What does home feel like?

aloha darlin – happy post-equinox glow. phew feeling the updates and upgrades integrating..at the speed of..well..beyond..light?!

absolutely going thru so many lifetimes in every moment lately..the new norm..in the birth canal of another rebirthing cycle..fully waking up. are we all the way here? anyways we’re not are being highlighted AF right now for us to attune to..

we can’t afford to try to avoid or resist the inevitable. our shadows are rearing their heads loudly to get our attention – our love – our acceptance..to welcome all aspects home.

i have been receiving a repetitive message all week: what would it feel like to be completely and fully at home, always?

this is what we are here to template through this ascension process. our own definition of home that is ..expressed through our being’s calm, peaceful, masterful, presence. this is the portal into 5D and beyond..into the heaven on earth experience we came for.

but there is still no where to get to ..hence the paradox. letting go of the future objective..instead coming home more deeply, here and now..from here all future potentials are possible..and unfold so much more gracefully in our path mapping itself out in every breath.

i had a nice week of more internal time, going deep into layers of grief and worthlessness and validation seeking patterns – the deepest of my shadows and wounding..got to enjoy some beautiful guttural crying and release..so much space arising afterwards.

feeling so much energy for creative potential and connection now. feeling a fire lit to share more truth, authenticity..reflection..remembrance..more of myself and what i am here to radiate and inspire..we are all permission after all.

permissionaries..here to be a living example of truth, love, wisdom and beauty in our authentic way.

time to wake up..even more..deeper into ourselves..

why are we really here? how and where are we resisting – more pleasure, more power, more ease, more grace, more inspiration..more of ourselves..coming fully online?

are we building our capacity to feel more, receive more, share more, radiate more..LIVE more..as us?

these are the energies i am feeling permeating our consciousness so loudly..all engines on..urgency ignited..to awaken the aspects of ourselves still clinging to any old ways of being that don’t feel true anymore..called to stand up for our truth and what we know is right..no matter what.

i shared this fire in my video update yesterday if you care to share..and amplify.

so many awesome manifestations actualizing over the equinox – so many celebrations..so much overflow!

…and a grand vision landing..with crystalline clarity..the experience i’ve been dreaming of co-creating with a new (and simultaneously quite ancient and transcendent) dimension of soul fam for quite awhile..feels so good to share:

What does it feel like to travel through life with a cellular knowing that you are surrounded and supported constantly by an entourage of your soul-family, councils of light, and your own higher aspects?

Here is where we practice. A complete shift in one’s frequency is available and invited here within our portal.

Let’s attune to deep receiving, allowing and remembering of what has always been our birthright.

Now, perhaps more than ever before, we are called to cultivate our capacities to source from within stability, security and trust in our truth regardless of what’s transpiring outside.

Here we enter into the eye of the storm, the center point amidst all chaos, confusion and delusion – anchoring into deeper truth, discernment and reclamation of our personal power where our true purpose is revealed.

E n ~ t o u r ~ a g e::

Entourage is a 4-month ascension accelerator designed to amplify presence, authenticity, coherence and embodiment and overall collective harmony and thriving in Heaven on Earth.
Our Entourage is a convergence of New Earth visionaries, leaders, seers, healers, and conscious creators called to:

Clarify,  fully align with and authentically embody ones soul purpose and highest callings in this lifetime.

Step into and template a new paradigm of authentic, embodied leadership that normalizes intuition and multidimensionality as a fabric of life.

Dive deep into somatic healing and energy field + nervous system recalibration to completely shift one’s frequency to align with highest available timelines.

Alchemize core wounds, traumas and densities stagnating or obstructing embodiment, authenticity, coherence and personal power.

Become highly attuned and cultivate mastery in intuitive facilitation and multidimensional healing modalities.

Seed solutions and new potentials that support Earth and collective evolution into greater unity + harmony.
Our Entourage journey includes:
  • Advanced Training in Akashic Records and other multidimensional modalities with ample space to practice and explore refinement of gifts.
  • Somatic healing, energy field + nervous system recalibration, accelerated integration and comprehensive support in alchemizing core wounds, traumas and densities stagnating or obstructing embodiment, authenticity, coherence and personal power. A complete shift in one’s frequency is available and invited here within our portal.
  • Four 1:1 45-minute intuitive support-strategy sessions plus three 75-min Soul-Sourcing Sessions with Sydney; via Zoom Video sharing healing, attunement, intuitive guidance, and all else your heart desires exploring.
  • Twice-monthly 90-min Entourage Council Calls are held in Zoom offering practice, support, Q+A, energy healing and intuitive guidance.
  • Access to group WhatsApp container in between our live and 1:1 sessions for continuous support, integration guidance and resource-sharing.
  • A ~90-min Entourage Convergence Call each month with curated high frequency, resonant guest mentor experts supporting our field’s intentions; with space for Q+A and in-depth attention to your curiosities.
  • Guidance in initiating 1:1 practice sessions with other Entourage members to refine your modalities, methodologies and offerings; complete with comprehensive feedback sharing and integration.
  • A key premise of this program is daily energetic practice, which will be curated for the group in ~30 day cycles of practice sequences designed to embody the frequencies and qualities of our journey’s key pillars:
    • November: Presence
    • December: Authenticity
    • January: Coherence
    • February: Embodiment
  • Energetic transmissions and attunements are curated throughout the journey (sometimes shared weekly or monthly) to amplify desired manifestations and intentions.

xx SydPS: Did you sign up to be included in our beta launch of ASCEND – coming in just a few weeks. WeAscendNow.com..feel free to spread the word in whatever ways feel good to amplify. Thank you for your energetic support in this epic vision we’ve been architecting over this whole last year and beyond..bringing it home..birthing it alive <3

Energy Update..shifting into HOME frequency..and a special invitation..below…

Explore Entourage + Come Play


If you’d like to explore a 1:1 energy healing, intuitive guidance or business strategy session feel free to schedule here. If you’d like to explore 1:1 mentorship you can apply for a consultation here.

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