Timeline Healing + Forgiveness

Here are three key practices helpful now for integrating former timelines, creating space for newer energies to integrate: 

 1. Forgiveness practice – good to do with mom, dad and any tender relationships (primary ones like former lovers and partners). Bring one person to mind and imagine their energy field in front of yours, then recite each line below which works on different layers of the field and any ridges/distortions that may be present. If you feel like one line brings up a lot you may continue repeating this line till you feel movement or clearing. Each relationship field will be different and this practice can bring up a lot so make sure to take it slow and hydrate as a lot of energy may be released. 

Forgiveness brings peace

Forgiveness corrects perception

Forgiveness bestows the gifts of God

Forgiveness heals the perception of separation

Forgiveness undoes all fear

Forgiveness undoes all perceived guilt

Forgiveness releases

Forgiveness frees one’s vision

Forgiveness cleanses

Forgiveness makes all things lovely

Forgiveness brings the memory of God

Forgiveness removes the untrue

Forgiveness allows the overlooking of mistakes

Forgiveness sweeps away the belief in sin

Forgiveness brings an end to specialness

Forgiveness brings release from all illusion

Forgiveness brings the understanding of God’s Love for you

Forgiveness turns the world of sin into a world of glory

Forgiveness is the great release from time

Forgiveness takes away what stands between your brother and you

Forgiveness is the answer to attack of any kind

Forgiveness undoes what fear has produced

Forgiveness heals

~ from Sensei Steven, MTVO.org

 2. Remembering Unity work: https://mtvo.org/blog/myweb/remembering-unity?fbclid=IwAR3W5FSxrir2ytaQ90QvXMnLvUGRMLdFRD0mDJ5Vuj4AO_NE7CK_pzxTwK8

 3. Ho’oponopono Forgiveness

Center yourself in whatever way feels good. Then bring to awareness within your heart – yourself, or any other being or entity (an idea, an institution, a place, an organization, anything at all), that you would love to create more peace and harmony with. Repeat internally: “I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you… I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you.”

I also guide you through a timeline healing exercise in the intro to our recent episode of Visionary Souls here. 

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