We are Electric

aloha love..

everything is speeding up..have you felt it in the last 24 hours?

Energy is electric.

Everything can change in an instant in fact expect it will.

The only thing we now know is that we don’t know and will never know what’s to come.

Complete faith is all that’s left to play in. Remembering our natural pacing – it feels more familiar for some to move this fast. Realigning at the speed of light. Reality is reorganizing even faster to meet us in actualizing our desires. Feels like home. Enjoy the ride.

Body May feel confused with level of light being processed. Extra hydration, methods of and support for cellular and brain detox are important now, as is exercise to move density out of system and preferably sweating it out or some other kind of release thru voice, crying, shaking, colonics and other cleansing. This list of resources I compiled awhile back is helpful to tune into.

Plus did you see my energy update from a few days ago? Might help. A lot of us are going thru another dark night..shedding so many layers. The light at the end of the tunnel is near my love..promise..and it feels so good!!

We are becoming more crystalline. It never felt familiar to be in a body especially in this incarnation it’s been extra challenging but now we are resonating with more of our home frequencies which we’ve never felt before in the physical realm like this – and it actually can feel really lovely and nourishing (and efficient) once layers of emotional density creating projection and protection have cleared out.

Here to support – I’ve prepared many lifetimes for this moment and I’m well positioned to assist those in the path of multidimensional embodiment and all that our ascension invites us into – authenticity, presence, integrity and completely sharing our hearts unfiltered, full power genius.

We are here to build the new world we know we came to enjoy and share in. We start by rebuilding ourselves as the divinity embodiment we are and from there we simply play..and watch the show as it unfolds better than we can ever plan.

Trusting. Allowing. Receiving. Savoring.

It’s time 😍

I’m off to a spontaneous trip to Big Island Hawaii to ground into the powerful creative energy there..received such a strong calling in last 24 hours and life is aligning to support the trip divinely..feels perfect..I know its gonna be quite a portal..of course 🙂

See ya on the other side <3

xx Syd

+ + + +

Celebrating a brand new episode of Visionary Souls with Gay Hendricks below..such a potent co-creation, so much fun to share..love everything we touched on. Check it out.

6 spots left for our final Akashic Facilitator Training of 2021. Such a beautiful reunion today with our former group…of all the training rounds we’ve done I am so grateful to feel like best friends/collaborators/life-long partners with everyone who has shown up for the journey. Would love to have you with us for this special experience. Apply here.

Be on the look out for some lovely celebrations coming soon – tomorrow and next week with former students sharing their experiences + celebrating all their expansions since completing their Akashic Facilitator training <3Apply for 1:1 Mentorship or book a 1:1 session here.

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