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aloha love..

big energy moving this weekend, yes? felt a lot of headaches..movement through the brain, cleansing. as a friend put it beautifully: felt like a fork digging into the brain to check if they were fully cooked as if being baked in a detoxifying oven..haha yes.

just getting back from big island – where I am moving in a month. excited to feel how easily everything is flowing..listening to the guidance directing me to plant roots much creative energy and fire percolating..ready to receive.

Lots of momentum underway – feeling deeply supported in bringing our soul visions and missions to life with grace and divine assistance..opening to receive even more grace.

Receiving has been such a big initiation. It’s not something we intellectualize. It’s a felt muscle really – a somatic attunement to letting go and opening oneself to simply be and then allow what is meant for you to arise and actualize.

It is a continual practice to enjoy the show along the way, letting go even more of control and how we think things should materialize. We learn control – many of us master it really – amidst the trauma of not feeling safe or secure when we were little.

We had to track the field and feel what everyone was feeling and so our best to control our circumstances to create any semblance of safety and security even if control has always been an illusion.

We became masters at playing the game so much so that entire operating systems and identity structures have been designed to keep the illusion afloat. Entire senses of purpose and paths in this life have been architected upon the idea of being in control..even when it comes to the unfoldment of harmony and unity on earth.

I learned so much about this while stewarding Odyssey a few years ago – we can’t create convergences around coherence and unity on a global level until we embody these energies within.

We also get to cultivate a deep trust and surrender to the greater flow of life orchestrating itself perfectly through our collective consciousness – operating on such a vaster scale than we can imagine let alone organize or control.

Trust and receiving are core energies and reflexes I love to support others in developing as I step into more mastery of these ways of being too.

Maybe sometimes I still try to filter my words so they’re understandable even though the energy says something else – maybe communicating an experience we don’t quite yet have words for or maybe don’t even need to describe intellectually. I wonder..about this.

The Akashic Facilitator training is just such a container – an energetic incubator welcoming all who participate to meet their true selves and embody higher frequency states with grounded stability so we can all attune to more access, clear knowing and embodied wisdom..assisting us in fulfilling our birthright  to trust, be present, receive, allow and enjoy this incredibly wild experience of being a multidimensional human.

Maybe what I have been teaching isn’t even the Akashic Records – that has certainly been a helpful container for relating especially at first but I sense there is much more here than my language has been able to convey.

Regardless those called know you see between the lines and trust the energetic calling of the invitation – somehow the energy communicates more clearly than words can attempt to describe.

So much of our experience now can’t fit into words or the boxes they try to organize us into – perhaps this is another dimension of label ourselves in certain limiting identities.

I love playing and meeting in the space between words where we can feel who we truly are as we are, without filler, without distraction, without efforting.

Just being. This is our practice.

Somehow when we anchor fields like this together, healing is already happening, transmutation is a natural occurrence, and clear knowing of the truth you already have within organically emerges as an immediate affirmation..and life feels so much more like a dance, being co-created with spirit, source, your other dimensional aspects, much support is here, when we open to receive.

Would love to have you with us for our Lions Gate co-creation on 8/8 and also for our Akashic Facilitator Training starting 8/19 if you’re called 😍

Please check out our Kickstarter for ASCEND which just launched..and feel free to share with anyone you feel may resonate and want to support us in actualizing a new social community for us all to co-create close.

Here is a new podcast I was interviewed on..all about empaths, energy mastery and awakening doctors and clinicians in the medical and mental health fields. Give it a listen and feel free to let me know how it lands.

Heads up: I am creating something awesome this week – a bundle of all my visionary business architecture trainings that I’ve shared with clients and in our recent 5D visionary a sweet program you can receive and practice in architecting or re-branding your own business – soul visions and offerings. Excited to share soon.

Take care this week..big energy..receiving..resting..hope to gather with you on Sunday 8-8 to anchor/integrate..will be lots of fun.

xx Syd

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