Dear visionary leaders of the world we wish existed…

Maybe like you I am a unique bridge between worlds of business, transformation, embodiment and all things energy. 

My favorite question: “when do you feel most alive?”

Tell me. I’d love to know. 

My super powers are…

1)) profound capacity to create safety, depth and connection pretty instantaneously

2)) high level empathy and intuition with deeply attuned listening wherein people feel seen and known with permission to be completely themselves 

3)) genius innovation and intuitive insight into strategic architecture, vision and practical application for future technologies, systems and structures required for a thriving planet and awakened humanity 

4)) translating higher dimensional guidance and healing into words, inquiries and experiences – including mentorship, retreats, courses/training, books and podcasts 

5)) getting the dance party started in any given moment where you didn’t even know you wished a dance party was happening

I got sober from a ten year foray into near death experiences, alcohol and drugs, and things you’d never believe in 2011 which was the start of my awakening. 

At the same time I started my career in advertising and marketing first as a strategist and campaign manager then eventually as senior producer and ops director of a global PR agency I helped grow from 9 to 60 employees in 2 years. I exited in 2016 after helping prep the $20M sale to a notable holding company. 

I started consulting with startups and coaching visionaries on holistic entrepreneurship always fusing in energy healing, intuitive advising/channeling, embodied leadership, nervous system recalibration and psychic development. 

I’ve always been drawn to visionaries and them to me. We are the ones who see the world we wish existed and know we are the ones we’ve been waiting for who are here to build it. 

We do so by first building ourselves. We embody our visions and desires, we lead in absolute authenticity and integrity, and we set the foremost examples of emotional, energetic and intuitive mastery required by a thriving world that works for all. 

This has been the basis of my work, my personal path and soul service for nearly 10 years and I’m honored to support those called to do the deep work to pioneer the worlds we wish existed. 

We see it as we become it. 

Let’s play 💖


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