesterday (beyond EPIC)
**Bought a course from Amanda Frances to tune into her message, style, product positioning and vibe more deeply!
I am such a multi-dimensional being with a depth of needs and desires arising as I continue to grow through my new edges and challenges – I require similarly multi-dimensional support from a variety of change agents that are masterful at holding space and embodying the light and love that I require to effectively return to my own highest resonance and truth.
True healers do the work on themselves to embody their maximum light and unadulterated love so that they hold space for you to do the same for YOU.
There’s nothing to fix.
You are perfect. You are remembering how to simply BE that which you already are. Removing all barriers you’ve unconsciously created to shining your most radiant light NOW.
You don’t need to do anything alone, ever.
There is always infinite support available.
Are you courageous enough to support YOU in living the life you truly desire?
And asking for genuine support in embodying your truth?
Not everyone is actually ready when you first hear the call.
You might think you are.
But really you need to experience more pain and hardship and settling and playing small until you’re finally ready to LEAP.
Trust you’re creating precisely the perfect lessons you need to learn what you’re here to learn.
If you’re tired of avoiding the call and can’t stand to play small any longer..
And you’re actually ready to FACE yourself and ignite a real quantum leap – in all the ways you crave..
Calling in the ONE..
10’xing your income in a matter of weeks or months, up to you..
Creating a business that simply flows, that feels easy, that’s based on GOOD FEELINGS guiding your decisions always…
Becoming a magnet for soul-clients, soul-aligned opportunities..
Creating community that nourishes your soul and feeds your spirit..
Being SEEN in your full power, authentic gifts and true VOICE..with absolute confidence..
Feeling so powerful it’s almost terrifying at first to feel so much energy flow through your physical body..its electric
To experience deeper desire and pleasure than you’ve ever imagined but you’ve known is possible – you just never thought it could be YOURS…now.
Living life as a series of synchronicities, magic and miracles – as the most normal experience ever…
Of course its the most normal thing ever.
You deserve it.
But you’ve got to be WILLING TO SEE the truth.
And align yourself accordingly to what your soul already knows.
Drop the mental gymnastics keeping you in the same place, ruminating in the same story over and over.
Keeping you living out of integrity with yourself and infinite other beings – isn’t it exhausting pretending?
Get to the root of what’s keeping you stuck.
If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve absolutely positively got to do MANY THINGS you’ve never done.
This happens to be my specialty my loves – activating you to your soul consciousness, to take radical action in alignment with your AUTHENTIC TRUTH and nothing less.
Nothing less ever again.
Nothing less than what you truly deserve.
xx Syd
Soul Alignment Mentor | Intuitive Advisor | Quantum Leap Activator

The most epic year of all time?

I keep thinking last year was two in one. You feel me?

