The Meaning of True Wealth

Let’s get real about something intimate and maybe a bit edgy shall we? My fave way to play…

Money has always been a challenging growing edge for me, as I know it has been for others too. Our society and cultural conditioning is certainly ripe with plenty of distortions on the matter, wouldn’t you agree? Has it been a pain point for you? Have you done work around it to source the root cause for you? 

I’ve been on an almost ten year journey of healing my money consciousness which I track back to when I first attended Debtors Anonymous after getting sober in AA close to 11 years ago..and saw how my relationship with money and debt felt a lot like my former relationship with drugs and alcohol. Same underlying traumas giving way to similar behaviors, idea structures and relational patterns.

Back then it was paralyzing to even look at my finances in an honest and clear way – it felt like having my insides revealed and in doing so I had to feel and face all the shame, fear and control (distrust) I had running thru my extremely traumatized hyper vigilant nervous system. 

Here are some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned along the way..

❤️ Our relationship with money is a reflection of the relationship we have with god – universe – source – creator – our own divinity. Do we feel supported, seen, safe? Or not? 

❤️ Our relationship with money is rooted in our nervous system’s stability and coherence – how safe do we feel to expand, to receive, to be supported, to stand in our power and authenticity, to show up in full responsibility?

❤️ How money flows and circulates to us, thru us and from us is a reflection of how energy is moving thru our body and energy field. Do we allow emotional repression to flow and be fully felt? Do we allow our creativity to freely flow and express? Do we allow our full life force to flow and play in our reality in ways that feel best? 

❤️ The relationship we have with our mother and father defines the relationship we have with money. If we never felt supported or felt abandoned by our primary caretakers we can typically feel abandoned / unsupported by life itself. We can feel like we have to figure everything out for ourselves and like we are on our own. 

❤️ Money can feel inconsistent in its flow and we may even find we don’t feel comfortable allowing consistency because chaos and anxiety are much more familiar energies to live in. 

Even if we don’t want it logically, if our nervous system can’t relax and being comfortable actually feels uncomfortable – peace feels impossible – how do we allow abundance in and when it’s in, to stabilize consistently?

Then..there’s unwinding all the distortions about wealth and abundance and all the spiritual coaches around talking about sex magic and orgasming your way to seven figures. Mostly all of these people look like an avatar of the same person, saying the same thing…using hypnotic NLP statements to draw you in with this sexy allure that never really feels grounded or true but sucks in your attention with the promise of a quick fix or finally someone with a way to take care of you. Trust me I’ve been there and detangling from that vortex took years in some cases 😂

After all this…I’ve found that true wealth has nothing to do with money. 

True wealth is the capacity we cultivate to be at peace in the present moment, fully resourced within ourselves to embody our authentic selves, expressing our greatest creativity and uniqueness in only the ways we can 🔑

From this space, all needs are met. All resources required flow in, thru and to you, in perfect timing 💥

What do you think? I’ve experimented over the years with new models of energy exchange to play with many of these aforementioned dynamics to invite others to template new ways of being in the wealth game.

I love exploring new dimensions of potential with others in this way – it is so healing and profound what we learn here. VITALIZE starts 9.19 and we are exploring just like this…mentorship on sliding scale depending on what feels most true and balanced for you.

🦄 Let’s play.

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