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Wow what a whole new world indeed. Have enjoyed the last week offline, building a new body, new energy system, new being..birthing everything a new. Priorities have never felt more clear. It’s amazing how surrendering to immense body upgrades that at times render you paralyzed can do that when you’re willing (and sometimes forced to) receive the lessons. 

Sensing the shift in social media and media in general? Yes, we have too…so we are building a new way to play. Applied to Y Combinator, perhaps we’ll get in late..and even if we don’t, we are ready to rock and build this thing. 

You know when it feels like your whole life has prepared you for a single moment, a single task? feels so good to be in this kind of deep alignment, and everything falls into place because the idea isn’t yours – it is something much bigger, gifted to you to simply be the vehicle through which it can be born. And it feels familiar, like its already been done before..because it the other realms from which these remembrances are seeded. 

We remember what it feels like to be on earth as a higher dimensional realm wherein unity and harmony are the basis for all. We remember what it feels like to embody our spiritual mastery. 

We remember what it feels like to be the cosmic royalty that we are..such ancient beings in these new bodies, remembering ourselves, cellularly..such a funny journey this human experience. 

Words don’t really satisfy the soul’s urge to contemplate and communicate the fullness of it all. But its fun to try..and be a bridge for now. We are all finding eachother again. Such incredible teams are assembling. So much ease is here to play in. So much grace. 

Creating the new world means receiving our true selves and allowing the future to be born through our beings. In presence all is revealed, all is aligned, all is possible. 

Our council is forming beautifully – if you’re called to co-create the new earth with visionary soul family, pioneering new templates and ways of being as we share our hearts visions and dreams through new businesses and services and more…here’s your invitation (we start 1-11 and journey for 5 months in a multidimensional incubator…weee)::

Spots are filling up for our Embodied Ascension immersion in Maui this Summer Solstice…a 9 day journey into our authentic presence, hearts visions, multidimensional initiations and attunements..what a dream to play together in paradise, remembering who we are and why we are truly here:

Our new social community designed on the premise of personal growth, authenticity, expansion and genuine co-creation:

Celebrating our arrival into the era we’ve dreamed about for lifetimes in the making…tasting this new energy feels so utterly healing and welcoming..more like home than we’ve ever felt in this density, in these bodies, in this consciousness..thank you <3

xx Syd


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