I have some amazing excited and grateful to share with we are officially….

ASCEND: a new dimension of social community, designed for authenticity, transparency, and shared value.

My co-founder David Richeson and I have been working on building ASCEND since last year (really our entire lives have prepared us for this moment..) and we’re so close to launching and sharing with the world!!

Just a few weeks away!!

Learn more about our story, vision + what we’re architecting here and in the video below.

Please share with friends, family + allies if you’re called to support and share the love.

So excited for this new adventure..

Will you join us?

xx Syd

back at the beginning

aloha love –

welcome if you’re new honored to connect with you.

feels like we shifted into a new dimension in last 48 hours. so grateful to feel clarity – momentum – stability..soo much creative energy landing. super charged.

this came thru yesterday..streaming in…

Energy is moving faster than we’ve ever experienced before on earth in bodies like this. It’s feeling better now that so much emotional density has been cleared after the purge of the last few weeks.

Some are still in the purge and it’s okay – this is allowing space for the higher frequencies and new information to recalibrate fully into our cells.

A whole new operating system is landing. It is the system supporting the divine human blue print to actualize into embodiment. It is the preparation for our multidimensional capacities, perceptions and mastery to come fully online – in ways we never before imagined.

We are becoming clear conduits for light that can create literally anything. Ideas are flowing faster too – we are receiving more pieces to the puzzle of the vision we are here to build into form.

The new social structure, economy, governance, health care, education, everything is ready for re-design and we are here in this incarnation to sow the seeds of architecture setting the stage for next few thousands of years. We are no small feat, we humans.

Many of us have struggled with addiction, depression, suicide, disassociation and worse plus immense childhood trauma all to prepare us to cultivate the resiliency to lead in the way we are now invited to lead.

We have learned thru contrast what true unconditional love is and what presence and authenticity actually feel like. In a way we have learned universal law from an embodied perspective from the extremes we’ve experienced.

From our pain arises a deep knowing that cannot be taught.

The walk ins are coming now.

Many higher dimensional beings are taking on human form and many of us are receiving our own additional higher dimensional aspects.

We are remembering other languages, symbols, technologies, ways of being and seeing and so much more.

There is an immense integration process in this embodiment in most cases. I have prepared many lifetimes for this and am ready to be of assistance to those called in to resonance.

We were already destined to co-create, I am simply affirming the call and knowing here and now…

Let’s build it and BE it – heaven on earth. It’s time.

Loving you more..just as you and now <3

xx Syd

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5 spots left in our upcoming Akashic Facilitator Training..going to be such a beautiful – powerful – soul family always.

Lion’s Gate Akashic Awakening Portal Party 8-8-21
Register to Join us ((+ more info  // vision below))

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More awesome Akashic Celebrations from our graduates
“As a serial entrepreneur who went through startup burnout I found myself drawn to Akashic Records work to heal myself on a soul level before deciding what I wanted to do next. Some people learned how to bake bread during the pandemic–I decided I was going to learn how to read the Akashic Records. I have always worked with the akashic field, I just didn’t know that’s what it was called.

Learning how to hone the skill of attunement and discernment has been an ever evolving process of deep remembering. You give and receive over 30 sessions as part of the facilitator training process. The bonds built with fellow students become invaluable friendships & a support system that lasts long after the training is complete—for that reason alone I highly recommend taking the leap and signing up! It was one of the best investments I have ever made.

Today when working with clients I tune in at a soul level downloading creative business strategy in a way that leaves me feeling energized instead of drained. I now consult my innermost council before making decisions, practice discernment and have a deeper sense of presence in all that I do.

The results I experienced from completing Sydney’s facilitator training program continue to unfold. We all have a direct line to the divine, practicing deep listening and self-trust is one of the biggest gifts we can give ourselves and others.”

~ Laura Marie O’Reilly, Founder of Vital.Vision, Former CEO & Founder of Wallplay

Apply for Akashic Facilitator Training

Watch today’s love-stream with Roya all about our Akashic training journey together as well as some insights into current energies, new paradigms of leadership, shadow work integration and more…so much fun <3

{{{ Akashic Awakening: Lions Gate Activation 8/8/2021 }}}

Ascension is an inside job 😍
My favorite ways to anchor in the new energies we are receiving and integrating is thru group practice and play.
We experience quantum leaps in consciousness and embodiment when we co-create space for remembering and potent receiving together in our group field.
Coherence is the new currency. Our capacity to embody it in more moments than not defines our choice points especially from here on out.
With energy moving faster than ever, how resilient are you when it comes to meeting deeper layers of yourself, embodying the lessons unfolding and welcoming the opportunities to expand and evolve?
We are in the midst of a beautiful transition – with powerful energy supporting us to align with our destiny, our creative calling, our souls true path.
With clear focus and commitment, anything truly is possible.
What shall we co-create? 😍
Let’s P L A Y 😎👇🏽
* Akashic Records visionary journey + guidance
* global coherence meditation + gridwork
* multidimensional energy activation
* somatic attunement + energy integration
* guided practices + energy protocols
* community connection + 1:1 support
You’ll leave this experience feeling:
* refreshed + recalibrated to your home frequency
* connected to your vision + purpose
* deeply anchored in your intuitive knowing
* connected to your guides + council support
* awakened to new possibilities on your path
* integrated, grounded + centered on cellular level
* inspired, abundant, magnetic + open to receive
Register + feel free to invite a friend.

