Ways to Cleanse + Transmute EMFs

As we get more sensitized everyday to energy – our practices of energetic hygiene and self-care are becoming increasingly crucial to cultivate and refine.

EMFS – which stands for Electromotive force(s), also commonly referred to as electromagnetic radiation – are all around us. They’re emitted by most technology we find ourselves inundated with these days: TVs, phones, computers, Wifi, power lines, microwaves – really anything that emits an electric signal.

These energies interact with our own energetic fields in various ways – impacting each body differently and sometimes with negative side affects such as feelings of depletion, anxiety, inflammation or auto-immune responses to name a few.

Regardless of how you interact with energy or how sensitive you feel to EMFs, here are some simple ways you can support yourself, your environment and all those you love in enjoying more clear airwaves and less interference from external energy within your home field: 

  • Grid your house and various spaces in which you spend time with hematite or source seeds. (Get them direct here + use my code heavenonearth to save 10%)
  • Turn off your Wifi while sleeping – consider getting an automatic timer that does this for you (set it to turn off between the hours you typically are in bed and up until you wake up and require Wifi again).
  • Place bowls of salt or holy water in corners of your house or use a salt spray with essential oil to grid the field against intrusive energies.
  • Use an EMF blocker for laptop and other technologies. 
  • Place orgonite pyramids around your home especially near areas that host electronics like your TV, microwave or other appliances that you use often.
  • Use Himalayan salt lamps especially near electronics and near corners of home to help cleanse air and circulate negative ions. 
  • Explore using a PNR – personal nexus reality device – in your daily practice to empower your energy field to become stronger and less permeable to outside influences. (Get a PNR direct here + use my code heavenonearth to save 10%)
  • Practice regular meditation and self-healing energy work to empower your own energy throughout your own home so your desired resonance permeates through your home’s grid and becomes less open to outside interference the more you practice. 
  • Play healing and cleansing frequencies throughout your home in the background of whatever you are doing to help clear energy in the space. My favorites for space clearing and EMF cleansing are: 741 hz, 432 hz, and 963 hz – or any tones that help you feel connected to the earth, to nature, to universal consciousness and to your heart.
  • Burn sage, palo santo and copal or any other incense that supports feelings of relaxation, mental and spiritual clarity and deeper presence.
  • Welcome house plants into your home to cleanse the air and also support anchoring your desired resonances within your home grid – rubber plants are especially helpful for cleansing the air as are pothos and snake plants.
  • Place selenite crystals (especially longer wands) and rose quartz by windows and corners for additional gridding support.
  • Continue doing the practices that raise your frequency so you naturally deter EMFs from interfering with your field.

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