Light at the End of the Tunnel

aloha are ya being?

Thru another intense portal of deep layers this week – we fly 🔑

Purging out what no longer serves. Playing in familiar projection fields just long enough to see more truth and let the illusions go, this time completing the timeline in which they held any power.

Reality is the ultimate trip. The more light you allow into your being the more you can see and feel in yourself and in others and the world. The interconnectedness is so palpable.

The less untruth you can tolerate – it literally becomes painful to even touch into even the slightest inauthenticities and you can feel it even more in others most times before they can see it in themselves.

We definitely don’t know what we don’t know before we know 😂

I’m so thankful for the initiations this week calling me into more conscious choice – deciding fully where I want to be, who I want to be, and my associations I choose. Everything is a choice – whether we are making it consciously or not.

We have the power, always, even when we don’t see it or trust it. Owning and knowing one’s power is another trip in this reality – somehow can be the scariest thing for humans to explore. How alive can we truly be – how much of our own energy can we allow to flow unbounded by anything or anyone.

How free can we be to let divinity move thru us so potently that we just sit back and enjoy the show – allowing life to paint the more glorious pictures and direct the most epic movies for us to simply appreciate and receive.

Cultivating compassion for parts integrating within and within others around inherited shame and self betrayal / abandonment strategies that helped us survive traumatic family and societal dynamics for a time..until we realize we are here to live in love and rest into we feel the deep wells of these energies like infinite oceans of sadness, anger, rage, grief..tenderness.

Remembering our child self at all the ages they required more love and support to feel safe to be themselves.

Giving ourselves what we needed then, now. And asking for it consciously in our connections ❤️

I’m so thankful to be alive and awake and seeing clearly.

This game truly is infinite 🤙🏽 How are you playing? 🐬

Celebrating this now moment..a breath of relief..and some laughter in hindsight..looking back at all the fun strategies played out this 🙂

Celebrating the completion of the Templ(e)ate portal which was sooo much fun – a perfect group assembled the last week to share daily practice and connection and was perfect medicine to integrate and stabilize amidst all the energies we were receiving..super upgrades.

Below is one of my guided transmissions from our time together if you’d like to tune in..nervous system regulation and sinking deeper into clear discernment for what matters most..yes please.

Our Bali retreat and the 5D council are cancelled (maybe postponed is more accurate) till the time when both are more aligned to flow. Waiting for the clear YES to press play from divinity instead of any other way.

I could share a lot here about lessons integrated over the last 2 weeks..but to keep it brief..I was in the most expansive portal with people I’ve dreamed about associating with forever..a few weeks ago in Virginia. I got to spend time with absolutely genius beings who are actually changing the world at a scale I can’t quite comprehend.

Zach Bush is one of to tour his factory where ION is produced ((highly recommend these supplements!)) in Charlottesville..and some others who are just..absolutely brilliant beings, deeply committed to presence and authenticity in all they do.

After being in this field..the transcendent – transformative field of presence and love – I came home to my house in Hawaii feeling like a timeline had completed. The time of solo nervous system healing and repatterning, rather isolated in the jungle..has come to an end. I desire to be surrounded by community of high level creators and I desire to live in a more supportive environment..not on an active lava flow where the land is always catalyzing immense spiritual growth. Time to take a break.

With this realization..came the awareness of trying – efforting – even in subtle ways – trying to make things happen, attaching to busy-ness – creating from a space of have-to and should and filling the space instead of sinking into spaciousness and emptiness and allowing-trusting something new to happen instead.

The guidance was so clear to let go of Bali and the Council for now. They were not 1000% full yes’s and knowing this I couldn’t continue with them. The council didnt seem to have legs anyway – everyone seemed to catch the memo before I did as is the case when something is not meant to be. The bali field was also not super clear as I realized it was not in integrity for me to host a retreat with the assumption and hope that “maybe the vax mandates will be lifted by the time we gather and if not i’ll just get fake paperwork..”.

I can’t be dishonest..I just cant and it wasn’t right to host an event without this grounded knowing that we’d be allowed to enter the country. I also learned a lot about collaborative always..and the importance of clear agreements in planning events with others and energy balance involved..and so much more.

If anything I have my deposit on the venue at a truly magical place if its meant to happen and guidance is clear – perhaps we shall reconvene next year. We shall see. I trust.

I am moving to the other side of the island come Oct 1. Time to play and be with more resonant community and have easier beach access..and more relaxing energy on the land…with more dolphins!

I am potentially traveling a bit between then and after too..revisiting Tulum and who knows where else..ready to explore and adventure after what feels like 2.5 years of deep system recalibration and healing. Ready to play 🙂

Thanks for playing along..and listening..and being. Always love to hear how you are faring thru these amazing upgrades and updates..especially celebrations..always welcome.

Some other cool news:

– I launched a new blog – ecommerce platform called Designed to Remind. Excited to build this up and share more content here, taking a bit of a pivot from Sydney Campos and all the energy infused there for the past 7 years (and lifetimes lol). I would love to raise capital for this to become a multidimensional energy healing / emf blocking sustainable clothing brand. Has been a dream of mine for a long time..portal open.

– I am leading a massive team project to bring the Quantum Energy Wellness Beds to the world at scale – setting up operations, logistics, compliance and sales/marketing/affiliates..launching soon. Has been so much fun working with a dream team on this..check it out: and let me know if you’d like to be an affiliate and I can put you on our list.

– We just finished our Akashic Facilitator Training mixed with 5D Visionary Business training and it was as life changing as ever. Celebrating the 4 new facilitators who are bringing their gifts to the world in beautiful ways..bridging so many dimensions in only the ways they can..opening to serve at higher more meaningful, inspired, authentic ways. Thank you 🙂

– New app update coming soon on ASCEND – new social media community designed to elevate consciousness and support personal growth. Check it out and come play – download “Ascend Community” on app/play stores. Would love to know what you think of what we’ve built. Raising $2M for additional updates/optimizations and growth marketing if you’re called to support.

– New episode of Visionary Souls was super cosmic and multidimensional..if you care to come play and receive..and remember what its like to be like water.

Always more to share..but thats it for now. Love you more and more..thank you for being.

xx Syd

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