From 0 to 1000

Aloha sweet soul – happy new year, happy new life, happy new world..all the new 🙂

How are you being?
I was feeling inspired to write to you last night..imagining all the beautiful celebrations we can share and reflect has so much happened in a matter of weeks, days and moments?

The title for this magic memo came through as from 0 to 1000 overnight because..isn’t that how everything feels right about now?

Just wrapped a beautiful Akashic session with a dear sister, student, co-creator in the UK, channeling magic healing from Avalon, connecting with new light beings, receiving guidance on sacred rituals and ways to program organic materials to catalyze entire programs and courses into a bath, for example :-) know, the usual.

The last part of our transmission was so healing and helped us both return to a sense of lightness and clarity we’d been calling in these last few days. “Why do we feel so tired lately, why are we needing so much more rest (i.e. 12 hours of sleep a night now is the new norm), what’s happening with our energy systems?” – to which our councils replied…

You’ve received a new energy system starting in late November which is taking some space to recalibrate to. You are learning another new way of being. You no longer have to run as fast as you can as though there is a finish line to get to. You can rest. You can be at peace. You can let go. You can lead from your heart and listen to your intuitive impulses that arise only in presence. This is the path in and through, from now on. We have always known this but now we are understanding it, embodying it.

The analogy that was shared was fun in its simplicity: most of our lives up until November or so 2020 we had something akin to the first version of the automobile..the one that looks like a bicycle and couldn’t go very far and wasn’t very efficient or cozy. Then seemingly overnight we got upgraded to a Tesla – the kind that will soon be completely self-driving and automated in all kinds of new ways..basically like we are flying.

Sometimes flying feels like you just got aggressively pushed off a cliff by spirit though, doesn’t it? It wasn’t a conscious choice to leap and go into it with total joy and optimism..for many it has still been a battle to let go and let the wind carry float, to rest, to relax into this new pacing and way of moving. And it’s perfectly okay, wherever you are, however you are, now. We are all on our own unique trajectory, heading to the same place 🙂

Today feels particularly heavy energetically..deep meditation feels good, so does chanting and running frequencies and sharing sessions with soul family. Giving truly is receiving. There’s no better way to snap out of a funk than to get into service. Trust you have so much to share that could literally save someone’s life who is searching for the seemingly simply practices and tools and lessons you’ve acquired just by living..we take so much for granted, we are so wise, we are such beautiful medicine. I pray for us to see ourselves in our magnificence.

I sense we have a big choice point amongst us, can you feel it? I am choosing grace, ease, the path of least resistance going forward from now on. Did we learn the lessons, did we process the trauma, did we move through enough catalytic growth already…can we move on to co-creation, enjoyment, receiving, allowing, resting, rejuvenating?

Yes of course we can. As soon as we choose to shift.

Someone stopped me at the farmers market last weeks and vulnerably shared that my shift (which read “Love yourself” three times) was exactly what he needed to see for he was moving through a cycle of over-giving and feeling depleted and used up…seeing my shirt reminded him of what he needed to embody in that moment..everything is an oracle indeed isn’t it?

I reminded him – you can choose to end the cycle of over-giving and feeling depleted whenever you want…since he mentioned “I’ve been playing this game for so many lifetimes..”. You can stop as soon as you’d like. What choice are you making? Have you completed the lesson? Have you learned what was needed to be learned and integrated the wisdom?

We were never really taught to complete were we. Here’s a reminder – close out 2020 and complete the huge lessons in the best way you can, in your own way. For me, this means taking substantial time probably today or tomorrow to meditate and ask to be shown my year like a movie reel – show me what I can accept, bring forgiveness to, heal, integrate and complete to the best of my ability to create closure in all the ways that are most supportive for me to move forward on my path, completely present, with grace and ease.

We don’t have to leave open loops, we don’t have to leave open threads..we can take our power back, we can own our own value fully, we can create our reality as we see fit…its all available to us, here and now.

Also remember to celebrate. So much goodness came about in 2020. So much beauty and grace and expansion and I had an amazing year…identity crises, inventory-ing integrity up misalignments, disclosures, mass awakening, mass slowing down and remembering…so much opening and new potentials birthing. Thank you.

What was the most potent lesson of 2020 for you?
What was the greatest gift?
What was your growth edge?
How did you move through it with grace?
What did you learn about yourself and who you really are?
What’s possible for you now that wasn’t available before?

