Practices + Ritual for Self-Mastery and LOVE

A few support resources for our expansive self-mastery + practice time…please share and tag friends + family who may receive great benefit from these free offerings::

– Cosmic Heart Energy Healing Activation:

– Free meditations, energy activations + guided morning practices:

– PDF of my Magic Morning routine I’ve shared with 1:1 clients for years – super simple to the point daily commitment to get into a high vibration and feel in alignment with your true self + vision for the day:

– 21 Day Meditation Challenge offering 21 days of different meditation modalities and interviews with some of the greatest teachers-humans ever! Get inspired to try new techniques + start or deepen your practice:

– Free 5 and 7-Day Self-Mastery Transformation Challenges (tasters of my Alignment Activation and Divinity Codes Courses): – includes journaling, embodiment practices, self-inquiry and alchemical transformation you can do on your own

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Destiny Mapping Facilitator Training

I’m loving the genius creativity I am seeing birthing throughout our collective – so many are awakening to their calling, their passion, and now with space to explore and activate their gifts – I can’t wait to see and play in all the new worlds we are birthing 🙂

One such portal to a new world of awakened guidance, multidimensional facilitation and one of the best pathways I’ve experienced to truly remember who you are and why you are here is my soul sister Ahaumna AhMayah‘s Destiny Mapping modality.
Destiny Mapping pulls from Astrology, Human Design, and the Gene Keys – the exact pieces from these systems that help you to to remember why you are and to better understand and embody your unique soul-path-purpose, passion and power as well as all the shadow energies we are here to master and transmute through our divinely orchestrated life lessons.
It is such a streamlined way of approaching three very complex systems to provide precisely what most are ultimately looking for: meaning, value, direction, clarity, confidence, confirmation to pursue the life of their dreams.
option 2
If you’re a guide, coach, facilitator, or healer who would love to feel even more empowered to deliver laser-focused clarity and insight to your clients, please tune into Ahaumna’s upcoming Destiny Mapping facilitator program (begins May 22).
This truly is an incredible opportunity – she is hosting a free live info session this month to explore how you can add this to your existing practice or start your own coaching business through this work.
Dates and registration for info sessions can be found at, *use my name Sydney as your referral and you’ll receive a special bonus gift if you register for the training!*
I’ve been immensely supported by this work and can’t highly recommend Ahaumna AhMayah enough as a brilliant guide and space holder on the leading edge of consciousness awakening.
<3 Syd
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Waking up in 5D

