Opening to Co-Create: 5D Mentorship

I have two spaces for 1:1 5D Visionary Mentorship are opening up in May.

Feel into this magic..
We start with an intuitive energy attunement – Akashic Reading.
Then we flow into a human design-gene keys-astrology deep dive to understand your energy system, which informs our guidance moving forward as to how you are best situated to create, lead and relate.
Also included right at the start is a comprehensive intake process activating you to reflect on your highest vision for every area of your life – most mentees express great surprise at how potent this part of the container is..rarely do we give ourselves this kind of space to be witnessed in sharing our expansive, dreams and visions…what a gift to share.
From here we begin weekly sessions that can entail everything from intuitive guidance, energy updates, business strategy and launch/scaling support..really it feels funny to attempt to describe since our co-creation is guided in presence and attunement to whatever the moment is asking of us. We simply listen and allow.
Our container is also a journey in deep receiving – support is constantly felt through whats app and energetically 24/7 as you are held in a field of pure unconditional love, acceptance and amplification of your vision and highest alignment..whenever you need a reminder, here we are, reflecting back to you your truth and intentions.
This is probably my favorite part of how our journey flows..the real alchemy and magic of transformation and expansion happens not only in our 1:1 sessions but in your life when you are embodying the shifts and changes learned through our time the moments when a challenge arises, I am here at your side to guide you and support whatever might be coming up – calling you into a new experience, as a new you..or rather, the real you.
Another special aspect of our process is experienced through a customized energetic practice I channel for you after our first meeting. This protocol is designed to attune your field and all layers of your being – emotional, physical, spiritual, mental – into greater coherence and presence plus any other frequencies you seek to is perhaps one of the most potent aspects of our transformative process..anchored by you showing up each day, consistently, building your energy system and refining your perception, discernment and magnetism.
Our journey is completely multidimensional and unlike anything you’ve probably ever experienced or considered before. We fuse energy optimization with quantum healing and intuitive guidance plus ultra practical creative + biz strategy with numerous facets of emotional-mental-physical recalibration and many words don’t do justice the brevity of what we ultimately receive.
This container certainly attracts a particular resonance..a visionary ready to venture into the meet their true selves, to step into a new dimension of leadership and co-creation in the world, to be an example of new potentials and radiate your true essence, power and purpose.
Usually those who reach out are ready for a massive change – leaving an unfulfilling marriage, exiting a job they’ve outgrown, moving to a new geographic, starting a business that feeds their soul, choosing new relationship dynamics (coming out of the closet after years of hiding), healing a life-long auto-immune disease rooted in emotional/spiritual repression, pioneering new ways of creating and scaling a successful organization and coherent team, developing new modes of structuring their lives and businesses in accordance with their energy system’s authentic expression, awakening one’s psychic gifts and being seen as the confident, awakened leader they were born to be….
It is the highest honor to venture into this path with those who are feels like ancient family reuniting to re-member aspects of ourselves that are now ready to come online. It is the start of a completely new timeline, a completely new reality.
How would you love to feel, and what would you love to create?
Let’s play..
xx Syd
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