Today is a Portal, Make a Wish

Aloha Love –

did you get my novel I sent thru yesterday? so much pouring in..time to get back into book writing mode..yes its coming!!

So much clarity + integration these last few days – wow, immense gratitude for saying YES to massive expansion and receiving <3

today can be a portal if we allow it to be – 3/3…maybe we’re making the whole thing up (aren’t we doing just that within all of reality anyway)..but still..where attention goes, energy flows, so what are you choosing to cultivate, receive, embody, allow?

i’ve done this practice the last few days called making a power wish and i’d love to invite you to share in the abundance – i also challenge you to take a few moments to yourself today to sit with a dream or vision you’re calling in, anything that makes your heart sing and brings your soul out to play.

you start by feeling into your souls wish for what it wants to experience – anything at all..then feel it, taste it, hear the sounds..then ground yourself more into the earth fully so the vision can land, breathe it into your heart and send the energy all the way down thru your roots into the earths crystalline core.

then activate the vision further by writing – by hand is best – out the vision as though its already happened: for example – i am so thankful to be feeling this incredible _______(how it feels, how it tastes, how you are being..all the details of your soul vision)…Up until now I have let go of (what have you let go of and released thats no longer in your way of being – feeling – doing – having what you want?)..I feel so relieved, I feel light, I feel open and expansive.

Then share more celebration about how beautiful your vision is unfolding – how glorious it feels, feel it in your cells..expand to receive it all..vibrate with the frequency of all the magic coming in to play with you and support you. Let it fill your heart. End the writing with Thank you So much universe! It is done, show me 🙂

Feel free to share your wish with me – I love celebrating and activating abundance with each other, and playing in our wildest dream fields, making it all real before our eyes.

We must believe it and then we see it as the knowing completely lands. Its already ours. The visions we are called to create and receive have a soul of their own – waiting for us to come into intimate connection and union with birth them into being. Can we listen to what they are saying, to how they want to what they want to be?

Drop out of the head, into the heart..more..and more..and receive the guidance thats already waiting to be followed.

This is 5D Business really..the process of energetically architecting your soul vision into being with grace, ease, authenticity and absolute magnetism. We are deep in this practice in our 5D Council and I’ve loved guiding this process with others 1:1 through 5D Visionary Mentorship…such a gift to share with those ready to pave a new way forward into paradigms of collaboration, co-creation, abundance, intimacy and consciousness as our foundational driving values.

I have 3 spots for 1:1 mentorship I am opening for 7 month journeys in which we completely redesign your life and business to radiate authenticity, magnetism and all the energies and elements of being that feel nourishing, fulfilling and expansive for you to live into.

Our container includes the Maui Embodied Ascension immersion and/or an additional 1:1 privately curated retreat for you to quantum leap your life and consciousness in every way, hosted here in Maui or Kauai, depending on which island is calling us to play/activate.

Our Akashic Facilitator Training starts April 8th and we have a few spots open to those called to join us in this powerful, transformative experience that most graduates have called life-changing.
It’s a comprehensive support container fusing intuitive wisdom, attunement, daily energetic practice, group and 1:1 support/practice, plus everything you need to move through and receive to be completely confident in sharing your gifts as an Akashic Facilitator. Whether you intend to integrate the practice in your own business, personal spiritual practice or otherwise – this truly is a practice and a gift that keeps on giving.
Over the last few trainings we’ve had Reiki Masters, Shamanic Sound Healers, Multidimensional Channels, Investors, Corporate Business Leaders, Mothers, Coaches of all kinds, Non-Profit Organizers and more go through this initiation to bring more discernment, love, consciousness and empowerment into all they are and all they do.
Check out our graduate testimonials to get a feel for the experience and apply to join us if you’re ready for a deep dive into your authentic self, integrate your multidimensional aspects, become totally empowered in your intuitive gifts and feel more of your absolute presence and power come online.
Would be an honor to have you as this is our only Level One training of 2021. Our next training in the Fall will be a Level Two Advanced Practitioner Course that trains graduates to take this program and teach it to their respective students in their own way 🙂

Stay the next few days I’ll have a special invitation for you to join me in a new expression of Visionary Vortexing which now wants to live as a 4-hour intimate deep-dive strategy-attunement-support-training retreat experience. We’ll gather together in an intimate group for this experience sometime towards the end of March – with the invitation to:

– bring more consciousness into your life and business
– receive an akashic records attunement + reading
– receive a quantum healing transmission to embody your intentions
– learn the mechanics of what 5D visionary business is and how you can integrate these principals into your life and grand vision to allow more ease, grace + magnetism into all you create
– receive the key energetic shifts required to move out of doing into being and allowing as a new method of creating with multidimensional creativity + power
– understand how to work with you intuitive guidance in new ways specifically to tune into new business strategies, pricing, client magnetism and more

Plus there will be an opportunity for deep 1:1 support in this intimate group which is curated for 8 visionaries. If you’re already feeling called to join us, just hit reply and we can make sure you get first dibs on the invite when its ready. I’ve never hosted something like this before and it feels really potent to share – all the wisdom garnered over the years from 1:1s and all we are anchoring in our council..time to bring it all together and share it with those ready to take the next step in embodying the visionary leaders they are here to be..the powerful pioneers architecting the new systems and structures and ways of being required in a thriving world that works for all 🙂

Ready to rock?

All in..all ways.

xx Syd

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