Ready to Receive?


aloha love – hope you’re having a beautiful week so far. How are you being?

Here is a message coming thru, loud and clear – “the less I do, the more still I am – the more I receive.”

With our businesses, with the visions we’re here to steward, it’s not about us. It’s not about you.

All of our suffering comes from making things about us. It’s not about us. Embodying a definite practice..underway..illuminated in every aspect of life lately 🙂

Consider: Our vision is its own sovereign being. We are in a Divine Union with this being that has chosen us to steward its consciousness into form. Just like we would have a child, it’s the same thing. And as women too, we have a gestation period, a massive body upgrades. I’ve been seeing that parallel so much of like literal tangible birth and pregnancy with vision birthing. Aren’t they the same thing?

So now..actualizing great vision in alignment with our soul purpose and genius..becomes we take care of ourselves so we can birth the vision-baby-being into form with lots of support, resources and care. This is the feminine way of leading in the New Earth. Can you feel this initiation underway in your life too?

Reminders to slow not be so body, detach from overwhelm, results, expectations..relinquish control.

Have you been listening?

Our most crucial invitation now is to be calm, to make sure that the baby, the vision, has a peaceful environment to germinate, to grow, to evolve, to show itself, to develop. That’s our responsibility.

We were conditioned by a lot of different lifetimes and many different societies we’ve traversed to think that we have to figure everything out, to make it and plan it. As if its all up to us and we are creating in an echo chamber..

Forgetting we’ve been transmitting spirit all along..

Whose really leading the way forward?

Meanwhile, think about the pregnancy, the body knows exactly what to do. It’s already doing the whole process. The mind has no place in any of it.

Same thing with the vision, the body knows what to do, the soul knows what to do when we are listening and in communion with it like we’re in an intimate relationship.

This is a huge rewiring, huge reframe but its precisely what we are all re-patterning together.

This is the natural state of this birthing, through this body, through this consciousness, receiving.

…excerpted and inspired from our recent 5D Visionary Council convergence..anchoring beautiful ways of co-creating, allowing, receiving.

To receive the guided transmission – visualization component of this reflection to experience it for yourself – check out the newly updated 5D Visionary Embodiment Activation just posted on my site for you to play with. Our council had prolific magnetism-expansion-receiving activations following this journey..its a pleasure to share with you.

To go deeper…and work with the potent energy brewing for our Spring Equinox…

We are gathering for the equinox this Sunday – anchoring our hearts visions and soul callings, receiving healing and multidimensional guidance to support our unfolding, seeding new dreams and potent intentions..connecting with soul family.

Feel into this magic…

We’ll ground into the powerful Equinox energy (some even call this a year year to start completely fresh in) by receiving a collective Akashic Transmission + energy healing supporting our field.

This transmission will likely entail numerous practices, attunements + invitations to intimately connect with your vision – genius birthing through you.

Plus I’ll be presenting key protocols and ways of being in 5D business strategy, co-creation and magnetism. We’ll wrap our immersion (its gonna be an upgrade-party ya’ll!) with opportunities for sharing, and 1:1 intuitive / strategy / healing support.

Join us in exploring new paradigms of business- soul service expression, effortless receiving, embodying trust and co-creating in 5D ❤

🙏🏼  See you here 🙏🏼

Loving you more..body is processing so much this week, rest and recharge as you need..more the better..naps are amazing! In fact I was instructed by spirit recently to add daily naps into my schedule 🙂

Feels like the best medicine..when we stay still, the visions and manifestations and resources we are calling in can finally find us and arrive into our reality…I am experiencing this in beautiful ways..its real, it really works..its the way of flowing in the stream of life..with the stream.

We’ve all heard the same invitations for years but now we get to practice truly embodying it..not just knowing it..but living it.

It’s so much more fun (and wildly effective) to practice these new ways of being (and all the healing and transmutation they inevitably bring up for us to grow through) together.

I am loving all the digital portals we co-create to architect such potent healing-upgrade fields..its such a pleasure and honor to connect with such extraordinary beings all over the world. Our council has visionaries positioned literally all over the map – more time zones represented than I’ve ever met with at once..its pure magic!

Our sole Akashic Facilitator (Level One) Training for 2021 is coming up in a few weeks and only has 3 spots left. If you’ve been called to this practice, refining your healing modalities, stepping into mastery in your facilitation, receiving deep healing and integration support along committed high-integrity visionary community – this is going to be a blast. We’d love to have you with us.

Level Two Advanced Practitioner Training will be released in the coming weeks – includes a live retreat in Bali, with deep practice supporting you to learn more masterful techniques for healing core wounds, connecting with galactic and omniversal consciousness, developing greater capacities for presence and embodied leadership..being an example of the best you..and stepping into group field facilitation and so much more. This is only open to those who have completed Level One as the course prepares you to be able to teach the Level One course to your own students 🙂

How fun is that? Feels so good.

Our live-in person upgrade experience in Maui for the Embodied Ascension Immersion is becoming more potent by the day as frankly I am receiving many initiations in preparation for hosting / co-creating this space..its been such a beautiful journey so far when I look back to December when the vision really seeded. We birth visions sometimes maybe all the time that are meant to show us where we get to expand – where we get to grow to meet the vision in this new frequency/resonance..and this has certainly been the case with the Maui Retreat.

So much happens when we can meet in person and transmit codes in the much shifting, expansion, healing, receiving, remembering can transpire just in being together. Our fields, our bodies, know what to do. Our hearts can open. We can feel safe to be ourselves. We can remember what it feels like to be in our power, to be in our genius, to share our gifts, to embody our divinity…this is our invitation.

The New Earth is calling forth leaders who are ready to be themselves, fully and presence, in integrity, with wild creativity..welcoming forth new dimensions of consciousness to communicate through their beings..bringing glorious new potentials into Earth..architecting Heaven within this divine game we call life.

And the best part – we get to learn and grow together..we have so much support..we have everything going for us..the time has never been more ripe to receive, to say yes to this quantum leap in expansion, to leave the past where it belongs as we step into a completely new timeline of presence, unity, freedom, power and magnetic ease.

What else are you dreaming into for this Equinox and beyond?
What is your soul calling you forth into experiencing?
Whats feeling like a growing edge?

If your dreams are scaring you a bit they’re not big enough.
Your soul loves to be stretched..
This is how your spirit gets to play in the infinite..
And then it can remind your body and mind..
Of how divine and powerful you truly are.

Are you saying yes to the expansion underway?
Are you moving into it with grace, and even joy?
Letting it all be fun..even the moments of seeming discomfort and the little contractions inevitably in between.
Are you celebrating yourself all the way home?

You’re amazing. Keep going. Remember who you are.

You decided to incarnate here into Heaven on Earth in the most epic moment in all of human offer your unique genius, your keys..into this grand puzzle we are all piecing back together..

You matter so much to the whole unfolding.