This will be a lovely portal to play in together on a super-charged day <3

Register for Lions Gate Portal Activation 8-8-21

ama today + a gift for you

aloha darlin – checking in briefly..has been a wild 24 hours.

i feel like i don’t recognize the person who wrote the words that flowed through yesterday morning, telling quite a different story than what I am experiencing now. we are moving thru our waves so fast now..hundreds of years in a moment or so it seems.

how are you taking care of you?

More waves of purging still. Getting used to it by now? Being challenged to face our depths, even deeper. The out-dated survival programs and protection / self-preservation protocols can’t come with us where we’re going. It hurts to feel these layers.

The not enough voice and conditional self-love tactics can be so loud; they’re coming up heightened in awareness to meet in new ways. Can we interrupt them from taking over like they’re accustomed to? The healing underway isn’t about turning those energies off completely but instead welcoming them to integrate in new ways.

Sometimes it feels like nothing is real, like I am not real, like nothing I have done is real. I feel incongruent with how others relate to me and how I see myself now. I am learning to see and be with myself, for the first time, like this. It hurts to feel how for so long I wasn’t sure if I even existed because no one was there early on to validate and attune with my being in the ways I needed then. Learning to love oneself like this, now, is definitely like shooting in the dark..even after so many years of doing the work and transcending so many layers and identities..there is still infinitely more to welcome forth.

As much as I want to run away from the pain sometimes, even still, the practice is instead to reach out in connection instead of hiding in isolation – to share truthfully instead of dawning a mask of self-deception – to let the layers of protection and fear and contraction melt away as we let others truly see and be with and support us – as we are. The practice is to welcome the parts that feel hard to feel – to make space for them – to speak to them lovingly, to return back to basics – pausing to ask your little one, how are you darling? what might you need to be be supported right now? how can i help?

Rebuilding trust after such a long life of self-abandonment and breaking trust again and again to instead prioritize others over oneself takes time to repair..this is the reconstruction underway. This seems like the path to embodying integrity..from here we experience our own radiance. From here there is more ease, allowing, receiving.

Maybe..I don’t know..I am hoping..I am learning..I am seeing pieces start to come together..I am showing up the best I can. I have never been like this before..its like meeting yourself for the first time, again.

Holding all the parts of this sacred human experience and all its complexity..with all the aspects of my multidimensional being and divine blueprint that knows who she truly is, why she is here, and the loving intentions steering this ship called life. Surrendering some more.

Expanding to welcome, and all the way through.

Loving myself anyway.

Let’s meet here.



I am offering an ASK ME ANYTHING / AMA today at noon HST / 3pm PST on Facebook and Instagram.

Feel free to join us here to tune in and have any questions answered while connecting with some beautiful souls from around the world..anchoring a lovely we do.

I had been receiving guidance the last week to offer support..but wasn’t sure what kind of help felt congruent until the AMA idea popped in as a great way to connect, offer guidance and attunement for everyone who would love to receive right now.

I also got guidance to offer a summer fun sale for all my sessions + 1:1 offerings here.. from now until August 4th you can save 33% off all sessions and you can use the code SUMMERFUN at checkout up to 3 times for any type of session listed here.

For the case you didn’t know..I offer Soul Sourcing Sessions which are a fusion of Akashic Records, Quantum Energy Healing, Intuitive Business Strategy + Advising and Energetic Attunement as well as Business Strategy Focused Sessions and more.

Learn more about session offerings and book yours here.

Hope to see you + co-create magic soon..

xx Syd

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Reflecting our our co-creations with Jane Lyon through 5D Visionary Business Mentorship and our Akashic Facilitator Training over the last year..what a glorious ride.

Beautiful celebrations and expansions..not recognizing herself in the most wondrous ways.

Learn more about our upcoming Akashic Training starting 8/19.

A 9-week integrative practitioner training empowering you to::

  • trust and honor your intuition
  • facilitate potent containers for expansion, awakening and transformation
  • cultivate profound presence
  • awaken your authenticity
  • deepen in intimacy and capacity for connection
  • awaken your spiritual and multidimensional gifts and perceptions
  • attune to higher frequency energy and learn how to ground it into the body and into earth
  • receive clarity on your life path, purpose and soul gifts
  • access higher consciousness guidance to actualize brilliant strategy and visionary innovation – to bring spirit into form
  • connect with a loving community of fellow visionary soul family
  • anchor coherence while building a unified field
  • heal wounds of unworthiness, and shadows of doubt in the way of fully trusting yourself and having confidence in your gifts

r e l a x

aloha darlin..

how are you being? the last few days were pretty big..speeding up in all the ways..did you feel it?

i was in a bit of a protective buffer or so it seemed..with soul family..enjoying a super supportive energy…or maybe it was all the crying of the last week that prepared me well to withstand the new frequencies 🙂 cleared out a lot of space!!

The truth is..i’ve been experiencing immense purging the last few weeks ever since we completed our embodied ascension retreat really.

In hindsight I think I subconsciously planned that retreat as a farewell journey to maui and to all the timelines of my last 1.5 almost 2 years here. I was called to move here seemingly overnight on 12/12/19 with barely any notice and never having visited..always imagined I’d retire in Hawaii years from now.