Grateful for the lightness I am feeling today, yesterday was full of rough frequencies and emotions to navigate. For those of you still feeling it all – its quite all right to be feeling whatever you’re feeling, there is so much in question, everything is being evaluated, its okay to feel scared, angry, unclear, unsure, chaotic, overwhelmed, frustrated..or even neutral, grateful, compassionate, totally at peace, loving that we all collectively get to be on a huge cosmic retreat together for a few weeks or months.
Everyone is going to have a very different perception as to what’s happening here and that’s great – perhaps perfectly meant to be part of what we are learning. When there is no leader telling you what to believe, what do you choose to subscribe to? What is your heart telling you to empower? What are you choosing to put your energy into?
It’s funny how we can periodically stop doing the things we know are so helpful for us to feel supported and nourished. For me sometimes I just skip meditating even though I know thats crucial medicine for me to feel grounded and fully connected to my center. Sometimes I skip it because I’m already feeling good (so the mind says) and maybe at some level I want to choose contrast to remember what suffering and struggle and anxiety feel like so I can recalibrate and choose differently in the next moment. How quickly can we forgive ourselves and re-align in moments like this?
Some helpful reminders I am being guided to share:
– This is a time to create your ideal routine and create your life as a retreat, see the gift in the chaos
– Prioritize grounding, self-care, spirit-connection rituals
– Get some fun assignments on deck to expand your consciousness, start a new book, better yet put together a reading list
– Start a creative project
– Take a new kind of movement class online
– Organize a community or family gathering and think about meeting regularly at a specified time, the more we gather and cultivate high frequency fields of coherence and love, the better off we are and the more planetary healing we accelerate for all
– Set goals for yourself for the next 7 days, the next month, the next 3 months – what if this is a time to completely recalibrate your health and well being and higher consciousness clarity?
– Start a meditation practice, or join an online circle that’s practicing that can support you in your deepening
– Take a course or class that expands your heart mind body and spirit
– Consider a new career path especially if the career you’ve been in is no longer resonating – this is part of the massive unraveling we’re all seeing through at last
– What are you really here for? What lights up your soul? Commit daily to exploring these questions – morning pages/journaling is helpful especially following meditation.
– Try breathwork, yin yoga, dance, any movement or energy work practice that supports your feeling of integration – Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Chanting…what feels deeply relaxing for you? Online sound baths are fantastic and there are so many practices to explore!
– See how you can be of service, first to yourself and then to the world – how do you most want to be nourished? What part of your being craves to be honored and expressed more fully? What new authentic expression is ready to be unleashed? We are living in such a potent creative time – anything goes. What is your gift to give?
– GRATITUDE LIST – this is SO simple but literally life-changing if you can write at least 10 things you are grateful for everyday, writing by hand is significant rather than typing and really feel the celebration as you reflect on just how much you have to many gifts, so much abundance. Quickly you’ll see how your list can go on forever, and that’s the point
There’s so much to share..maybe I’ll write the rest in my book LOL. That’s been really hard to write lately probably because there’s been so much to integrate and watch unfold in all our inner and external realities..certainly a birthing process but we’ll all definitely require some guidance in recovery of our new awakened consciousness after this journey moves into a new phase.
In the mean time I am here to support in any way I can. I have trained for a long time to support in moments like this – and I have tons of resources and guidance to share. I also have tons of content online for free and courses as nominal investment to guide you in your ascension-embodiment process plus sessions and quantum healing…you’re not alone in this journey, you are so loved, so supported, right where you’re supposed to be!
Self-Mastery Courses:
Quantum Healing Transmissions (available now by love donation for those most in need):
Intuitive Soul Sessions (use code ILOVEAWAKENING for 50% off):
Akashic Facilitator Training (become your own guide and support others in multi-dimensional intuitive healing):
The Empath Experience: What to Do When You Feel Everything:
Visionary Souls Podcast (particularly episodes on awakening and energy mastery):
Quantum Leap Summit (basically trainings with incredible experts for a 14 day series including special free gifts and upgrades sent daily to your email):
Free Challenges (5 and 7 days) to get into a new routine and groove of alignment and divinity embodiment (tasters for the longer courses Alignment Activation and Divinity Codes):
Meditations on Insight Timer (amazing platform offering tons of courses, meditations, talks and more):
If there is any way I can support you please PM me. This is an extraordinary time right now for gathering and giving/receiving support – I am so grateful that more and more are awakening to their true selves, to their hearts, to their soul calling.
I love our collective rebirthing process, there is so much to celebrate
xx Syd
Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 12.17.40 PM

Recovery + Awakening

The last few weeks have felt like a deep recovery process – in truth I feel like I am getting sober again, like a newcomer all over again except this time instead of cleaning up drugs and alcohol I am cleaning up the entities that drove me to drink and check out in the first place.

These entities have led the development of much of my personality so it seems..I feel vulnerable to sharing what feels to be a new voice and a new way of truly being.

I feel at times like everything I’ve ever written and said here on elsewhere – especially on social media, in all my live streams and posts, my podcast, my book – was in fact a message to myself that I thought at the time I was writing to you, to help you awaken, to help humanity ascend.

Really when I look back so much of what I was teaching and sharing was a reminder to myself – trying as best I could at the time to give myself permission to stop, to be, to actually rest, to actually be present. To stop doing so much, to stop moving so fast.

When I first got sober 8+ years ago I didn’t really ever stop to heal or integrate all the feelings and unprocessed stuck stuff that had been running my life for 24 years. I had a full time job, I was living in NYC one of the most stressful overstimulating places on earth and I was fully all-in on AA and going to meetings everyday. I didn’t ever stop and for years I was actually afraid to be alone with myself because I didn’t actually know how to be.

In recovery – amongst many life-changing lessons and healing transformations I am grateful for -I learned the value of being entertaining and telling my story in a way that elicited attention and energy that I learned to feed off of, that I learned to source my value and worth from..I learned to be a great performer indeed.

Whose that underneath the performance?
Whose there underneath the neatly fitted story sharing enlightenment and awakening as though its this steps 1-3, ABC process that I can teach you in 8 weeks for only 2 payments of $222?
Whose there underneath all the doing, the noise, the expectations, the addiction to attention and sourcing love from outside of myself?

What I’ve found so far is that its still really hard to truly stop.
To truly be alone.
To truly rest.
Even when I have attempted to I am shown how much de-conditioning truly is required in this process of remembering.

What’s beautiful is that I have never felt more connected than now and over these last few weeks.
A deepened humility and vulnerability has allowed me to receive help from those I love and even those I don’t even know who have reached out and offered support.

