Let it Die

hello my love..

welcome to what feels like a potent new timeline anchoring into being. digesting some new energetic currents over last 48 hours for sure..felt a bit hungover today upon waking with all the backlog cleaning out in dreams. purging more fear out of the system..the residue..all the way out.

I’m so thankful to start my day reuniting with my soul sister Maria Jones diving deep into the most cosmic astrology reading I’ve ever experienced. ((highly recommend exploring booking a reading with her..she’s an angel!))

Love meeting with other multidimensional beings who love to connect in the numerous realms we feel so at home playing in..feels so good being seen, felt + received soul to soul. Then again this is the energy I love to offer others into as well..so it feels even better to receive with another divine mirror.

I am grateful to remember so many other lifetimes that have paved the way for this one presently unfolding. All of this life has been pre-ordained already..the milestones, the lessons, the victories, even the curveballs. The soul laughs when we can remember this simplicity and give ourselves a break. It’s all already done.
It feels so affirming to feel the shifting in real time from 3D into 5D and higher and higher..more presence, authenticity and embodiment of our deep deep depths. Its inevitable now..there’s nowhere else to go but IN, all the way + more here and now..home.
Resistance to feeling and facing whats in the way of true presence will be immense for most..painful for some..words can’t quite convey the experience of the layers we are all being invited to process and really metabolize through our cells.
Our deepest darkest ideas and beliefs..past life traumas and lessons that aren’t yet integrated…the soul wounds we have carried across numerous timelines and dimensions – are all here, now, to meet in a new way. Now we are invited to see, clearly.
With love, acceptance, understanding..the higher perspective – the clarity of your higher self, your true being. Who knows why you went through everything you traversed..and that it was the perfectly designed lesson meant just for you to grow in the ways your soul chose to do so. To own this responsibility fully allows us to move into a new experience of creatorship for every component of our lives and all aspects of our experiences.
And the reminder: there are no mistakes. Just growth opportunities. Always. How we respond to the lesson is all that matters. Are we judging, criticizing and worrying…or something else? What feels more expansive and true? Here is where we attune ourselves now to a new reality.
I remember many lifetimes and other dimensions sometimes more prominently than those explored on Earth..I come from a galaxy far far far…FAR..away 🙂 So many of us now incarnated have..and there can be a deep grief sometimes at feeling the homesickness of being so far away from the energies we know all too well..that we are here to template in this dimension, through these bodies.
There was a deep loneliness passing through over this last week..and then a return to purpose and reconnection to self..we can never truly be lonely when we accept we are alone always and yet in the alone-ness is the all-oneness and infinitely present connection to our own god-self-source. It seems we are feeling more the collective currents of darkness, fear and loneliness, disconnection from god – that so many are finally coming to terms with as they inevitably awaken or come online.
The collective grid has become louder now as more are joining..and we feel what they are all bringing to the table..which gratefully highlights in our own beings the places and spaces we perhaps still tried to shy away from and avoid. Sometimes it can feel so scary to feel these energies we’ve repressed for so long..they can feel like dying because yes in a way a part of you thats no longer required for safety, protection or projection will indeed die.
Now I am exploring my role and presence during the Orion Wars, and a trauma around not feeling safe to share my true voice – frequency…since so much of my path is loudly directing me to share my voice more in direct transmissions and maybe..well..just by singing for fun. Imagine that..as if it could be that easy.
Healing through play and making music..may I receive this ease and grace and gift to and through my soul?
Others are surely exploring this potential now too..we have a similar directive..our soul pods and respective teams. Again, all designed before we came.
I am also exploring at a deeper level my experiences and numerous initiatory passages through the ancient mystery schools around the world..particularly Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and Greece.
It seems everyone who comes into my path to co-create in someway was also present in these fields..and we are simply finding / remembering each other and more of our true selves again.
How may we be guided to bring through this wisdom into being..in a pure, loving, useful way? Perhaps it is for our own joy to receive it and remember it fully..and not so much for sharing (yet) with others.
So often we are conditioned to think the wisdom we hold must be packaged in a certain way to help others when perhaps now – even more now as we accelerate into higher dimensional consciousness – we trust and know that we emit the wisdom energetically (and more directly to those willing to receive) and more efficiently simply through living it day by day.
It’s fun to write and create and make things and teach..this is in so many of our soul codes, our divine nature..to step into service this way. And yet, our dimensional shift  now underway invites us to reconsider – and let go of – the ways we’ve served as an unconscious obligation or even a chore..maybe a whole identity has been cultivated based on this underlying pull to give and help and save.
Maybe service has even been a distraction from simply being and receiving..and allowing one to feel supported simply for being the unique frequency we are transmitting and giving to all just by living.
Who is underneath the self-created platform + its perception of service that gives way to constantly being needed and wanted? That feels also a deep need to give and do and produce..to prove oneself..to validate worthiness..to feel like one is enough. Is this pattern even seeded from this lifetime or is it from long, long ago, still echo-ing into this reality? For many this is an ancient thread ripe for re-evaluation..and ultimately a grand completion.
Something and someone new (and more true) would love to emerge.

Eclipse portal indeed..rebirthing in every moment. What would like to arise anew now? Who are you being, now?

How would you love to deepen?

The guidance keeps saying..relax and receive.
Relax and receive.
Allow support in.
Allow all that is here to assist in.
Open to receive.

This is all that is required now.

I love you very much. Thanks for co-creating + being you..

xx Syd

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I took the Akashic Records Facilitator training really just for exploration, fun, and personal benefit. I had no expectations of becoming a reader for others. But this course is designed to help everyone discover their own unique gifts, and I was empowered to share my unique gifts with the world.
My soul is here to be of service to our home, Mother Earth, and to all of her inhabitants. This course has been a catalyst in opening up the tangible ways that I may offer healing and love to the world. It had been a jumping off point for embodying my divinity and living my soul’s purpose.
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Her attunement alone closed up those auric holes that were open to taking on other people’s energy. Allowing me to live a life worth living,  I am beyond grateful! The other attunements were all very much helpful and am so grateful for each one.  I also was doubtful of being a good Akashic Records Facilitator, but I thought I would give it a try anyways. I picked it up the very first day! I was very very happy to awaken my abilities in claircognizance, clairaudience, and clairvoyance.

What I love about being an Akashic Records Facilitator is it’s SO fun, and you get to use your creativity, and it’s very healing. It’s an all around win for me. Sydney is such a pleasure to be around, she is incredible at holding space, and allowing us to remember our own divinity and our own power.  Her program is very empowering as it’s allowed me to find my own uniqueness in the way I present the Akashics.” ~ Steph K., Akashic Facilitator Graduate, Kambo Practitioner, Vancouver

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