How Might This Be The Moment

aloha dear…

how are you being?

there have been some fun (and intense..clearing..purging..tiresome) waves of late..supporting many in session through immense body updates and energetic upgrades, healing physical symptoms with underlying energetic root causes (psoriasis and lyme, for example), assisting integration within a lot of energetic depletion as our bodies get blasted with so many higher dimensional light infusions helping to cleanse and clear whats no longer needed on our paths.

the messages that keep coming are clear:

listen to your body. healing accelerates when you start talking to it and listening to its guidance instead of letting the mind try to “fix” it. what if there’s nothing to fix? what if acceptance is the key to letting true healing happen..naturally.

shared some other insights for specific ascension support and body integration assistance in a recent post here in case you missed it.

its okay if you need more rest than ever before..or if your sleep schedule feels off a bit. we are all getting blasted and its normal to feel lit up at night perhaps when your unconscious is more receptive to receiving the energy because you’re not so busy or distracted. ive needed a lot more sleep in the morning for sure.

stretching and movement are critical – sweating can really help recalibrate the lymph which is critical to our electrical system/circuitry cleansing and aligning accordingly. i love hot yoga and commit to going a few times a week at least..its like my church.

shaking and jumping jacks are also really helpful exercises. we cover lots of energetic protocols in our council and trainings as these are foundational to do consistently when building new nervous systems attuned to presence, calm and integrated power.

i also love channeling these thru for collaborators in 1:1 sessions or mentorships..the magic happens in your personal practice, when done can completely shift your entire field and therefore your reality.

Getting ready to launch into retreat mode in a few days – such an incredible crew is forming to meet here in Maui, such a dream!! We had our connection call yesterday and the energy in our field was so palpable..we are going to share a life changing’ll be so beautiful..cant wait.

ASCEND is going amazingly..more on that soon. sign up for guaranteed access to our pre-launch in August if you haven’t already. new dimension of social community coming for ya. my co-founder David (whose coming to Maui retreat, how cool!!) made such a great point about how different we are…

social media 1.0 was all built with pretty rotten foundations..considering:

Facebook started as a hot or not site, and the founding team was ripe with backstabbing and deceit (idea was actually stolen at first)..

Twitter – started as site for distraction and also entailed a lot of backstabbing in founder story, deceit..

Instagram – started as a site about Bourbon..LOL

YouTube – started as a hook-up site, Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” search started it

Interesting to is everything…now more than ever..

We can feel when things are built with a shaky foundation.

We can feel when someone is anyway..

We can feel when there is a manipulative – grabby energy – from miles away.

We are building something founded on values and ethics..of authenticity, transparency, diversity, inclusivity, equality..abundance. The whole thing just FEELS sooo good and you’re gonna love to create on it.

I had a vivid dream about the development (which is how the idea came to me in the first place) and it LOOKS SOO GOOD. In fact we get the beta launch of app to test while we are on retreat, how perfect..probably will share with that group as our first viewers…what a gift. Its gonna be big!!!

And since soo much amazing abundance and expansion is flowing in my life..oh ya new book coming too (funny story: fired my old agent and got a new one in the same 24 hours period whose way more aligned and gets the vision + mission YAY!!)!!..

I’d love to share the overflow.

How might this be the most powerful, healing, transformational time in our entire lives?
What new dimensions and realities are we called to expand into?
How are our sacred missions inviting us into becoming more of who we truly are, moving at our own pace, in our own ways?
How do we truly collaborate, in presence, unity and coherence?
Let’s play <3

See ya on the other side – probably in July after our epic retreat portal Embodied Ascension is in full swing..can’t wait to see how we re-emerge after this immersion. I’m so grateful – gonna be SO MUCH FUN!!!What a dream to BE, here and now.

Thank you. Love you. Happy upgrading.

xx SydPS: A lot of amazing beings have enquired into whether I’ll be hosting another round of the Akashic Facilitator doesn’t feel clear at this moment, but perhaps after our retreat. We are still in an active container with incredible beings through August, so if anything perhaps an opening will appear for one final round at the end of the year.

I may not create a Level 2 training as I originally thought – a way to empower practitioners who did level 1 to take this work and share it with more…I might just put it all into a book and open source it that way..we’ll see what feels most authentic-useful-aligned. Keep listening. 🙂

If you’d like to be kept in the loop for when the next training emerges, sign up for the waitlist here. I love this work so much..its such a joy to travel in these sacred realms we venture into..listening to how it wants to evolve.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – R. Buckminster Fuller

5D Visionary Business + Anchoring Your Sacred Mission:

…yesterday’s download with Missee much fun sharing and exploring all that came up here::

Visionary Souls is BACK in action 🙂

Excited to share our first interview co-creation flow in quite some time…wow this was SO much fun!

Deb Acker is an Intuitive Relationship Healer who helps women heal their relationships, especially their inner relationship. The result: Deeply rooted, loving relationships in all areas of their life and feeling calm, safe and in control, no matter what’s occurring in their personal experience or our outer world. In fact, Deb’s clients often share that their work together is more powerful than years of therapy. When she’s not coaching, speaking or writing, you can find Deb working out, in nature or traveling the world.

  • Deb’s journey in helping people heal from unhealthy and toxic relationships
  • Our abandonment trauma and what it invites us to transmute + integrate
  • What it means to be relational
  • What if we could say: “I don’t have it together and I don’t have to pretend to know everything”
  • How we are not here to figure it all out: we are here to play, to explore and be present
  • How when we feel safe within ourselves, we can feel safe in the world and in relationships
  • The infinite potentials for expressions of relationships we can explore
  • What is your Love brand?

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