Your Divine Uniqueness Interview: Embodying Heaven on Earth

Listen to this inspiring conversation of Sydney Campos and Moncef Afkir of Your Divine Uniqueness.

This is a very inspiring and genuine episode! She shared about her awakening journey, which really activates a deep remembrance of our true essence and power, that are always available within us, no matter how much we try to hide because of fear, anxiety, shame, or feeling not loved or not good enough.

She talked about navigating the current times of big shifts, the true meaning of living our purpose, and about taping into our infinite potential as we’re embodying Heaven on Earth.

She also gave powerful insights, if you’ve been feeling a calling to shift your path in term of vocation and sharing your gifts and services.

Podcast Page:

— Your Divine Uniqueness show was created to hold space for spiritually aware people to connect with their divine essence and express it through their unique passions.

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