adios 2021…time to fly

aloha love… wishing you infinite blessings – healing – expansion – actualization – playfulness as we approach this epic full moon + solstice..and soon the new year!! i actually alreadyContinue reading “adios 2021…time to fly”

Thank Goddess for Eclipse Season

aloha loves..welcome home. this is what december is feeling grateful to be here. and i live up the street from the above picture..pretty cool 🙂 Such an awesome whirlwindContinue reading “Thank Goddess for Eclipse Season”

Heaven on Earth Wear

I’ve been wanting to design clothing my entire life.  I used to sew some of my clothes as a child – creating awesome bellbottoms and asymmetrical skirts even in middleContinue reading “Heaven on Earth Wear”

Let it Die

hello my love.. welcome to what feels like a potent new timeline anchoring into being. digesting some new energetic currents over last 48 hours for sure..felt a bit hungover todayContinue reading “Let it Die”

Current Energy Update

aloha love..i just got a message to share this..after a powerful council session with our entourage. the energy we share is so palpable and so much is revealed in ourContinue reading “Current Energy Update”

The Mind Knowing is the Least Important Part

aloha darlin.. it was a wild start to this month..and now the dust feels to be settling..more space is enjoy and expand into. This came through one year agoContinue reading “The Mind Knowing is the Least Important Part”

Crunchy Crabby Pants + Overflow

aloha my love.. happy post-new moon..or maybe you’re still integrating what i like to call some crunchy vibes. i was a crabby crunchy baby yesterday 🙂 felt like my innerContinue reading “Crunchy Crabby Pants + Overflow”

Rebooting Earth + Ourselves

aloha love… sending you so much love. happy november. welcome to the big reboot. time to look within…and remember..what is my heart guiding me into now? all about presence, sinkingContinue reading “Rebooting Earth + Ourselves”

Tears of Gratitude

aloha love.. happy post-full moon glow. how are you being? we are sensing the need for more rest and integration time after a deep clean out these past few days.Continue reading “Tears of Gratitude”

Holy Retro

aloha darlin.. how are you being? holy retrograde!! haha thats what i heard when writing the title of this email..and it made me smile so I went with it. itsContinue reading “Holy Retro”