My Favorite Ascension Technology

Grateful to share some genius products that have profoundly impacted my spiritual evolution + integration..

1. PNR – Personal Nexus Reality Device: The PNR is a programmed copper device which creates biophotons that help the body heal faster. For me also supports deeper energetic alignment and centeredness within my own being. Create stronger energetic boundary with the outside world and other beings. Also clears EMFs within wide range.

2. Source Seeds: 8th dimensional technology designed to create biophotons (and teach things to create biophotons) so there can be more living light particles in the world. Not for human consumption. Structures water when inserted into any drinking device/repository. Plant in earth to help strengthen earths healing grids and generate higher frequency food in your garden or plants in home.

3. Source Code: Different phases and blends designed to assist with physical integration. It can provide necessary resources to the body in an essence form to assist you in learning and mastering the codes more efficiently. This protocol has been immensely helpful in supporting my cellular regeneration after a decade long journey with alcohol and drug abuse.

4. Somnion Deep Sleep Patch: Each Somnion patch is charged electromagnetically to support smarter sleep. When applied, photons are released and filter down to positively affect the physical body, which can assist with deep and REM sleep. LOVE these..getting a big stockpile..wear on my third eye every night, unplug the wifi..and go into deep deep regenerative rest.

Use my code HEAVENONEARTH for 10% off all items.

Learn more + shop:



How to always share your heart

I forget sometimes how open I’ve become over the years of healing and shedding the layers of caring what people think or trying to be understood or filtering anything other than what’s true and real..
Even if it’s weird or people don’t understand at first when exploring multidimensionality or energy or quantum healing or reading the akashic records of a business – yes merging 3D with 5D and realizing it’s so much more efficient and fun to be in our wholeness and full magic capacity – nothing matters more than expressing your heart.
Everyone can feel you when you’re being true. Those you’re meant to play with can finally see you and find you and show up for collaboration in whatever way you’re meant to play. When you’re pretending or editing or playing a part – your frequency feels confusing and you therefore attract a ton of confusion and distraction into your life.
How to get out of it? Commit to whatever you’re doing a million percent even if it’s something you want to stop doing – an old pattern or behavior or way of being. You wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t serving you in some way so make your choice fully conscious and take your power back. I’m doing this right now honest.
And eventually with all this fresh transparency you won’t allow yourself to make the same choice again. You’ll see yourself shift quite naturally into more of your authentic expression because this feels so good and you recognize that you deserve to feel good. In fact feeling good is the foundation for everything else aligning in your life ❤️
Looking for an epic community – devoted container of expansion and healing – soul family remembering all the timelines we’ve shared and sacred work we’ve done again and again as anchors of heaven on earth?
We have 7 spots left for the 10/15 Akashic Facilitator training and I am absolutely loving the brilliant beings showing up for our journey!
This is a quantum leap in consciousness, embodiment, remembering who you are and showing up fully in the unique gifts and presence you’re designed to share 💕
Deep 1:1 guidance and support, plus incredible group work and tons of practice sessions 🧬
Let’s play 😇
xx Syd

How I Started My Business

About 5 years ago now I took the next step into starting my own coaching-consulting practice by (while still in my full time job) starting to invest in my own expansion and up-leveled leadership.

I had business strategy and systematic, structural expertise on lock but wasn’t as confident at the time when it came to my capacity to assist others on the path to optimal well-being, holistic health and empowerment. I was seeking balance..

So I invested in myself by enrolling in a year long certification program with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in which I received an abundance of wisdom, affirmation and guidance in aligning with my desired path.

So much has evolved since then but I am forever grateful for this entry point that helped me experience a safe container in which to develop what would become my unique facilitation style.

Celebrating the journey. Every perfect step of the way.

Want to learn more about IIN? I highly recommend – especially with all the shifts and transformations underway for all of us and all the new awakening beings coming online each day – checking out their upcoming course offerings. Follow my link here to receive a free class to feel it out for yourself ❤

Post from Sept 14, 2016::

