Akashic Facilitator Training 2021

Wow we are already almost half full for our 4th round of the Akashic Facilitator Training.

This will be the last training I am fully leading before I pass it off to my advanced students to take over and make their own – this is really the dream with all the divine visions we receive downloaded direct from source; they have a life of their own and they are meant to grow and evolve sometimes without us so they can reach the beings they are meant to meet in this life and beyond.

I am thankful for this guidance – build it and anchor the template so it can be shared with others to build upon, innovate and customize according to their unique resonance so others who might not have resonated with me can see outside of any associated personality dynamics the true value in pursuing this kind of work and sharing it with still others.

Really if I could wish for one gift to be bestowed upon humanity it would be for each and every one to receive their own attunement to the Akashic Records – the portal through which we access immensely clear guidance direct from our higher selves, source, masters, teachers and loved ones beyond and across all timelines, spaces, dimensions to embody our destiny, live with deep meaning and purpose, open our hearts to more love, and sink into more of the holy wholeness that we are.

It is a modality that I have found over the years is simply a vehicle for unlocking more modalities – more of your signature style and approach to healing and embodiment. It is a gateway into multidimensional consciousness, embodiment and deep attunement. It is a pathway into cultivating energetic mastery and deep presence.

I am so proud of what has come through and the refinements that have evolved over our last few rounds of this training – I am even more proud of the incredible light beings and visionaries who are sharing this sacred healing technology with more and more people in new spaces, industries, contexts..starting their own teaching practices.

This is a facilitator training after all..so perhaps the intention is to empower teachers to step up and teach this work to others who might also want to teach it to others and so on..

I imagine a world one day – perhaps not so far away – when we have all the CEOS and changemakers leading institutional and organizational shifts worldwide using this technology to make informed, aligned decisions, catalyze revolutionary innovation and genius creativity and most of all – connect to their true authentic selves and always lead from this space, from their hearts.

When we are connected in like this, we can’t help but act, think and feel on behalf of all..we are inherently unified within and therefore with all of life…we see through the veils we’ve been taught to empower and see so clearly the fabric of consciousness connecting us all, always. From here we can co-create such unfathomable beauty. From here we birth our true selves, and this New Earth that is simply an emanation of our divinity embodied in this form.

Come play.

Published by Sydney Campos


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