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aloha darlin – checking in briefly..has been a wild 24 hours.

i feel like i don’t recognize the person who wrote the words that flowed through yesterday morning, telling quite a different story than what I am experiencing now. we are moving thru our waves so fast now..hundreds of years in a moment or so it seems.

how are you taking care of you?

More waves of purging still. Getting used to it by now? Being challenged to face our depths, even deeper. The out-dated survival programs and protection / self-preservation protocols can’t come with us where we’re going. It hurts to feel these layers.

The not enough voice and conditional self-love tactics can be so loud; they’re coming up heightened in awareness to meet in new ways. Can we interrupt them from taking over like they’re accustomed to? The healing underway isn’t about turning those energies off completely but instead welcoming them to integrate in new ways.

Sometimes it feels like nothing is real, like I am not real, like nothing I have done is real. I feel incongruent with how others relate to me and how I see myself now. I am learning to see and be with myself, for the first time, like this. It hurts to feel how for so long I wasn’t sure if I even existed because no one was there early on to validate and attune with my being in the ways I needed then. Learning to love oneself like this, now, is definitely like shooting in the dark..even after so many years of doing the work and transcending so many layers and identities..there is still infinitely more to welcome forth.

As much as I want to run away from the pain sometimes, even still, the practice is instead to reach out in connection instead of hiding in isolation – to share truthfully instead of dawning a mask of self-deception – to let the layers of protection and fear and contraction melt away as we let others truly see and be with and support us – as we are. The practice is to welcome the parts that feel hard to feel – to make space for them – to speak to them lovingly, to return back to basics – pausing to ask your little one, how are you darling? what might you need to be be supported right now? how can i help?

Rebuilding trust after such a long life of self-abandonment and breaking trust again and again to instead prioritize others over oneself takes time to repair..this is the reconstruction underway. This seems like the path to embodying integrity..from here we experience our own radiance. From here there is more ease, allowing, receiving.

Maybe..I don’t know..I am hoping..I am learning..I am seeing pieces start to come together..I am showing up the best I can. I have never been like this before..its like meeting yourself for the first time, again.

Holding all the parts of this sacred human experience and all its complexity..with all the aspects of my multidimensional being and divine blueprint that knows who she truly is, why she is here, and the loving intentions steering this ship called life. Surrendering some more.

Expanding to welcome, and all the way through.

Loving myself anyway.

Let’s meet here.



I am offering an ASK ME ANYTHING / AMA today at noon HST / 3pm PST on Facebook and Instagram.

Feel free to join us here to tune in and have any questions answered while connecting with some beautiful souls from around the world..anchoring a lovely we do.

I had been receiving guidance the last week to offer support..but wasn’t sure what kind of help felt congruent until the AMA idea popped in as a great way to connect, offer guidance and attunement for everyone who would love to receive right now.

I also got guidance to offer a summer fun sale for all my sessions + 1:1 offerings here.. from now until August 4th you can save 33% off all sessions and you can use the code SUMMERFUN at checkout up to 3 times for any type of session listed here.

For the case you didn’t know..I offer Soul Sourcing Sessions which are a fusion of Akashic Records, Quantum Energy Healing, Intuitive Business Strategy + Advising and Energetic Attunement as well as Business Strategy Focused Sessions and more.

Learn more about session offerings and book yours here.

Hope to see you + co-create magic soon..

xx Syd

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Reflecting our our co-creations with Jane Lyon through 5D Visionary Business Mentorship and our Akashic Facilitator Training over the last year..what a glorious ride.

Beautiful celebrations and expansions..not recognizing herself in the most wondrous ways.

Learn more about our upcoming Akashic Training starting 8/19.

A 9-week integrative practitioner training empowering you to::

  • trust and honor your intuition
  • facilitate potent containers for expansion, awakening and transformation
  • cultivate profound presence
  • awaken your authenticity
  • deepen in intimacy and capacity for connection
  • awaken your spiritual and multidimensional gifts and perceptions
  • attune to higher frequency energy and learn how to ground it into the body and into earth
  • receive clarity on your life path, purpose and soul gifts
  • access higher consciousness guidance to actualize brilliant strategy and visionary innovation – to bring spirit into form
  • connect with a loving community of fellow visionary soul family
  • anchor coherence while building a unified field
  • heal wounds of unworthiness, and shadows of doubt in the way of fully trusting yourself and having confidence in your gifts

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