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Divinity Codes is the essential 8 week course guiding you to awaken your intuition, live your purpose and amplify personal power, self-worth and abundance.


“I was trying to fill a course and no one was in it. I was waking up everyday very unhappy and anxious. I signed up for Divinity Codes and the course filled in two days and I started being happy.”  ~ Ann M., Feminine Empowerment Guide, Sacred Sexuality Thought-Leader, Divinity Codes Student


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Divinity Codes Includes:


  • One training with Sydney each week containing energy healing activations, lectures, guided somatic experiences, visualizations, and more

  • A Guest Expert training each week showcasing world-renowned thought leaders, visionaries, healers and entrepreneurs embodying divinity


  • Expert guidance in energetic mastery and healing techniques to remove stagnation, trauma and density from your system, align your energy and amplify your intuitive super powers


  • Exclusive access to cutting-edge consciousness-expanding materials, tools, techniques and practices you can use for life


“This program helped me go from being entrenched in and obsessed with living up to everyone else’s desires for me to being grounded in my own and having a process to explore and understand my desires. That was not a journey I was capable of taking on my own at the time I started the program, and the fact that I’m now much more grounded in my desire is a direct result of the tools, trainings and activations.”  ~ Divinity Codes Student


“I have tuned into a much higher purpose and have created clarity of vision towards living on my highest timeline. I have allowed myself to experience higher frequency emotional states and I’ve seen my life long eczema healed in the process. I have uncovered many money wounds and created a new relationship with money to start receive exponential wealth as a mentor, healer, actor and singer.” ~ Josh L., Actor, Singer, Healer, Personal Freedom Coach, Divinity Codes Student


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Alignment Activation is a 7-week immersion guiding you to live powerfully, love authentically, awaken abundance and align with your soul purpose.


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Alignment Activation is for you if you want to:

  • Awaken and refine your intuitive gifts
  • Experience deeper intimacy with yourself and in all relationships
  • Create clear boundaries and maximize your magnetism
  • Feel free, in total peace and ease, being in the present moment
  • Receive radical guidance in going for your dreams all-in

“Wow, there have been so many breakthroughs! This class helped me raise my vibration and began seeing that my thoughts do not define me. I was letting my mind run the show, surrounding myself with people who drained me and I was trying to live my life the way I was taught was “right”. I now have a deeper awareness of who I am and I finally started listening and responding to my soul. I’ve made room for meaningful friendships, eased into life and the journey of becoming a new momma, and I have let myself play more and discover a new passion. I am happier than ever in my relationship, more confident in myself and I have a stronger connection with my soul.


The flow activation was a huge shift for me because I realized that I wasn’t enjoying my art and that I was trying to force myself into a niche that I had outgrown. When I let myself play it allowed me to start exploring new avenues of creativity. I also had huge breakthroughs during the pleasure and abundance activations. I realized that I have been giving all of my life and had a lot of issues around receiving. Asking for what I need was extremely challenging but it has helped my relationship significantly. Now I see how not allowing myself to receive also affected my relationship with money.  


I am committed to my self-care practice, and working through negative thought processes to help myself reprogram and expand. I also understand the importance of being in the flow and listening to my soul. I feel like I have quite a bit of work to do especially around abundance, but I now have the tools and knowledge to keep working through my core wounds and conditioning. This transition has been life changing!


This course is for anyone who feels drained from operating under a belief system that does not resonate nor serve them and is open to expanding their consciousness.


I originally joined this course because Sydney’s content resonated with me on a soul level. I had a hard time investing in myself (which I learned why in the class) but I am so happy that I did! At first, I was focused on the surface level stuff but I quickly realized that inner healing was really what I needed to see outside results.


My biggest breakthroughs came from recognizing the conditioning from my childhood that taught me to over-serve others and to play small. I subtracted toxic relationships and stopped giving into the quilt. I made space to practice self-care and to learn to play again and in return, it took me to a whole new avenue with my art. I realized that I was letting my negative thought patterns run the show and that I was not being true to myself.