Just in who you are is always enough.

I love you lots <3

Look forward to playing soon…


PS: If you’re called to collaborate 1:1 with fantastic energetic support – expert strategy – holistic healing – multidimensional attunement..all the magic..navigating through portals and traversing all the bridges we expand over and through…co-creating the future..anchoring and embodying divine alignment into every aspect of life (particularly within intimacy, relationships, sexuality, creativity and abundance of all kinds)…lets play.

New Moon Musings + Sacred Initiations

Aloha Beloved One..How are You Being?

happy new moon..time to plant seeds of beautiful vision – intentions – dream weaving…so much support is here to receive <3 shall we?

big many transmission shared with clients, students, in our council..with new collaborators. i cant wait to share ASCEND with you when its time – coming out this summer..its incredible. We are deep in design – development mode and it truly brings us to tears at certain moments when we realize we are creating the future of how humanity will engage in the digital sphere..such divine guidance pouring in to assist this entire process.

our greatest visions are given to us just like this – we are chosen, we are initiated, we are meant to carry them thru..we are meant to listen to their guidance. they know how to be, they know what they’re here for..can we allow and trust them to take the lead?

this is the essence of business – architecting in 5D.

i have been guiding visionaries in these processes and activations for years now but it feels like energy is landing in such a way collectively that more are ready to explore and experience what is possible beyond the realm of the mind – linear planning – overly intellectualized strategy in the ways we approach our businesses and visions.

We are now called to anchor the new templates of creation – instead of doing, let us sink into receiving, allowing, imagining, witnessing, transmitting.

Reprogramming the outdated paradigms of linear creation and “have tos” with attunement to deep presence, inner wisdom, trust in ones own guidance and relating to our visions as the sovereign beings they are that have the perfect maps for how they want to be stewarded..all of which is a inherently designed to be a success when we listen, allow, receive, trust ❤
The new earth is birthing thru our true selves…the more we listen, the more ease in our creation – allowing becomes available.

Hence, I am guided to support an intimate group of visionaries on the Spring Equinox – this will be a potent energetic portal supporting our desired manifestations and visions to come into full embodiment, to receive new creative downloads, to receive the guidance and wisdom from our visions themselves regarding how they want to live in this they want to guide us into more success, impact, abundance, alignment..ease.

Join us on the Equinox portal to explore the mechanics and ways of being entailed in 5D visionary business and co-creation.

Space is limited to allow for focused sharing and 1:1 support and we only have a few spots remaining.I am also offering only 8 additional 1:1 sessions at a special rate (with support in between the immersion and 1:1 session – a mini support container) for those who attend this immersion – to deepen in integration – attunement – next steps that will surely emerge in our potent time together.

Our immersion is programmed to relieve and transmute outdated paradigms of stress, linear creation, patriarchal methodologies and contracts within “work” and nervous system conditioning obstructing deep calm and presence as a natural state.

If you’re curious about what we’ve been architecting and practicing together in our 5D council or how it feels to be in our Akashic Facilitator Training, this is a perfect opportunity to come play and experience the resonance we amplify.

Here’s an invitation to receive support, attunement, and practical guidance on ways to incorporate more ease, authenticity, trust and flow into all aspects of life and all you aspire to contribute ❤

xx SydPS: 4 Spots left in our Akashic Facilitator Training starting 4/8. Five spots left for our Maui Embodied Ascension Immersion. Feeling so much healing – activation – expansion percolating already in these fields..such extraordinary beings gathering to co-create new dimensions of presence, love, healing, vision…Heaven on Earth is here 🙂 Feeling it deeply.

Celebrating – Quantum Immersions now anchoring for co-creating in Kauai and Maui. Curating an extraordinary 5-Day experience now for a special soul whose coming out in April for a deep-dive Lemurian – Divine – Blueprint Embodiment Immersion!!! Including this transmission-experience now in all 1:1 mentorship containers.

One space is open for 1:1 5D Visionary Mentorship starting now to take you through a journey over these next 7 months, including in person immersive healing – transformation – business re-design experience in Kauai or Maui.

Celebrations following Quantum Immersions + 5D Visionary Mentorship..could this be you?

  • Activate confidence and clarity to end and exit an unhappy marriage, start a completely new timeline and new precedent for healthy, intimate relationship ideal (in fact multiple clients have come to work with me right before deciding / finally giving themselves permission to leave an unhappy relationship)
  • Cellular re-patterning of codependent attachment to allow space for sovereign divine-union within and with all of life
  • Attracting soul-mate partner within a matter of weeks
  • Design architecture for entire new business and sales model built on ease, magnetism, authenticity and core values
  • Transmute core wounds of shame and worthlessness around receiving love and abundance to embody new dimensions of self-love, trust, and ease in flowing through life, listening to inner wisdom and following soul guidance
  • Radically scaling income in a matter of days and weeks
  • Healing blocks around receiving money, love, intimacy + sexual connection and enjoyment – crushing through glass ceilings of what was previously perceived as highest level possibilities
  • Easily transitioning into ideal weight and body optimization, unleashing more vitality, potency and overall energy
  • Improved relationships across the board with more abundance of love, receiving, alignment and reciprocity
  • Refined business development strategy and soulful marketing that feels good, authentic and magnetic
  • Develop + deploy visionary marketing strategies leading easily into aligned consumer/client attraction and expansion, new brand partnerships + opportunities to co-market – amplify abundance
  • Attract new speaking engagements and invitations to be on panels / PR + media exposure –  easefully amplifying presence + visibility
  • Getting a raise by asking for it + negotiating new position within company
  • Calling in a soul mate relationship – with someone she had been on a date with 9 years ago who magically showed up suddenly in her life again seemingly out of nowhere
  • Calling in the perfect business partner to start the latest new health platform – a new dating platform with a health-focused intention
  • Increasing fundraising viability with new investors after refining marketing messaging and re-positioning technology product offering

And many, many more ..when miracles become the norm. <3

Let’s play.

Schedule a consult call to explore.

“I joined this course not knowing what to expect, never having received an akashic reading before. I just jumped. This training was rigorous, thoughtful, and transformative, and yet so freeing and so personal.

I’ve gotten far more out of it than I could have possibly imagine. It’s not just a course, it is a total system upgrade. Coming to meet each moment with more presence has been so awakening for all senses. The container, we really are a soul family. Relationships can go so deep when there is no chance for us to get lost in the small talk or cultural conditionings of social cues. It feels so safe to float into limitless possibilities with this group.
I’m most proud of how much more sure of myself I feel. I can hold steady to my inner compass with much more ease. I celebrate my vulnerability and the way I’ve melted into a more refined interpretation of energies, channeling, and transmission.

In so many words, this course was a pathway towards transformation rooted at the very core of my being; undoing old patterns of fear and transmuting it into love and a lust for life. I’ve cultivated a deep and true appreciation for where I am right here and now.

