What are You Willing to Let Die in Order to Truly Live?

aloha beloved..

how are you being? what are you celebrating about you, right now, simply for who you are being?

congrats on weathering the storms..its been real. today is a big energy spike..feeling influxes move through our bodies strongly, in particular cleansing out the brain and circuitry therein…

new operating system updates. new belief structures. new energy flows opening.

how would you love to feel?
how would you love to radiate?

our true selves are here..more accessible and easily attuned to than ever.

feel it?

what if there’s nothing wrong?
what if there’s never anything to fix?
what if you can drop the identity of problem solver..

what if everything is gods creation, and its perfectly meant to be?

our job is to accept..and not only that..deeply enjoy.

all of it.

this is our practice.

lots of rebirthing emerging in our kauai portal immersion here..would love to share some of the insights pouring through..

A real master never has to say they are a master, a king never says they are a king, a queen never says they’re a queen.

You just feel it. Usually from millions of miles away. You get an immediate energy transmission when they walk into a room, or even when they pop up on a screen.

The truest teachers of tantra never even use that word. They are embodying a presence unlike anyone’s ever felt and they are in true integrated Union within themselves and with all of life.

The truest teachings come from our being.

I see hundreds of people being the same avatar – template, using the same words, catch phrases, style of photos, energy in which they speak and share themselves online and in person..they remind me of ten other people the minute they start describing their sacred offerings when really their energy says something else..so much incongruence but I get it – I used to do that too, without knowing..and yet somehow still helping, meeting in a certain shared resonance.

Now I really appreciate being in contact with more who are able to acknowledge energy and congruence – coherence more clearly..it feels so good to be real.

I am working right now on cleansing more layers of inauthenticity around the way I’ve promoted myself in the past as rich and a teacher of abundance consciousness and wealth when really the truth is I’ve been in debt my whole life and I’ve learned from a young age to orient to money as a source of power and love..instead of simply an energy we use to play with in sacred exchange.

I’ve pretended to be royalty and even convinced myself of it – have seen the lifetimes in which I have been multiple times over – but it’s not where I am at, at least for now. I am learning true responsibility, loving myself as I am, living within my means, not projecting false personas selling you on something I don’t even have myself..I am discovering my true worth apart from all the illusions I’ve learned to derive value from to instead settle into my true value.

I am committed to being real. No matter what.

What’s it like to be completely free of trying?

Letting everything else go. Into the fire.

Thank you for the lessons.

I am ready to be home. ❤

Will you join me, here?

A few days into our 1:1 immersion here in grandmother Kauai, anchoring intentions – embodying divine blue print, original innocence..true self.

What do you truly want? What do you truly desire? How do you listen, trust, fully receive..yourself? Whats life like when you are completely you, authentic, real, present – showing up in your actual size, full magnificence, power, radiance?
It is a deep knowing – this feeling.
To assist in our process..integrating all the energy work we’ve been sharing.. supported by the full moon and collective energetic influxes, today we are going to do sacred initiation at PoliHale (all the photos here transmit some of the energies of our journey).

Here we feel the energy of devotion so strongly.

It is an Ancient hawaiian burial ground where the bones of all kings across Hawaii / lemuria are embedded in the stone walls of Napali coast cliffs. They are so alive.

Here is the portal thru which souls go to exit earth. Here we surrender with spirits assistance the aspects – belief systems – strategies – identities – masks that are not real, that are not true. All that is no longer required to simply be, as we are; here and now.
Very highly charged land, some of most potent vortexes I’ve ever been in. Ready for the procession awaiting. Our sacred invitation was felt many weeks before this moment, knowing what was to come.
What are you willing to let die in order to truly love?
And to truly live?
As you?
For you?
In all moments ❤

A sweet soul in the UK I’ve shared a few sessions with over the last year reached out..asking about his experience in dream time..shifting, becoming more lucid..more engrossed with travel and clear vision..asking for affirmation and support..here’s what I offered::

It’s quite normal To be experiencing what you are going thru. In fact it will become the norm for more and more as the energy we are receiving is making us even more sensitive and psychic.

Are you meditating?
Are you doing breath practice?
These are most helpful tools right now for integrating all we are receiving. Simple yet profound. Especially when done with consistency.
It’s quite normal to travel dimensions while we sleep and our conscious mind isn’t blocking our full reach. I go on a lot of quests each night usually and they’re very real – some remember me visiting them conducting entire healing sessions 🤪
We can train your focus with meditation and energy practice..to acclimate and play in the high frequencies we are called to embody, integrate and transmit..it is a requirement now to be in daily practice. To ground into our new beings..to enjoy the process.

Let go of control – let it be fun.

We are opening to so much healing 🥰

Loving you more..

Infinitely grateful to be alive..radiating..aligned..opening 🙂


PS: Something special is brewing for our Maui Embodied Ascension immersion coming up soon. Beautiful co-creation anchoring..more than words..but you can feel the shift..from me to WE..new site coming soon – almost ready to officially launch, sharing a sneak preview here: Embodied-Ascension.com – only a few spots left to join our visionary co-creative council…so excited for this special journey.

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