It has been so easy over the years to be the one who gives support, who knows the answer, who has the way.
When in truth this is a team effort although my transformation is a solo journey in most moments, I wouldn’t be anywhere without my mirrors – friends and family – reflecting the truth when I can so easily forget what’s real.

In case you forgot: true abundance is feeling deeply connected to yourself in this present moment, trusting your heart, loving and accepting yourself, and enjoying nourishing fulfilling relationships right here and now.

Actually resting and restoring is a practice.
Sitting with yourself and being compassionate when the voice inside wants you to move and do and create and do more is a practice.
Forgiving yourself for all the moments you’ve held onto and all the new moments unfolding is a practice.
Asking for support and then genuinely receiving it is perhaps the most masterful practice of all.

Living your life, for you, on your terms completely – detached from everything you’ve been taught about who and what you should be and what qualifies as success and enough and valued and loved – wow, this is the journey indeed.

Forever humbled by this process. Forgiving myself for what I didn’t know then and what I certainly still don’t (and perhaps never will) know now. Forgiving myself for who I thought myself to be through your eyes instead of my own.


Life Updates…

** I am excited to be making art again, ordered a lot of canvas to get jammin’ on my acrylic grateful to re-connect with my spirit who loves paint parties. You can find my art – and more to come – on Society6 here, super fun because the art can be printed on anything you want – cups, prints, pillows, etc!! Basically making the things I’ve always wanted to have, ya know..:

** I am hosting my 9 week Akashic Facilitator Training starting 4/30 in case you’re called to become a facilitator of this beautiful work..your own unique expression of energetic healing, intuitive guidance and tuning in with the known field of all that is, was and ever will be. Training starts with a 1:1 session to receive your attunement and begin the course work/study. Learn more + apply here or message me with any questions:

** I have loved supporting beautiful beings 1:1 in intuitive soul sessions over the last few weeks, this container feels to be the most authentic one I’ve created to play in thus far and I’m excited to witness it’s evolution as I come more into my true self/calling. Celebrating beautiful healings and revelations and of course fun synchronicities activated in our session vortexes over the last few weeks. Would love to share with you if you’re called:

Amen to finding a new voice. To practicing and being super awkward along the way. To signing up for the advanced transformation program in Earth School. To being a weirdo and a spiritual newcomer in so many ways – to not knowing anything, to being truly empty and practicing emptying out even more..and starting again, and again. Following what feels true 

Did I write too much? LOL can you tell I’m writing a book?

xx Syd

Ascension + Soul Support 101

Intense geo-magnetic storms/soul-ar flares today, in and out UPs and DOWNS surges of energy followed by low points, processing, integrating – make sure you’re SLOWING down to rest, relax, tune in..

What do you need to feel supported?

What is wanting to be felt?

What would be most nourishing to give yourself right now?

Pay careful attention to the energy you consume – here on social media especially as shadow frequencies will be amplified, old patterns will be tempting to engage in again to see: do you really want to do this, comparing your insides to others outsides, still? Is it really serving you?

Don’t judge, just observe..its happening for a reason, what is the gift, what is the lesson, what are you learning and expanding into instead? What do you now know you no longer need because it actually doesn’t feel good anymore and the lesson can now be integrated and energy can be freed..

Some of my favorite ways to support myself ((and my soul family + clients)) through powerful upgrade periods like this (and part of me feels that this is the way g IS now, there is no end..our light bodies will continue to become more sensitive, we’ll keep speeding up, catching up with the beautiful mama Gaia who is already patiently waiting for us to arrive back into our hearts, into the ascension frequency we divinely know already so well)…

+ Salt baths with epsom salt and essential oils especially lavender, rose, eucalyptus and lemon

+ Steam room, infrared sauna, hot yoga, anything that gets your sweating and detoxing your lymphatic system through which all your accelerated energy is wanting to move through at light speed

+ Detox your life: unfriend people who don’t feel good, without reason, just let them go, unfollow, make amends to anyone that feels like you’re reflecting unfinished business with – close up your loose ends, make it right, bring it to a close, don’t leave energy hanging in the unknown if you can make it right and bring the relationship back into integrity, especially with yourself – where have you lied to yourself and how can you stop now without judgement to return back into love and honesty? This is a whole few chapters in my. book (aka The Awakened Human Experience)

+ Nature baths – get into the wild outdoors no matter where you are, put your bare feet on the earth, breathe in earth energy, sending loving healing to the planet beneath your feet and understand that as you give love you are receiving it back to you even more powerfully because our home planet is the ultimate mirror and energetic circuit through which our bodies are always sourcing epic fuel and aliveness

