We are from Heaven, Visiting Paradise

Aloha beloved..

How are you being? Welcome to a new month, a new start, a new day, a new moment.

I’m tuning into this soundtrack as I write these words..if you wanna play along.. 432hz the frequency of the earths heartbeat..our divine resonance..a key to coherence..to unity.

What dreams are you weaving, what seeds are you sowing, what vision are you birthing?

The aquarian age is here…we can feel the energy rising, radiating so potently everyday…so much moving through our bodies, initiating us into greater expansion, clarity, ease, potency.

Beaming you all the love from Kauai – such a magic portal of heaven on earth, beauty, heavenly vibes..paradise.

It is known as the monastery island..or garden isle..but really feels like it would be easy to be a monk here, which I love. I love living as though on perpetual retreat.

Create a life you don’t ever need to take a retreat from..so they say. Or better yet: create your life AS the dream retreat you’ve always envisioned treating yourself to, and re-commit to gifting yourself those nourishing-loving-healing-expansive-rejuvenating experiences everyday, every moment.

I heard this recently and love it so much..

“We are from Heaven, visiting Paradise.”

Remember..earth is a paradise planet. Heaven on Earth is not just a cool slogan..it is the energy found within of course, as Mary Magdelene always reminds us – the kingdom of heaven is within, and as within, so without..creating our hologram into being..precisely as we order, desire, imagine.

Reality is dismantling in so many fascinating ways lately isn’t it? I knew this time was coming about a month ago – I saw civil upheaval and unrest although I wasn’t sure how it was going to unfold, I knew there would be many grand endings percolating and into February too..perhaps laying the groundwork for greater unity/peace/harmonization/coherence…yes. The chaos before the storm that cleanses all..to reveal what is true, what is underlying, what is unifying all.

What a glorious game we’ve come to play.

How are you playing these days? Here is our invitation to return to daily..inquiring within – how am I showing up? How am I taking care of myself so that I can show up in the world..in integrity, authenticity..love?

It is so simple isn’t it? The personality wants to come up in its various masks and survival structures and say how complex life must be…so much energy expended holding these identities and structures in place..so much effort continuously channeled into these out dated methods of establishing security and safety..and love.

We build trust by trusting ourselves..by loving ourselves..safety and security naturally emerge from this space of inner stability and self-knowing.

We are invited into heightened responsibility now..growing out of spiritual infancy..into adolescence perhaps..some of us into maturity…who knows really..I still feel like a baby often.

Wrote this the day after the full moon..sharing first with our 5D Visionary Council..processing some beautiful layers..letting go..letting former aspects and protection mechanisms die…transmute..alchemize:

Feeling heightened sensitivities today permeating thru collective. Activating ancient patterns of codependency, looking outside oneself for validation and affirmation of safety and security, sourcing value from others / externals..lots of inner child themes are up. I am noticing them arising with intense amplification at times – probably because they are being uprooted deeply.

It’s always loudest before certain layers of these patterns get transmuted for good..or for what feels like a completion / ending of a timeline. Finding ease in simplicity and returning to one self: what do I need right now to feel safe, loved, supported, home? What am I appreciating about myself right now simply for who and how I am being? What is a gift or acknowledgement I would love to receive from myself? Give that to yourself now.

Of course the collective is disentangling from massive control structures before our eyes too – never has it been so clear the control mechanisms running the political economy of the so called free world and free market. Very interesting to see it all unfold right now this way..we sensed massive changes and uprising for a long time and to see it all flowing this ways makes a lot of sense.

I can sense February will be more loud and chaotic as more unravels and reorganizes. Feeling more affirmed than ever in our council formation, shared intentions, amplified healing..all the wisdom shared and available here – we are here and now a part of co creating something much greater than ourselves.️ We start from within and then whatever we birth from our hearts is precisely what’s required to support the whole, in just the right aligned time.

So much overtime (sometimes we call it being on the night shift) in dream time..processing thru dreams..anxiety, fear, separation..lingering densities deep down in the subconscious. More inner work and exploration is here..going even deeper.

We are held. We are supported.

We are never alone yet we are also being challenged to hold ourselves thru this perhaps like never before..see what you’re really capable of moving thru..with grace. Loving and forgiving and realizing oneself..as you are. Clear and transparent. Free. Right here with you. The layers are infinite.

