The Mind Knowing is the Least Important Part

aloha darlin..

it was a wild start to this month..and now the dust feels to be settling..more space is enjoy and expand into.

This came through one year ago and feels more pertinent than ever..

Heaven on Earth is here when we choose to be.

A student brought through in an Akashic Records journey we shared recently something so beautiful you almost could have missed it:: the mind understanding is the least important thing.

We are evolving into a 5D consciousness which invites ultimate presence in all moments, transcending time, welcoming an entirely new creation process rooted in more pure being than thinking or action into.

We are reconditioning ourselves to embody highly attuned states of faith, trust in uncertainty and even joyfulness in admitting we have no idea what’s happening and we never have and never will and it’s not our job to pretend we do anymore.

What a sweet relief.

When we let go of the pressure to know and manage and track and strategize and control, how much more creative energy do channel into genius innovation, playful magical beautiful contribution, healing ourselves and the collective, connecting more deeply within and without..what kind of world do we experience in truly infinite possibility wherein all roads lead to collective thrival, harmony, expansion and quantum leaps, miracles, abundance beyond our wildest dreams..all the new norms, yes absolutely.
We are attuning to deeply receiving. Ourselves and each other. There is a profound intimacy in presence with yourself and within all of life. Some would call it tantra or unity consciousness but I like saying it’s all about purely being. Here and now.

Honesty. Authenticity. Transparent like water. Flowing, detached, powerfully flowing like a massive river with no end and no beginning. Remembering our infinite nature and remembering to enjoy the cosmic ride of this embodiment.
It’s never been a more ripe moment to launch your dreams beloveds.

Our new earth is craving your genius contributions. Your multidimensional support team is here rooting for you ready to assist, awaiting your order.
Place your order humanity, you can have anything you desire.

What are you waiting for? Give yourself permission to really live and expand from here.

There is so much beauty, abundance, love and fulfillment to enjoy and share.

Life is a ceremony of celebration and divine play.

Let it be easy..

Speaking of which….a fun way to create more EASE and allow more abundance to amplify and flow..

a gift for you – please share with anyone you’re called to share with!

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I am so grateful for this resource + all the abundance flowing…empowering + anchoring in new levels of security, stability, expansion and generosity.

Let’s PLAY xx

Starting our ASCEND beta launch tomorrow..
Settling into new home that I love..
Danced till I could barely move today..
Surrounded by soul family.

Life is so beautiful.
When we are really here for it.

xx Syd

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Explore here + set up a call if you know its you.

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