Many soul family are called here lately on our various assignments to broadcast and anchor certain energies into the earth and into the collective consciousness – Hawaii is a portal for sharing higher dimensional energy, healing and illumination..a temple of purification and integration for earth and all its counterparts.

My maui timeline feels to be completing as I was called to big island rather spontaneously just a few days ago to explore the new potentials arising there.

Nowadays we may be called to uproot and relocate as our energy is shifting and updating faster than ever – and only faster in the years to come..continuously accelerating.

Many of us are returning to a more familiar pacing as energetic presence but now practicing emanating our higher dimensional frequencies while in a body.

Real embodied ascension is a lifestyle – a momentary practice we return to continuously.

What does it feel like to be fully alive? To be fully ourselves? To create what we are destined to birth into reality?

To let it flow thru us and magically orient in the physical in ways we can’t yet imagine? Who you are being here and now is all that’s required.

Listen. Receive. Trust. Allow. Surrender. Repeat. Relax.

Relax some more. Relax into presence.

Relax into our cells. Relax into all that life is illuminating in your awareness.

Relax into your own heightened vibration.

Relax into the interconnectedness of all.
We are meant to have fun, remember?

We came here designed to enjoy, to feel, deeply, to receive, to enamor..within and without.


xx Syd

PS // only a few spots are left in our upcoming Akashic Facilitator Training starting in one month. +

+ I have one space for 1:1 5D visionary Mentorship too, book a call to explore co-creation @ …let’s play


Akashic Facilitator celebrations…feel into this bliss::

“My intentions for this training were:
  • Getting to know the Akashic Records
  • Deepening my capabilities
  • Diving into Abundance
  • Integrating my Divinity
  • Getting to know myself in this life better
  • Entering my sacred soul space
In the beginning I didn’t dare to talk about being a healer, even though I have been working in this field about 12 years altogether. Now it feels totally natural. I have seen and I AM seeing myself and my soul in the light of the Akashic Records and I came in touch with my own light. This has changed EVERYTHING. Since our first 1 on 1 session end of June I have been going through the worst relationship trauma I could have ever imagined. The work with the Akashic Records has changed all of it: my point of view, my evolution, my rapid transformation, my emotions, I have been able to surrender myself to forgiveness. I see things absolutely clearly.
I was extremely surprised that the whole process felt so absolutely natural and familiar. Also the work in the group. I hadn’t expected that amount of LOVE!!! This is an endless treasure and a beautiful source of life. Feeling and seeing all the other women diving into their true self has been sou touching. I didn’t expect anything. I simply wanted to learn more about it. And I received so much more than I could have ever imagined. Forever grateful … I feel so deeply enlightened and light and peaceful towards my future, there is so much security. That is incredible.
I am celebrating all the calls (giving and receiving), all the incredible information, I am celebrating that it feels so easy to transmit the information that comes through from the masters, teachers and loved ones. I love receiving all the truth. I truly feel my light, I can dive into my light. I visit my ancient temple of Light each and every day. I know what it looks light, I create it everywhere I go.
I got to know my voice and the qualities/therapeutic capabilities of my voice. I already knew about it. But not at this kind of deep level. The feedback of the group has helped me so much in accelerating my knowledge. I am curious to see how it will evolve. Also traveling through my “organ healing capacities” with Sydney and our other group sessions has been fascinating and new to me. I am open to receiving more of it…
Sydney is full of love. The Akashic Facilitator training is a way to open your deepest resources. It is transformative, healing, touching and blissful at the same time. Whenever you think there is an end you will evolve and see: there is so much more waiting for you in this life. There is no end. It is different to think of yourself as an infinite Being, but with the help of this program you will feel and see yourself as an infinite being and this will change everything. Your entire DNA will transform within this training.”
Caroline Bessis, Intuitive Healer, Life Coach, Fertility Yoga Guide, Retreat Host, Akashic Facilitator Training 2020 Graduate
“I was ready to learn how to conduct readings for myself and others, and was looking for a training when I found the Akashic Facilitator Training. I wanted to deepen my spiritual connection and gifts. I have felt called to working with the Records for a while and was ready to get started in safe, trusting container.
Since beginning this training, everything has shifted and transformed. I experience so much more self-trust in my guidance. It is wild everything that has happened since we began together: I stopped using marijuana (and for the first time ever have zero cravings for it at all – I don’t think I’ll really ever use it again or be drawn to it in the way I was before). I trust the feelings, insights, visions I’m getting without doubting them at all. I broke off my engagement and feel complete in the chapter ending – finding more alignment in what I’m looking for romantically.
This training is a safe, trusting container with beautiful souls that allows for conversations of any kind without judgment, just love and compassion. It is a healing and supportive space to share vulnerably which encourages growth and expansion. The presence practices I will use forever! So incredible.
This training is for anyone who feels ready to expand their spiritual gifts and feels called specifically to the Records. If you’ve been wanting to become an Akashic Records Facilitator, I highly suggest working with Sydney!
She knows intuitively how to hold you, how to expand you and push you when you need it, but also when to let you have space to work through what WILL come up as you work in the records! Her leadership in this program is exactly what I needed – holding a safe, powerful, expansive container while giving me the space I need to work with what’s coming up energetically. ” Aly Wilkins, Transformational Life Coach, Intuitive Healer, Akashic Records Practitioner
“The greatest decision that I made in 2020 was singing up for Sydney’s Akashic Records Facilitator Training. As a Reiki practitioner & Meditation teacher, I was feeling a little lost at how to navigate my gifts during this unique season and honestly, wasn’t feeling very confident in my abilities to serve and facilitate deep healing experiences. I went into this training with the intention to grow and expand my intuitive gifts and land in full confidence in my abilities to serve and share.
This 9 week program was so POTENT and INTENSIVE I’m still integrating and working through some of the assignments! It’s so clear that Sydney put her heart and soul into this program that is re-birthing healers into the highest expression of our gifts. Before, I would go into 1:1’s with my clients just hoping that I have the right tools to support them.
Today, I go into 1:1’s with my clients with a KNOWING, that even if I don’t have the answers for them myself, we can ask the lords of the records for guidance – and they never fail to follow through with incredible clarity, wisdom and higher perspectives for us to see the world from.
Through this work I learned that all the healing I need is fully available to me in every moment. I learned what it means to be truly PRESENT in a sacred space. The Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones have shown me a unique tenderness for the humans and how we suffer. But more importantly, they’ve shown me that there is infinite amounts of deep, warm, golden unconditional light of love available for us at all times.
There is a team of guides always watching out for you. And now, I have clear access to them. I don’t know what better gift I could have given myself in this crazy year. If you are a person who yearns for a deeper understanding of this spiritual human life, if you yearn to tap into your intuitive gifts and expand your reach to serve, if you want to discover a modality that can support you through literally whatever you are going through right now, I fully 100% stand by this program. Worth every penny.
It will change your life. It certainly changed mine and not only that, but it brought me 5 new sisters that I went through the training with and I’ve fallen in love with each of them as we connected deeper and deeper in each practice session we got to hold with each other. Thank you Sydney for creating this amazing experience. So much gratitude and love.”
Jane Lyon, Yoga – Meditation Guide, Creator of the Sanctuary Program, Reiki Healer, Akashic Healing Facilitator