I appreciate that the concise simplicity of this course allowed me to go deep and to heal on a level I’ve never met myself at before. This whole course was beautiful. I felt fiercely supported as I did a deep dive into self-love and uncovering shame. Then, of course, there’s the overt process of becoming a transformative akashic facilitator and energy healer.

Yes, this training offered me a chance to unlock and acknowledge the ability that’s always been within me because it taught me how to love myself so much more deeply that I ever thought possible. Thank you. I love you.” ~ Katrina Mary Kiritharan, Healer, Yogi, Founder @ Earthbound Intuitive

Visionary Vortex: 2021 Spring Equinox

Calling all visionary pioneers, wayshowers + new earth architects…

Join us in a sacred invitation – initiation to co-create + attune within an amplified field into quantum healing-embodiment, purpose alignment + infinite possibility.

On March 21st, the Spring Equinox..energies are supporting us to launch ourselves – our planet into a new timeline anchoring profound creativity, new potentials + realities forwards and upwards, and wholly new ways of co-creating with(in) our visions, dreams + soul purpose paths.

Enter our Visionary Vortex..

In our multidimensional retreat-style immersion, we will receive:

  • Curated Akashic Transmissions + Energy Healing
  • Energetic Practices + Attunements to catalyze awakened experiences of receptivity, magnetism + intimacy with yourself, your vision + with all of life
  • Consciousness shifts into visionary business as a portal for Divine Union alchemy + embodiment
  • Keys into 5D Business + New Earth Architecture; protocols, principles, ways of being and receiving
  • Deep support within our field + 1:1 in anchoring your soul-purpose path and vision with ease, grace + joy – attunement to your unique rhythm of receiving and allowing

This retreat activation is for all who resonate as visionary pioneers of the new earth – who see, feel and remember the future potentials we are here to architect and anchor through our true selves, through presence, through our hearts.

Our portal is programmed to relieve and transmute outdated paradigms of stress, linear creation, patriarchal methodologies and contracts within “work” and nervous system conditioning obstructing deep calm and presence as a natural state. 

We are co-creating this immersion with many beings of light, higher councils, and emissaries of the New Earth beyond this dimension and time-space reality who share a vested interest in our success and divinity embodiment, who are here to assist us in aligning with our highest timelines, now. 

Date: Sunday, March 21, 2021

Time: 10am-1pm Hawaii Time / 1pm-4pm PST / 4pm-7pm EST

Location: Zoom Webinar (URL to be shared upon registration)

Three Ways To Play: Choose Your Own Adventure..

  1. Immersion Registration – $88USD: Includes 3 Hours of Deep Dive Training, Attunement, Strategic + Energetic Support to embody your purpose, receive clarity on your path and see your next steps forward. Also includes session recording plus recommended resources + protocols. More on Quantum Transmissions here.
  2. Immersion Registration + One 75-Min Akashic Soul Sourcing Session – $300USD: Join us for the immersion deep dive and also receive 1:1 support in a personalized Akashic Records journey, attunement + multidimensional energy healing experience. Register for immersion + Schedule your 1:1 here.
  3. Immersion Registration + Two 75-Min Akashic Soul Sourcing Session – $555USD: Join us for the immersion deep dive and also receive 1:1 support in TWO personalized Akashic Records journeys, attunements + multidimensional energy healing experiences. Register for immersion + Schedule your 1:1 here.

Register + Claim Your Spot Below..

Ticket Options

More support + information about how to prepare for this experience will be shared upon registration.

Keep in mind – once you join this portal, it will have opened already in your reality, availing you to new opportunities, potentials and clarity to receive more of yourself and vision you are meant to birth. 

Trust we are supported, infinitely, beyond measure.

About Your Co-Facilitator

Sydney Campos is a Visionary, Strategy Advisor, Quantum Healer and Author of The Empath Experience: What To Do When You Feel Everything. She co-creates with New Earth architects and visionary collaborators in embodying new dimensions of mastery, authenticity, innovation and ease. Sydney is devoted to creating Heaven on Earth in all moments.

Whether leading advertising and PR strategy for top global brands and start-ups, hosting transformational retreats in sacred vortexes, jamming with soul family on the Visionary Souls Podcast, building soul-aligned businesses and brands with 5D visionaries, training practitioners in the Akashic Records, or architecting the world’s next social community platform – Sydney illuminates bridges into new dimensions.

Sydney has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Refinery29, Bustle, PureWow and New York Magazine. She gratefully resides at home on the island of Maui.

Create the world and all the things and ways of being in it that you wish existed.

Kauai, Death Portals + The Cosmic Joke

Aloha My Love..

Happy March! Feeling the creative momentum supporting our visions and dreams to unfold with such joy..grace..ease..yes please. Feeling the support to take aligned action on so much of what’s been incubating these last few weeks and months. It is time.

Beaming you all the love from mama Kauai..I was called back here again somewhat unexpectedly but of course divinely just two weeks ago..and here I am. It is like a bus-rise of sorts to get over here from Maui which makes me smile. I used to take longer subway rides from Brooklyn to uptown Manhattan years ago and now..what a joy to island hop from one paradise portal to another. Thank you.

I was on a call with my dear friend Sophia (whose guest mentoring for our month on magnetism-play and ease in Visionary Business for our 5D Council underway) less than two weeks ago, moving through some challenging waves..emotional turbulence, inner child healing, attachment wounds..all super highlighted and coming out to be healed and met..on blast.

I was on the precipice of a huge breakthrough, I could feel it – felt like releasing ancient ancestral and collective programs about scarcity, fear, disempowerment, repression of ones power and truth and wounds around trust and faith..simply put: I was ready for a reality shift and all of life was inviting me to step through the door into a new experience. Have you felt this too, maybe even coming up over the last few weeks especially? February was quite a ride 🙂

I was allowing myself to be deeply supported just in sharing what was coming up – the old thought forms clearing out faster and know when you are mid-sentence and what you’re going to say no longer resonates, and you stop yourself – because the program has broken, and you are complete with the lesson? Yes, that was happening left and right..old programs be done. True self emerging..more fully..more as the full light you are..radiant, powerful, presence. Funny how we can be so afraid of this power we hold within..but seems we all have this one in common – the immense fear of our own light, of our own potency, of our own capacity to create precisely what we truly want. Ah..the divine human experience.

Sophia suggested – hey, why don’t you come to Kauai and we can do a healing retreat to support you in moving through this portal you’re clearly moving through..with a little more grace and ease and acceleration, as opposed to you walking yourself through it as you usually prefer to do? She didn’t say it quite like that but that’s the message I received..spirit was like: hey, allow this love in, allow this support in, take the leap..this is what the new expansion experience feels like..embody abundance, trust, faith..more of who you are is here, ready to be held, ready to be invited into full integration. Let it happen.