But really it was one BIG OLD 2017. Some may say its the most transformative year yet..was it that way for you? I’ve had a LOT of transformation go down in my life that’s for sure..but this year tops them all.
I just had an epic download about THIS is a long one..but an important one in understanding how the seemingly impossible is always absolutely ((more than)) possible..
>>A formula for absolute magic and activating epic soul-centered flow.<<
Just about a year ago I met Naomi Ashcroft online because we were both commenting live on Katrina Ruth‘s (Kat Loterzo – a 7 figure coach who is super hilarious and up to epic things in the world..I remember watching her before I got courageous enough to start doing live-streams myself and wondered how she did it..until I started doing it too) live-stream..
Naomi sent me a message since she noticed that I too was in Bali at the same time as she was. So she invited me to meet her at Finns Beach Club, a 45-minute motorbike ride away from Ubud, to come hang with her and a gang of other entrepreneurs who happened to be in Bali too.
I didn’t at first want to go. I mean, this was so random. And i didn’t feel like driving all the way to Canggu – I had never driven that far before. But ultimately my gut feeling kept nudging me to go – it will be fun. Plus Naomi invited me to sleepover if I wanted – how generous! How could I pass up such an amazing felt too good to be true.
So I showed up at Finns, which feels a bit like how I would imagine Vegas to feel..and at first couldn’t find Naomi. I gave up and hopped in the pool and wondered if I would find her in the crowd – meanwhile got to meeting some cool peeps hanging by the poolside bar.
Then Naomi comes out of nowhere and invites me over to the crew of creators she’s invited me to meet – and suddenly I realize that I’m in the midst of some seriously bad ass people. Apparently they had all met online too through a huge FB group called the Entrepreneur Incubator.. Sal MarianoStacey SargisonDutch Nomad Family and more…
I dropped in deep with Sal for most of the experience..that was why I was meant to be there, to share the conversation we shared about emotional and energetic boundaries and empaths…while watching the most beautiful sunset ever.
Sure enough – we ended up at dinner and then couldn’t stop hanging out. We were so activated by being in one another’s presence that we actually ended up having a two day sleepover.
Just two weeks later maybe less we organized our very own mastermind at a luxury villa on a remote part of Nusa Lemongan – off the coast of Island..because WHY NOT.
We were committed to growing and expanding in new ways and we knew we had come together for a reason – we even picked up two new friends along the way who came to join us.. Kirsten Johnson and Laura Nomadicare <3
You can watch the rest of this epic episode to TUNE INTO what we created..but it was truly miraculous.
We were brought together so divinely to help eachother in absolutely incredible ways – the universe conspired to guide us home to one another so we could expedite eachothers healing and transformation.
This is how magic really works when you listen and follow your flow.
And just like that, almost a year later on the dot, I run into Sal Mariano walking by me as I just so happened to be taking a run on the Venice Beach boardwalk (he lives in Boston usually). Of course we were brought together to recall and celebrate the magic we’ve co-created since Bali.
And of course I even ran into Sal again the next day – no joke – on the other side of Santa Monica, this time with Ozzie Osborne and Aaron McCarthy who I’m sure are other divine creators I’m supposed to co-create with for a magical purpose.
What a year ya’ll. What a life.
Looking back to the moments captured in this episode, I would have never thought that by now, one year later:
  • *I’d be living in Venice Beach, LA
  • *In love with my cosmic soul partner – beyond my wildest dreams
  • *I’ve had the biggest income year of my life – multiple six-figures being of high service sharing my divine calling and truth
  • *ASKED to write a book for a major publisher that’s now positioned to be a major best-seller, with national launches in NYC and LA plus more on the way
  • *Facilitating and co-hosting retreats around the world for visionary creators and conscious leaders eager to expand into more intimacy, love, abundance and power
  • *Invited to mastermind in Nicaragua and Costa Rica with the future leaders of the new paradigm, co-creating Heaven on Earth in this now
  • *Enjoying the most thriving friendships and family relationships EVER
  • *Opening up to new channeling and clairvoyant abilities as I expand into new realms of my consciousness, as my heart heals and avails itself to more love
  • *Speaking internationally in Bali, Costa Rica at Envision Festival and more to come
I am feeling SO fired up about my GOALS going forward, I wonder if you can even handle the bar that I am setting up for myself as it’s never been this HIGH..and its only getting higher. 
In 2018:
  • *I’m an international best-selling author of The Empath Experience that’s sold one million copies and has been translated into multiple languages
  • *I’m interviewed by Oprah on 11/11/18
  • *I get engaged to be married to the man of my dreams and father of my children (that’s right – even a few months ago I still wasn’t convinced I’d ever have children..probably because even then I wasn’t sure I’d ever meet my man!)
  • *My business scales to seven-figure revenue
  • *I create and launch a new cooperative co-creation station in Venice Beach with a group of conscious entrepreneurs and visionaries desiring to activate more love, connection, authenticity and radical expressions of creativity in our lives and businesses
  • *I travel to Australia, New Zealand and back to Bali on Tour to promote The Empath Experience
  • *I am invited to give a TED talk before the years end
  • *My Visionary Souls Podcast turns into a TV show and is run on a major media network, broadcasted to millions of viewers
  • *I launch a LIVE event in LA each month called the Visionary Souls Summit that brings together conscious heart-centered community to activate one another’s hearts, souls and clear-visionary missions – creating the kind of world we know is possible, WALKING THE WALK
How fun it is to PLAY and create the most extraordinary life beyond my wildest dreams that keep getting wilder <3
Thank you for SEEING me if you’ve gotten this far.
Everything you’ve ever wanted is YOURS. Your desires are SO POSSIBLE. They’re waiting for you to CHOOSE them fully and RECEIVE them wholeheartedly.

What is your vision?
What are you working ON and building?
What are you CALLING in?
How are you preparing yourself to receive it ALL?
How are you invested in YOU having all the support you need to live the life you deserve?
What’s in your way of being there NOW?

Be honest.
You have the answers, you always do.
You know what you need.
Maybe you could use some support from a mirror who can remind you of who you truly are and why you’re here.
We all need that sometimes.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Quantum leaps and flying are certainly much easier that way.
I couldn’t have done any of the above without RADICALLY choosing to go ALL IN on my desires.
And set myself free.
To return to ALL THE LOVE THAT I AM.

To see myself for the brilliant soul that I came to fully embody
To see how there’s absolutely not a more perfect divine place to be that RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW WITH YOU.
For all those years of my life I didn’t want to be here because it was too hard and I felt too much…
I’m so glad the angels had my back and didn’t let me leave.
I have too much work to do.
Too much fun to have.
Too much magic to make.

And so do you.
Prepare for it ALL to be better than you can even imagine.
Divinely orchestrated.
In complete love.
With ease and grace.
In only the ways YOU are meant to experience it ALL.
I love you.
xx Sydney
Self-Mastery Mentor | Intuitive Advisor | Alchemist