This is the happiest I have felt in years! I am so grateful for the tools I gained and all of the shifts that occurred through the class. I know from this point forward life will be different because I have a new awareness. I am finally waking up to becoming the person that I know I am meant to be!” ~ Sarah. H. Visionary Artist, Conscious Mama, Landscape Designer, Alignment Activation Student


Your 7-Week Alignment Activation Program includes…

  • Expert-curated practices, tools, trainings and activations to up-level your mind-body-spirit-soul alignment, optimize your energy and feel your best now
  • Two ~60-min trainings a week containing live guidance and activations with Sydney and world-renowned guest experts
  • Healing energy transmissions and guided meditations to activate you at the cellular level in aligning to optimal well-being, clarity and power

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“In addition to these HUGE wins, the tools in this program have also allowed me to dispel limiting beliefs, deeply rooted shame and guilt, and destructive mindset patterns. 

The program activations around indulging in joy, pleasure, and somatic healing have allowed me to reclaim my body and my power. The activations, practices and transmissions have enabled me to build a nourishing daily meditation and mindset practice, build a working relationship with my intuition, and develop a strong sense of self-trust.  

Thank you isn’t a big enough phrase to hold the amount of gratitude I feel toward Sydney for creating this program, and holding the space for such massive growth and transcendence in such a short amount of time.  

If you are looking for a whole-life transformation, sign up for Alignment Activation, and then buckle up! If you put the work in, it’s going to be a wild, fantastic, life-changing ride. Destination: You.”

 – Nicole, Sustainability Advocate, Bioengineer and Writer, North Carolina




Its time to take your power back…

Mastering Magnetism is a 4-week immersion co-created with Kevin Orosz designed to elevate your consciousness, magnetism and liberation within money, sex and power.

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Your Mastering Magnetism Immersion Includes

  •  Four 90-minute Activations with masterful training, energy practice plus group coaching recordings

  •  Custom-tailored assignments and inspired actions to embody your full power and magnetism

“I was drawn to this course because even with all the “abundance” “money mindset” work that I’ve done, I still felt so many scarcity programs running in my subconscious. I remember asking myself before I started this course, “am I ever going to stop worrying about money?”
That scarcity was so alive for me, I was working three jobs and always coming up short. The thing that surprised me the most about the course was the way that the energetic practices supported me. I’ve always been so intellectual when it came to money and this way of playing with breath work, meditation and setting a prosperity altar actually really helped to unwind and release some of that 3D conditioning around money.
The biggest breakthroughs that I had were coming into FULL alignment with myself and my INTEGRITY. Noticing where I was out of integrity through out my day even from the littlest things like complaining about customers or letting my bedroom get messy all the way to big things like deciding to sober up and clear my consciousness.
The craziest and best thing about the timeline of taking this course is that around the time I completed it, I started to realize that those old scarcity programs weren’t running so loudly anymore. I was actually in a place of TRUST with myself! That week, money started flowing towards me in all kinds of unexpected ways. Like, LOTS of money.
I learned that I don’t actually have to work my ass off everyday to receive money. I learned that actually, it’s about being in alignment with prosperity that opens to floodgates to the unexpected and spontaneous flows of money. This time that should have been so painful and stressful actually turned out to be one of the most prosperous times of my life. I paid off all my debts, moved into a nicer home, invested in a business coach and started upgrading the ways I take care of myself.
I truly believe that completing that course before all this happened, prepared me to stay prosperous during this time. My favorite part about this training is that it’s always available for me to return to. I can drop in for a guided session with Sydney and Kevin, choose a journaling prompt or practice, and bring myself back into that prosperous state any time I need.
This course is best suited for anyone who’s curious about the energetic workings of money. Budgeting and money mindset are one place to start, but this course takes you to the next level of actually EMBODYING prosperity and welcoming that abundance into your life.”
~ Jane Lyon, Liberation Guide, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Healer, Salt Lake City
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