HAPPY GRADUATION DAY ❤ I can’t believe it’s been a full official YEAR of studying and learning everything I can about health, dietary theory, nutrition, living life to the fullest and learning new methods to support others in embodying their dreams!
My decision to enroll at the The Institute For Integrative Nutrition has been a life changing journey, truly. I remember when I was in Barcelona over a year ago walking around, and it hit me – one day I want to be able to come visit and live here for maybe a month or two at a time. Which meant of course I needed to be working for myself, living the entrepreneur life! How cool would that be. So I called up the school as soon as I returned state-side and lucky for me I was able to enroll in the year-long program that had just only begun the day before. Meant to be?
Little did I know that in just under a year I would have my own business in which I work with incredible people who inspire me and constantly challenge me to stay on top of my game. That I’d be totally free to travel wherever I want, whenever I want. That I’d be so high off my creativity and positive vibes most days it really is living that #dreamlife. I get to write and share authentically, help people and get invited to participate in epic game changing opportunities all over the world. It feels like I’m showing up for exactly what god put me on this earth to do – spread love, help lift people up and foster genuine connections and collaborations.
K the rest was a little bit of inspiration from how I’m feeling today. But point being, I had no idea what was to come a year ago. I couldn’t have even imagined it being this epic! I was working full time at an amazing agency at the time and didn’t even have the slightest plan of leaving just yet. I just knew I needed more tools to share w/ all the coaching clients I wanted to get out there and support. I had the business strategy knack for sure – I’m a natural – but I deeply felt called to build out my holistic healing and health offering as a compliment.
Everything is truly integrated after all especially when it comes to entrepreneurs. I’m so grateful for all I’ve learned – frankly, I’m blown away. The seemingly quick decision to enroll in IIN ended up being totally riveting – it pushed me into action to show up for the things I’ve always wanted to do my whole life. It all started with a few small steps, a few small actions – added up over time. And here I am. CERTIFIED HOLISTIC HEALTH COACH OH HAY

Finding Your Way

Feeling inspiration arising to co-create a new container, probably 2021 start, supporting new earth visionary guides, facilitators, mentors and healers in creating their soul-aligned business with integrity, authenticity and ease as our key pillars of practice.

I have been supporting clients in this work for years and yet all I have grown through this last year especially has shown me so many ways to de-program oneself from the marketing matrix and traditional strategies we are taught to believe are the “only ways” to launch a successful business, especially if you are offering your work online.

There are so many waking up..there are so many stepping out of the shadows..listening to the call to make your offerings visible to the world and to those who are waiting for you to share the wisdom you’ve gathered from this brilliant life you’ve led thus far.

Can you imagine that there are specific souls here on earth now who can literally only hear from you, who are perhaps even dying at some level without access to the knowledge and guidance you have available thats uniquely transmitted from your heart centered sharing and invitations to journey together in remembrance? It certainly feels like an urgent moment.

2021 will only bring more..more awakened souls ready to do the work, more leaders stepping into the light to guide the way..more of the real authentic visionaries who have a genuine soul calling to create containers of healing and expansion..more clearly than ever we will see those who have maybe had some success at this path wake up too and realize..wait, this isn’t what I’m actually here to do.

What is my passion? What is my calling? What is my hearts real desire? No more pretending. No more trying to be anyone else but who you are. No more efforting.

Its so much more fun to follow your design, to follow your own path, its been carved out just for you to find and follow. It feels so good to flow.

Together, let’s anchor the template of embodied leadership required in our New Earth experience.

Integrating masculine and feminine energetics – the perfect balance of creative force and power and easeful allowing and trust – in your own special way.

I sense only immense goodness to come.

I sense only the most visionary creativity we’ve ever seen before.

I sense only the most beautiful world we’ve ever imagined possible..unfolding before our eyes.

I sense only infinite abundance is here to claim, remember and embody…receiving receiving an infinite ocean.

This is who we are.

When we say yes to our design and follow our unique path..

It is pure every moment.

Yes, I am opening to this more fully in my being, in every cell. I know it is possible, I am remembering in my cells. I taste it more in most moments now..and I am opening to attune to this state of being as the new normal.

Will you join me? Say YES in your being. In the way you choose to show up now..don’t wait. Drop all practices and processes that feel inauthentic or anything that you’re doing because someone else told you too or modeled that way as the only way…

No..what is YOUR way? That is the most magnetic path of co-creation and inviting precisely who is is destine to play wit you into your field.

Your people – and yes, you have contracts to assist many and more to come – will only feel your resonance when you are being you, completely, all in.

So let go of anything that no longer fits.

Simplify and purify.

Minimize and clear out all distractions.

What are you here for and what is the most easeful nourishing way you love to play with those you are meant to serve?

It’s an inside job. How can we get out of the way of being who we really are?

When you know your own resonance and calling, those you are meant to create with – its already been planned long before this lifetime – will show up, and how they arrive is not up to you to control or oversee.

There is a higher wisdom guiding us all to reunite and remember one another.

Can we trust it?

Of course.