+ Deep breathing – can you rest into your body more deeply and breathe all the way in? Can you practice abdominal breath, passive breath, do a new kind of breathwork that will help you get out of the mind and into your beautiful embodiment to really feel yourself, how does it feel to be you? I have a FREE 21-Day Meditation challenge on YouTube guiding you in TONS of epic practices from many different meditation and embodiment traditions, check it out:

– My Divinity Codes, Alignment Activation + Mastering Magnetism Courses all provide daily embodiment and insight practices + trainings to support you in developing energy mastery, heightened intuition and deeper connection to your true self – amongst other fun benefits 🙂 –>

+ Meditate and get into your own energy – dance, sing, chant, visualize, listen to a guided meditation, meditate with a group, how can you drop in? Allow this epic energy to manifest as the creative desire that’s wanting to be so naturally birthed through you. Try my Quantum Self Embodiment Meditation FREE on Insight Timer here:

….and other healing transmissions and activations here:

+ PLAY: make art, express your creativity, hang out with friends and people you love who can support you – or better yet, play with YOU, get familiarized with your own body, self-pleasure, make love, orgasms are incredible energy healing – what’s turning you on? I created a whole course and FREE challenge on embodying your highest self..DIVINITY CODES my love, ready to unlock yours? Start here::

+ Get support where you want it most: need a mirror to help you return home to yourself? Look in the mirror and ask yourself – what do you need? Look into your own eyes and tell yourself I LOVE YOU YOU ARE AMAZING YOU ARE DOING YOUR BEST I AM SO PROUD OF YOU THANK YOU FOR BEING I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU…and if that’s tender for you to share with yourself, why is that the case and how might this be a beginning into a new experience of intimacy and authenticity you’re most certainly being invited into, now. Sign up for my FREE Quantum Leap Your Life Summit starting 3/11 in which you’ll be plugged into incredible activated soul family global community, expert support, healing transmissions and practical guidance to help you in mastering your energy, amplifying your intuition, accelerating abundance and living your divine assignment (and SOUL much more):

Most often I see discomfort happening as a result of in-action and over-thinking (and an addiction to overthinking without action therein) about the HOW and FUTURE tripping and anxiety and worry about all the conditional ways you’re trying to be HAPPY NOW based on a future unknown..

The best way to switch up this state if this is you..

Commit to a radical new course of action.

Invest in yourself to make a change.
Get out of town, literally. Take a trip.
Hire a mentor. Get the fire lite to LEAP.
Change your environment.
Actually look at yourself.
Actually ask yourself to SEE FEEL BE DO HEAR LOVE LIVE the truth of your being.
Then PLAY.

It’s time family..there’s no avoiding the upgrades.

Time to gracefully surf the ascension waves..

What a beautiful game THIS IS when you’re creating it all to suit your soul.

I love feeling you wake up to the infinite divinity you are.

You got this.

xx Syd



Welcome Home.

I was working as Senior Producer full-time at a boutique NYC PR agency years ago when I was perusing the newsletter of one of my fave healing spaces in the city.

At that point on weekends I would sometimes see clients 1:1 for energy healing + intuitive readings but it was always as a side-hustle – being a healer full-time and out in the open at that wasn’t yet in my field of possibility.

This newsletter caught my attention with the name of a certification program that felt strangely familiar yet I was sure I had never heard of it: Akashic Records.

I didn’t have to read too much about it to know I was meant to be there – the weekend intensive was calling me home and I signed up in that moment, knowing deep-down I’d be entering a threshold into a new way of being I’d been calling in for a long time.

My first session in the Records after receiving an energetic attunement felt like an energy I had experienced countless times before. I teared up profusely upon feeling this remembrance because it was a space I knew so well – it felt like home, a feeling of home I hadn’t yet ever felt in this lifetime.

Screen Shot 2020-02-23 at 9.08.49 PM

So many emotions arose in my being – why did this feel so familiar? Where had I learned this before? Where do I come from? How was this feeling so familiar and emotional? What is this new voice I am now aware of in my consciousness?

Who am I and why am I here?
To which I heard-felt-remembered a resounding symphony of memories and guidance all portrayed through various channels of inner-seeing, feeling and knowing.
You’ve always known all along, you’ve always had all the answers you seek, within – are you ready to receive yourself?