Tune into more celebrations here.

We are Electric

aloha love..

everything is speeding up..have you felt it in the last 24 hours?

Energy is electric.

Everything can change in an instant in fact expect it will.

The only thing we now know is that we don’t know and will never know what’s to come.

Complete faith is all that’s left to play in. Remembering our natural pacing – it feels more familiar for some to move this fast. Realigning at the speed of light. Reality is reorganizing even faster to meet us in actualizing our desires. Feels like home. Enjoy the ride.

Body May feel confused with level of light being processed. Extra hydration, methods of and support for cellular and brain detox are important now, as is exercise to move density out of system and preferably sweating it out or some other kind of release thru voice, crying, shaking, colonics and other cleansing. This list of resources I compiled awhile back is helpful to tune into.

Plus did you see my energy update from a few days ago? Might help. A lot of us are going thru another dark night..shedding so many layers. The light at the end of the tunnel is near my love..promise..and it feels so good!!

We are becoming more crystalline. It never felt familiar to be in a body especially in this incarnation it’s been extra challenging but now we are resonating with more of our home frequencies which we’ve never felt before in the physical realm like this – and it actually can feel really lovely and nourishing (and efficient) once layers of emotional density creating projection and protection have cleared out.

Here to support – I’ve prepared many lifetimes for this moment and I’m well positioned to assist those in the path of multidimensional embodiment and all that our ascension invites us into – authenticity, presence, integrity and completely sharing our hearts unfiltered, full power genius.

We are here to build the new world we know we came to enjoy and share in. We start by rebuilding ourselves as the divinity embodiment we are and from there we simply play..and watch the show as it unfolds better than we can ever plan.

Trusting. Allowing. Receiving. Savoring.

It’s time 😍

I’m off to a spontaneous trip to Big Island Hawaii to ground into the powerful creative energy there..received such a strong calling in last 24 hours and life is aligning to support the trip divinely..feels perfect..I know its gonna be quite a portal..of course 🙂

See ya on the other side <3

xx Syd

+ + + +

Celebrating a brand new episode of Visionary Souls with Gay Hendricks below..such a potent co-creation, so much fun to everything we touched on. Check it out.

6 spots left for our final Akashic Facilitator Training of 2021. Such a beautiful reunion today with our former group…of all the training rounds we’ve done I am so grateful to feel like best friends/collaborators/life-long partners with everyone who has shown up for the journey. Would love to have you with us for this special experience. Apply here.

Be on the look out for some lovely celebrations coming soon – tomorrow and next week with former students sharing their experiences + celebrating all their expansions since completing their Akashic Facilitator training <3Apply for 1:1 Mentorship or book a 1:1 session here.

Mission Complete

aloha’s been a wild few days.

finally getting back into the swing of creating after some much needed rest, crying, releasing, purging. its been intense and i know it has been for everyone else too in their own ways. so grateful for the community we share – we can’t all be taken out on the same we get to show up and support each other as we each go through the waves of this upgrade underway..its been big.

i am learning to love myself no matter what, truly without condition. i feel this is essentially what we are all being called to embody now. on the path ahead we can’t be anything other than ourselves, as clear as can of distortions and survival strategies. we are shedding so many deep layers in preparation for whats to come..and i know its going to be incredible..but lets feel the feelings and all that is here to loving ourselves anyway.

