Happy May Day

aloha love, how are you being? welcome to may..a powerful month ahead..as usual. up up up we go..and more in, in, in to our depths it seems. i am readyContinue reading “Happy May Day”

Creation Portal Open

aloha darlin..how are you being in this moment? deep breath..slowing down..really listening..getting curious. how am i being? how am i feeling? do i feel supported? can i support myself withContinue reading “Creation Portal Open”

Timeline Healing + Forgiveness

Here are three key practices helpful now for integrating former timelines, creating space for newer energies to integrate:   1. Timeline Healing: Redirect the Movie of Your Life  One of the mostContinue reading “Timeline Healing + Forgiveness”

My Favorite Sex Magic, Energy Mastery + Alchemy Resources

Here are some of my favorite resources on sex magic, energy mastery and alchemy..which are all foundational aspects of creating a thriving, abundant life and business you love.. Egyptian CodesContinue reading “My Favorite Sex Magic, Energy Mastery + Alchemy Resources”

Life Path Review? Right on Time. #fullmoonmusings

aloha darlin..sending you lots of love amidst this full moon portal and all the portals of immense energy therein. It’s all been quite a work IN, that’s for sure. IContinue reading “Life Path Review? Right on Time. #fullmoonmusings”

Celebration – We Made It!

aloha my love… we made it through the 2-22-22 portal…though we are perhaps still integrating some big downloads..you too? how are you being? is there anyway you would love toContinue reading “Celebration – We Made It!”

One Hundred Years in a Day

aloha darlin..beloved one..earth angel..human..family.. what a moment. we are going through it. i wonder if you’ve felt like the last few days were 100 years in a span of 24-48Continue reading “One Hundred Years in a Day”

Affirm Your Truth

aloha beloved one…how are you being? sending lots of love..body updates processing quite strongly all week since last weekend, so many going thru sickness and purging deep residues of trauma,Continue reading “Affirm Your Truth”

I’m Ascending, Now What?

aloha loves and happy new year… how are you being? i am expanding into such a new reality..timeline..dimension. you too maybe? i moved into my dream home. im falling inContinue reading “I’m Ascending, Now What?”

Falling In Love

aloha love..happy 2022 – what a beautiful wave we’re riding..loving you soooo big. how are you being? what are you celebrating? what are you anchoring into being? so much hasContinue reading “Falling In Love”

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