All Shall be Revealed

aloha my love – how are you being?

i’m beaming you tons of love from the portal i’ve landed in here on big island..its a massive energy shift from Maui..adjusting a bit to fully acclimate. my spirit feels so at home, my body however is slower to adapt..and land. lots of exhaustion this week, moving, and on top of all we are receiving/integrating energetically.

practicing giving permission to ourselves to deeply rest and restore.
when we stop to regenerate are we actually being still? or is the mind still busy and agitated, while the fingers are typing away on the phone or computer?

i say this because I know 🙂 experiencing first hand the hilarity of it all..being a human..who needs rest and regeneration time..and a higher dimensional energetic being that has a lot of important things to do!! big vision to share..building heaven on earth..anchoring all sorts of awesome new potentials.. too? probably if you’re reading this 🙂

its okay to let ourselves stop. its okay to let ourselves be still. we aren’t missing out on anything. here is where we practice trust..and that we are part of a bigger plan we have no control over. maybe if i type these words enough i’ll really believe them and embody the wisdom…such is the practice of late.

some of whats flowing lately..has felt like::

When we try to make it happen we get in the way of whats meant to happen.

Easier said than lived..and yet we are here to practice, maybe constantly.

Still adjusting to the energy here on Big Island, which even though it’s only 45 mins flying over from Maui feels like a completely different planet. I am called here as I’m sure many others are to burn away unconsciousness, layers of inauthenticity and shadows of protection, projection and survival that can’t co-exist in the dimensions of experience I am here to embody.

Upon my first visit I felt confronted a bit by the level of presence and rawness I felt palpably in many interactions..reflecting to me my own posturing and ways in which I’m still wearing subtle masks of caring how I look or concerning myself what others think of me, where I fit in, how important (loved, wanted, welcomed) I seem..etc.

Here another initiation is unfolding into greater presence, self acceptance, honoring ones value from deep within – getting into the root of what is raw and real..the truth, and nothing less.

Energy here feels simultaneously like being entrenched in the earths deepest layers – in the core of her fiery flows from which all creation stems – while also expanding into layers of consciousness that feel quite far out literally and figuratively – access into other realms feels slippery, the veil is thin for sure and perhaps the thinnest I’ve experienced thus far of all the portals I love to visit.

The cycles of death and rebirth are in your face everywhere you go – reminders of our smallness in the great scheme of nature’s divine plans.

In an instant everything you know as familiar and safe – externals – could be destroyed and birthed again anew – so how is your internal stability, safety and core sense of self? How deep do your roots really go? Are you unshakably stable, strong and resilient despite what’s happening outside?

Here I am reminded of simple yet profound gratitude for simply being alive – having fresh clean air to breath – a home and all my needs met – not to mention a purpose, a mission, awareness, empowerment to make choices and take action in alignment with desires..funny how wrapped up we can get in purpose when maybe our simple purpose is to actually live and enjoy our lives completely.

When the anxiety and self criticism or insurmountable grief arises to speak its piece, as has been rather loud lately – do we give them air time or speak as the strong protector we are, who is choosing consciously what energy to empower and embody?

We may have been building new nervous systems capable of sustaining the energy we are meant to channel and yet here we venture into the depths of real emotional stability-maturity..actual energetic mastery.

Burning away all that is not true, from the deepest layers of our beings all the way to the core essence we are. Over exposure used to catalyze shame and all it’s inherent survival strategies and personas.

Now perhaps we are invited to willingly practice being exposed and revealed as a means of self liberation – building capacity to sustain our own raw power, presence and authentic expression.

No longer holding back. No longer strategizing ways to titrate the depths we feel safe emanating. It feels like un-damning / un-damming the energy we’ve held back for lifetimes..venting out breath by breath all that’s been held back and in for too long.

All of reality is catalyzing the perfect opportunities to receive, affirm and express our unique truths (especially in high contrast to the material worlds unfolding) more deeply.

Are we willing to allow what’s wanting to live through us to express as us?

Practicing <3

Doing our best. And that is always good enough.

Here to support in any way I can. I presently have bandwidth to welcome in 2 new mentorship or consulting collaborations now going thru the end of this year as well as a few spots for 1:1 sessions and remote energy healing during the week.

Would love to connect and co-create if its aligned..resonant..meant to be.

All my love..and blessings for a restful, integrative, regenerative week ahead.

Loving ourselves so much right now..through all we are processing and transmitting. It is immense.

<3 Syd

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