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welcome if you’re new honored to connect with you.

feels like we shifted into a new dimension in last 48 hours. so grateful to feel clarity – momentum – stability..soo much creative energy landing. super charged.

this came thru yesterday..streaming in…

Energy is moving faster than we’ve ever experienced before on earth in bodies like this. It’s feeling better now that so much emotional density has been cleared after the purge of the last few weeks.

Some are still in the purge and it’s okay – this is allowing space for the higher frequencies and new information to recalibrate fully into our cells.

A whole new operating system is landing. It is the system supporting the divine human blue print to actualize into embodiment. It is the preparation for our multidimensional capacities, perceptions and mastery to come fully online – in ways we never before imagined.

We are becoming clear conduits for light that can create literally anything. Ideas are flowing faster too – we are receiving more pieces to the puzzle of the vision we are here to build into form.

The new social structure, economy, governance, health care, education, everything is ready for re-design and we are here in this incarnation to sow the seeds of architecture setting the stage for next few thousands of years. We are no small feat, we humans.

Many of us have struggled with addiction, depression, suicide, disassociation and worse plus immense childhood trauma all to prepare us to cultivate the resiliency to lead in the way we are now invited to lead.

We have learned thru contrast what true unconditional love is and what presence and authenticity actually feel like. In a way we have learned universal law from an embodied perspective from the extremes we’ve experienced.

From our pain arises a deep knowing that cannot be taught.

The walk ins are coming now.

Many higher dimensional beings are taking on human form and many of us are receiving our own additional higher dimensional aspects.

We are remembering other languages, symbols, technologies, ways of being and seeing and so much more.

There is an immense integration process in this embodiment in most cases. I have prepared many lifetimes for this and am ready to be of assistance to those called in to resonance.

We were already destined to co-create, I am simply affirming the call and knowing here and now…

Let’s build it and BE it – heaven on earth. It’s time.

Loving you more..just as you and now <3

xx Syd

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Lion’s Gate Akashic Awakening Portal Party 8-8-21
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More awesome Akashic Celebrations from our graduates
“As a serial entrepreneur who went through startup burnout I found myself drawn to Akashic Records work to heal myself on a soul level before deciding what I wanted to do next. Some people learned how to bake bread during the pandemic–I decided I was going to learn how to read the Akashic Records. I have always worked with the akashic field, I just didn’t know that’s what it was called.

Learning how to hone the skill of attunement and discernment has been an ever evolving process of deep remembering. You give and receive over 30 sessions as part of the facilitator training process. The bonds built with fellow students become invaluable friendships & a support system that lasts long after the training is complete—for that reason alone I highly recommend taking the leap and signing up! It was one of the best investments I have ever made.

Today when working with clients I tune in at a soul level downloading creative business strategy in a way that leaves me feeling energized instead of drained. I now consult my innermost council before making decisions, practice discernment and have a deeper sense of presence in all that I do.

The results I experienced from completing Sydney’s facilitator training program continue to unfold. We all have a direct line to the divine, practicing deep listening and self-trust is one of the biggest gifts we can give ourselves and others.”

~ Laura Marie O’Reilly, Founder of Vital.Vision, Former CEO & Founder of Wallplay

Apply for Akashic Facilitator Training

Watch today’s love-stream with Roya all about our Akashic training journey together as well as some insights into current energies, new paradigms of leadership, shadow work integration and more…so much fun <3

{{{ Akashic Awakening: Lions Gate Activation 8/8/2021 }}}

Ascension is an inside job 😍
My favorite ways to anchor in the new energies we are receiving and integrating is thru group practice and play.
We experience quantum leaps in consciousness and embodiment when we co-create space for remembering and potent receiving together in our group field.
Coherence is the new currency. Our capacity to embody it in more moments than not defines our choice points especially from here on out.
With energy moving faster than ever, how resilient are you when it comes to meeting deeper layers of yourself, embodying the lessons unfolding and welcoming the opportunities to expand and evolve?
We are in the midst of a beautiful transition – with powerful energy supporting us to align with our destiny, our creative calling, our souls true path.
With clear focus and commitment, anything truly is possible.
What shall we co-create? 😍
Let’s P L A Y 😎👇🏽
* Akashic Records visionary journey + guidance
* global coherence meditation + gridwork
* multidimensional energy activation
* somatic attunement + energy integration
* guided practices + energy protocols
* community connection + 1:1 support
You’ll leave this experience feeling:
* refreshed + recalibrated to your home frequency
* connected to your vision + purpose
* deeply anchored in your intuitive knowing
* connected to your guides + council support
* awakened to new possibilities on your path
* integrated, grounded + centered on cellular level
* inspired, abundant, magnetic + open to receive
Register + feel free to invite a friend.

This will be a lovely portal to play in together on a super-charged day <3

Register for Lions Gate Portal Activation 8-8-21

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