Heaven on Earth Wear

I’ve been wanting to design clothing my entire life. 

I used to sew some of my clothes as a child – creating awesome bellbottoms and asymmetrical skirts even in middle school..before I started wearing only red and white or khaki matching fits with old navy tech vests to fit my San Francisco hip hop – asian – influenced aesthetic..before the punk rock phase of course 😛

Now I am finally listening to the calling and starting by exploring what it feels like to encode clothing with energy healing and light codes to amplify our empowered, embodied ascension path. 

Introducing: Heaven on Earth Wear

Intention:: Multidimensional clothing amplifying attunement to our highest selves. Here to remember and remind: Heaven on Earth is here when we choose to be. 

How can our clothing be a living, breathing reminder of our values, visions and capacity to attune to, create and embody absolutely anything we desire? 

Here is a humble beginning into a new experiment..maybe a new paradigm. Essentially creating the yummy, soft, comfy, yet super charged pieces I’ve been looking for myself..

Create the world and all the ways of being in it you wish existed. 

More pieces to come as inspiration continues to anchor <3

Explore:: https://www.bonfire.com/store/heaven-on-earth-2/

Published by Sydney Campos


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