Just One More Week

aloha love..

how are you feeling today? there have been some big waves these last 48 hours. i was in an “i’m not enough” loop for part of yesterday and then I realized..oh..my inner child is angry with me because I somehow went into a creation-bender without giving myself adequate space to move, to melt, to rest, to receive.

one of my students – sisters – collaborators reached out just in the moment i really needed to hear some loving support. i love how telepathic we are especially after all these lifetimes and recent months of doing deep work together..we can really feel eachother so strongly and we know when to reach out in the precise moment when our presence is called for.

same thing is true for marketing, sharing, inviting..we become more telepathic and present and magnetic the deeper into our authentic selves we go..and the invitations to come play practically send themselves..its fun to watch and receive..what happens when:

you go outside and play and do something fun and adventurous instead of working for 3 more hours because you think thats going to get you some kind of result you’re expecting.

you choose to spend an hour connecting with an old friend on the phone, nourishing your spirit and soul so beautifully..instead of working and being busy having anxiety around not doing enough – not being enough – not having enough..

you commit to prioritizing your daily practice and energy work above all else and build your day around that..or rather let your day flow around this beautiful foundation you’ve built..strong enough to hold you through anything that comes especially these immense energetic updates we are all receiving..do you feel stable and centered amidst the pending storm?

we have a potent group anchoring for our only level one akashic facilitator training of 2021 starting in just a week from today..can you imagine?

the celebrations from this container are incredible..astounding..miraculous. its a deeply transformational – embodied ascension journey through and through..it feels funny trying to describe it actually because what we are truly co-creating is a field that’s never existed on earth or in this dimension before in which truly infinite possibility, accelerated quantum healing and absolute leaps into new consciousness are the norm.we have two spots left in this sacred group and i’d love to personally invite you to join us if you are feeling the call. surely we are gathering at a potent time by no mistake at all..we always get the call to gather at times like these because energies incoming are moving through us so powerfully, illuminating the deepest darkest shadows, asking us to step more fully into the light..

to trust your truth.
to trust your power.
to never doubt yourself again.
to use your intuition as your guiding light.
to open your multidimensional consciousness..
to receive new healing modalities and technologies designed for you to feel your best
…and share with overflow..this magic with others.

in our upcoming group some of our shared intentions we are anchoring for the journey include:

– transmuting lineage density especially as it relates to scarcity and survival programs
– activating and embodying new dimensions of magnetism and ease in receiving
– dismantling self-repression and self-doubt to expand into more presence, power and confidence
– launching a healing practice to serve clients through intuitive healing and absolute magic
– coming into deeper embodiment of ones authentic self – knowing who you are and why you are

You know..the usual lifetimes and lifetimes of healing and expansion in a few weeks and months.

I love how some of our former training containers are still meeting with one another..that’s right..we pretty much fall in love with our soul family constellation in here, and we go deep..its a beautiful experience indeed, my favorite way to play.

Check out all our celebrations + fill out the application to join here.

This is our last round for this year – and given everything else I am birthing its not clear if i will be teaching this ever again..in fact I am envisioning my students taking this on to teach going forward..a process we’ll be covering in Level Two Training at the end of this year..and doing part of the training in Bali is feeling better than ever 🙂 Level one is of course required for this..so come play if you’re called, time to fly…I opened instagram today to a flood of gratitude from readers of my book The Empath Experience: What to Do When You Feel Everything. Its beautiful when the universe sends us signs like this – that the creations we’ve put out into the ethers in some cases years ago are still making an impact and meeting those who are in resonance in such beautiful moments..they’re like time capsules getting set off to open when the right person decides to activate the connection..in some ways they’re connecting with a former version of me..but regardless..we are connecting. I am grateful, thank you for the reminders <3

Our Maui Embodied Ascension immersion
 is coming in just a few weeks..and its turning into quite a cosmic family affair of course..we knew this would be the case but the container is really revealing itself to be even more magical than we could have even seen a few weeks ago..with additions like..

– co-creating an epic tree planting mission with our friends at Earth Change/Crystallized Roots Movement to plant 500 trees here in Maui with source seeds

– having all access to a quantum healing bio-feedback bed (one of 12 in the entire world) on site in our own private healing sanctuary to play in throughout the entire retreat

– special guests and friends coming in to co-facilitate experiences and healing offerings

– higher brain/network spinal analysis tune-ups with a master chiropractor/medical intuitive at our service

– beautiful opportunities for all who participate to co-create, lead, contribute and step up to the plate as brilliant visionary leaders, sharing their gifts and genius with all who are anchoring our field

– sacred site initiations and grid work to activate new DNA, rewire particular aspects of our consciousness and physical embodiment and transmit / anchor potent healing with Gaia

So much more..we are opening a portal. A big one..an infinite one.

I got the message to move into a bigger home soon to integrate all of the expansions.

Yep…it’s like that 🙂

If you know the second half of 2021 is going to be the best year of your life and you’re ready to step into it with full power, presence and the deepest confidence and self-love you’ve ever felt/known/experienced – here’s our chance to play together in paradise to collectively quantum leap into our desired realities..Heaven on Earth is here.

When we choose to be.

x Syd

PS: I have one opening for 1:1 mentorship if you’re called to explore co-creating. Book a call here to explore resonance and let’s see how we might architect a new business, vision, relationship, embodiment, energy system, consciousness..whatever you’d love to expand into and live into as your intended reality..is possible..when you are willing to leap and receive 🙂 Ready to rock?

Tuned in live yesterday in the below video exploring April Energies + all the new ways of being we are invited to expand into..come play:

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