So within about 24 hours, I made a yummy 5-figure investment in my retreat, booked my plane tickets, cleared my next weeks schedule and got ready to go in just a few days. Spirit loves to move quick like this – so do our hearts..that crave rapid expansion and accelerated healing when given the opportunity to leap into new dimensions of consciousness and presence. The retreat experience is channeled – curated to support me in embodying the feminine heart of pure receiving – to allow my divinity to anchor into this being more deeply – to open up to more ease and grace in all areas of my life and business – to step into a new dimension of my power and potency – to be the leader I am destined to be.

How about now? Yes please.

Here is a reflection that came through close to half way through my retreat..which I am still on 🙂 Receiving so much..remembering so much..allowing for so much spaciousness to emerge..expansion..lightness:

A month ago (and just the other day again) I went to what’s known as a death portal at Polihale  – a sacred place here in Kauai where souls go to exit the Earth into other realms. It feels to me like a highly charged vortex reminiscent of Sedona in some spots – entering the field feels like emerging thru a plasma barrier where waterfalls of frequency plummet thru your being at the deepest levels, thru every cell, shaking up all thats no longer meant to be held onto so it can be purged out and released.

On our first visit I was warned to only go if a strong, clear intention was present because the energy is so potent – its known to catalyze death and disappearance in more ways than one.

Upon arrival, I sunk deep into the earth in meditation, connecting thru my own Akashic Records about why I was there and what specifically this portal was initiating me into. It all felt strangely familiar – I had been here before, across many Lemurian and ancient Hawaiian lifetimes, both as human and as a non-human galactic guide..feels just like yesterday in moments when you can dissolve beyond the body and beyond time.

Feeling the energy of the sacred cliffs staring back at me through the infinite eyes carved into the stone faces – welcome home, melt some more, let the earth take it all away..all that is not true, all that is not you. I was guided to a particularly potent part of the vortex energy where nearby the ocean was pushing up against itself in numerous directions – creating perpendicular waves, pouring out the sides as herds of buffalo and fiery dragons, catapulting various spirits and energies all about – the ancestors surfing across the luminous white crests.

Let go and release all that is weighing you down in this human experience – self doubt, painful self judgement, creations all of our own making, perceived challenges in receiving – challenges in opening fully, in feeling safe to give and experience love, to experience ones own light, to be fully here accepting this human form and this physical reality as divinely orchestrated and destined to be..unfolding. Instead of a painful purging out of the emotional density and fear and programs perceived therein – all the spirits were tickling me into laughing uncontrollably to the point of cramping in my belly and across my face – laughing at the hilariousness of it all.

The perceived human difficulties, the traumas, the conditionings, the programs…from the eyes of spirit and my higher self and all aspects beyond this realm overseeing this moment: how hilariously difficult you’ve chosen to make this experience, dear one.

Why have you found such pleasure in experiencing such pain? When all along life has been here to support you, to help you, to lift you up – this is the design after all. You’ve made such a game out of it all – blocking yourself from receiving that which has always been yours..and you, yourself, your true self.

Why has it been so difficult to receive? You’ve learned to receive as though its a linear process one must think about and then do – as if you are in, it is who you are already, you are a pure receiver – you are a pure receptor, a transmitter, you are always receiving no matter what, especially when you are no longer thinking about it or trying to do it right as if there was such a thing. You have invented so many judgments and invested so much in understanding or knowing why – why – why and how-how-how when all the meanwhile life is happening through you and around you, divinely designed to be enjoyed, received, witnessed, played with, laughed at, danced with.

All this time you could have been dancing. You could have been singing, making love, playing in the waves, dancing in the wind, melting into the earth. This body is designed for ecstasy – for bliss to be the lowest felt vibrational potential, can you imagine? We know this from higher realms where we existed beyond the body..remember.

We are here now to bring this awareness and attunement into the physical, into these cells, into this breath, into this heart beat. We are such luminous beings, here to remember more of ourselves and then in our radiant presence, remind others of our collective majesty. We are cosmic royalty after all. We are the kings and queens with souls seeded from across multiple universes and consciousnesses, all here for the shared purpose of ascension into our inner realms, upon this magical planet that has already ascended and continues expanding in her own ways. All for the joy of co-creating and experiencing the beauty we can see, touch, taste and feel..only through this body.

The second visit just the other day back to the Polihale portal I allowed parts of myself to be killed – literally and figuratively with a silver dagger cutting away the energetic cords or any residue from ancestral and collective programming especially that felt at times like a heavy metal backpack of armor, nailed in place ethereally to protect my heart from perceived threats, betrayals or pain. The body can hold certain specific emotional forms in place like this – especially when the forms are spanning many lifetimes, etched deeper into place over each incarnation. I released giving my power away to what others think of me and how I had let that define my value for so long; I released regret and anger at oneself for perceived failures of previous ascensions within the Earth game; releasing doubt, fear, worry, anxiety and somatic imprinting of the need for control and security after so long of feeling inherently unsafe, unseen and in some cases non-existent.

Even after doing all these years of work and healing and much remembering and integration..lifetimes upon lifetimes of wisdom and attunement pouring through as space is created to simply remember and receive more of oneself…still there is always more to grow. We wouldn’t be human still otherwise. There is no end, but seemingly more new beginnings and more infinite space to expand into.

We are ascending inwards, into our hearts, completely out of the mind, into the higher-self-soul which is to be our guide in the coming era, expanding into the highest most potent energies we’ve ever felt through a body. Consider how the thought that “its difficult to receive” is simply a mass consciousness program that has been anchored so deeply into our collective identity we can easily overlook our own choice to question it..and reroute ourselves and our destinies however we decide.

We were taught for so long to not be as we are, to be someone else, to be better, to be perfect, to be different, or more similar..the paradox – something, anything else, other than precisely ourselves. And yet now the illusion is falling apart faster than we can attempt to hold it up and keep it together. Too much energy has been expelled already in trying.

We are sensitizing ourselves more to the truth – to the inner invitation into presence, into ones heart, into one’s own authenticity.

Why are we having this experience anyway if not for ourselves, our souls overseeing the whole movie inviting us again and again to drop the masks, sink more into the body, luxuriate in the feelings possible only through this physical-multidimensional portal and simply laugh at all the multitude of ways we’ve learned to make it all so seemingly complicated or hard to move through.

Can we see that the difficulties are mostly of our own making? This is the grand cosmic joke of it all – can we let go, of trying, of holding it together, of holding ourselves up in certain ways, of continuing to play games that don’t actually feel good, of listening to a wounded ego that is always making generalizations and decisions based in conditionality, fear and separation?

Letting calm and presence be the new norm is a practice, indeed. We are so much more accustomed to (and collectively entrained to orient to) anxious nervous systems and excitement and all the noisy chaos and distractions there in – the mind loves to connect in this frenetic pacing where it can just spin-spin-spin and savor in the delight of agitation and having so much to do and think and make happen.