I felt myself as I never had before: as an oracle and Akashic Records wisdom keeper, as an inter-dimensional being traveling far throughout the multiverse experiencing innumerable different consciousnesses simply for the fun and curiosity of it all, as an Earth angel reincarnated to assist in Ascension, anchoring the frequencies of higher dimensional realities that my being is so accustomed to playing in; as a medicine man holding the true definition – an embodied knowing – of abundance, as an architect of numerous civilizations and consciousnesses engineered throughout our galaxy and beyond, and so much more.

I knew in that moment after moment and in all the moments sharing this sacred work thereafter that I am here to light the way and transmit this wisdom with other teachers and guides, oracles and healers, wayshowers and those similarly assisting and amplifying Ascension.

Here we are, again of course: our soul playground – the Akashic Field of all that is – invites us home to expand, celebrate, re-member and dance fully into our brightest embodiment.

There’s a field. I’ll meet you here.

xx Syd

Our journey begins with a 1:1 Akashic Session..learn more + apply to come play.

Copy of Copy of 2020 Akashic Facilitator Training

Thank you for being

Thanks to all the earth angels presently transmuting mega density for the collective simply in your being here.

Our conditioned ways of operating in 3-4D society don’t honor presence or frequency holding in the way that higher dimensional realities do where energy is everything as material doesn’t exist.

Thank you for your service.
Thank you for feeling all the feels.
Thank you for arriving into self-mastery.
Thanks for mastering victim consciousness.
Thanks for embodying creator consciousness.
Thank you for seeing thru all illusions.
Thank you for your compassionate loving playful heart.
Thank you for volunteering to be here in such a potent moment of ascension and re-membrance.
Thank you for your assistance in supporting all your remember simply by the example you live.
Thank you for the permission you grant in your words and all of your multidimensional expression.
Thank you for being willing to fall first so other don’t have to choose to follow suit.

Thank you for anchoring in the templates required for Heaven on Earth which we’ve lived for many lifetimes in all the other realities we know and love.


Thank you for holding the frequencies that not everyone can sustain yet; thru your example alone more can attune and eventually embody these too.

It’s not always easy being on the front lines. Sometimes it’s painfully lonely and terrifying. But you can handle it, remember you signed up for the ascension volunteer program perhaps a few times over and here we are, finally actualizing what we’ve worked on for so long here on Earth and elsewhere.

More and more family are coming to join us everyday, can you feel it? Those awakening on Earth surely and those immigrating from elsewhere.

I’m so grateful to be here, now 💕

Xx Syd


Who are you when you stop trying?

How are you being?

Just as I was writing this I felt an enormous influx of intense energy hot my entire body with a wave of exhaustion. When this happens it usually to me means something in my circuitry is rewiring and reprogramming – clearing and purging. Something it means nothing other than my body recalibrating to process new energy and higher frequencies.

We can always ask and receive a clear answer.

A lot of beautiful beings have asked me lately what it means when they’re hearing their name mentioned everywhere – on TV shows, seeing it on a billboard, noticing it more than seems normal while also noticing angel numbers or series of the same numbers in a row such as 4444.

Experiences like this affirm that you’re living in flow’re in alignment and hence tapped into the natural synchronistic orchestration of the universal divinely designed game we’re all playing in. Celebrate.

These moments also invite you to attune more highly to your intuition. When you notice a moment of deja vu or a repetitive sign or symbol appearing in a seemingly unexpected spot – ask yourself: what is the message that’s here for me to receive? What am I being signaled to pay attention to? What am I learning?

Then listen and really breathe deep while you pause to receive your clear guidance that’s right there waiting to be recalled.

I’ve been sharing beautiful experiences this week supporting visionary soul family in re-membering their own innate wisdom, witnessing and holding space for potent healing and expansion. As some of you may know especially if we’ve worked together, one of my favorite ways to surprise someone is to throw their question back at them especially if I can tell they expect me to give them an answer they already have within (that’s always more clear and accurate as it’s curated just for them!). When someone says “I don’t know” I love to remind them..yes you do..or pretend like you do (because you do!).. what would you say, how would you show up, what would you do?

One lovely woman I supported in an intuitive soul session this week followed up with me after our session with a lingering inquiry and asked me to shine light on a specific dynamic she was becoming more conscious of between her and her mother in law. Instead of sharing what I psychically saw, I asked her: how would you answer this question using your own intuition? To which she replied with a page of incredible spot on insights reading into the specifics of the learnings far more accurately than I could probably channel. How awesome! And that’s usually the case. Feels important to remind ourselves of this now more than ever.