It’s time

xx Syd

Awakening Your Inner Dreamer (with a gift for you)

Aloha beloved sydney…

happy aloha friday as we say here in Maui..its LIT – living in the truth 🙂

Its been a big healing week..ready for a weekend of integration, rest, receiving, deeply restoring ourselves for more imminent expansion underway. Yes please. Always.

To support you in your receiving – expansion – re-membering….I’d love to share this gift with you.

I delivered a potent workshop for The Integrated Feminine Symposium yesterday to a beautiful group (there are still a few more days to join if you’re called to gather in this epic community of students/leaders/facilitators/healers) plus you receive lifetime access to all the workshops that are being delivered…lots of divinely timed upgrades.

I’d love to share my workshop transmission with you to receive here.

I love guiding these kinds of experiences more than anything really..when we create a space for our higher selves to truly meet and co-create something new that’s never existed on Earth before, that we remember from other times, that we get to anchor in once more through these bodies, into this reality.

So much remembrance is flowing now.
So much is available to us now.
So much of ourselves are here to receive..and restore.

If you are called to deepen in your remembrance, awaken your psychic-spiritual-healing gifts and step into a new era of your leadership and facilitation, I am honored to support you in our upcoming Akashic Facilitator Training starting October 13th until December 15th, 2020.

We will be traveling thru another potent energetic portal of immense integration, expansion and healing and there’s really no better way than to move through it with the support of loving community, devotional study/practice/attunement, and energetic recalibration with allies and guidance from all the realms wanting to be incorporated into your path more consciously.

We have 8 more spaces left in our final container of 2020. It would be an honor to meet you here if you are feeling the call to awaken to your multidimensional embodiment and abilities, to tune into and trust more fully your inherent wisdom and guidance, and to receive immense healing support and attunement that is available through this journey.

I am astonished continually by what is possible in this container.

On Tuesday Sept. 15th next week at 1pm Maui time / 4pm PST I’ll do a live on Facebook and Instagram about the Akashic Records + multidimensional-quantum healing. Could be a fun chance to share and have any questions you have answered too – feel free to let me know if you have a question or theme you’d love to hear explored during the live can reply here if inspired.

We are awakening at such an accelerated pace..its unbelievable (and simultaneously makes so much sense..of course) how much we’ve moved through this year, preparing for the golden age of 2021 and beyond. Can you feel the lightness abounding?

I’m particularly inspired to expand my mentorship and consulting offerings to visionaries eager to deepen in their own energetic attunement and intuitive capacity to use the Akashic Records and their own multidimensional healing tools and technologies to guide the direction and expression of their business strategy and creative contributions.

We are already loving this exchange and experiencing wonderful results in psychic business sessions, soul sourcing sessions, and the intensive containers of both of these offerings that allow for an even deeper journey-extended time of exploration.

I just launched my first pro-bono consulting client project with Play for Peace this week..initiating a 45 day strategy accelerator to support the re-launch of the organization’s key awareness initiative – the Level Up: Race for Humanity.

Grateful to be dedicating 8 hours a month now to pro-bono initiatives supporting visionaries committed to building Heaven on Earth especially through non profit and foundation initiatives that tend to be immensely under resourced when it comes to creative strategy, marketing and PR implementation/execution. Feels so good to give back in this way since I have an abundance of wisdom to share in these realms.

If you’d like to support the ONE (Odyssey: New Earth) Consulting initiative as it builds, you can learn more about everything here and even sign up to become a mentor / consultant if you’re called to give back more of your own wisdom to those who could really use you on their team.

Feel free to make a love donation to support this work as well as your energy exchange is always immensely appreciated as I consciously seek new ways of playing and sharing and oftentimes giving freely that are in integrity with the kinds of new economies I want to operate in.

I am also soon starting mentorship with a young visionary who is ready to attune more to their intuitive abilities and gifts so they can feel greater discernment and empowerment on their path..I am so excited for us to begin!

Lots to celebrate. Abundance of creativity and healing to share. Eager to play with those ready to co-create a new operating system for life + biz + creative expression..eager to quantum leap with you into new dimensions of our own expressions and experiences of Heaven on Earth.

Celebrating that I have space for 1-2 more visionary collaborators called to receive deep support in re-designing your brand architecture and energetic operating system while being guided + supported in embodying your highest vision for all areas of life. Schedule a call with me to explore here.

It is an honor to be here, this divine moment.

We certainly chose an amazing time to be here, as us, on Earth..can you feel it? Would love to receive what you are dreaming into existence..what prayers you are holding in your heart, what projects you are birthing into being…always love celebrating and amplifying the field of our desires together. What a gift to play in this way.