Embodied ascension means going willingly into the fires of purification again and again to burn away all that can no longer burden our paths into deeper presence. We can’t escape it if we tried.

Checking out is no longer an option, as if it really ever was. We can’t pretend to be heavy when we are made to feel the fullness of light we are. It hurts burning like this, the layers to clear go deeper than we imagined.

But what if we are meant to feel completely clear? What is it like to be in a body free of trauma, density, distortion, survival, protection and all the strategies therein that carry such a heavy weight?

Who are we when we drop the baggage, for good. When we are ourselves, present, available, open, receptive, fearless, infinite.

Here we are in the grand experiment that’s never been attempted before like this, as us, in a moment like now.

The conditions for our practice have never entailed such immense challenges for our physicality with energy moving this fast, this bright, this strong.

We are like babies learning to walk in new bodies in a new world speaking new languages using new senses breathing new breaths seeing through new eyes hearing and knowing through new channels all at once and then some.

No wonder if feels overwhelming. We are learning to love ourselves no matter what and accept who we are as we are now as absolutely perfect. We are learning true unconditional love.

We are learning to meet our own needs completely.

We are learning our true worth and value. We are feeling more of our power flowing through our sovereign body-soul systems. We are learning to deeply presently listen and trust. We are learning what it means to be fully alive.

We are learning how to be ourselves, in connection and collaboration with each other, in a reality purely existent in truth and nothing but the truth.

Everything in the way will come up to burn.

Into the fire we go, as long as it takes, no matter what 😍

here in any way i can support. ive been preparing for this moment for many lifetimes..maybe you have too. the world we incarnated to play in is finally here.

lastly..i gotta make fun of myself a little bit. i’ve said numerous times over the last year..”i don’t know if i’ll be available for 1:1 mentorship anymore, etc..” creating some kind of urgency or feeling of scarcity that time is running out to work with collaborators 1:1 in various capacities like mentorship. but then i always get guidance again to offer space for this kind of beautiful support..and listen..and end up co-creating with the most amazing beings. its okay – i was just testing out the waters i suppose..sometimes i see 10 years ahead and it appears to me to be sooner.

i was just practicing..i know ascend is launching soon and will take more of my focus as will my new book which is closing in a new book deal any day now..feels so good to have that flowing on track, i’m really proud of whats coming through and can’t wait to share with you when its time.

with all that being said – it is quite a transitional moment that has brought up some of the deepest healing i’ve ever faced. those of you who are in my inner circle, former trainings, the council, and my dearest friends..know..its been a real dark night the last week. i’ve been humbled with the emotional material coming up to face..its been really hard, waking up some days crying and falling apart..true surrender..but asking for help, which is sometimes so hard when i feel like i have nothing to give in return. learning true receiving..being seen, and i am.

for the rest of this year – which is all i am allowed to see for now so it seems – i am guided to offer 2 spaces for 1:1 visionary mentorship and one last round of our Akashic Facilitator Training. Going thru the fire myself and committing so intensively to my healing – embodiment journey always fuels such potent transformation with all those I get to journey with..and i know we have quite a powerful time ahead for the rest of this many new frequencies are hitting, new souls coming in, new multidimensional awarenesses becoming available at the mass level of consciousness. there has never been a more perfect time to begin..our work.

i would love to explore co-creating with other visionaries eager to template new paradigms of co-creative leadership, sovereignty, presence, energy mastery and embodiment.

perhaps in our akashic training this round we will have a focus on business as well – i have been sensing this in the field and it seems resonant with whose joining so far…the akashic records are a wonderful modality for accessing the soul of one’s vision and receiving guidance from it on how it wants to actualize..the essence of 5D business architecture, which is a premise of all I do…and what I strive to pioneer with others.

so..smiling a bit, laughing at the practice underway..forgiving myself for it all. its all okay..what if everything is okay and there’s no one to blame, not even ourselves, for supposed mistakes and mis-steps? what if it was all meant to be..hmmm settling into that feeling of love and acceptance, a little more.

alright loves..thanks for tuning in..i hope you are taking great care of yourself, and loving yourself no matter what. we are doing such massive work here and now..thank you for showing up.

would love to support in anyway I can – whether in mentorship, our akashic training or in a 1:1 session. you can learn more about all of the above options here..and book a call soon to explore what might be possible.

i am here. i am grateful. and i love myself no matter what. i am practicing..and doing my best amidst all the massive changes underway. and that is enough.

how about you?


love syd


 7 spots remain in our akashic training. apply here for consideration.

Can’t believe I used to ask for testimonials after retreats. Words can’t convey the transformative healing miracles we anchor and activate. Attempting to describe it misses and maybe diminishes the potency.

Grateful for these brave souls who gathered and answered the call to pioneer new potentials into presence and collaboration together over quite an immense energetic portal. 10 lives forever Changed – radiating new frequencies and possibilities simply in being, impacting everyone we touch. Mission complete. New energies and choices now anchored for collective. Thank you for playing, for showing up as you. Overflowing. 😍

+ + +
I am opening to receive 2 new 1:1 visionary collaborators called to awaken new potentials in co-creative leadership, 5D visionary business and creativity, divine alignment in soul purpose and all relations, multidimensional embodiment..let’s play 😍
We also have our final round of the Akashic facilitator training launching in about a month: one of the most powerful journeys into intuitive embodiment and leadership I’ve ever experienced, every group falls in love with themselves and one another, soul family for life playing in the infinite realms we feel so at home in.

