Resonance Refinement

aloha love..

congrats on surfing some epic waves of this week. felt like a few thousand years in one week…receiving immense light.

Seems the core theme we are collectively exploring at the moment is what I like to call: resonance refinement.

So much is getting knocked out of the field, people are dropping out like flies in some cases. Ideas that used to feel enticing and energizing suddenly seem foreign.

Not recognizing ourselves again – many feeling disassociated from who they thought they were. Maybe we don’t need to know anymore.

Opening to being fluid in how and what within which we identify – both towards ourselves and each other. New taste buds are developing across the board.

New passions are calling. Rebirth. Some feel physically and psychically pregnant with all the real symptoms despite no actual baby. Many women are experiencing prolonged moon cycles..transmuting and recalibrating extra energy on many levels, on many behalves.

Back to basics – trust your body and it’s messages. Practicing pausing to ask: is this what I truly want. Is this true for me? Interrupt auto-pilot by slowing down and listening to the subtle messages in between the noise of our words and thoughts.

There is so much more accessible. Perhaps instead of awakening multidimensionality we are expanding into ultra-dimensionally.

The space beyond needing to know anything ever again, at all. Yet making perfect clear sense with clear directed presence and it’s finely attuned resonance..communicating telepathically and through precise feelings and their crystalline signals.

Lots of recall. Some on overtime duty or as we like to say “the night shift” channeling high frequencies into their particular grid system in which they happen to be geographically orienting to for a time.

Perhaps where you were called to live is simply a divine assignment – a pact between you and the land to anchor certain frequencies in – in only a way you can.

All the rest may be a sweet story yet feel welcome to explore the deeper meaning and unfolding of why you happen to be situated where you are; now.

Learning to run electricity in new ways. Body is asking for all kinds of new support and sometimes suddenly asking to let go of things that used to work – supplements, nutrition protocols, exercise, healing modalities, pacing.

New nervous system updates are requiring extra rest. Learning to calm the mind still more – let the energy waterfall thru your entire system without resistance into the earth anchoring there and completing the circuit.

It is healing and immensely recalibrating to allow this process in. There is nothing to fear, just more to expand into, to receive.

Meeting more of ourselves. Beyond the story and conditioning we’ve become accustomed / attached to. Knowing was once so assuring and safe-feeling but no longer does it feel authentic to claim we can even pretend to know or control..anything.

What a relief to admit supposed defeat.

Rekindling from the momentary collapse soon followed by a deep sigh, more rest, relaxing, allowing..melting as the tension leaves from places we didn’t even know we were holding together for this entire lifetime. 🖖🏼

lots of fun celebrations to share..expansions…new collaborations…new podcasts out this week below to check out..loving the messages shared here.

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going off grid completely to do an intensive immersion with my teacher in Dallas..preparing for the contrast of airports and mainland energy out of my sweet Maui bubble 🙂 should be fun practice.

see you on the other side of this transformation portal.

be kind. be loving. you’re amazing. thank you for being.

x Syd

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New Podcast // Where Money Meets Soul Exploring: Embodying authenticity as a key to abundance.

THROWBACK – just re-released as a podcast this week..beautiful to reconnect with so many who are resonating with the messages shared here…

This week on Dirt Road Less Travelled, I talked with host and fellow visionary Maia Wilde about what it means to feel so profoundly, how to navigate spaces of personal development, global consciousness and so much more…


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All the Ways to Play


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