Timeline Healing + Forgiveness

Here are three key practices helpful now for integrating former timelines, creating space for newer energies to integrate: 

 1. Timeline Healing: Redirect the Movie of Your Life 

One of the most powerful ways I’ve come across to heal shame, even the deepest, darkest respites of it trapped in our cells and hidden caves of consciousness, is something I’ve come to know as timeline healing. I love to do this process by first identifying an energetic pattern or even a behavior or survival strategy that we are ready to release. This practice invites us to really feel it to heal it—all the stuff we’ve been carrying around without even knowing it—and let it go. From here we can repattern our understanding of history and identities therein and instead start to create new realities and future potentials . . . and it feels so good.

To start this practice, I suggest laying down in a comfortable position so you feel nice and cozy and supported to really relax and let go. Your consciousness and body are going to really guide the way here—it’s amazing how much healing happens when we simply create the conditions for it to occur, which usually simply means just slowing down, breathing and going more at our own pace of processing. Once you are comfortable in your meditative space (sometimes I like to play healing frequencies like 741, 432 or 528hz—if it feels supportive, give it a try), bring the earliest memory to mind of when you first felt shame.

If you feel comfortable, you can even ask your higher self to show you the movie of memories connected to this energy and visualize yourself as though you’re watching a show of your life. Then simply let the tape or movie play of all the various shameful imprints shown in chronological order. In each experience that comes into your awareness, feel anything that wants to be felt that wasn’t allowed to be expressed at that particular moment long ago. Is there anything that wants to be said or shared now that your loving presence is willing and available to receive it? Next, see if you can observe what was being learned at that time. You can even ask yourself—or ask your higher self to illuminate for you—what was I learning in that experience? How was I growing?

One thing to consider – it can be useful to set a timer for this experience so you don’t feel like you’re taking on too much at once. Even starting with 10 or 15 minutes can be such a powerful practice to start. You may also feel supported sharing space with a trusted friend or support while first doing this too in case it feels like a lot of emotion is ready to come up to release. I know for me, even still, its important to call in support and co-regulatory touch when I feel big emotional waves ready to release and integrate. It can be so healing to ask for help in this way, especially if we’ve been more familiar with trying to go it alone and keep everything in. Trust that your body will never give you more than you can handle resource-wise in any moment, and that taking it slow can be the best medicine. If you feel a calling to explore this practice, make it your own (as with everything here) and see what pacing feels natural (and even nourishing perhaps) to you. You are your own best guide and here is where you can deeply show up for yourself and hold space for your true self to come closer to home, to you.

After you’ve dabbled in this practice, seeing what you see now from perhaps a new perspective, what commitments or new understandings are you taking away to inform your present-moment experience? So much subtle energetic movement and healing can happen in this practice. Trust you’ll find your own way—there’s no wrong way to do this, only your own way to navigate that’s perfect for you. Follow the practice for as long as feels comfortable. If you doze off or go into a bit of a trance, that usually means a deep subconscious clearing is underway, which is fantastic news—the body is releasing a lot of stored memory that it no longer needs for powering survival or protection protocols.

~ from my book “I’m Ascending, Now What?”

2. Forgiveness practice – good to do with mom, dad and any tender relationships (primary ones like former lovers and partners). Bring one person to mind and imagine their energy field in front of yours, then recite each line below which works on different layers of the field and any ridges/distortions that may be present. If you feel like one line brings up a lot you may continue repeating this line till you feel movement or clearing. Each relationship field will be different and this practice can bring up a lot so make sure to take it slow and hydrate as a lot of energy may be released.

Forgiveness brings peace

Forgiveness corrects perception

Forgiveness bestows the gifts of God

Forgiveness heals the perception of separation

Forgiveness undoes all fear

Forgiveness undoes all perceived guilt

Forgiveness releases

Forgiveness frees one’s vision

Forgiveness cleanses

Forgiveness makes all things lovely

Forgiveness brings the memory of God

Forgiveness removes the untrue

Forgiveness allows the overlooking of mistakes

Forgiveness sweeps away the belief in sin

Forgiveness brings an end to specialness

Forgiveness brings release from all illusion

Forgiveness brings the understanding of God’s Love for you

Forgiveness turns the world of sin into a world of glory

Forgiveness is the great release from time

Forgiveness takes away what stands between your brother and you

Forgiveness is the answer to attack of any kind

Forgiveness undoes what fear has produced

Forgiveness heals

~ from Sensei Steven

 3. Ho’oponopono Forgiveness

A potent practice for embodying the energy of forgiveness comes from the sacred cultural tradition of ancient Hawaii, a land I was blessed to call home. The term Ho’oponopono translates loosely to “cause things to move back into balance” or “make things right.” It entails a four-part phrase recitation of: I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. I love reciting this prayer while focusing attention on myself, on my own heart. After a few minutes of practicing this either silently or out loud with yourself, you can also practice saying it to someone else by picturing them in your mind’s eye or by holding them in your heart.

It’s amazing how this practice works to dissipate density and literally shift our energy in relationships too—miraculous shifts can occur when this is utilized consistently. Use it with yourself. With others. With institutions. With ways of being and social constructs. You can even use it with different aspects of yourself—such as with yourself at different ages. This practice feels like a way of allowing us to show up more as ourselves without any projections distorting our perception. As with everything—see how it feels for you and if it works, work it and let whatever healing thats meant to happen, happen.

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