These are some of the other questions that came up following our session in case these support you in your own inquiry in awakening your intuitive gifts and receiving more of your own clear guidance..

How do you experience trusting yourself?
What do you deeply trust yourself with?
How would you love to trust yourself more fully?
What are actions you can commit to that bring you into more trust within yourself?
What is a commitment you’re inspired to make in following your souls’s calling?

Of course I’m here to support you if I can in any way. The theme of my offerings from day one has been focused on embodying your dream beyond the dream vision for all areas of life and activating your intuitive super powers.

All the rest that naturally comes along gift-wise is extra special sauce: abundance, personal power, presence, intimacy, insert other marketing term I’ve probably listed in a program sales page 😂 felling you what else you “get” when you start loving yourself, getting intimate with your energy and how it wants to be authentically expressed and then devote yourself fully to being your vision/serving your mission all already know.

My mission is shifting as I evolve in my consciousness as well..the central theme remains the same but the expression feels new and continues to surprise me in ways I’m called to play. I love playing with visionary entrepreneurs, healers and new earth people!!.. and currently I’m called to focus also within multidimensional business, in which intuition and higher consciousness become the new leading directives in creating new paradigm businesses, consulting organizations on coherence minded operations and culture initiatives and of course philanthropy echo of my former ad-agency career I can’t believe I left only 3.5 years ago.

Did you know I used to run integrated PR and Ad campaigns for clients like Hyatt, Estée Lauder, Logitech, Shocktop and other epic brands while I lived in NYC for years in what now feels like lifetimes ago?! And I helped start the non-profit program for my agency too thats now still thriving 4 years later, congrats Praytell on all your awards and success, I’m proud to be part of the pioneering team <3

I’ve also consulted as a Marketing Advisor for numerous startups and brands over the years – ranging from clothing to travel to communications (congrats SkyHi on epic growth this year!) yeah, I’d celebrating my unique mix of tangible business strategy and organizational / operational chops that I bring along with psychic advising and multidimensional energy work.

But then again this is the new paradigm of business required in Heaven on Earth in which we bring all of ourselves forward..with all our gifts activated and available to amplify our greatest visions.

Just last week I reconnected with an old friend (Hi Ryan if you’re reading this!!) and former consulting client all about his desire to upgrade his media agency’s culture and mission to be in greater alignment with authenticity, coherence and soul service..something the advertising world could certainly benefit from.

Part of me was present to how this conversation was an echo of past timeline – and maybe a little part thought: could this be a reversion to my old career? –  and yet it also felt so healing and activating to return to a familiar context as a new person with a completely new perspective. I feel this kind of pattern may be coming up for a lot of us right now.

Remember we are always on an upward spiral, there’s no going backwards.

Another example for me is deciding to teach at yoga studios here in Maui!  I’ve practiced for 12+ years and taught for almost 4 and hey..I’m anchored and rooted here and I really wanna’s one of my favorite things to do!!

And yet a small part of my awareness says: this is a reversion to an old timeline you’ve already outgrown. Clients have come to you asking for support in leaving their yoga teacher jobs to start their online businesses and you’re doing the reverse? Is this congruent with how you present yourself? Blah blah blah says the mind that wants to always have something to dissect and criticize and strategize.

Former timelines may be emerging right now perhaps loudly and yet can we meet them with presence and celebration for the chance to show up in familiar contexts as new people – as more ourselves?!

Can we love the experience of seeing ourselves show up in familiar dynamics as more embodied, authentic, powerful and clear than ever? How fun to witness..I mean such a gift actually, right? And then we can be discerning about the opportunities as and if they present themselves..what feels good? What feels like a natural calling? What’s effortless and fun and expansive??

That’s how we flow ❤️

Feeling guided to co-create energetic support containers with those called to explore their unique expression of energy healing / remote transmissions – to affirm your gifts and play with your super powers.

We are now called to play within and actualize our innate capacity to transmit direct transmissions in activating instantaneous consciousness shifts and quantum healing.

So many are awakening to and remembering innate intuitive capabilities and new (yet very old ancient) ways of seeing, hearing, knowing, feeling and being.

As we evolve out of thinking altogether into pure being and presence (yes, I sense within our lifetimes, maybe soon – as the mind asks: but when?), our innocent attempts at intellectually strategizing, talking around or over-processing psychic-somatic-spiritual-emotional “issues” as though there is something to neatly solve or an end point to reach falls apart.

There is no where to get to but here, now.

There is never a problem to begin with, only an over-thinking mind that demands a solution for its problem-solving craving to be satisfied.

