Current Energy Update

aloha love..i just got a message to share this..after a powerful council session with our entourage. the energy we share is so palpable and so much is revealed in our shared presence.

Current energy asks us to look deeply at what we are really here for. Even if we’ve been living our purpose till now there is greater insight arising now into how we’ve actually been unknowingly still playing a part of someone else’s story or expectation.

There is immense grief and sometimes anger or even rage present upon feeling the self abandonment of not having fully allowed one’s soul mission to come into form. The masks we learned to dawn so young run so deep.

Even if we thought we’ve removed so many of them up until now there is more clarity being illuminated into the ways we are still pretending or posturing as someone other than our essence’s desired being.

Before this awareness comes into form may be distractions and longings or even sabotage away from fully receiving ones destined guidance into greater truth and knowing.

Longing for partnership, for deeper affirmation in relationships and community, for deeper connection with god and guidance – the unshakable knowing of support and assurance that all is well and unfolding as designed.

These external longings stem from desire to feel internal completion and wholeness within..the outside in approach hasn’t worked for a long time as we’ve evolved into higher dimensional being. Yet parts of ourselves may still attempt at the old game for familiarities sake..somehow there is comfort in this.

When we sink into the energy downloading now there is a tendency to feel dissolution with all things physical. The body itself may dissolve more quickly than ever. Dropping into presence has never felt more accessible.

Are we allowed to sink this deeply and even stay here while still walking awake through this dream?

They say now is the moment to practice and really remember this as a way of being we know all too well.

Attuning into deeper peace and silence. It can feel uncomfortable as edges of our addictions to chaos and busy-ness – distractions from being with our true essence – surely arise to capture our attention.

There are shadows here to be felt. Deeply and fully.

We are already different than yesterday.

The purpose we were seemingly living may no longer be in alignment with what our divinity demands of us – or rather, what it has always had designed – destined for us to explore.

Where you are now is perfect, you wouldn’t be here otherwise.

There is no falling behind or being behind the curve. We are all beginning again as new beings. We are all invited to dismantle yet again more layers of who we thought we were only to reveal more of who we truly are.

How you are being is all that is required.
They – my guidance – always remind.
The what and who are always ever evolving.
How is our constant choice – how we attune ourselves to move through the inevitable shifting currents as we meet ourselves anew again and again.

I love you anyway. I love you more when you stop trying. I love you more the more you let go. I love you more the more you stop fighting. I love you more the more you cease resisting..yourself and all that would love to love and live as love through you.

xx Syd

PS: I have limited availability for sessions including soul-sourcing/akashic attunements, quantum healing + distance sessions plus 2 spaces for 1:1 visionary highest level of support for those ready to completely recalibrate their energy in every dimension of their mind-body-spirit-soul and vision. would love to co-create with you if you are feeling the call..just reply + we can take it from here

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