Loving you dearly. Take care this weekend beloved. May you rest and receive and deeply restore in all the ways that feel best <3

xx Syd

PS: Loving this Visionary Souls Transmission we just co-created with Amoraea Dreamseed..a renaissance creator, musician, artist, cosmic oracle. evolutionary leader, alchemist..magician. Loved all that came up to explore in this vortex.

Enjoy <3


Your purpose is to receive (and revel in) your absolute presence

aloha dear one. how are you being today? wow i am feeling such expansion, lightness, love..unconditional love that is..beholding the beauty and grace and abundance that’s here..all around, especially within. feeling into new depths of this present moment experience of being alive.

do you tune into yourself with this level of reverence? i feel a new access is here for us to explore..a new level of experiencing and drinking in our own presence, our own depth..our own divinity.

we are such astounding, miraculous, beautiful, complex, magical beings.

we are living miracles.

we are the keys.

we are the access.

we are portals <3

I made a fun video this weekend and shared with a lot of friends and students..connected in whats app of course instead of sharing to social media..enjoying more intimate sharing and playing instead of always on the scroll-exploration of the outer world matrixes which sometimes can still feel very heavy and in opposition to the energy i prefer to engage in and amplify.

working with a pretty epic team of humans on developing a new social media platform i sense will be pretty big-awesome-an anecdote to what we currently have on offer..

time to play in a new field where we exchange in new ways, where we practice remembering together the ways of being that feel better for us to live into..where we honor each other and ourselves and use the kinds of lexicons that actually represent the energies we are now called to anchor into earth..beyond separation and duality..pure unity babyyyy are you ready?

feeling it all..unfolding..its already been done, we’ve experienced this before: can we simply catch it as it lands?

Cleaning house – mind – body – spirit – soul has been more fun than usual lately..allowing so much spaciousness, clarity, emerge.

Clearing out all the old, simplifying, purifying, making – allowing space for more of whats aligned – resonant to simply arrive and appear.
It’s already been here all along..nothing to find or seek or even remember..its already here waiting for you to receive when you finally expand out of the self-created distractions and distortions keeping you playing in the same loop-game-thought-way of being that is familiar but can’t hold you back any longer.
Time to expand, time to use the keys you’ve always had to unlock the new potentials your soul is calling you into live-breathe-embody.
All the way. No half-assing allowed, can’t even imagine pretending to get away with it.
Integrity full on or nothing at all. And we don’t even have the choice anymore to play any other game than full authenticity, honesty, transparency.
Everyone’s waking up now to the sometimes big sometimes small ways you’re out of integrity…mostly with yourself of course, which is always reflected into your entire life, all relations, all modes of being.
Can’t do it just for the money, just for the attention, just for the validation, just to feel anything other than who you really are..
What are you here for then? What do you stand for?
How are you choosing to orient in your chosen reality?
Are you directing your own movie, your greatest show, the most extraordinary game designed just for you?
Or still taking direction from someone – something outside..because its so familiar and comforting even to do so?
It is so confronting to be gifted with this much power. To remember the capacity you innately hold to create whatever it is you believe yourself deserving of experiencing..
Listen to the maybe soft yet still singing voice emerging from in your heart-soul-spirit, urging you to step outside the box or many boxes you’re suddenly realizing you’ve encapsulated yourself in..
There’s something bigger here..a great game to play, a new choice to make, a new path to step into. It’s not fear you feel, only anticipation and the sweet sultry tension of expanding into more of your own divine presence.
Feeling yourself fully arrive here and feels so good to feel you all the way here. It feels so good to feel the world around you in such depth. It tastes so beautiful to experience this aliveness.
Your presence is the greatest gift meant just for you to receive, deeper and deeper without end.
From this connection, what do you choose to experience and create? What are you birthing into being? What is calling your soul to sing its unique song..the one only you can fully render into being?
You have the are the key, you are the access point..into the infinite. Remembering itself. Simply for the experience. Simply for the contrast. Simply for the opportunities to create itself anew, in every moment. What a divine theater indeed.
Remember we are here for fun. For play. For full aliveness. For unforetold beauty..and infinite expansion.
Building the capacity in this body to hold, radiate, express, transmit it all.
What a moment to be, here. <3
Feeling it all.
Grateful to welcome new facilitators into our final Akashic Facilitator Training of 2020 starting October 15th into December and beyond..preparing for the greatest journey of our lives.
2021..the golden age is here.
Our container is a portal for seers, guides, way-makers, healers, visionary leaders and multidimensional light houses to gather and anchor Heaven on Earth through our cells, bodies, consciousness and into and all over the Earth. We remember.
It is a sacred call into embodied leadership. It is an initiation into receiving your own keys to all the libraries and Records you are uniquely designed to access and transmit, to re-member and embody all the lifetimes and wisdom you have come here in this era to explore, celebrate and guide others into.
It is an honor to walk this path with you. It is an honor to remember with you. Forever humbled by the gifts-opening-expansion-awakening available to us on this path.
Forever grateful for the cosmic soul family reunion…its time.
I look forward to playing with you and celebrating the tail end of the most epic year in our collective history to date…what magic will we make? <3

