It’s Safe to Come Home

aloha love…how are you being?

checking in to share..a few reminders:

It’s safe to come home to your true being.

It’s safe to be who you really are.

It’s safe to honor your desires.
It’s safe to feel how you’re really feeling.

It’s safe to admit what you no longer have space for and to let it go.
It’s safe to draw boundaries and new agreements as you evolve out of the old ones or realize your needs have changed.

It’s safe to honor yourself and what is most nourishing and true for you in all moments.
It’s safe to feel the deep layers arising now – the layers we haven’t felt since we were very young and didn’t yet have the capacity developed to be with it all.

It’s safe to see a new part of yourself that wasn’t allowed to fully be seen before – how does he or she or they want to walk and dance thru this life in this body?
It’s safe to let all other conditioned identities dissolve.

It’s safe to let time melt away as we sink into more of our own presence.
It’s safe to completely trust your intuitive knowing.

It’s safe to give yourself permission to live the life you’ve always dreamed of experiencing.
It’s safe to no longer carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.
It’s safe to have healthy vulnerable truly intimate relationships.

It’s safe to let love alllllll the way in ❤️❤️❤️😇😇
Happy new moon portal beloveds.

What a big 48 hours!

Whats come alive for you?

What are you giving yourself permission to step into now?

To let go of?

To even consider..letting go of? 🙂

I’m giving myself permission to sit with some massive potentials for expansion and opening – feeling more alive and awake than ever.

I recorded my first ecstatic dance DJ set – listen on my sound cloud ((dj starwave)) – such a dream.

Lots of practice still but I love the flow state of completely forgetting about time and just being in the joy of creation ❤️❤️

seems like this essence is what life is wanting us to play in now.

Here is where we see our true path and attune to more of our true nature. 💎🔑

loving you – what are you celebrating??!

I have some fun announcements coming : new ways to play! And co creating with some incredible beings in a transformative portal – temple of practice and play, coming soon ❤️

Check out this beautiful transmission from last week – all about coming home <3 ((below))

And enjoy a hypnotherapy sesh guided by my friend Rani after…taking you into your akashic records + soul guidance! epic.

Creating a portal for us to gather in soon..Aug 1-11 <3

More to come..assembling the perfect divine counterparts..all in flow 🙂

Also..we are going to Bali!!!

December 28th, 2022 -Jan 8th, 2023…save the date.

Already feeling the yes? Reply to confirm you’d love to be on our short list. We already have a few spots spoken for.

Official details coming soon..announcing around June 18th.

This will be a beautifully curated experience for 15 by myself and my sis Prema Love..along with other guest facilitators and friends to amplify out journey..home.

IN which we shall explore – play – experiment – collaborate in…


to our true selves.
to our true desires.
to our inner artists.
to our hearts callings.
to inner strength + resilience.
to a new nervous system.
to resting in grounded presence.
to our body’s incredible capacity.
to our soul’s divine purpose.
to our intuitive majesty.
to our multidimensional beauty.
to deep rest.
to deep nourishment.
to profound play.
to profound gratitude…
for this moment..and all thats brought us enjoy it.

what else shall we attune to?

the list could gets infinite pretty fast 😛

your intentions help amplify/anchor the field.
this is a co-creation after all..

from now else are we to arrive..anyway?

as the potent leaders we are…
playing in paradise..opening to receiving..
our next right steps and inspirations.
what new realities become possible?

all so fun to feell…the full yes 🙂

love you so much.

take good care this week – month ahead, enjoy.

more rest is looking good!!

or maybe you’re like me and many others in my field and feeling the inspiration to build..and start creating foundation upon which your vision can take form.

if so, please tune into my 5D visionary biz training – we’re going thru it now in our akashic training underway and im reminded of how powerful this program is and how timely it is for supporting authentic, unique ways of leading and creating. More info below in case ya wanna tune in.

i love you so much!!!

you’re awesome…like..realllllyyy..awesome 🙂

xx Syd

Your invitation awaits…

To play – lead – YOUR way.

To lead as you.

To create your business and life..

in the ways that feel best..for you.

Decondition all the other noise..of what you thought you “should do” while you’re at it 🙂

Do you relate?::

You have you taken a ton of trainings, workshops, courses or even worked with mentors that have all seemed to offer the same thing – the same templates, same guidance – telling you to post on social media everyday to get clients or make sales.
You’ve never resonated much with the approaches you’ve seen offered out there online or by other programs claiming to give you “the answer” that seems all too driven by profit, sales and overt focus on building one’s brand more than amplifying the greater mission at hand.
You’ve been craving support from fellow visionary allies and collaborators who, like you, are guided by a higher purpose and mission that’s intended to support collective evolution, harmony and healing.
You desire permission and guidance in uncovering your authentic mission, vision and values so you can design the business plan, platform and launch that completely reflects your true essence.
You’re eager to receive deep support in coming out of the multi-dimensional, intuitive closet so you can confidently share your truth, anchor the message and mission you’re here to birth and magnetize your soul family in to co-create with you.
You are without a doubt ready to take a leap into the unknown and create new ways of being, doing and expressing that quite likely have never been practiced or embodied on Earth before.
Sound like you? If you’re feeling the resonance, it’s time to explore co-creating in a new your way. It’s time to share your authentic vision in a way that feels most aligned and supportive, at your own pace, in your unique style.

If you join in the next week I’d love to offer you TWO 45-minute intuitive strategy calls to be used over the next 3 months to assist in all you’ll integrate and embody. Like a mini-mentorship with email support in between as you go thru the self-guided journey..I have some space to support a few visionaries through this experience and would absolutely love to play if thats YOU.

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