We are such little babies sometimes..maybe always underneath it all. Feeling anger arising and sadness in waves..collective is amplifying it all, but seeds of truth are here too – forgiving oneself for the supposed mistakes that were actually perfect lessons designed to bring you here. Forgiving our parents who did the best they could..welcoming everything and accepting it all as perfect.

Tantrums welcomed along the way. Tears are welcome. Sometimes it’s so hard to ask for what we need. I am always learning this lesson. Surrender. All we have control over is our choice in this moment to do the right thing, empower the truth, soothe ourselves..be authentic and welcome whatever is perfectly arising.

We have all we need to make it thru..to thrive and yet, what must we leave behind as we walk thru this new door yet again?

Thank you for your attention, love and presence. Your energy is a gift. Your presence is the present.

Your being is all that is required.

I love you very much. Feeling extraordinarily blessed to be free..adventuring in paradise..transmitting this blessing of being alive to you thru these words..celebrating together through time and space..this moment.

What a gift to be here, now.

Living our destiny. Awakening more deeply to who we really are and what we are truly capable of co-creating.

Mahalo <3


PS: Our Maui Embodied Ascension Retreat is in June and spots are filling up for this soul family reunion that’s really feeling like an initiatory journey indeed…ascension is not an intellectual construct; it is a way of being that must be discovered through one’s own presence..this is our practice.

We will be anchoring some potent high frequencies together, catalyzing miracles, consciousness shifts, mind-body-spirit integration and having such a divine playful healing celebratory beautiful time…it is a blessing to share this magical portal with you that has catalyzed some of the most monumental healing I’ve ever experienced…and continue to experience.

Come play with us if you’re ready to leap into new dimensions of your divinity embodiment ripe with new consciousness programs-upgrades-attunements to presence, prosperity, power and play…co-creating expansion and spaciousness for all you are calling in and more <3

What miracles shall we co-create?
What new frequencies shall we anchor into Heaven on Earth?
What visions shall we co-create and actualize?
What is this New Earth we are birthing through our beings?
How much can we play and enjoy the process at it happens before our eyes?

Let’s Fly.

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Anchoring the New Earth…here in Maui.

Summer Solstice 2021.

June 19 – 27, 2021.

“We are from Heaven visiting Paradise.”

Soul-family reunion + celebration.

Heaven on Earth attunement.

Energy mastery play + activation.

Mind-body-spirit-soul nourishment + rejuvenation.

Akashic records channeling, attunement, exploration.

Sacred space to anchor into your dreams, vision + pure presence.

Explore, deepen + share your leadership + authentic expression.

Bodywork, somatic healing, integration + energy healing.

Transformational immersions, sacred site initiations.

Deep practice in daily meditation, sacred silence, movement.

Daily sound healing immersions for quantum healing – shifting.

Ascension is not a concept, it is a way of being..for you to discover within…and to transmit-radiate through your being.

Come play.

New On Youtube: My quantum healing hypnosis session (QHHT)..listen to receive..beautiful energy transmission, integration, healing…

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Loving these sessions so much! Offering a few more for February…

Visionary Alignment Vortexing: expansion-embodiment container with multiple sessions, support in between + quantum healing components.

BONUS: Will include a gift the Personal Sovereignty transmission I coded for our 5D Visionary Council which has proven to be such potent medicine for this precise moment <3

An 11 minute (remote energy healing) transmission supporting ones ever expanding capacity to discern ones own presence with pristine boundaries and clear energy exchange in all moments, throughout all relations and within all aspects of ones ideal reality.

Unplug and detach all unconscious cords of influence, projection and attachment from anything and anyone outside of oneself to reclaim ones full power-creation Life force energy.

Repair and recalibrate any and all aspects of ones energy field and energy centers therein that have carried holes or damage of any kind particularly within or around the solar plexus and sacral chakras and all extensions of these portals throughout the body and field.

Please schedule your initial session here and more details will be shared upon your confirmation.

It is an honor to serve and support and play and remember with you.

Kauai Lemurian portal magic
Happy full moon wild Leo blessings: own your power.
Remember who you are.
Celebrate your magnificence.
Claim what is yours.
Take your place.

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