Visionary Alignment Vortexing

Introducing a new way to play…

Visionary Alignment Vortexing

which includes…

* Two 75 minute Soul Sourcing – Akashic Records Session + Attunement

* Four 45 minute vortexing (soul-support-strategy-healing) sessions with intuitive guidance on all (life-business-wealth-relationships-health-ascension) that’s calling you forth into growth and expansion in your evolutionary path

* One customized Quantum Healing transmission curated just for you to anchor in precisely what it is you are calling in to embody and align with in every cell. 

*WhatsApp and Email support in between all our sessions with curated energetic protocols, channeled resources, practices + rituals to support you on your souls’ embodiment journey.

Investment: $3,333.00 USD


– All sessions happen in Zoom, you have the recording to revisit and integrate with for life.

– The healing transmission can be deepened/received infinite times forever – new layers of the energetics are unlocked each time.

If you’re called to play in this beautiful space together and co-create a wonderful foundation to start your year upon..let’s connect.

Please schedule your initial session here and more details will be shared upon your confirmation.

I love co-creating with you in the expansive multidimensional realms we explore together – everything is possible, all is accessible, there are no limits to what we can co-create, remember, embody and remind others of through our sheer presence.
If you’re curious to read about all my clients and students experiences working together, check out all our amazing celebrations and transformations..we have moved through and actualized such immensity together over the years. So many miracles. So many dreams. So much beauty.

Thank you. It is an honor to serve and support and play and remember with you.

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