I N T E G R I T Y // is our ultimate currency

I N T E G R I T Y // is our ultimate currency. If you dont have this, radiating in every cell, who are you being? 

Time to drop all the masks, fake language, efforting and planning..for good.

Who are you underneath it all? 

We can all feel your essence percolating underneath all those layers youve learned to hide behind. Why not just let it out? All the way? 

See who sticks around. Those who cant take it arent your people anyway. You likely knew this all along. Let them go so your true resonance can shine and your soul fam can show up..theyve been waiting for ya..waiting for the opening to emerge and invite them in.

Intregrity is our ultimate currency. Its ones capacity to be completely aligned and integrated within ones values, ethics, thoughts, feelings and actions. Are you being real? 

Authenticity at all costs..is the game we are here to play, maybe even master. 

Anything else simply wont do. It hurts too much energetically even physically at times to pretend. 

I love practicing with those who are called to usher in these embodiments – our true selves dancing together and sharing our epic genius, gifts, healing, joy that all naturally arise in presence. 

Most are learning a new capacity for presence. Our society hasnt taught or empowered us how to simply be..and receive..intimacy. We are learning and re-membering in light speed. Waking up into new dimensions of connection and implicit synchronicity and so much ease. 

Ushering in the new world means being ourselves – embodying the energies and ways of being that are required first to sustain and play in all we are here to build and enjoy. 

Energetic architecture and embodiment of heaven on earth is our task at hand – how are you contributing your piece to the unity puzzle? 

Celebrating immense expansion the last 48 hours – all of life is supporting us in living our absolute destiny when we choose integrity and authenticity no matter what.

❤️🤩 Lets FLY 😇🥰

PS: I have one spot for 1:1 visionary mentorship if you’re called to receive support / healing / activation in the above mentioned regards. Here we walk together along your path to remembering yourself, your truth, purpose, and power. From here, we remember – our infinite nature and all that is truly possible when we choose..from freedom, love, overflow ❤️

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