Heaven on Earth means Going Through Hell

aloha darlin..

beaming you tons of love from my blasted open heart..integrating immense healing + expansion from our retreat here in maui. quite the experiment into embodied ascension indeed. i am so proud of what we co-created. it was perfect. we are all completely new for it..emerging into completely new realities.

hope you had a wonderful solstice, full moon – upgrade portal for real..yes..cells expanding to receive more and more light. bodies adapting to higher frequencies. what a time to BE.

here’s a key reflection from our retreat experience..

In case you weren’t aware, to get to Heaven on Earth, we gotta go through hell. I am so grateful to journey with those who are up for the challenge..of meeting our true selves, being with what is, accepting the moment as perfection, forgiving the parts of ourselves that act out in protection and survival…holding the complexity of our multidimensional selves..its a miracle to practice presence in this way and shed so many layers in a few days that feel like infinite lifetimes.

Words don’t ever do justice the healing and awakening we share in this path into embodied ascension. It is a way of being, a feeling, a knowing, a remembering more so than an intellectual concept or idea that fits neatly into a box. Who are we outside of the boxes we’ve learned to put ourselves and each other in? Who are we beyond the voices we’ve learned to listen to above the voice of our heart and soul?

Who are we when we see the other as a mirror of our inner most being whose been long forgotten, repressed, abandoned? Who are we when we start to let our true presence – light completely radiate without diminishing the aliveness we incarnated to embody? Who are we when we meet our deepest fears and core wounds, that feel like dying in the process of allowing the energy to actually metabolize through our systems..welcoming space for something new to happen?

When we own our own experience and drop all projections, judgements, control mechanisms and expectations? It can be the most arduous process..some think they are ready and even seek it out but when shit gets real and your shadow parts you haven’t felt since a child or even in this lifetime emerge and you feel exposed – do you run away and escape the opportunity to truly heal?

We all want to be seen and feel true love and connection but few in my experience are actually wiling to do the work that requires holding space for oneself to die a few times and fall apart so that the true parts of your divinity can integrate and emerge as whole.

I’m sorry Sydney for the ways I’ve incongruently sold spirituality and ascension as some levity filled journey into 5D and the vortex of liberation and lightness. I was afraid that no one would come to do the work unless it was sold under the moniker of fun and magic and heaven on earth.

Are people ready to do the work at the level of depth that is required to truly be free? Free of personality, superficial games, wounding that binds us in projection and separation? Would anyone care to try if the invitation was leading with the real promise that doing the work actually means staying present with the most uncomfortable feelings and memories and traumas you never want to feel, that sometimes feel like they’ll kill you (your ego) when you actually allow the energy to digest.

Its not all love and light on this path – its the most painful, undamning, and exhausting at times work there is that we have on this human journey and its truly a testament to what one is made of…we meet our true capacity and see what we are really here for. Yes its true our greatest gifts arise out of our deepest wounds..usually not in the ways we imagine or think. Ascension doesn’t fit into a neat little body with easily categorizable chapters and easy to follow steps.

It is a personal journey deep into ones own depths to meet ones divinity beyond all falsity and limitation. It looks like dying over and over again to awaken more of one’s true humble, presence. There is a quiet and peace here that triggers many in the presence of such wide open space without any filler – illuminating the ways in which their own inner agitation is actually screaming at them, criticizing, judging, controlling..dying. I love to explore these subtle realms of our consciousness and embodiment that guide us – when we allow and listen and receive – into more of our truth.

We can never do wrong as long as we are listening and sharing from our heart..what is our authentic experience in this present moment, in this body. Thankful for the souls that are here for the journey, here for the invitation into the depths..honoring the perfection of it all. I am here to live life as a transformational immersion, as the healing retreat…not compartmentalized as some other game that I need to get away from to go “Practice” and “heal.”

Life is the ultimate practice, are we receiving the invitations along the way to do the work, to meet ourselves, to drop the masks? I am only from now on available for relationship with others that are willing to be in this unmasking, undamning practice no matter what – authenticity at all costs – this is how we build safety and trust and reverberate through the world a transcendent example of actual unity, connection and collaboration.

When I say “let’s play” what I really mean is – let’s go into the depths of who we are beyond all stories and ideas and feel whats actually underlying, allowing our true essence to actually embody, becoming comfortable and maybe even at ease in the silence and stillness amidst the most powerful transmission of loving presence – god – we’ve ever felt.

I am here for more of this, and nothing less.

and i am honored to co-create with others who are ready to play in the depths..of our darkness, our authenticity, our core wounds, our fragmented selves, our divinity..and everything in between..all of it..allowing complete permission to be..as we are.

here is where true healing and remembering happen.

on the solstice i received a message loud and clear – when do you feel most alive? what would live feel like if you committed to doing only these things, going to these places, practicing the practices..that elicit full aliveness..without compromise?

so..i will not be facilitating another 5d visionary council. perhaps that was the only one of its kind to ever happen, and it happened perfectly. it feels complete.

where my heart truly sings and feels most alive is in the work of our akashic facilitation training program.

this program was downloaded by source and somehow gifted to me to bring through and share with those ready to play in these multidimensional healing realms.

i am in awe of this space..and how beautifully it’s anchored healing, transformation, ascension, empowerment..so much more..for all those who care to step into the field. my favorite part – when i took a few steps away to be immersed in our retreat, there was immense healing happening in the current group of our akashic training..the facilitators were self organizing their own sessions, group sessions and more..catalyzing incredible miraculous healing..of the body, of relationships, of personal paradigms of purpose and livelihood..words can’t describe it really.

you know the thing you made is an awesome success when you can take yourself out of it completely and it has a life of its own that empowers those who play in its energy to make it all their own and make it even better.

yes this is how we love to play.

so we are opening a final round of the training for 2021. it will begin in August and carry us through a 9 week journey into October followed by 60 days of support + 1:1 sessions continued to bring us through to a powerful end of this year. I know this will be a special field..as always..the perfect beings are always called to come co-create and share healing and activation with eachother at the perfect time, anchoring a truly divine constellation.

would love to have you with us if you are called. apply to join.

love syd.

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