Would love love love to share this sacred space with you if you’re called to take the leap together into a new dimension of being..expanding beyond what you’ve ever imagine being possible for you, stepping into the leadership and presence you know you’re built for, remembering all the lifetimes of wisdom you carry in your being..building a new operating system through which to transmit your medicine.

Let’s play. Just so you know..our training starts 10/15 with our opening circle call but really we begin as soon as you’d like..even now..with a 1:1 attunement/session and starting you on our course preparations and energetic protocol. Building the field together, anchoring in the high frequency energy we know we feel so at home in..bringing it down into the Earth plane to experience more of Heaven in this now.

Yes…dreaming it real. Here and now. What a fun game.

Also open to receiving 1 or 2 new client collaborators who are rebirthing themselves into authentic, full integrity, visionary leaders…fusing energy mastery, quantum healing and practical visionary business strategy to birth what’s meant to come through you now and over the next few weeks and months..awakening your multidimensional embodiment, opening up your new gifts coming online, stepping into a new iteration of your service and calling, innovating your entire life and the architecture of your operating systems..into what feels best, what feels true, what is meant for you, now.

Feel free to schedule a call here to explore.

Loving you all. Honored to be with you.

What an epic moment to exist. And watch..all that is unfolding.

xx Syd

Embodied Ascension

Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 4.51.10 PM
aloha beloved one..

how are you being today? in this now..we are receiving so much, aren’t we? i’ve lost an interest in trying to convey all that’s being experienced..much rather prefer connecting soul to soul, heart to heart…in this field we are weaving. acknowledging the subtle ways we play and connect beyond words, emails, social posts. i love playing with you dream time, in the spirit realms where we feel so at home, so ourselves.

i am grateful to be connected with you. i am grateful to be connected with my beautiful students, clients and soul family – where we meet in such depth, in such presence, in expansion, as our true selves.

i am celebrating graduating 5 new akashic facilitators this week..such extraordinary light beings. they are embodying completely new ways of being and living and flying through life. they have upgraded in astounding is an honor to witness and behold. i am most grateful for this container in showing me what is possible through this work and that somehow ive been gifted a particular transmission of course work and guidance that in this 9 week alchemical process seems to repeatedly have the impact of radically allowing participants to deeply awaken into their truth, into their hearts, into their quantum healing capacity and so much more.

infinite gifts continue to be revealed from this experience and it is the highest honor to be a part of stewarding these energies into earth at this time.

i am celebrating receiving a bunch of rejections from big publishers i was very attached to working with on my book deal i’ve been talking about for over a year now…what a fun journey indeed.

i now have a choice point to recalibrate the entire direction – to what is authentic now, not what was true a year or even 3 months ago.

there is a new vision birthing.
there is a stretch being invited.
leaping off a new cliff into what feels truly expansive and challenging and real…
what is authentic to who you are now is different from what you felt yesterday.
can we let go of what we thought was meant for us then and open to receiving what is divinely designed for us to receive here and now.
its already here.
everything we need to move into the next phase, the new paradigm, the new era..its already here when we detach from the old and allow ourselves to see, trust, feel and remember what we’ve always wanted all along..
and here it is, already waiting for us to notice 🙂

the message emerging now isn’t about an 8 step recovery program to awaken your higher something deeper, fusing the akashic records, multidimensional awakening, energy mastery and soul purpose embodiment..a pathway to embodied ascension.