We are now called to affirm and acknowledge what so many of us have been doing for lifetimes which is healing, encoding and activating new realities simply through our presence alone as frequency holders of higher dimensional potentials now ready to be fully actualized and integrated here on Earth in this now.

The frequencies now accessible through our bodies-hearts are palpably more potent and far more capable of catalyzing revolutionary leaps in all facets of the world as we know it than anything else we’ve ever seen or experienced.

We – our multi-dimensional embodiments – are indeed the most advanced technology currently accessible on Earth.

Remember you’ve been here before, but perhaps not on Earth as much as you’ve occupied other dimensional experiences as pure energetic presence or light.

Words don’t do justice describing these energies originating from a timeless spaceless plane of pure feeling and knowing.

The space beyond words where language actually gets in the way of the direct transmission of truth which is here for us now to receive when we simply be-allow-attune.

Feeling strongly the remnants of 3-4D programs purging thru the collective en masse right now..highlighting old patterning (so ready to release for good) regarding comparison to others (usually for me with soul family I am in deep resonance with, sharing similar missions), addiction to busy-ness, and self-sabotaging mechanisms of self-abandonment and unwillingness (aka avoidance of responsibility and personal power) to claim what is yours to be-do-have-share.

So many boxes of supposed identities are falling apart faster than we care to track.

Who do you get to be when you don’t make any sense to anyone else and not even to yourself?

When you stop thinking altogether about how it-you-your life and the story you tell yourself about it all looks and whether what you have to offer is viable or marketable?

Your pure presence and embodiment of your absolute uniqueness is the ultimate magnetic marketing tactic.

And what’s funny is it requires no strategy or tact whatsoever – in fact is naturally arises when you completely let go of the programmed/imagined need to try anymore.

Let it all go and watch everything that is meant for you simply arrive.

Create the space for what is yours to show itself as already here and now as you allow yourself to see clearly from your unobstructed true center.

And effortlessly receive what has always been yours.

xx Syd

PS: Can you tell that I’m talking to myself? Let me tell you a secret – I always am 🙂 Aren’t we all? All of my client sessions lately have reflected these lessons/messages..such a mirror of what I am-we are all experiencing of course.


If you missed our LIVE 1:11 Visionary Embodiment activation you can tune in on YouTube here.

If there’s anyway I can support you on your visionary journey please let me know, I would love to co-create with you.
Here is my cosmic chiropractor menu of upgrades + attunements currently offered..

    • Curated Remote Energy Transmission (20-44 min)
    • Intuitive Soul Session (60 min)
    • Akashic Records / Channeling Lesson (60 min)
    • 5D Deep Dive (Life+Biz) Strategy (60 min)
    • Guided Meditation (20 min)
    • Energy Attunement Session (30 min)
    • Intuitive Support Session (30 min)
    • Guided Breathwork Journey (45 min)
    • Guided Yoga Session (60 min)
    • Hands-On/In-Person Energy Healing Session (45 min)
    • Quantum Self Visioning Session (60 min)
    • Quantum Self Embodied In-Person Immersion (2 hours)
    • Inner Child Healing Session (44 min)
    • Divine Mother Healing Session (33 min)
    • Divine Father Healing Session (33 min)

In addition to online sessions the above menu is also part of what I offer in my 1:1 private retreats where you and me upgrade and play for 3-5 days here in Maui <3 I’m opening space for a few of these starting in April after I finish writing “The Consciousness Code” (which comes out later this Fall!) and I’d love to share with you if you’re called to come play. Learn more here.


I created a new 1:1 support container too..55 min or 33 min sessions for intuitive guidance, energetic attunement, spiritual support..let’s rock.
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Divine Union As Within, So Without

Feel that? We are being prepared to enter an entirely new dimension, a new reality in the making for so many lifetimes.

The full moon today invites us into deep healing + a new level of mastery.

A lot is coming up right now around family and whether or not you’re willing to embody your innate wholeness and you have your inner masculine and feminine and divine inner child feeling fully supported?

Do you feel connected to source?
Do you feel-love-trust-honor your infinite being?

Divine union as within, so without.
This is Heaven on Earth.
This is the changing paradigm we are embarking upon.
The end of patriarchy.
A return to yin, receiving, intuitive muse + quantum leaps therein.
The void is here to hold us.
How much can we love + surrender to the process?

It is done.
Show me.

My Divinity Codes Course (videos are FREE on YouTube) delves deep into internal family systems, integrating balanced masculine and feminine energetics and of course coming home to your divine inner child.

