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Aloha my love..

How are you being?

We are receiving so much aren’t we? Immensity of incoming energies..activating us to new depths of intimacy within and with each other..and so it is.

Finding it useful to move slow – really consider if what you think needs to be said really does – lots of heightened awareness to internal processing / insights : recalibration to reality and especially our relationships.

We are invited to cultivate even greater focus-devotion on our self-healing, energetic practice, on what’s here and now, minimizing doing across the board, calling in support and connection and accurate reflection from trusted allies…


Patience. Trust. Allowing. Witnessing. Letting it all arise. Feeling it all.

My mom sent me some pictures from my childhood the other day – out of the blue of course but divinely timed because I’ve been doing a lot of re-patterning with my little one..inner child..little Syd..as well as with my lineage.

Created a new altar to work with my ancestors – my grandparents..thanking them for preparing the way for me to emerge in this incarnation. Transmuting latent shame and embarrassment, resentment, anger..grief..all the things that can come up sometimes in exploring our family history.

This is what came through..

We are born with all we’ve ever required to thrive. We know true presence and joy. We know deeply the embodiment of bliss and unconditional love – it is who we are.

Hard to imagine sometimes how in just a few moments, weeks or years early on we simply forget – we learn other people’s ways of being, societal projections, conditioning that never felt true…perhaps simply to experience and feel a stark contrast.

In forgetting ourselves albeit temporarily we eventually, inevitably more fully return into reverence for the infinite magnitude of our true being. Would we appreciate joy and presence – the ultimate currency of our human experience – if we didn’t at first deeply feel the pain and wounding of perceived separation (from god, from ourselves, from one another – all simply reflections of our own divinity), unworthiness, incompleteness, or any of our other universally shared human experiences designed to initiate us into consciously choosing to awaken and align with and embody our authenticity, our infinite nature?

Perhaps we are simply here to experience. To feel it all.

For the fun of it – the good and the bad and everything in between, understanding there is no good or bad really when we drop all judgement and desire to make meaning out of a reality we realize we are always constructing with our thoughts and feelings.

Who are we when we drop out of identification with all we’ve learned to attach to in order to define ourselves as something or someone that one can attempt to understand?

We cannot fully understand god – but we can feel and know this way of being – presence, compassion and joy in unity – in our cells. It is a felt remembrance we return to when we connect into our hearts, our soul, our higher consciousness conduits into spirit and direct to source.

Silly humans – why do you ever struggle or worry when you have legions of angels and multidimensional loving support always at your beckon call ready to heal – uplift – guide your every desire – dream – intention in all moments beyond all time space limitations across all realities dimensions places and spaces ❤

May we allow the journey home to be filled with lightness..love..play.

Most of all – may we allow ourselves to feel every bit of the journey..savor it all..it’ll never be like this again, you’ll never be like this YOU again..enjoy it, receive it, live it fully..

Everyone really is doing the best they can with what they have.

How can we have greater compassion for ourselves and eachother..this is the great medicine ushering us forth into unity..

Divine union within..as above so below..in, through, and for us..all.

Loving you so much family. Take care of yourself the rest of this month – it might get a little more rocky..you know what to do..listen to your heart, attune to more stillness, ask for help..support is here for you whenever you are ready to receive..sometimes the hardest part is initiating and asking for what we truly need..and trusting our needs can be met.

We’ll never know if we don’t try..and new earth leadership is all about pioneering..anchoring the new templates and choices so that others can join us in paving new pathways into new dimensions-realities-harmonious experiences-abundance-sovereignty..more of what we know of as HOME.

Loving ourselves + each other all the way HERE..

I love you <3


+ + +

We are launching a 4th round of the acclaimed Akashic Facilitator Program.

I’ve received guidance to do two trainings this year – with the first being April 8th – June 10th, 2021 and the next being Sept 9 into Nov 11th.

We are going to be transitioning the program after this year to being run by my advanced students so this sacred work can reach more people without necessitating my presence all along the way (as I focus more and more on launching a new social platform that we are building and launching into the world this Summer)..so thankful for the guidance thats come thru about this recently.

I will be leading this April’s program as I have done to date whereas Sept’s program feels like it may be transitioning into the leadership of my former students with less of my participation. This is what I am seeing thus far so wanted to share in the spirit of authenticity and transparency so you can feel whats unfolding in real time.

If you’re directed to join us in the training..it would be an honor to have you..and now there is an opportunity to share this work with others if the advanced practitioner path feels to be resonant (you could one day take this work as a template to share with many others).

If you’re curious about this training, please check out our abundance of testimonials/experiences shared by graduates to get a feel..there is so much love here.

Most students will say this program is life-changing. It is absolutely a divinely-guided download from source..which continues to amaze me in its rigor and capacity to catalyze such profound awakenings, empowerment and consciousness shifts.

Would be an honor to have you with us this April.

+ + +

A few people have asked me about advice on writing their book and getting it published – amazing to feel the waves of inspiration flowing..yes..so important to share your ascension stories, messages of healing and awakening..your heart.

Here is an in-depth training I conducted a few months ago all about Birthing Your Book into Being, which also includes the book proposal template provided by my agent.

What To Do When You Feel Everything *New*

Self-Love + Embodied Abundance Activation

Explore More on YouTube

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