there is so much i have lived in this short life wanting to come out in a way ive never shared before.
there is so much experience from other lifetimes wanting to come through in this message i have never shared before.
there has been so much preparation this year and all the years prior to ready to body mind and spirit to transmit this energy.
we are always the only ones we are waiting for, aren’t we?
to give ourselves full permission to take the leap, take the step in the direction we know our heart is called to expand into.
no more waiting for an external entity to set the goal, give you permission, map out the path
this path unfolding is yours to chart and yours alone.
you must sense what direction and what moment feel right for you to align with.
there is a deep sensing-feeling-knowing-remembering that you are called forth into now.
focus on the body.
it has all your answers.
and as you heal the body you will see the mind easily reorients to becoming a tool you can utilize to create new ways..that feel more easeful, fun and full of grace.
whats life like when we allow our feelings and our hearts to manifest in the quantum field whatever we are imagining would feel beautiful?
just because..
it is who we are..
to experience beauty – love – wisdom – embodiment.
as these infinite souls experiencing humanity through source as itself for itself reflecting back into our beings – our consciousness – our calls – our collective magnificence.

that is all. i am on the path of deep remembering. embodying this soul. harvesting my hearts truth. attempting to give words to the process and lessons unfolding. attempting to unearth my own language, not the ones ive learned from others. the language of the heart. the one that only knows truth and what is real. that knows no strategy or pretending. that has nothing to hide or attempt. that simply is.

thank you for sharing your presence and attention, i appreciate you and am infinitely grateful for the interplay we share in this moment of ascension..awakening..remembering. it is an honor to dance with you.

wishing you potent full moon blessings of healing, integration, remembering, opening..

what seeds are you harvesting from months past?

what dreams are revealing themselves to you now?

what are you committed to creating?

what is the leap you are preparing to take into your new path?

move with grace <3 you are supported. you are held. you are loved. remember you cannot possibly fail. every challenge that appears is simply here to teach you something you wanted to know about yourself. so meet it like that: what am i learning, how is this moment a gift? thank you for the understanding. i remember now.

i am here to support in any way I can dear. I am loving the sessions shared lately..very potent energetic healing is here for us to play in when we decide to activate a shared field with healing intentions. i am grateful for new beings coming into my field seeking mentorship support in birthing their soul visions into being – authentically, as themselves, with ease, in their own rhythm.

i am grateful for the opportunities to support two visionary organizations now in building their infrastructure and designing systems that support coherence and unity and optimal innovative potential…

i know this book will come when it is time. i know there are lessons integrating i get to spend time with before the new direction becomes clear. i anticipate a fruitful exploration underway this week as we play in this full moon’s dynamic magic.

Friday I am hosting a more informal support call (Birth Your Book into Being) for those of you interested in writing or publishing a first i thought of this immediately as a more formal container I wanted to present a training for..etc..and what is actually here revealing itself is a chance to connect and provide 1:1 support to those of you in the process of writing/seeking publishing or wanting to know more about the book process in general. Sign up to join us this Friday here.

Next up…

I am honored to be co-creating with such extraordinary leaders-creators-feminine activators in the Integrated Feminine Symposium coming up soon on September 10-14, 2021

We will enjoy live Interactive Workshops from over 60 World Class Presenters for 5 days also offering an 8 Week online course that will support you for a lifetime plus deep connection with global community in our FB portal…

Grateful to be teaching on Awakening Your Psychic Gifts.

Register to join us.


Loving you family.


Thank you for being. I look forward to co-creating, connecting, sharing, reflecting with you in whatever ways feel good..let’s nourish our beings, let’s love ourselves more deeply than ever, let’s support eachother in re-membering how good it feels to be alive.

let’s play <3

xx Syd

Birth Your Book Into Being

So many amazing beings in my field right now are asking me for guidance on how to write a book, get it published and so on..

I have a lot to share on the process AND I also have a desire to round up experts to answer other questions to support us all in the process (re: finding an agent, traditional publishing vs. self, proposal writing, etc.)..

So, Birthing Your Book Into Being (4-5 week support container-journey with masterclasses, guest experts, 1:1 support + group play) is percolating for an October-November start date as far as I am sensing now.

For now I am offering an immersion next week to cover the basics + to dedicate some focused time to answering your immediate questions about the process.

Sep 4, 2020 12:00 – 2:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)



An immersion designed to share a simple context of the book writing – publishing process, largely focused on answering your key questions and supporting you in your process, no matter what stage you’re in (ideation to proposal to agents to publishing).

Flow Of Experience:

– Opening Meditation / Coherence – connecting to your vision

– Presentation on the book writing to publishing process, key points to consider when beginning or throughout your process

– Working with an agent

– Publishing – big house vs. self-publishing

– Q+A and 1:1 support

Please share with anyone you feel this immersion could support.

So many are birthing extraordinary visions + boundless creativity, nothing like a quarantine to finally give you permission to slow down and see what naturally wants to flow through you.