Who are we when we let that all fall away, to simply breathe into the presence of who we are already being right now, as we are, all the way here and now? There is less thought and more feeling, less noise and more silence..and so much space to expand into more of our own radiance. From here our divine purpose naturally shows itself and paves the way with steps forward into our destined direction. From here we receive the guidance required to architect the dream realities we’re only beginning to imagine as possible. From here we understand that we’ll see it all unfold – better than we ever could have planned and then some – once we believe it.

We see ourselves as the masterful creator beings we are, capable of transmitting such pure potency and presence thru which all is possible and all is attainable in this here and now moment. We are evolving into instantaneous manifestation potential – evolving out of doing and controlling and managing programs into pure receiving, allowing, witnessing, being and enjoying it all unfold. Transcending time and space perceived limitations and barriers to infinite expansion into the realties we’ve always sensed we are here to explore and amplify.

What is your divine dream for Heaven on Earth? What is your soul calling you to expand into, now? What is your heart singing to you, guiding you to melt away, let go of, alchemize and radiate?

All is possible. All is available. All of life is designed to support you in your destiny unfolding. All of your body is designed to heal and magnetize at the quantum level all that is meant for you to receive to assist you in the journey. All of life is loving you so fully so that you remember the love that you inherently are, all that you have always been and all that you are destined to be.

Let us welcome each other and ourselves home into this moment more fully and completely..again and again, simply through our being, through choosing to be present, through choosing to radiate and bask into our own light, through emanating only what is true for us in each moment, for letting that be all that is required, ever again.

Letting it all be easy. Simple. Pure. Grace.

I love you. Keep going. Thank you for being you.

As a reminder..We have our beloved Akashic Facilitator training starting April 8th, for those called to deepen and activate their intuitive-multidimensional selves and develop their own innate guidance system, heal immense trauma, free themselves of ancestral density and collective conditioning and so much more..all is possible through this work, it is such a profound gift that keeps on giving. It is an honor to guide you on this path. Please join us if you are feeling the call in your heart to take this leap.

Being on this retreat has helped me to profoundly see my value and become more clear than ever on how radically I help others to transform their lives sometimes overnight into greater alignment with how they want to feel-be-share-create-and play.I am inviting three new visionaries to co-create deep healing, transformation, awakening and embodiment with me 1:1 in a sacred mentorship journey starting immediately to continue over the next few months. We will curate the container according to what spirit has in mind for our collaboration – but trust it will be life-changing, and will include an in-person deep dive retreat for 4 days here in Kauai or Maui depending on what is destined to be.

Here is a bit about my ideal co-creator collaborators, in this you?
  • Successful entrepreneur, business owner and/or leader within a company
  • Called to bring more consciousness, intuition and embodiment into leadership
  • Has experience with developing businesses, creative strategy and vision
  • Tuned in with intuitive gifts and multidimensionality to some extent and wants to grow in these areas more and integrate these gifts into their leadership
  • Determined to do the work to integrate their wounds and shadows into their most authentic expression and embodiment
  • Wants thriving relationships, creativity, spirituality and to experience more ease, trust and joy in all aspects of life
  • Receptive to new practices, approaches, technologies and healing modalities
  • Committed to creating Heaven on Earth – for themselves and have calling towards planetary service to share vision on wider scale
  • Easy and fun to work with – loving – grateful, high integrity, committed to doing the work to grow and heal quickly and sustainably
  • We have a lot of fun, feel energized and newly awakened every time we connect
I have guided hundreds of clients over the years and I am ready to step into an entirely new level of service with my intimate guidance shared most potently in an individual curated journey. This is my highest excitement really – especially to support those who are in positions of scalable impact in which their shifts and awakenings will catalyze ripples for multitudes more visionaries that they reach through their presence.

If you are ready for a complete shift in your consciousness, expansion through every cell of your being, and to embody new dimensions of creativity, personal power, intimacy and connection with spirit – let’s play.

The time is take the leap into your true self, into your true calling, your destiny, your vision that’s meant to be birthed through you.

Learn more about 1:1 Quantum Immersions (which are included in our new 1:1 mentorship journey) here in Kauai and Maui.More updates and upgrades to come..hope to see you in our Akashic Facilitator Training soon if you’re meant to be in this potent group.

Check out our graduate celebrations to get a feel for the life-changing activation and expansion that’s on offer here.

We have a few spots open for the Embodied Ascension Immersion here in Maui June 19-27 which is proving to be an even more potent container with each passing much is being infused into this experience..a consciousness expansion initiation, an embodiment incubator, a wholeness Paradise with so many portals inviting us to remember.
Is your heart calling you to join us? Come play.

If you haven’t already – sign up for ASCEND, the new social media platform I’m creating and designing as we speak..coming out this summer.All my love family..see you on the other side..

Another portal of transformation is open, feel that?

Remember..take the leap and TRUST:

We are built to fly.

<3 Syd

Obsession vs. Love – Enlightenment, The Master Timeline, March Energetics:

Explore More on Youtube

Today is a Portal, Make a Wish

Aloha Love –

did you get my novel I sent thru yesterday? so much pouring in..time to get back into book writing mode..yes its coming!!

So much clarity + integration these last few days – wow, immense gratitude for saying YES to massive expansion and receiving <3

today can be a portal if we allow it to be – 3/3…maybe we’re making the whole thing up (aren’t we doing just that within all of reality anyway)..but still..where attention goes, energy flows, so what are you choosing to cultivate, receive, embody, allow?

i’ve done this practice the last few days called making a power wish and i’d love to invite you to share in the abundance – i also challenge you to take a few moments to yourself today to sit with a dream or vision you’re calling in, anything that makes your heart sing and brings your soul out to play.

you start by feeling into your souls wish for what it wants to experience – anything at all..then feel it, taste it, hear the sounds..then ground yourself more into the earth fully so the vision can land, breathe it into your heart and send the energy all the way down thru your roots into the earths crystalline core.

then activate the vision further by writing – by hand is best – out the vision as though its already happened: for example – i am so thankful to be feeling this incredible _______(how it feels, how it tastes, how you are being..all the details of your soul vision)…Up until now I have let go of (what have you let go of and released thats no longer in your way of being – feeling – doing – having what you want?)..I feel so relieved, I feel light, I feel open and expansive.

Then share more celebration about how beautiful your vision is unfolding – how glorious it feels, feel it in your cells..expand to receive it all..vibrate with the frequency of all the magic coming in to play with you and support you. Let it fill your heart. End the writing with Thank you So much universe! It is done, show me 🙂

Feel free to share your wish with me – I love celebrating and activating abundance with each other, and playing in our wildest dream fields, making it all real before our eyes.

We must believe it and then we see it as the knowing completely lands. Its already ours. The visions we are called to create and receive have a soul of their own – waiting for us to come into intimate connection and union with birth them into being. Can we listen to what they are saying, to how they want to what they want to be?

