Flying into the Unknown + Truly Living

Aloha Love…

how are you being?

happy aloha Friday from Maui..the land of perpetual summer. so thankful to be broadcasting from this particular earth station now more than ever. on divine assignment…receiving so much support from the precious water, clean air, lush greenery and abundance of pure mana (life-force energy flowing through all)..appreciating the sensation of being thousands of miles away from any continental consciousness grids..feeling clear.

today is an immense energetic might have felt it as i have all week long..gearing up to receive/integrate clarity and illumination on anything thats felt maybe even subtly out of alignment in your life and relationships..its all likely to be very highlighted and ultra-sensitive in your awareness now.

i let go of my intimate partnership the other day..and i am celebrating the ease with which the clarity came and how quickly i was able to listen and respond..consciously and with love. feeling a lot of neutrality..clarity is so beautiful like that..when the healing happens and the integration can almost feel instantaneous…i surrender.

feels like a huge timeline completion perhaps one of many lifetimes in the making. collectively feels like an invitation to release ancient programs and outdated operating systems of any and all flavors of co-dependency, enmeshment, disempowerment and any of the familiar games therein.

calling all aspects of ourselves back into center now.

calling all power i have given others or to anything outside of me back into my heart, now.

(feel free to say these out loud and feel the energy shift..):

disempowering my authentic self is now being released and cleared from all aspects of my being.

giving my power away is now being released and cleared from my body mind.

giving my power away is now being released and cleared from my personality structure.

doubting my truth is now being released and cleared from my body mind.

ignoring my body’s guidance is now being released and cleared from my selected games.

Deep breath..good to hydrate after releasing like this 🙂

Now..where we we??

its astounding to me how much we are able to learn now and how fast..especially in relationship. but then again – all of life is relationship.

how are you being in yours, how are you showing up?

especially in relationship to yourself, the most important one of all?

constantly reminded of how this – our divine union within – must be the foundation upon which all of our lives are anchoring..

otherwise – we are groundless..we are lost..we are not truly here, not truly living.

let us all remember..what we are now pioneering.

We are creating the new templates for authenticity, intimacy and divine union.

Through the ways we choose to BE, we are pioneering the paths and potentials of what it means to actually live..when we choose to be completely here, to be alive all the way, to not just live in the mind or identity-personality games therein, but to have a full-spectrum feeling experience of this entire body, all the dimensions therein and all those that expand outside from our hearts. be real. Learning as we go. Thankful for opportunities to practice..thankful for all divine human mirrors.

What is it like to be truly free and sovereign in ones own self and to share divine love from this space of overflow?

We are experimenting and sensing into this reality more closely than ever..we are so supported in making this quest.

And yet it is simultaneously designed to bring up all shadows, distortions and wounding in the way of simply being..who we have always been..all along.

Ah yes, the paradox of the mind, the ego, the wounded child..and our divinity..waiting to come in and be allowed/invited to play.

What a delightful game we’ve all elected to come play, indeed.

I love when the reminder hits to see every other human as part of this great team..a unified field really..thats chosen in this precise moment to create so many new ways of being architect the future potentials we know we deserve to play in and template divine union within and with all..we are quite a team.

April so far feels to be offering us even more potent opportunities for self-healing and excavation of all thats no longer true or in resonance with our preferred realities..are you ready to weather the storm with grace, with ease, with even a little joy?

I am thankful that the guidance to offer support containers at times like this always comes through in perfect alignment – to support those who are ready to dive deep into the inner realms of alchemy and embodiment with abundant love and care.

Transformation, profound healing, de-fragmentation and embodying one’s true self in all aspects, in all areas of not only possible now more than ever especially with the particular energies we are receiving – it can happen in such amplified and accelerated capacities, especially with group and 1:1 support.

If you’re ready to leap off the cliff out of programmed realities of survival, protection, contraction, avoiding one’s purpose and power, efforting, controlling and worrying..

into a new paradigm of presence, authenticity, trust, magnetism and ease..

Let’s play.

Our Akashic Training starts in less than 2 weeks and our Maui Retreat is happening just a little bit afterwards (both programs now entail even more 1:1 and group support added in to amplify abundance of nourishment, care and connection in all ways we love to receive..yes please).

I have one spot for 1:1 mentorship in which we journey for 7 months into soul embodiment, radical alignment with purpose, abundance consciousness activation and more than words..but you feel it. We also meet in-person in Maui or Kauai for a deep dive private immersion..lifetimes in a day..of activation, upgrading dna, clearing lineage healing, repatterning cellular structure, purging lifetimes of density, awakening ones light know how we do.