7 spots open for our final journey of this year 😍

Apply to come play.

New Video from 5D Council Training:
Human Design + Gene Keys

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I’m Not Here to Teach You

aloha darlin..

how are you being in these first few days of July? It’s been a bit intense, yeah?

Writing all day and this is whats coming thru between sessions about surrender, re-patterning the limbic system and birth imprints and why letting go is hard (but we can do it). I love lazy days writing and letting everything flow – making tons of cacao, taking numerous self pleasure breaks, dancing in creative impulses that feel so fun and nourishing to receive and actualize.

The guru age is over in case you didn’t catch the current timeline updates – those who are still clinging onto this former paradigm seem to be standing out more and more like sore that what we refer to something thats trying too hard and not getting anywhere? Something like that.

After our retreat in Maui, I’m ultra sensitive to any codependent energies in my field – I cant ever allow anyone to try to give power away to me to heal them, fix them, etc ever again. It would be too painful and out of integrity with the truth of my being to even try.

Its confronting at first if you’re on the other end of this game – the feeling of your own power bouncing back sometimes hitting you hard (energetically) after youve tried to give it can even physically hurt to do so, like your life force is draining out and then it hits you like a tidal wave to wake you up and break the pattern.

The best guides and really the only people i like associating with will send you back to yourselves – affirming always in shared presence that you have your own best medicine. Maybe theres nothing to heal or fix that someone else has the answer to – maybe the healing you’re after is simply your own inner acknowledgement that you are okay, just as you are and you’re perfectly imperfect, meant to be right where you are, here and now.

Trauma responses are running high in this transition to true sovereignty and empowerment, out of victim consciousness and identities therein. Go head, throw some more rocks at me, i can take it. Ill keep standing here reflecting what you dont want to see about yourself until maybe someday youll be willing to let the light shine thru.

Thats all trauma healing is really: let the light shine thru the parts of ourselves we’ve been afraid to meet, turn on and embrace. It’s safe to be powerful and fully alive, to be worthy of existing, to be enough. Just because.

Grateful to anchor these ways of being, energies, practices and empowering guidance for multidimensional access, healing and embodiment in our akashic facilitator training.

Our last round of this year is aug 19 apply to come join us if youre called..templating new potentials and paradigms of collaborative leadership, presence, authenticity and multidimensional genius..our fave ways to play <3

learn more here or try a 1:1 session first in case you’re curios to feel the resonance..can count towards our first 1:1 in the program if its a fit.

all my love..


PS: Updated trainings + activations here..ranging from energy transmissions, business training, akashic attunements and a comprehensive immersion on birthing your book into being with proposal template and more.

Heaven on Earth means Going Through Hell

aloha darlin..

beaming you tons of love from my blasted open heart..integrating immense healing + expansion from our retreat here in maui. quite the experiment into embodied ascension indeed. i am so proud of what we co-created. it was perfect. we are all completely new for it..emerging into completely new realities.

hope you had a wonderful solstice, full moon – upgrade portal for real..yes..cells expanding to receive more and more light. bodies adapting to higher frequencies. what a time to BE.

here’s a key reflection from our retreat experience..

In case you weren’t aware, to get to Heaven on Earth, we gotta go through hell. I am so grateful to journey with those who are up for the challenge..of meeting our true selves, being with what is, accepting the moment as perfection, forgiving the parts of ourselves that act out in protection and survival…holding the complexity of our multidimensional selves..its a miracle to practice presence in this way and shed so many layers in a few days that feel like infinite lifetimes.

Words don’t ever do justice the healing and awakening we share in this path into embodied ascension. It is a way of being, a feeling, a knowing, a remembering more so than an intellectual concept or idea that fits neatly into a box. Who are we outside of the boxes we’ve learned to put ourselves and each other in? Who are we beyond the voices we’ve learned to listen to above the voice of our heart and soul?

Who are we when we see the other as a mirror of our inner most being whose been long forgotten, repressed, abandoned? Who are we when we start to let our true presence – light completely radiate without diminishing the aliveness we incarnated to embody? Who are we when we meet our deepest fears and core wounds, that feel like dying in the process of allowing the energy to actually metabolize through our systems..welcoming space for something new to happen?

When we own our own experience and drop all projections, judgements, control mechanisms and expectations? It can be the most arduous process..some think they are ready and even seek it out but when shit gets real and your shadow parts you haven’t felt since a child or even in this lifetime emerge and you feel exposed – do you run away and escape the opportunity to truly heal?

We all want to be seen and feel true love and connection but few in my experience are actually wiling to do the work that requires holding space for oneself to die a few times and fall apart so that the true parts of your divinity can integrate and emerge as whole.

I’m sorry Sydney for the ways I’ve incongruently sold spirituality and ascension as some levity filled journey into 5D and the vortex of liberation and lightness. I was afraid that no one would come to do the work unless it was sold under the moniker of fun and magic and heaven on earth.

Are people ready to do the work at the level of depth that is required to truly be free? Free of personality, superficial games, wounding that binds us in projection and separation? Would anyone care to try if the invitation was leading with the real promise that doing the work actually means staying present with the most uncomfortable feelings and memories and traumas you never want to feel, that sometimes feel like they’ll kill you (your ego) when you actually allow the energy to digest.