Drop out of the head, into the heart..more..and more..and receive the guidance thats already waiting to be followed.

This is 5D Business really..the process of energetically architecting your soul vision into being with grace, ease, authenticity and absolute magnetism. We are deep in this practice in our 5D Council and I’ve loved guiding this process with others 1:1 through 5D Visionary Mentorship…such a gift to share with those ready to pave a new way forward into paradigms of collaboration, co-creation, abundance, intimacy and consciousness as our foundational driving values.

I have 3 spots for 1:1 mentorship I am opening for 7 month journeys in which we completely redesign your life and business to radiate authenticity, magnetism and all the energies and elements of being that feel nourishing, fulfilling and expansive for you to live into.

Our container includes the Maui Embodied Ascension immersion and/or an additional 1:1 privately curated retreat for you to quantum leap your life and consciousness in every way, hosted here in Maui or Kauai, depending on which island is calling us to play/activate.

Our Akashic Facilitator Training starts April 8th and we have a few spots open to those called to join us in this powerful, transformative experience that most graduates have called life-changing.
It’s a comprehensive support container fusing intuitive wisdom, attunement, daily energetic practice, group and 1:1 support/practice, plus everything you need to move through and receive to be completely confident in sharing your gifts as an Akashic Facilitator. Whether you intend to integrate the practice in your own business, personal spiritual practice or otherwise – this truly is a practice and a gift that keeps on giving.
Over the last few trainings we’ve had Reiki Masters, Shamanic Sound Healers, Multidimensional Channels, Investors, Corporate Business Leaders, Mothers, Coaches of all kinds, Non-Profit Organizers and more go through this initiation to bring more discernment, love, consciousness and empowerment into all they are and all they do.
Check out our graduate testimonials to get a feel for the experience and apply to join us if you’re ready for a deep dive into your authentic self, integrate your multidimensional aspects, become totally empowered in your intuitive gifts and feel more of your absolute presence and power come online.
Would be an honor to have you as this is our only Level One training of 2021. Our next training in the Fall will be a Level Two Advanced Practitioner Course that trains graduates to take this program and teach it to their respective students in their own way 🙂

Stay the next few days I’ll have a special invitation for you to join me in a new expression of Visionary Vortexing which now wants to live as a 4-hour intimate deep-dive strategy-attunement-support-training retreat experience. We’ll gather together in an intimate group for this experience sometime towards the end of March – with the invitation to:

– bring more consciousness into your life and business
– receive an akashic records attunement + reading
– receive a quantum healing transmission to embody your intentions
– learn the mechanics of what 5D visionary business is and how you can integrate these principals into your life and grand vision to allow more ease, grace + magnetism into all you create
– receive the key energetic shifts required to move out of doing into being and allowing as a new method of creating with multidimensional creativity + power
– understand how to work with you intuitive guidance in new ways specifically to tune into new business strategies, pricing, client magnetism and more

Plus there will be an opportunity for deep 1:1 support in this intimate group which is curated for 8 visionaries. If you’re already feeling called to join us, just hit reply and we can make sure you get first dibs on the invite when its ready. I’ve never hosted something like this before and it feels really potent to share – all the wisdom garnered over the years from 1:1s and all we are anchoring in our council..time to bring it all together and share it with those ready to take the next step in embodying the visionary leaders they are here to be..the powerful pioneers architecting the new systems and structures and ways of being required in a thriving world that works for all 🙂

Ready to rock?

All in..all ways.

xx Syd

Akashic Facilitator Training 2021

Wow we are already almost half full for our 4th round of the Akashic Facilitator Training.

This will be the last training I am fully leading before I pass it off to my advanced students to take over and make their own – this is really the dream with all the divine visions we receive downloaded direct from source; they have a life of their own and they are meant to grow and evolve sometimes without us so they can reach the beings they are meant to meet in this life and beyond.

I am thankful for this guidance – build it and anchor the template so it can be shared with others to build upon, innovate and customize according to their unique resonance so others who might not have resonated with me can see outside of any associated personality dynamics the true value in pursuing this kind of work and sharing it with still others.

Really if I could wish for one gift to be bestowed upon humanity it would be for each and every one to receive their own attunement to the Akashic Records – the portal through which we access immensely clear guidance direct from our higher selves, source, masters, teachers and loved ones beyond and across all timelines, spaces, dimensions to embody our destiny, live with deep meaning and purpose, open our hearts to more love, and sink into more of the holy wholeness that we are.

It is a modality that I have found over the years is simply a vehicle for unlocking more modalities – more of your signature style and approach to healing and embodiment. It is a gateway into multidimensional consciousness, embodiment and deep attunement. It is a pathway into cultivating energetic mastery and deep presence.

I am so proud of what has come through and the refinements that have evolved over our last few rounds of this training – I am even more proud of the incredible light beings and visionaries who are sharing this sacred healing technology with more and more people in new spaces, industries, contexts..starting their own teaching practices.

This is a facilitator training after perhaps the intention is to empower teachers to step up and teach this work to others who might also want to teach it to others and so on..

I imagine a world one day – perhaps not so far away – when we have all the CEOS and changemakers leading institutional and organizational shifts worldwide using this technology to make informed, aligned decisions, catalyze revolutionary innovation and genius creativity and most of all – connect to their true authentic selves and always lead from this space, from their hearts.

When we are connected in like this, we can’t help but act, think and feel on behalf of all..we are inherently unified within and therefore with all of life…we see through the veils we’ve been taught to empower and see so clearly the fabric of consciousness connecting us all, always. From here we can co-create such unfathomable beauty. From here we birth our true selves, and this New Earth that is simply an emanation of our divinity embodied in this form.

Come play.

Loving Ourselves Home

Aloha my love..

How are you being?

We are receiving so much aren’t we? Immensity of incoming energies..activating us to new depths of intimacy within and with each other..and so it is.

Finding it useful to move slow – really consider if what you think needs to be said really does – lots of heightened awareness to internal processing / insights : recalibration to reality and especially our relationships.

We are invited to cultivate even greater focus-devotion on our self-healing, energetic practice, on what’s here and now, minimizing doing across the board, calling in support and connection and accurate reflection from trusted allies…


Patience. Trust. Allowing. Witnessing. Letting it all arise. Feeling it all.

My mom sent me some pictures from my childhood the other day – out of the blue of course but divinely timed because I’ve been doing a lot of re-patterning with my little one..inner child..little well as with my lineage.

Created a new altar to work with my ancestors – my grandparents..thanking them for preparing the way for me to emerge in this incarnation. Transmuting latent shame and embarrassment, resentment, anger..grief..all the things that can come up sometimes in exploring our family history.

This is what came through..

We are born with all we’ve ever required to thrive. We know true presence and joy. We know deeply the embodiment of bliss and unconditional love – it is who we are.

Hard to imagine sometimes how in just a few moments, weeks or years early on we simply forget – we learn other people’s ways of being, societal projections, conditioning that never felt true…perhaps simply to experience and feel a stark contrast.