Especially lightworkers-visionaries-leaders who know you are called to come out of the closet, share your healing journey + offer support as an example to those just waking up or a few steps behind you on the path…it’s time <3

See you soon <3

x Syd

Author of “The Empath Experience: What to Do When You Feel Everything” (Simon + Schuster 2018); in publisher match process with “The Consciousness Code: 8 Steps to Awaken Your Higher Self” due out Summer 2021.

#BirthYourBookintoBeing #Visionary #Lightworkers #ShareYourJourney

A Return to Soul Service

I’ve worked since I was 13. First as a babysitter and then as an intern at an early iteration of an SF Dept of Public Health non profit focused on youth advocacy and public health awareness and education. At an early age while still in middle school I was sitting in meetings outside of city hall SF discussing legislation to prohibit smoking in public entry ways (in partnership with SF Tobacco Free Project).

In high school I was president of Moving on Racial Equality (at a mostly all white elite private school that hosted very few minorities of which I felt more connected with than my private school counterparts – but knew I was there to bridge worlds and consciousness therein), an organizer for Latino Club (in my elite high school I’ve never felt more Mexican or identified as a person of color in my life – my father is the son of a Mexican immigrant and the first person in his family to graduate high school and the first to go on to get post masters degree education) and eventually I was VP of Diversity focused on garnering awareness and engagement around equal opportunity, educational privilege and outreach to diverse communities.

I was only able to attend the school which now I think costs upwards of $40K per year (more than most colleges) by receiving a nearly full scholarship due to abnormally high test scores  and performance reports. It was a cultural initiation indeed and showed me first hand what money can really buy. I probably engrained a lot of distortions around materialism and value and money at this time. I am thankful for the lessons and all the healing that has come forth since then. I miss feeling agitated to catalyze movements and engage controversial discussion around the inquiries that invite us to explore what it means to be human and to see the world thru such diverse lenses.

In college I double majored in political science and Latin American studies with an almost minor in social entrepreneurship at UC Santa Cruz. I learned about grant writing, studied revolutions and social movements, political theory with a focus on global political economy, world systems theory and post colonial thought.

My two theses were on the MS13 and transnational migrator my patterns of “the worlds most dangerous gang” and all social-political-economic dynamics therein; and “reggae: a post colonial critique of capitalism” investigating how a musical modality was developed as a social revolution and response of diaspora to infiltrate mass capitalist consciousness with messages catalyzing social change, spiritual reconnection and identity reclamation.

In New York City while working at top ad agencies and PR firms I served on the boards for Defy Ventures, United Women in Business and the Lower East Side Girls Club plus served on host committee for the Seeds Of Peace annual Peace Market. All the meanwhile I was heavily involved in service and sponsorship in 12 step communities and helped organize and lead in some cases the creation of events and conferences attended by 100s-1000s of young people in recovery.

At my last agency I led campaigns as senior producer and account managers for brand like Hyatt, ShockTop, Estée Lauder, Logitech and Barnes and Noble to name a few. My proudest accomplishment was spearheading and overseeing the development and launch of the agency’s grant program (The Praytell Passion Project) that awards $100K+ in creative and strategic services to non profits (grantees) in need. The program is still an active part of the company’s culture even 4 years later – so grateful for the chance to contribute in this way.

In my own business over the years I’ve told myself that sharing (books, articles, podcast, social posts, videos, courses), helping others heal and working on myself are all that’s required as opposed to the outward demonstrations of service I used to gravitate towards.

But the truth is..service is in my soul and somewhere along the line I allowed myself to move down a path of monetizing my soul service so overtly that I became disassociated from the purity of intention that had guided most of my life beforehand.

Odyssey’s creation and launch last year was an attempt at meeting somewhere new in the middle but wasn’t ultimately aligned (or I simply wasn’t ready or aligned) at that time with the frequency I now desire to bring through.

I’m closing the door on that timeline now and stepping forth into co-creation and genuine service in ways that feel loving, nourishing, enlivening and FUN.’s where I would love your help::

I would love to take a seat on a nonprofit board as an advisor offering expertise in biz strategy, messaging/marketing, creative direction, grant writing, constituent engagement, partnership development and fundraising.

Key areas of interest / cause: educational access + equality, family trauma + healing, addiction + recovery, women + children, micro lending + small business development, cross cultural exchange + education.

Please feel free to email me or introduce me to any organizations you sense I’d be a fit for.

I am offering 8 pro-bono hours per month starting in Sept. to companies, leaders and visionaries desiring holistic and strategic support relating to their vision that is designed to benefit humanity at this time.