Its not all love and light on this path – its the most painful, undamning, and exhausting at times work there is that we have on this human journey and its truly a testament to what one is made of…we meet our true capacity and see what we are really here for. Yes its true our greatest gifts arise out of our deepest wounds..usually not in the ways we imagine or think. Ascension doesn’t fit into a neat little body with easily categorizable chapters and easy to follow steps.

It is a personal journey deep into ones own depths to meet ones divinity beyond all falsity and limitation. It looks like dying over and over again to awaken more of one’s true humble, presence. There is a quiet and peace here that triggers many in the presence of such wide open space without any filler – illuminating the ways in which their own inner agitation is actually screaming at them, criticizing, judging, controlling..dying. I love to explore these subtle realms of our consciousness and embodiment that guide us – when we allow and listen and receive – into more of our truth.

We can never do wrong as long as we are listening and sharing from our heart..what is our authentic experience in this present moment, in this body. Thankful for the souls that are here for the journey, here for the invitation into the depths..honoring the perfection of it all. I am here to live life as a transformational immersion, as the healing retreat…not compartmentalized as some other game that I need to get away from to go “Practice” and “heal.”

Life is the ultimate practice, are we receiving the invitations along the way to do the work, to meet ourselves, to drop the masks? I am only from now on available for relationship with others that are willing to be in this unmasking, undamning practice no matter what – authenticity at all costs – this is how we build safety and trust and reverberate through the world a transcendent example of actual unity, connection and collaboration.

When I say “let’s play” what I really mean is – let’s go into the depths of who we are beyond all stories and ideas and feel whats actually underlying, allowing our true essence to actually embody, becoming comfortable and maybe even at ease in the silence and stillness amidst the most powerful transmission of loving presence – god – we’ve ever felt.

I am here for more of this, and nothing less.

and i am honored to co-create with others who are ready to play in the depths..of our darkness, our authenticity, our core wounds, our fragmented selves, our divinity..and everything in between..all of it..allowing complete permission to we are.

here is where true healing and remembering happen.

on the solstice i received a message loud and clear – when do you feel most alive? what would live feel like if you committed to doing only these things, going to these places, practicing the practices..that elicit full aliveness..without compromise?

so..i will not be facilitating another 5d visionary council. perhaps that was the only one of its kind to ever happen, and it happened perfectly. it feels complete.

where my heart truly sings and feels most alive is in the work of our akashic facilitation training program.

this program was downloaded by source and somehow gifted to me to bring through and share with those ready to play in these multidimensional healing realms.

i am in awe of this space..and how beautifully it’s anchored healing, transformation, ascension, much more..for all those who care to step into the field. my favorite part – when i took a few steps away to be immersed in our retreat, there was immense healing happening in the current group of our akashic training..the facilitators were self organizing their own sessions, group sessions and more..catalyzing incredible miraculous healing..of the body, of relationships, of personal paradigms of purpose and livelihood..words can’t describe it really.

you know the thing you made is an awesome success when you can take yourself out of it completely and it has a life of its own that empowers those who play in its energy to make it all their own and make it even better.

yes this is how we love to play.

so we are opening a final round of the training for 2021. it will begin in August and carry us through a 9 week journey into October followed by 60 days of support + 1:1 sessions continued to bring us through to a powerful end of this year. I know this will be a special always..the perfect beings are always called to come co-create and share healing and activation with eachother at the perfect time, anchoring a truly divine constellation.

would love to have you with us if you are called. apply to join.

love syd.

How Might This Be The Moment

aloha dear…

how are you being?

there have been some fun (and intense..clearing..purging..tiresome) waves of late..supporting many in session through immense body updates and energetic upgrades, healing physical symptoms with underlying energetic root causes (psoriasis and lyme, for example), assisting integration within a lot of energetic depletion as our bodies get blasted with so many higher dimensional light infusions helping to cleanse and clear whats no longer needed on our paths.

the messages that keep coming are clear:

listen to your body. healing accelerates when you start talking to it and listening to its guidance instead of letting the mind try to “fix” it. what if there’s nothing to fix? what if acceptance is the key to letting true healing happen..naturally.

shared some other insights for specific ascension support and body integration assistance in a recent post here in case you missed it.

its okay if you need more rest than ever before..or if your sleep schedule feels off a bit. we are all getting blasted and its normal to feel lit up at night perhaps when your unconscious is more receptive to receiving the energy because you’re not so busy or distracted. ive needed a lot more sleep in the morning for sure.

stretching and movement are critical – sweating can really help recalibrate the lymph which is critical to our electrical system/circuitry cleansing and aligning accordingly. i love hot yoga and commit to going a few times a week at least..its like my church.

shaking and jumping jacks are also really helpful exercises. we cover lots of energetic protocols in our council and trainings as these are foundational to do consistently when building new nervous systems attuned to presence, calm and integrated power.

i also love channeling these thru for collaborators in 1:1 sessions or mentorships..the magic happens in your personal practice, when done can completely shift your entire field and therefore your reality.

Getting ready to launch into retreat mode in a few days – such an incredible crew is forming to meet here in Maui, such a dream!! We had our connection call yesterday and the energy in our field was so palpable..we are going to share a life changing’ll be so beautiful..cant wait.

