Magical May: Celebrations + Gifts

Aloha dear,

Happy waves of change, releasing, upgrading..all the things, all the time.

How are you being?

I am calling in all the support..across all my teams..all my allies..all the resources. It’s go time – into the portal of transformation we go, can you feel it?

All masks off..anything and everything we are still holding onto is being immensely highlighted..per the usual..such is the new norm or so it seems.

Checking in with some brief updates, celebrations + reminders..short and sweet..simplicity is key. We explored this concept this AM in our visionary council..I am so excited to share with you what we’re activating together..taking the form of a new organization, company, offering..feels so good – embodying all we’ve anchored together over the last few months.

A reminder – to close out the last month’s energies..and really complete it..its such a good practice to celebrate all you’re taking away from the journey. What did you learn in April? What commitments did you honor? How did you surprise yourself? How did life support you?

It’s so fun to celebrate with a group or even with yourself – how potent/healing it is when we give ourselves a chance to really see how much we are achieving and expanding through in leaps and bounds.

I am so grateful to be co-creating cultures of celebration in all the portals we are playing in now..within our Akashic Facilitator Training, Visionary Council, with my 1:1 students and within MTVO…together we are pioneering new ways of showing up as authentic, powerful, loving leaders that share our wins and even congratulate eachother when we are learning sometimes challenging or even painful lessons.

Our society has a lot of programming around not celebrating – not standing out – not lifting oneself up..its selfish, its self-absorbed, its stuck up to do so…so they say.

When really celebration in my experience brings expansion, connection and more unity. Especially when we are vulnerable in sharing our growing pains as celebrations of the lessons we created for ourselves to learn and leap from. I love the cognitive dissonance moment too when you congratulate someone for something they are beating themselves up of my teachers is a wizard at doing this and its hilarious every time how well it works to deprogram ourselves from loops we didn’t even know we were running.

Try it. And better yet – play this fun game with others..they’ll thank you late. Promise 🙂

Some fun news..

We just put all my trainings + activations on sale for 55% off from now till May 11th in case you’d like to grade a training or workshop..some goodies in there for sure to tune into. Check it out.

We completely re-designed our Embodied Ascension site for the Maui convergence coming up soon..isn’t is awesome?

Everything about this was a co-creation..and is a co-creation. I love how even in the process of birthing this container we are stimulating new ways of self-organizing and allocating resources.

It’s a divine flow indeed..templating new ways of offering our sacred work and invitations therein. Feeling very full with love and gratitude for the soul family gathering in this beautiful field to come play in embodied immersion into Heaven on Earth.

Here’s our updated invite in case you haven’t tuned in yet..we have just a few spots left for a few aligned co-creators..

Over the 2021 Summer Solstice a Visionary Council is converging on the paradise island of Maui, Hawaii to co-create an embodied immersion into Heaven on Earth.

Embodied Ascension is a 9 day – 8 night portal designed for an intimate group of visionaries devoted to embodying their authentic selves while being powerful examples of love, presence and healing in the world.
Our retreat experience is a co-creation in every way. Through our immersion you will meet and play with some of the best sacred space facilitators, coherence guides, sound alchemists, visionary healers, and movement guides on Earth.
Together, we are pioneering a new style of intentional immersion into shared presence rooted in collaboration, co-leadership and coherence.
Your spirit will feel profoundly nurtured and at ease, your body will receive potent healing and recalibration, and your heart will feel magnificently open, overflowing…this is the essence of ascension and exemplary leadership in the New Earth.

We are birthing new worlds that call us into new dimensions of presence, power and potency.

Let’s practice together and anchor these new ways of being we are meant to embody.

Loving you..Syd

PS: I have two spots opening in May for 1:1 5D Visionary mentorship..schedule an exploratory consult here.

What magic shall we co-create?

Celebrating Magical May with 55% off all my Trainings + Activations from now until May 11th.

Happy upgrading 🙂

Celebrating the 3 year anniversary of The Empath Experience – received by over 33K readers to date worldwide and so many awesome reviews on Amazon.

So thankful for all the beautiful souls I’ve connected to through this work. So grateful for the grace to transmit this message..the book I wish I had when I was born.

Our best creations are born this way I think..what do you wish you had when you were born that doesn’t exist yet?

Here’s a starting point for the vision birthing through you.

More on Embodied Ascension in Maui this June…

Through a Multitude of Sacred Journeys, Co-Creations and Experiences, We Allow Ourselves Full Permission To:

* Deeply feel, celebrate and expand into our true selves
* Attune to the highest frequencies imaginable
* Integrate and embody our authentic presence + purpose
* Become masterful in powerfully discerning our truth
* Activate our innate power to unleash new dimensions of genius
* Reconnect to nature as a portal into divinity embodiment

Each day is an opportunity to play and attune to our mastery in comfortably navigating the unknown potentials of the infinite.

Returning to presence, trust, faith and effortless receiving. Together.

All the Ways to Play

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