Mission Complete

aloha familia..it’s been a wild few days.

finally getting back into the swing of creating after some much needed rest, crying, releasing, purging. its been intense and i know it has been for everyone else too in their own ways. so grateful for the community we share – we can’t all be taken out on the same day..so we get to show up and support each other as we each go through the waves of this upgrade underway..its been big.

i am learning to love myself no matter what, truly without condition. i feel this is essentially what we are all being called to embody now. on the path ahead we can’t be anything other than ourselves, as clear as can be..free of distortions and survival strategies. we are shedding so many deep layers in preparation for whats to come..and i know its going to be incredible..but lets feel the feelings and all that is here to release..now. loving ourselves anyway.

Embodied ascension means going willingly into the fires of purification again and again to burn away all that can no longer burden our paths into deeper presence. We can’t escape it if we tried.

Checking out is no longer an option, as if it really ever was. We can’t pretend to be heavy when we are made to feel the fullness of light we are. It hurts burning like this, the layers to clear go deeper than we imagined.

But what if we are meant to feel completely clear? What is it like to be in a body free of trauma, density, distortion, survival, protection and all the strategies therein that carry such a heavy weight?

Who are we when we drop the baggage, for good. When we are ourselves, present, available, open, receptive, fearless, infinite.

Here we are in the grand experiment that’s never been attempted before like this, as us, in a moment like now.

The conditions for our practice have never entailed such immense challenges for our physicality with energy moving this fast, this bright, this strong.

We are like babies learning to walk in new bodies in a new world speaking new languages using new senses breathing new breaths seeing through new eyes hearing and knowing through new channels all at once and then some.

No wonder if feels overwhelming. We are learning to love ourselves no matter what and accept who we are as we are now as absolutely perfect. We are learning true unconditional love.

We are learning to meet our own needs completely.

We are learning our true worth and value. We are feeling more of our power flowing through our sovereign body-soul systems. We are learning to deeply presently listen and trust. We are learning what it means to be fully alive.

We are learning how to be ourselves, in connection and collaboration with each other, in a reality purely existent in truth and nothing but the truth.

Everything in the way will come up to burn.

Into the fire we go, as long as it takes, no matter what 😍

here in any way i can support. ive been preparing for this moment for many lifetimes..maybe you have too. the world we incarnated to play in is finally here.

lastly..i gotta make fun of myself a little bit. i’ve said numerous times over the last year..”i don’t know if i’ll be available for 1:1 mentorship anymore, etc..” creating some kind of urgency or feeling of scarcity that time is running out to work with collaborators 1:1 in various capacities like mentorship. but then i always get guidance again to offer space for this kind of beautiful support..and listen..and end up co-creating with the most amazing beings. its okay – i was just testing out the waters i suppose..sometimes i see 10 years ahead and it appears to me to be sooner.

i was just practicing..i know ascend is launching soon and will take more of my focus as will my new book which is closing in a new book deal any day now..feels so good to have that flowing on track, i’m really proud of whats coming through and can’t wait to share with you when its time.

with all that being said – it is quite a transitional moment that has brought up some of the deepest healing i’ve ever faced. those of you who are in my inner circle, former trainings, the council, and my dearest friends..know..its been a real dark night the last week. i’ve been humbled with the emotional material coming up to face..its been really hard, waking up some days crying and falling apart..true surrender..but asking for help, which is sometimes so hard when i feel like i have nothing to give in return. learning true receiving..being seen, and loved..as i am.

for the rest of this year – which is all i am allowed to see for now so it seems – i am guided to offer 2 spaces for 1:1 visionary mentorship and one last round of our Akashic Facilitator Training. Going thru the fire myself and committing so intensively to my healing – embodiment journey always fuels such potent transformation with all those I get to journey with..and i know we have quite a powerful time ahead for the rest of this year..so many new frequencies are hitting, new souls coming in, new multidimensional awarenesses becoming available at the mass level of consciousness. there has never been a more perfect time to begin..our work.

i would love to explore co-creating with other visionaries eager to template new paradigms of co-creative leadership, sovereignty, presence, energy mastery and embodiment.

perhaps in our akashic training this round we will have a focus on business as well – i have been sensing this in the field and it seems resonant with whose joining so far…the akashic records are a wonderful modality for accessing the soul of one’s vision and receiving guidance from it on how it wants to actualize..the essence of 5D business architecture, which is a premise of all I do…and what I strive to pioneer with others.

so..smiling a bit, laughing at the practice underway..forgiving myself for it all. its all okay..what if everything is okay and there’s no one to blame, not even ourselves, for supposed mistakes and mis-steps? what if it was all meant to be..hmmm settling into that feeling of love and acceptance, a little more.

alright loves..thanks for tuning in..i hope you are taking great care of yourself, and loving yourself no matter what. we are doing such massive work here and now..thank you for showing up.

would love to support in anyway I can – whether in mentorship, our akashic training or in a 1:1 session. you can learn more about all of the above options here..and book a call soon to explore what might be possible.

i am here. i am grateful. and i love myself no matter what. i am practicing..and doing my best amidst all the massive changes underway. and that is enough.

how about you?


love syd


 7 spots remain in our akashic training. apply here for consideration.

Can’t believe I used to ask for testimonials after retreats. Words can’t convey the transformative healing miracles we anchor and activate. Attempting to describe it misses and maybe diminishes the potency.

Grateful for these brave souls who gathered and answered the call to pioneer new potentials into presence and collaboration together over quite an immense energetic portal. 10 lives forever Changed – radiating new frequencies and possibilities simply in being, impacting everyone we touch. Mission complete. New energies and choices now anchored for collective. Thank you for playing, for showing up as you. Overflowing. 😍

+ + +
I am opening to receive 2 new 1:1 visionary collaborators called to awaken new potentials in co-creative leadership, 5D visionary business and creativity, divine alignment in soul purpose and all relations, multidimensional embodiment..let’s play 😍
We also have our final round of the Akashic facilitator training launching in about a month: one of the most powerful journeys into intuitive embodiment and leadership I’ve ever experienced, every group falls in love with themselves and one another, soul family for life playing in the infinite realms we feel so at home in.

7 spots open for our final journey of this year 😍

Apply to come play.

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