ASCEND is going amazingly..more on that soon. sign up for guaranteed access to our pre-launch in August if you haven’t already. new dimension of social community coming for ya. my co-founder David (whose coming to Maui retreat, how cool!!) made such a great point about how different we are…

social media 1.0 was all built with pretty rotten foundations..considering:

Facebook started as a hot or not site, and the founding team was ripe with backstabbing and deceit (idea was actually stolen at first)..

Twitter – started as site for distraction and also entailed a lot of backstabbing in founder story, deceit..

Instagram – started as a site about Bourbon..LOL

YouTube – started as a hook-up site, Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” search started it

Interesting to is everything…now more than ever..

We can feel when things are built with a shaky foundation.

We can feel when someone is anyway..

We can feel when there is a manipulative – grabby energy – from miles away.

We are building something founded on values and ethics..of authenticity, transparency, diversity, inclusivity, equality..abundance. The whole thing just FEELS sooo good and you’re gonna love to create on it.

I had a vivid dream about the development (which is how the idea came to me in the first place) and it LOOKS SOO GOOD. In fact we get the beta launch of app to test while we are on retreat, how perfect..probably will share with that group as our first viewers…what a gift. Its gonna be big!!!

And since soo much amazing abundance and expansion is flowing in my life..oh ya new book coming too (funny story: fired my old agent and got a new one in the same 24 hours period whose way more aligned and gets the vision + mission YAY!!)!!..

I’d love to share the overflow.

How might this be the most powerful, healing, transformational time in our entire lives?
What new dimensions and realities are we called to expand into?
How are our sacred missions inviting us into becoming more of who we truly are, moving at our own pace, in our own ways?
How do we truly collaborate, in presence, unity and coherence?
Let’s play <3

See ya on the other side – probably in July after our epic retreat portal Embodied Ascension is in full swing..can’t wait to see how we re-emerge after this immersion. I’m so grateful – gonna be SO MUCH FUN!!!What a dream to BE, here and now.

Thank you. Love you. Happy upgrading.

xx SydPS: A lot of amazing beings have enquired into whether I’ll be hosting another round of the Akashic Facilitator doesn’t feel clear at this moment, but perhaps after our retreat. We are still in an active container with incredible beings through August, so if anything perhaps an opening will appear for one final round at the end of the year.

I may not create a Level 2 training as I originally thought – a way to empower practitioners who did level 1 to take this work and share it with more…I might just put it all into a book and open source it that way..we’ll see what feels most authentic-useful-aligned. Keep listening. 🙂

If you’d like to be kept in the loop for when the next training emerges, sign up for the waitlist here. I love this work so much..its such a joy to travel in these sacred realms we venture into..listening to how it wants to evolve.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – R. Buckminster Fuller

5D Visionary Business + Anchoring Your Sacred Mission:

…yesterday’s download with Missee much fun sharing and exploring all that came up here::

Visionary Souls is BACK in action 🙂

Excited to share our first interview co-creation flow in quite some time…wow this was SO much fun!

Deb Acker is an Intuitive Relationship Healer who helps women heal their relationships, especially their inner relationship. The result: Deeply rooted, loving relationships in all areas of their life and feeling calm, safe and in control, no matter what’s occurring in their personal experience or our outer world. In fact, Deb’s clients often share that their work together is more powerful than years of therapy. When she’s not coaching, speaking or writing, you can find Deb working out, in nature or traveling the world.

  • Deb’s journey in helping people heal from unhealthy and toxic relationships
  • Our abandonment trauma and what it invites us to transmute + integrate
  • What it means to be relational
  • What if we could say: “I don’t have it together and I don’t have to pretend to know everything”
  • How we are not here to figure it all out: we are here to play, to explore and be present
  • How when we feel safe within ourselves, we can feel safe in the world and in relationships
  • The infinite potentials for expressions of relationships we can explore
  • What is your Love brand?

Happy Portaling

Going thru immense energetic portals now and next few days ❤️

Giddy up 🤪 new dimensions are here to enjoy.
Some insights from lately and sessions in particular ((so grateful for the amazing beings i get to co-create with wow!!)):
Make sure the water you’re drinking is pure and clean and structured ideally so your cells can actually absorb it.
Many more becoming more crystalline with incoming light and our systems have new requirements for hydration and nourishment.
Listen to what your body wants to eat- without story or judgement – you may want more salt or sugar and that’s okay because that’s what the body uses to make resources in higher frequencies.
We are evolving out of lower densities where we learned to make all these meanings about foods and how they impact the body.
Drop the story and listen and act accordingly. With everything ❤️
Slow down to speed up – we are receiving sooo much insight and new information and in many cases new/dormant abilities are coming back online. Slow down and allow yourself to really rest to receive and integrate it all.
Sleeping more and resting throughout the day is great. Dizziness might happen occasionally, if so eat some salt and ground..earthing is great to practice.
Detoxing the physical body thru colonics, Epsom salts and saunas is excellent for assisting with what we are integrating. Deep breathing and expanding capacity to retain exhale in particular is a great practice.
Love the specificity with which attunements and guidance is available lately in our higher realms we explore so frequently in session..what a joy to be with those who are simply so ease-ful and fun to be with.
I am so grateful for this moment and all of the journey thus far..preparing us for what’s here and now.
The earth we came for is finally here ❤️
Support + ways to play::