You can also check out my free challenges here that support you in transmuting trauma and aligning to your true self + soul purpose.

We’ve done the work to arrive to this moment, initiated to receive all that’s destined to unfold.
Yet always there remains your invitation to make a conscious choice to step forward.
Awakening is happening whether you’re ready or not. You decide to be ready as soon as you let go of all that’s weighing you down.
You decide to be ready as soon as you consciously choose to step thru the door into your new desired dimension, your new embodiment.
What do you stand for? In your dream life, the vision you’ve held in your heart for perhaps too long: who do you get to be? What do you believe in? What do you value?
What does your presence communicate more accurately than any of your words possibly could?
Are you out of integrity in any even small ways? Are you hiding anything out of shame or fear? Are you still using other people’s words instead of your own worrying deep down that you have nothing to say or that you can’t trust your own heart to fully guide you?
Letting these old ways of being to can happen instantly love – it doesn’t have to be a long arduous process unless you want it to be. Careful of overly identifying with processing and being in process forever.
This can be a cop out from being fully present and responsible for creating the life you want.
Addiction to over processing is actually self sabotage and the ultimate game of victim consciousness which is actually spiritual bypassing in most cases masquerading as “doing the work.”
You know when you’re playing the avoidance game or if you’re actually facing yourself and genuinely welcoming liberation.
So as we walk thru the Heaven on Earth, to presence in this now moment, to liberation and expansion beyond our wildest dreams – a feeling so familiar to our deepest souls memory- What are you leaving behind forever?

What’s heavy? What’s been too effortful? What’s confusing? What relationships must end?

And most importantly where and who can you forgive? 💕
You have the keys, as always 🔑
See you in the now 💕
Tomorrow we gather to activate and embody our 2020 clear visions loved – will you come play?
Big energy is supporting us in walking thru the doorway into a new dimension, can you feel it?
Let’s harness the energy to align with our hearts calling and amplify our desires manifestations 💎😇
Tomorrow at 11am Hawaii / 1 pm PST ❤❤
Thank you for being.
xx Syd
NEW ways to play

I created a new 1:1 support container too..55 min or 33 min sessions for intuitive guidance, energetic attunement, spiritual emergency support..let’s rock.

Come play.

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All of my course content is now free on YouTube including my Metamorphosis Biz Accelerator, Divinity Codes, Mastering Magnetism and Alignment Activation (all about living your purpose, unlocking your power and mastering your energy) with more to come released each week.
If you’d like to take the courses with the detailed assignments, activation and guidance, you can sign up to receive them via email here.
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Quantum Healing Sessions


These are remote energy healing sessions curated to amplify your desired manifestations, high-self embodiment or different dimensional aspects of self, activation of our spiritual gifts, purpose alignment and greater clarity on your soul path. You may also experience healing of the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies. Every transmission is unique to the receiver and can be received infinite times forever.

How it works..

  1. Book your time to receive your session transmission using my calendar link.
  2. You will receive an email guiding you to send me your intention as detailed as possible for what you’d like to amplify, manifest, align to, embody, receive = how you want to feel, what frequency you’d like to attune to.
  3. I’ll download the transmission for you (this takes about 1-2 hours depending on your session length since to send to you I first create the transmission and send it to myself to fully receive and embody).
  4. At your session time get cozy in a meditative space or even laying down ready to receive – however you are most comfortable and at ease. Turn off all distractions, phones, and certainly no driving. You’ll want to be in a quiet space.
  5. Set a timer for the session length if you’d like, then receive.
  6. Check in with me following to share your experience, to illuminate any insights that came up for you, to integrate any and all healing, etc.

This offering includes a one week of email integration support from the time you receive the transmission. You can receive this transmission infinitely over your lifetime for continued deepening in your desired alignment and embodiment.

The energy you receive will continue working with you for days and even weeks as you integrate the epic upgrades you’ve called in.

I’ve been offering these for the last few years through 1:1 energy healing sessions, with my private clients and in closed container retreats so I’m excited to now share this magic with you.

Schedule here for your 33 minute transmission.

And in case you didn’t already know, our other favorite place to play for rapid ascension body-mind-spirit-soul template upgrades and updates is where you might also find me as a facilitator.

Going into 2020, starting today with the most epic light-codes coming through updating our bodies/DNA/cellular structure in beautiful ways, we will be working more directly with frequencies, subtle energy and in the etheric realms that we know and love (and remember) so well. We’ll be playing with more of our cosmic cousins and galactic allies who will be showing themselves more openly and more often in our Earth School playground.

Let the quantum upgrades flow.