In forgetting ourselves albeit temporarily we eventually, inevitably more fully return into reverence for the infinite magnitude of our true being. Would we appreciate joy and presence – the ultimate currency of our human experience – if we didn’t at first deeply feel the pain and wounding of perceived separation (from god, from ourselves, from one another – all simply reflections of our own divinity), unworthiness, incompleteness, or any of our other universally shared human experiences designed to initiate us into consciously choosing to awaken and align with and embody our authenticity, our infinite nature?

Perhaps we are simply here to experience. To feel it all.

For the fun of it – the good and the bad and everything in between, understanding there is no good or bad really when we drop all judgement and desire to make meaning out of a reality we realize we are always constructing with our thoughts and feelings.

Who are we when we drop out of identification with all we’ve learned to attach to in order to define ourselves as something or someone that one can attempt to understand?

We cannot fully understand god – but we can feel and know this way of being – presence, compassion and joy in unity – in our cells. It is a felt remembrance we return to when we connect into our hearts, our soul, our higher consciousness conduits into spirit and direct to source.

Silly humans – why do you ever struggle or worry when you have legions of angels and multidimensional loving support always at your beckon call ready to heal – uplift – guide your every desire – dream – intention in all moments beyond all time space limitations across all realities dimensions places and spaces ❤

May we allow the journey home to be filled with

Most of all – may we allow ourselves to feel every bit of the journey..savor it’ll never be like this again, you’ll never be like this YOU again..enjoy it, receive it, live it fully..

Everyone really is doing the best they can with what they have.

How can we have greater compassion for ourselves and eachother..this is the great medicine ushering us forth into unity..

Divine union above so, through, and for us..all.

Loving you so much family. Take care of yourself the rest of this month – it might get a little more know what to do..listen to your heart, attune to more stillness, ask for is here for you whenever you are ready to receive..sometimes the hardest part is initiating and asking for what we truly need..and trusting our needs can be met.

We’ll never know if we don’t try..and new earth leadership is all about pioneering..anchoring the new templates and choices so that others can join us in paving new pathways into new dimensions-realities-harmonious experiences-abundance-sovereignty..more of what we know of as HOME.

Loving ourselves + each other all the way HERE..

I love you <3


+ + +

We are launching a 4th round of the acclaimed Akashic Facilitator Program.

I’ve received guidance to do two trainings this year – with the first being April 8th – June 10th, 2021 and the next being Sept 9 into Nov 11th.

We are going to be transitioning the program after this year to being run by my advanced students so this sacred work can reach more people without necessitating my presence all along the way (as I focus more and more on launching a new social platform that we are building and launching into the world this Summer) thankful for the guidance thats come thru about this recently.

I will be leading this April’s program as I have done to date whereas Sept’s program feels like it may be transitioning into the leadership of my former students with less of my participation. This is what I am seeing thus far so wanted to share in the spirit of authenticity and transparency so you can feel whats unfolding in real time.

If you’re directed to join us in the would be an honor to have you..and now there is an opportunity to share this work with others if the advanced practitioner path feels to be resonant (you could one day take this work as a template to share with many others).

If you’re curious about this training, please check out our abundance of testimonials/experiences shared by graduates to get a feel..there is so much love here.

Most students will say this program is life-changing. It is absolutely a divinely-guided download from source..which continues to amaze me in its rigor and capacity to catalyze such profound awakenings, empowerment and consciousness shifts.

Would be an honor to have you with us this April.

+ + +

A few people have asked me about advice on writing their book and getting it published – amazing to feel the waves of inspiration important to share your ascension stories, messages of healing and awakening..your heart.

Here is an in-depth training I conducted a few months ago all about Birthing Your Book into Being, which also includes the book proposal template provided by my agent.

What To Do When You Feel Everything *New*

Self-Love + Embodied Abundance Activation

Explore More on YouTube

Ways to Cleanse + Transmute EMFs

As we get more sensitized everyday to energy – our practices of energetic hygiene and self-care are becoming increasingly crucial to cultivate and refine.

EMFS – which stands for Electromotive force(s), also commonly referred to as electromagnetic radiation – are all around us. They’re emitted by most technology we find ourselves inundated with these days: TVs, phones, computers, Wifi, power lines, microwaves – really anything that emits an electric signal.

These energies interact with our own energetic fields in various ways – impacting each body differently and sometimes with negative side affects such as feelings of depletion, anxiety, inflammation or auto-immune responses to name a few.

Regardless of how you interact with energy or how sensitive you feel to EMFs, here are some simple ways you can support yourself, your environment and all those you love in enjoying more clear airwaves and less interference from external energy within your home field: 

  • Grid your house and various spaces in which you spend time with hematite or source seeds.
  • Turn off your Wifi while sleeping – consider getting an automatic timer that does this for you (set it to turn off between the hours you typically are in bed and up until you wake up and require Wifi again).
  • Place bowls of salt or holy water in corners of your house or use a salt spray with essential oil to grid the field against intrusive energies.
  • Use an EMF blocker for laptop and other technologies. 
  • Place orgonite pyramids around your home especially near areas that host electronics like your TV, microwave or other appliances that you use often.
  • Use Himalayan salt lamps especially near electronics and near corners of home to help cleanse air and circulate negative ions. 
  • Explore using a PNR – personal nexus reality device – in your daily practice to empower your energy field to become stronger and less permeable to outside influences.
  • Practice regular meditation and self-healing energy work to empower your own energy throughout your own home so your desired resonance permeates through your home’s grid and becomes less open to outside interference the more you practice. 
  • Play healing and cleansing frequencies throughout your home in the background of whatever you are doing to help clear energy in the space. My favorites for space clearing and EMF cleansing are: 741 hz, 432 hz, and 963 hz – or any tones that help you feel connected to the earth, to nature, to universal consciousness and to your heart.
  • Burn sage, palo santo and copal or any other incense that supports feelings of relaxation, mental and spiritual clarity and deeper presence.
  • Welcome house plants into your home to cleanse the air and also support anchoring your desired resonances within your home grid – rubber plants are especially helpful for cleansing the air as are pothos and snake plants.
  • Place selenite crystals (especially longer wands) and rose quartz by windows and corners for additional gridding support.
  • Continuing doing the practices that raise your frequency so you naturally deter EMFs from interfering with your field.

For more resources on Nervous System Support, Ascension Upgrades, Energy Optimization and more..check out my KIT recommendations here.


Love for Every Body – Let’s Play

Aloha beloved..

Welcome to a super charged week. Touching base to share an event I am contributing to with some dear soul family next weekend on Valentine’s Day..and to wish you well in journeying thru this portal underway.

Big new moon brewing. Some say it’s the most potent of all 2021..setting us up for all the transformations and co-creations we’ll be celebrating all the way into 2023..yes I feel it. Planting the seeds for our most divine embodiments, alignments, delights of this super-human existence.