Here is the form to request a spot:

I would also love to open space to mentor 3 young people (free of course, the exchange is met in witnessing + supporting the unfolding into their destiny) below the ages of 18 (with parent permission) who are awake and eager to align with their soul path and purpose. I envision these being long term partnerships that foster immense growth, healing and expansion.

Here is the form to apply for mentorship:

In celebration of our collaboration, co-creations and collective dream weaving into new paradigms and potentials of Heaven on 🌏.

Thank you ❤️

New Earth Birth

I just want to be of service. I just want to play. I just want to be me. I just want to connect with the souls I am here to play with, meant to co-create with, meant to build the New Earth with. I just want to speak the truth, always in love. I just want to be an open vessel.
To be a clear channel, without agenda, without obstruction. I just want to be the light I am. I just want to receive it all. I just want to reflect the truth we are all here to share and remember together. I just want to be at ease. I just want to feel deep peace. I just want to be.
With nothing to prove. No one to convince, not even myself,
Simply showing up in every moment following whatever desire is arising, knowing all pulls of the heart are my innocence seeking expression and self-remembrance.
Id love to forget all the programming thats ever been ingrained to have me speak like someone else, act like anyone but myself, or worst of all – taught me to manipulate others into believing some illusion that I myself didn’t even ever fully buy into but kept thinking something was wrong with me for not getting it when so many others i selectively chose to tune into were somehow claiming wild success with the same strategy.
I come from immense, deep, generations-long repeated histories of trauma, addiction, neglect, abuse, abandonment, emotional extremism..and all the wounds passed down from mother to daughter, from father to son, underlying.
The veil has been lifted on the extent to which I grew up in normalized dysfunction – I had to de-sensitize myself to just how immense the impact was or else my entire reality would have fallen apart.
Survival is like that you know. We can turn off and tune out so much of our depth if we know at some level that doing so is required to simply make it through life as a human let along dependent child, just one more day.
Its wild to finally let the feelings flow – the repressed sadness, anger, grief, and all the layers in between that were never allowed to come out because there was never a safe space for them to land. And this body didn’t learn safety ever, didn’t learn how to take care of itself as it really needed, didn’t learn to see-sense-know-affirm itself or its own existence even..without first checking out everyone else around for the validation required.
Before anything else can happen, vet external conditions and people for the utmost requirement for this operating system to function.
To move forward within and at times to even see the path forward into this new earth vibration that is already here when we still ourselves enough to feel it, sense it, know it..requires completely healing which really means completely feeling and transmuting and moving these memories, imprints, traumas, patterns, and all subsequent thought-forms-beliefs-energies-cycles-programs implicit therein.
Sometimes the feelings that have been repressed for so long in this body for this entire life feel so immense there is only a terror arising at the possibility of even meeting just a glimmer of the energy that is inevitably arising and amplifying as each day passes.
An aspect of this consciousness registers a release of that magnitude as akin to physical death, and so terror is to be expected as entire identities created around these imprints are coming to the surface to be cleaned and cleared. Restructured into true-authentic-presence, or, simply, you. Who you are underneath the stories, memories, DNA inheritance, and all the implicit genetic baggage.
But the magical, beautiful, miracle of it all continues to show itself as an unfathomable resilience, a regenerative super power innate within all beings, within our being: mysteriously meeting you in the healing field as you seek to go deeper within – the energy you were at first terrified to meet and witnessed resistance arise to protect you from going all in, soon dissipates with a simple breathe all the way in, reminding the nervous system – the portal to divine innocence embodied – that I am safe, I am here, I am now. All is well. All that is not me is simply releasing, leaving, clearing, integrating, transmuting, alchemizing. All is well. I am here.
With all the layers I have seen and transmuted, just when I thought I was near the end of a program – an imprint – a way of being – a grand transmutation – a breakthrough, more material will surely reveal itself. Creating space is funny like that. And many of us certainly signed up for the PHD program of transmutation and alchemy in this life as we re-member and re-claim our divinity, sovereignty, liberation, full presence.
We are here to anchor great light, indeed. We are here to re-code entire generations of humanity for the rest of existence through our being. We are pioneering a new consciousness that has never experienced being in a body, completely, like this. We are learning as we go. We are uncovering our mastery – alchemist tool set – our divine laboratory of multidimensional healing and all the meanwhile compassionately always remembering, our humanness. Our little one. Our inner mother, our inner father – meeting perhaps for the first time, like this, now.
I am humbled. I am ready. I am receiving. I am here <3
Keep going x
xx Syd