Dying to Rebirth Anew

aloha love.. interesting energies today 🙂 Have felt strong call to get off what’sapp and delete my accounts there soon. You might have heard about today’s outages.. I’ve opened new channelContinue reading “Dying to Rebirth Anew”

Time to Grow Up

hi love…energy MOVING FASTTTT..just tuning in with a brief update felt called to share..to support..all we are integrating. Whole new timeline dropping in babes. BTW walk-ins can mean more ofContinue reading “Time to Grow Up”

Attuning Divinity

aloha dear one.. Processing energy these days feels like a full time job in and of itself. Requiring lots of rest lately – going to bed earlier, sleeping in later.Continue reading “Attuning Divinity”

What does home feel like?

aloha darlin – happy post-equinox glow. phew feeling the updates and upgrades integrating..at the speed of..well..beyond..light?! absolutely going thru so many lifetimes in every moment lately..the new norm..in the birthContinue reading “What does home feel like?”

All Shall be Revealed

aloha my love – how are you being? i’m beaming you tons of love from the portal i’ve landed in here on big island..its a massive energy shift from Maui..adjustingContinue reading “All Shall be Revealed”

This feels vulnerable to share

aloha love..how are you being? i hope these words find you cozy and warm, and feeling supported in this moment..maybe if even just by these words..a reminder to check inContinue reading “This feels vulnerable to share”

happy new year

aloha my love..how are you being? hope you’re feeling loved + nourished in this moment..beaming you with some glorious hawaiian breeze, ocean cleansing + lemurian energies..if you’d like to receive.Continue reading “happy new year”

Permission Granted

aloha my love.. how are you being? feeling some major energy detoxing the last day or so on my end – especially this morning, cellular memory purging what feels toContinue reading “Permission Granted”

being mythical

aloha love.. big energy moving this weekend, yes? felt a lot of headaches..movement through the brain, cleansing. as a friend put it beautifully: felt like a fork digging into theContinue reading “being mythical”


aloha… I have some amazing news..so excited and grateful to share with you..today we are officially…. LAUNCHING…ANNOUNCING…CELEBRATING… ASCEND: a new dimension of social community, designed for authenticity, transparency, and sharedContinue reading “BIG DAY – ANNOUNCING..ASCEND”

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