Some great prompts to reflect on, write on, channel with 🙂

I am celebrating working with incredible visionaries in so many beautiful – enlivening capacities, graduating 21+ Akashic Facilitators in our amazing training (so proud of this program, its the best!! I hope you feel the same way about anything you create too.); helping pioneering leaders start new businesses, design new brands, complete ancient timelines and clear ancestral imprints in the way of receiving love – intimacy – pleasure – impact – abundance in all forms; completing one year in Maui which is such an initiation in and of itself, connecting more with my authenticity and divine presence, being able to serve with greater integrity and love; launching the world’s new social media platform designed for personal growth and expansion (; effortlessly generating the resources required to birth our company in sovereignty and full creative authority without answering to VCs or needing to depend on external forces for funds; writing an entire book (The Consciousness Code) and letting it go..letting it rebirth into something new whenever its time; connecting with friends and allies in new ways…defining new paradigms for ideal relationships, intimacy,

So much more..that’s part of the highlight reel. It’s a good one 🙂

Excited to gather soon with our Visionary Council starting 1/11..going to be a perfectly timed journey of course given all thats transpired in the collective..I love co-creating in this space. Imagining new potentials and paradigms for business, healing offerings, financial systems and structures and so much more – layering in an Akashic Training to become a more typical source of strategy and insight within all our business endeavors.

My only retreat this year (and quite possibly for the foreseeable future as my attention shift to be fully on ASCEND) will be here in Maui over the summer solstice June 19-27, 2021 at a beautiful space we’ll have all to ourselves on the side of sacred Haleakala.

The co-creations brewing here are blowing me away, the program itself is absolutely epic, the food will be delicious, the bodywork, playtime, healing, movement and more will be ecstatic…yum times infinity, basically. We have a few spots left and I’m sure we’ll fill up soon for this special initiation-immersion.

Learn more and apply if you’re called to come play-upgrade-remember with us in paradise.
Lastly, my friend Sophia who just moved from Maui to Kauai (she’s a guest mentor on magnetism and abundance for our Visionary Council, such a bad ass creator!! Soon we are anchoring dragon energy and water spirits to channel new supportive energies for amplifying abundance and effortless receiving..yes please. For example a client on one of her private retreats created $300K in one day..yes..this is the kind of quantum leaping I am excited to dance in and share with others on the regular as we get more accustomed to allowing, receiving and simply observing as all that is required for us to build our dreams simply arrives…right when we need it..boom.) inspired me to make a special magic offering just for January-February for those called to play in a beautiful way we haven’t activated ever before.

This container has just come through as…

Visionary Alignment Vortexing

which includes…

* One 75 minute Soul Sourcing – Akashic Records Session + Attunement (normally $333+).

* One 45 minute vortexing (soul-support-strategy-healing) session with intuitive guidance on all (life-business-wealth-relationships-health-ascension) that’s calling you forth into growth and expansion in your evolutionary path (normally $288+).

* One customized Quantum Healing transmission curated just for you to anchor in precisely what it is you are calling in to embody and align with in every cell. (normally $222+)

*PLUS..Email support in between all our sessions with curated energetic protocols, channeled resources, practices + rituals to support you on your souls’ embodiment journey.

Investment: $666USD

– Sessions are booked over January-February
– All sessions happen in Zoom, you have the recording to revisit and integrate with for life
– The healing transmission can be deepened/received infinite times forever – new layers of the energetics are unlocked each time.
– There are limited spots available for this experience.

If you’re called to play in this beautiful space together and co-create a wonderful foundation to start your year upon..let’s connect.

Please schedule your initial session here and more details will be shared upon your confirmation.

I love co-creating with you in the expansive multidimensional realms we explore together – everything is possible, all is accessible, there are no limits to what we can co-create, remember, embody and remind others of through our sheer presence.

If you’re curious to read about all my clients and students experiences working together, check out all our amazing celebrations and transformations..we have moved through and actualized such immensity together over the years. So many miracles. So many dreams. So much beauty. Thank you. It is an honor to serve and support and play and remember with you.

As Ram Dass, my former Maui neighbor, reminds us…

We are all just walking eachother home.

What a joy it is to dance alongside you in this great show.

We all get gold medals when it comes to the healing we’ve said YES to.

Now it’s time to enjoy the benefits of all our hard work.

Time to imagine. Time to dream. Time to play.

Why are you really here?
What do you stand for?
What is it you’re here to experience?
To love?
To ENJOY, fully?

Do that. All the way. All the time. In your own way.

Your way is so beautiful <3

Loving you infinitely xx



Workshops, Trainings + Activations
Here it is..our last Visionary Souls Podcast
episode. It’s been such an amazing ride these last 3 years and now its time to shift focus..thank you for playing!!
What a perfect way to close us out with the wonderful Rosie Rees exploring sexuality, pleasure, liberation and all the fun things in between.
Listen in on all podcast channels to hear the intro + connecting with you in this intimate vortex yet its time to move on to new focuses and creative expressions..letting go of the familiar, stepping into new territory..being more available to receive new direction + guidance.
Thanks for co-creating such a beautiful journey – what a time capsule indeed!!

You can also watch us here..below::

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