We are The Technology

happy new moon..cosmic fam.

Some kinda revolution is brewing, can you feel it? On the precipice of another major transformation or timeline completion, both – and – all.

Aren’t we always nowadays though? I laugh every time an energy update attempts to describe what we’re collectively integrating..how do we even.
It’s bizarre being human and fully committing to embodiment..I mean – being all the way here, and in. Ya know? Infinite wells of layers to feel and metabolize..Pretty sure it never ends.
A big layer up for me now..how do I say it?

I’ve been helping others live and build their vision for years..thru coaching, consulting, intuitive advising, energy healing..all these avenues of support. But the invitation or articulation of it rather has always felt a bit..like a cover, for something else that’s actually happening underneath.

People come to me thinking they wanna build a business or have support in their embodied ascension process..to step into an expansive vision and be more themselves…and almost always we end up exploring deep dark shadows of sexuality and sexual trauma, the layers of shame that one has never even considered exposing or touching into.
My whole life I have countless experiences of people telling me (even before I got sober) stories and secrets usually starting with, “I don’t know why I’m telling you this but…”. Somehow I am wired for safety and understanding when it comes to meeting shameful edges and shadows.

Maybe because I’ve nearly died a few times in this life and seen it all myself..including working with shame as one of the most potent energies I’ve come to alchemize.

Maybe biz coaching and intuitive healing for “visionaries” has felt more marketable or socially acceptable / understood..safe. All the meanwhile I’ve always been asking: when do you feel most alive?

Here is the key to your vision unfolding. This key is inherently about sexuality. Our authentic creative essence, liberated from shame..tapping into the infinite creative potential and mastery we all implicitly embody simply by being alive.

Something new wants to unfold and translate from my depths.
I am listening and allowing ❤️

we are the technology that allows all inspiration to actualize into form.

we are the technology we’ve been waiting for.

to what extent do phones and computers and the rest simply exhibit physically the innate abilities and capacities we are already wired with multidimensionally – telepathically – empathically – clairvoyantly and on and on ad infinitum.

when we come fully online – fully alive – as our true selves, our multidimensional abilities unlock and we start to see reality in its true form.

maleable and plasmic, made for us to play in and imagine into form.

ive had dreams that feel like future prophecies and also flashes to past lives in other dimensions – beyond time – where we are master manifestors, meant to create instantaneously..and its just how we are wired. the thing we want is already here, we see if as soon as we believe it..and become it. and then in an instant its gone and a new desire arises in another present moment. and so on..life is a game of creating..itself..one moment to the next. we are watching the show and enjoying it all..in the pure experience of creating, for pleasure.

i dont think i’ll ever call myself a tantra healer or tantra practitioner but its coming into my awareness more to speak into this medicine i do love to play in and that i do always inevitably attract into my field.

i wont call myself a tantrika because there are so many distortions in the field of those who do and i don’t right now want to be associated in those energies. perhaps will shift someday..who knows 🙂 for now – feeling my own authentic expression of how this energy is already communicating without words.

i am here to support visionaries to fully live – their dream, their mission, their desires and ultimate pleasure of simply being.

i am here to be a beacon of wholeness, innocence, self-acceptance, joyful play and radical forgiveness. i love healing shame..and somehow i have a knack for it probably because ive already seen it and done it all.

shame is the most toxic emotion we usually hold in the body – and the source of most dis-ease.

when we release shame we can see our vision and true creative calling so clearly – we can feel it and let it guide us along our destined path.

when we release shame we become magnetic.

when we release shame we allow our home frequency to flow and draw unto us that which is meant for us to receive.

the antidote to shame is forgiveness, self-acceptance, divine compassion and so much presence you melt.

the essence of true tantra is oneness – unity with ones true self – which is unity with god.

embodied divinity.

embodied ascension – has been my fave term.

when we are one with our true essence and with god, we release shame into the light.

we allow our clear vision to flow through us without distortion or agenda.

we are doing the divine service and purpose we came here for…to simply enjoy the experience of creation, through gods eyes, through this body.

i am here to explore and fully experience this invitation..and i love doing so with others called similarly..

to dive beneath the depths of what we’ve been taught and conditioned to see, think and feel.

to create something new instead.

to architect the world we wish existed..and all the new ways of being and seeing in it we are remembering.

to return home.

thank you for being.

I recorded this new style akashic healing//guidance//flow below for ya – feels fun to weave creatively in a new way..for Designed to Remind.

xx Syd

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