Dear visionary leaders of the world we wish existed…

Maybe like you I am a unique bridge between worlds of business, transformation, embodiment and all things energy.  My favorite question: “when do you feel most alive?” Tell me. I’dContinue reading “Dear visionary leaders of the world we wish existed…”

🆕👇🏽I’m Ascending, Now What? 📘📘 Pre-Party starts in a few days!!!

We’re half way through 2023 – can you believe it? It’s time to prepare for the solstice in style – with soul support, energy healing, nervous system recalibration, visioning andContinue reading “🆕👇🏽I’m Ascending, Now What? 📘📘 Pre-Party starts in a few days!!!”

I AM Activation Challenge Starts Soon – Details + Registration

Blessings BeLoved! The root cause of all human suffering is the illusion that we are separate from the Divine Source of all creation.  Many people get stuck in their storiesContinue reading “I AM Activation Challenge Starts Soon – Details + Registration”

We are The Technology

happy new moon..cosmic fam. Some kinda revolution is brewing, can you feel it? On the precipice of another major transformation or timeline completion, both – and – all. Aren’t weContinue reading “We are The Technology”

The Meaning of True Wealth

Let’s get real about something intimate and maybe a bit edgy shall we? My fave way to play… Money has always been a challenging growing edge for me, as IContinue reading “The Meaning of True Wealth”

Light at the End of the Tunnel

aloha are ya being? Thru another intense portal of deep layers this week – we fly  Purging out what no longer serves. Playing in familiar projection fields just longContinue reading “Light at the End of the Tunnel”

A Portal Home

aloha dear one.. i hope this note finds you thriving and feeling oh so loved and supported. i have some beautiful invitations to co-create, collaborate, expand and play. ive beenContinue reading “A Portal Home”

Calling All Angels

aloha my are you being? i am writing to you from my cozy sanctuary home, landed back here in big island hawaii and i am so immensely grateful toContinue reading “Calling All Angels”

It’s Safe to Come Home

aloha love…how are you being? checking in to share..a few reminders: It’s safe to come home to your true being. It’s safe to be who you really are. It’s safeContinue reading “It’s Safe to Come Home”

My favorite healers on Big Island, Hawaii

You might have tuned into my pretty popular list of my favorite healers in Maui..showcasing some of my fave people on my support team for mind-body-spirit integration and nourishment. SinceContinue reading “My favorite healers on Big Island, Hawaii”

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