Time to Grow Up

hi love…energy MOVING FASTTTT..just tuning in with a brief update felt called to share..to support..all we are integrating.

Whole new timeline dropping in babes. BTW walk-ins can mean more of your higher dimensional self comes into form.

Giddy up indeed ❤️ seeing thru falsities and manipulative agendas so clearly now, we are invited to drop so many of our own masks we didn’t even know we are wearing so we can see more of each others.
It’s how the mirroring we’re meant to show up in works after all..clarity begets more clarity and support. From here we grow into more coherence and truth..and can create absolutely anything..beyond what we were ever taught was possible. Unschooling ourselves moment by moment.
Feeling the being beneath and behind the loud thoughts and stories of should and would and could. Dropping instead into being and sensing and trusting. You know what is right and what feels resonant and aligned from millions of miles away. Trust your discernment, this is one of our greatest super powers at this moment as so much delusion/illusion unravels.
There are so many higher forces amplifying and assisting the unraveling now – expediting it with great efficiency because there is no more time left to play in the old games. We have a new earth to birth and enjoy..fully in our presence..receiving the gifts we are here to give uniquely as ourselves – enjoying the seamless exchange and new energies emerging.
The guidance always reminds us to have fun and enjoy the experience – without judgement – good and bad are constructs rife with survival strategy and learned conditions that keep us distracted from simply trusting our truth and following or creating what’s right for us.
If anyone is telling you what to believe question them for they likely don’t know what they truly believe themselves. Agreeing on what to believe means nothing. We each have a unique truth to embody and explore.
It will be different from all others and that’s the design..to love and accept and celebrate our inherent diversity and differences that help us learn and grow and understand more of ourselves.
Evolving beyond the tribe. Out of survival and need. Returning home to knowing this unshakable center – core stability that is here and now no matter what. Clearly seeing and sensing the right next step. Receiving ultra clear guidance from all aspects and support always amplifying our well being and soul alignment. Access has never been more clear and available. Expanding into more receiving and allowing.
A new nervous system again..new layers of energy field and cellular capacity coming online..wired for the immense power we are here to ground into this physical realm. Radiating profound ripples of love, peace, compassion, divine understanding…your peace and presence are the greatest gift you can bestow upon humanity at this time.
Your investment in your self care and well being is our utmost priority.
Let the support in. Let the love in.
Let more in ❤️❤️❤️ and all the way through.

xx Syd

PS: Would love to have you with us in ENTOURAGE..anchoring soon 🙂 Feels like such a beautiful container..grateful to share the invite with those called to co-create.

Come join us for the pre-party below…

Sharing a preview party of ENTOURAGE on Saturday Oct 9th..would love to have you with us <3
Join us for this 2 hour pre-party activation – attunement experience in which we’ll explore the key pillars of our Entourage journey: presence, authenticity, coherence + embodiment through a series of guided practices, energy healing, group work + authentic relating/sharing.
Bring your intentions + dreams you’d love to seed and amplify through this experience..what would you love to receive, remember, integrate and embody?
And..what gift are you bringing simply in being to share with our collective? Everyone has a unique gift to give…
Looking forward to receive + play + explore together on this beautiful day.
Please register if you can’t make it live..and you’ll be sent the recording <3
Entourage is a 4-month ascension accelerator + training program designed to amplify presence, authenticity, coherence and embodiment and overall collective harmony and thriving in Heaven on Earth.
Looking so forward to amplifying + expanding with you soon <3


Check out this AWESOME live
 we did yesterday…has some great codes on energies of october and what we are all challenged/invited to meet/move through..weeeee lets fly x

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