Buzzing from our 5D Visionary Council convergence this awe of the magnificent beings I am honored to play with and create absolute magic with these days..anchoring new templates for all of humanity, especially when it comes to feminine-intuitive leadership and reclamation of personal power-sovereignty-divine value and genius.

Diving deep into code sharing and direct transmission of our genius – exploring human design + gene keys which are immensely helpful tools in understanding our unique energy to share this 1:1 with clients and now in group format..very helpful for understanding coherence and ways we uniquely are called into constellations to support one another in integrating specific lessons and healings.

Feeling immense support for all our dreams + visions unfolding..can you feel it fam? Immense abundance is here..all around us, moving thru us, as us..the extent to which we show up and serve our divine purpose – which might be as simple as choosing to feel good, now – is the extent to which we receive and revel in the magic of unconditional love that is always here..reflecting back to us our divinity..we are such massive beams of light, we are.

We are receiving more than ever before..energetically..and making the space to receive more architect these new step into new leadership..power..presence.

And can we enjoy is all, immensely? And joyfully?

Yes of course..we are remembering and learning..not necessarily how to because we already know..but we are giving ourselves permission to be who we already are and who we always have been..

Getting out of the way of what’s already perfectly designed and destined for us to experience, co-create, learn, in..

Such a beautiful playground..really it feels more and more like this.

How are you choosing to play?

How can you add more lightness to your life?

How are you celebrating?

Even the healing, the pain, the growth..what’s great about it all?


I’ve gotten guidance since returning from Kauai to open space to two visionaries calling in deep multidimensional support in birthing their true selves into being and birthing their soul-aligned calling forth in service to humanity..anchoring Heaven on Earth.

This container feels to have the design of 1:1 mentorship for the next 3-4 months and/or a potential in-person VIP immersion here in Maui or Kauai (private 3-5 day retreat) together in the next few weeks or months.

It shall be a co-creation unlike anything we’ve ever imagined before – welcoming our wildest dreams come true. Welcoming full expansion. Welcoming our divine magnificence to lead the way.

I am channelling so much energy for life/world-changing projects – supported with so much abundance – and it feels significant to amplify and expand with other resonant leaders in an intimate space ripe with healing, alchemy and infinite elevation.

If this feels like you..let’s explore and have a call to let spirit guide us in what’s meant to be.

I look forward to co-creating pure miracles with you.

So now about this weekend..

What if I told you that by learning to honor yourself and love yourself from the inside out that you could unlock the map for your most optimal well-being?

What if you didn’t have to seek outside yourself for the answers, but you knew by committing to wholly loving and trusting yourself, you not only could liberate yourself but help transform the world?
If any of these questions ignite a fire within your soul, then you’ve come to the right place.
Join us for a Love for Every “body” celebration and launch party for the Zeva’s Wellness platform and the unveiling of our first magical product.
Featuring six, visionary experts and a live panel, you will be guided on an experiential exploration into the realms of self-love/self-care practices, abundance mindset, conscious/eco entrepreneurship, multidimensional healing, accessing your intuitive gifts, and embodying your authentic leadership.
Come play…Register Here.
This perfect combination of a mini-retreat and celebration/party was lovingly created for the vibrant soul who believes in love for every “body” and that the map for a vibrant, healthy radiant life starts with you.
If you feel a longing to cultivate a more loving and healthy relationship with all aspects of yourself and connect with the template for your most optimal well-being, this event is for you.
If you are excited to discover how learning to fully care for yourself and honoring the intrinsic wisdom can create a safer, healthier, and more loving world, register here:
You will automatically be entered into a raffle for a Self-Love Gift Basket (Valued at $600) with your registration. This magical basket includes a 4oz jar of our new Radiant Skin Potion, a 90-Minute RTT Hypnotherapy Session and many other luscious items to support your most optimal well-being.
Through this experiential journey, you will be empowered to:
  • Develop a deeper connection to yourself and your true essence.
  • Cultivate a more profound understanding of how your beliefs and programming can become an obstacle to you actualizing what you most desire
  • Discover the easiest ways to access the intuitive wisdom around what supports your optimal well being and how to best care for yourself.
  • Nurture your confidence around your innate gifts that you’ve always been destined to share with the world.
  • Gain clarity around your desires and higher values and how that translates to your purpose.
  • Access greater freedom and trust in the expression of your authentic voice, intuition, and inner wisdom.
  • Deepen your awareness around how self-love nurtures our own reservoirs and frees us up to be of service to the people, causes, and endeavors we most care about.

Register here to come celebrate with a beautiful visionary tribe this weekend..let’s revel in the beauty of being ourselves, totally utterly human..divinely perfectly imperfectly awesome magical weird hilarious cosmic multidimensional alien angels 🙂
Something like that..we’ll get a little silly too… time.

To your radiant health, love, and well-being,
SydPS: I am offering a special two gifts in the event for those who register to attend our “Love for Every Body” immersion – including 15% off a Soul Sourcing Session and free access to my Dream Awake Your Genius + Accelerate Abundance Training//Activation.

+ + +

+++ASCEND is officially in design-mode…such a dream coming to fruition. Feeling like I am living my destiny..everything leading up to now has prepared me for this moment..thank you thank you thank you. To learn more, sign up on our site to be kept in the loop.


Fun resources + ways to play..

* Thinking about delicious herbal detox – cleanse? Learn more about how to join me in the magic cleanse – cellular upgrade here.

Opening a few spots for 2021 1:1 Visionary Immersions here in Maui and also on Kauai. Privately curated 3 and 5 day immersions for visionaries who are desiring a prolific reboot in self love.. Deep connection to your purpose, light and full embodied power..let’s play.

Grateful to share some genius products that have profoundly impacted my spiritual evolution + integration.. deep support for our embodiment journey.

* Did you know I facilitate remote healing transmissions on These technologies have profoundly impacted my spiritual growth and integration.


Anchoring the New Earth…here in Maui.

Summer Solstice 2021.

June 19 – 27, 2021.

“We are from Heaven visiting Paradise.”

Soul-family reunion + celebration.

Heaven on Earth attunement.

Energy mastery play + activation.

Mind-body-spirit-soul nourishment + rejuvenation.

Akashic records channeling, attunement, exploration.

Sacred space to anchor into your dreams, vision + pure presence.

Explore, deepen + share your leadership + authentic expression.

Bodywork, somatic healing, integration + energy healing.

Transformational immersions, sacred site initiations.

Deep practice in daily meditation, sacred silence, movement.

Daily sound healing immersions for quantum healing – shifting.

Ascension is not a concept, it is a way of being..for you to discover within…and to transmit-radiate through your being.

Come play.

New On Youtube: My quantum healing hypnosis session (QHHT)..listen to receive..beautiful energy transmission, integration, healing…

More Magic on YouTube