I love to play with other visionaries who actively seek to dance in the fire of transformation..can we stand in the fire without getting burned, allowing the alchemical fires to burn away all that is not truly ours or us?

Let’s find out..this is how we co-create a new reality and so many beautiful potentials therein. All stemming and recalibrating and expanding ones energy disrupt the hologram of this supposed attract with ease new insight, choices and paths..and receive what is yours to enjoy.

It’s all already been planned all along, we just get off course and forget..time to align.

Time to expand. Time to remember. Time to fly.

Time to truly live..time to step into who we’ve always been destined to be…time to RECEIVE all that has always been ours to revel in..and share from overflow..time to PLAY.

Enjoy the journey – it’ll never be like this, as you are right now in this moment, again..savor it..celebrate it..receive it.

Celebrating you and your choice to be here, now..thanks for playing.

Time to be ALL in.

Let’s rock it.

x Syd

PS: Sharing some beautiful resources + gifts below..enjoy <3

A group of passionate visionaries gathered over the potent Equinox portal for a mini-retreat fused into a strategic immersion to explore new ways of being and co-creating their visions and dream creative contributions anchored in ease, trust and authenticity.

After our meditation and in some cases during it – numerous miracles, synchronicities and alignments came up to celebrate (as is usually the case when we activate fields of infinite possibility)..such as:

  • receiving a genius idea that solves a key strategic challenge for a business’ structure and revenue generation strategy
  • receiving a message from a former biz partner sharing a success that happened without the former leader doing the work they always used to do to “make things happen”
  • cellular detoxing, allowing latent pain that had been percolating for months to finally leave the body
  • awakening of new intuitive perception and energetic sensitivity, opening to conscious dimensional travel
  • And many usual 🙂

In our amplified field – a mini-retreat in itself – you are invited to receive healing guidance, Akashic transmissions, personalized coaching and consulting, and insight into the principals and protocols of 5D business and co-creation, including:

  • 45 Minute Guided Akashic Meditation – Energy Healing – Journey assisting you to embody your authenticity, activate your magnetism and intimately connect with your creative vision to see new potentials and paths forward
  • 2.4 Hour complete audio transmission including embodied movement guidance, meditation, 1:1 support and channeling, 5D business strategy and approaches to authentic marketing, business-architecture and creative visioning
  • 2-Page Guide for 5D Business Protocol, Key Principals + Embodiment Practices for amplified magnetism, ease and authenticity

This retreat activation supports visionary pioneers of the new earth – who see, feel and remember the future potentials we are here to architect and anchor through our true selves, through presence, through our hearts.

Just for you – save 50% off our entire epic immersion (2.4 hours of support + practice with 2-page guide) with this code: VVE50

Enjoy! I hope this brings you many blessings and supports you in your visionary journey in all the ways you desire receiving illumination – expansion – ease. I’m always grateful to receive feedback from these experiences..feel free to share your experience by sending me a note – celebrating.


New Video: Exploring 5D Business + Co-Creation

3 Spots Remain for our only Level One Akashic Facilitator Training of 2021.

Would love to have you with us if you’re called to receive incredible support in becoming a masterful facilitator of transformation, intuitive healing and embodiment.

This is one of my favorite ways to play and truly is a profound gift that keeps on giving.

Honored to invite you into this portal.

Create the world and all the things and ways of being in it that you wish existed.
We will see it when we become it.
How do we show up in each moment, trusting our hearts, our bodies, our spirits to guide the way?
Our retreat home is nestled at a beautiful center we have all to ourselves, right on the side of Maui’s grand Haleakala Volcano – the heart chakra of the Earth. Our experience is designed to attune ourselves to new embodiments of flow, ease, receptivity and trust.
Each day is an opportunity to play and attune to our mastery in comfortably navigating the unknown potentials of the infinite. Returning to presence, trust, faith and effortless receiving.

Through enjoying guided movement and energetic activation, uniquely curated transformational group practices, excursions to sacred sites and vortexes, nourishing gourmet food and pristine accommodations, bodywork and 1:1 healing sessions, and many more surprises and experiences beyond one’s imagination of a “retreat” – we allow ourselves full permission to::

⧫ Deeply feel, celebrate and expand into our true selves ⧫

⧫ Attune to the highest frequencies imaginable  ⧫

⧫ Integrate and embody our authentic presence + purpose ⧫

⧫ Become masterful in powerfully discerning our truth ⧫

⧫ Activate our innate power to unleash new dimensions of genius ⧫

⧫ Reconnect to nature as a portal into divinity embodiment  ⧫

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