Updated Ascension Support + Resources (May 2021)

Just had a fantastic 2:11 hour deep dive with Jason Estes in our 5D Visionary Council that’s been anchoring new potentials for earth since January…what a beautiful exploration we shared, from ascension, leadership, and embodiment to integration support and cryptocurrency and how we can start and sustainably lead sovereign companies. So grateful for the incredible beings I get to co-create with these days..such a dream come true.
Part of our conversation focused in on integration support elements for high-frequency beings..requiring certain products and tools amidst different incoming energies we receive that usually update/upgrade our bodies/fields in sometimes surprising ways. I’ve since added to a list I made awhile ago in case its helpful to tune into.
I have an alchemist lab in my home for making healing potions and concoctions (even enemas and other detox protocols that are absolutely life-saving) and love to share a similar offering in retreats/immersions so everyone can play with new resources and tools that really assist in the immense body upgrades we are all going through.
We will be focusing in on all of the above in-depth in our upcoming Maui Embodied Ascension Immersion. Feeling sooo much more anchoring now for this field. Overflowing with gratitude that we get to play in the physical and embody in our cells these new energies in such beautiful ways <3
Feel free to share this with anyone you feel it could support. A lot of people think they are sick or that something’s wrong – which can be hard if you are only looking at western medicine to answer your questions..that tradition doesn’t really have guidance for the multidimensional embodiments we are remembering to exist in.
Trust your intuition. Ask your body what it needs. Commit to what’s needed and take care of yourself as best you can. Sometimes the best medicine we could receive is simply tuning in from presence and really listening to our body’s guidance. It always knows what it needs..problems arise only when we are operating from the limited mental frame that thinks its knows (or wants to know) everything (the unknowable).
Let’s listen better <3

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