Let love in

Aloha radiant one..

How are you being? Its a big week ahead..can you feel it? Lots is falling apart on the outside but rebuilding anew on the inside..reality is going thru a major re-organization and much may seem to be dismantling..

Can we let it all go and detach ourselves from the chaos of the outside world?
Can we let go of the identities we’ve created that are invested in the reality we know staying afloat..
Only to reveal something else, perhaps truer, underlying all?

Who are we when our outside shells fall away..and the systems that put the shells into place at the start are no more?

Now is the moment for deep commitment to inner work, self practice, energy mastery, alchemy..connection with community and allies that nourish your spirit and amplify remembrance of who you really are and why you are here.

Now is the time to receive a clear call regarding your divine assignment, your mission, your true path. No more distractions, full focus, full steam..not even ahead, but deeper into this present moment.

A new way of creating is birthing through us – we’ve had a whole year and many lifetimes to prepare. Receiving, allowing, observing, enjoying instead of doing, controlling, stressing, managing, plotting.

Its all already planned – your mission, your vision, your path. It’s here and ready to align with when we choose to listen, and receive just the next right step and then the next one and the next. They always appear in the perfect moment, in perfect order..and its almost too easy we miss it.

But we are learning to slow down enough to catch the signs, and take a deep breathe or ten before moving at all…discerning critically what is most important, what is truly calling, what is really begging for ones priceless attention.

This is the new currency after all..attention, energy, presence.

If you have been doing the work to cultivate yours, you’re probably feeling awesome about all the changes and transformations and transitions underway.

If not..well..its time to start..theres no better moment than now to start..make a commitment, right now – to connect with yourself deeply, to know yourself, to listen, to attune to higher frequencies, to let love in. There is so much support wanting to be received…can we let it in? This really feels like the grand task at hand – expanding our capacity to receive all the abundance that is here..constantly flowing, wanting to assist us in actualizing our divine plans and purposes..

So much celebration family..I am basking in incredible abundance beyond my wildest dreams sometimes its shocking..more and more support flooding in…expanding my capacity to receive it all with total joy and gratitude..infinitely expanding. Yes, thank you, more please.

I am thankful for the lessons leading to this moment. For all the initiations, the perceived failures, the let downs, the traumas, the misguided decisions, the misplaced values..everything was perfect to lead me (us) right here, right now. Thank you for the preparation. I feel like we choose the advanced track indeed.

My days are feeling so full..with connection, creativity..creation!

Ascend is going into design and development soon..angels are showing up to support us in all the ways – fundraising, strategy, etc..wow..super abundance and so much positive energy going into this foundation, it feels so divinely guided.

Our 5D visionary council launched last week and already has catalyzed such a potent field of remembrance, support, healing and expansion..i am so thankful for the powerful leaders and facilitators in their own right who have showed up to co-create this journey. We are anchoring new (yet seemingly ancient) templates for digital sovereignty, visionary creativity, planetary service, energetic mastery and so much FUN and JOY implicit in all our creations..we are just getting started yet it feels like we’ve done this before so many times, through so many other lifetimes across so many other realms..

Such is the case usually when we find each other again. We’ve met before, we feel it immediately..even if through social media or some other digital channel…we can feel our soul signature and resonance from miles away, thru a screen..the soul knows no space or time limitations..and it feels so good to be connected once more.

Something coming up in many sessions lately is the reminder for us to do inventory on our values and ethics..what is it you stand for and believe in and commit to embodying? And then what actions follow suit for you to cultivate these ways of being? Simplify – know what you stand for and be in integrity with how you show up accordingly..

Integrity, responsibility, authenticity. These are the requirements for easeful dancing – playing – enjoying – receiving abundantly in the New Earth timeline we are now anchoring.

We are just starting. We are pioneering what is to come for the next thousand – ten thousand – twenty thousand years – but we are forgetting about time altogether as it is no longer required as we climb into new dimensions of consciousness and being.

I am here. I am infinite. I am creator. I am divine. I am all. I am ONE. I am.

I love you family. Thanks for being on the journey..its about to get even better.

If there’s anyway I can support you please reach out. Now is such a critical moment to receive support..and support is abundantly here, ready for you to receive.

I’d love to invite you to be with us in Maui for our Embodied Ascension immersion this summer solstice –  June 19-27..it will be a deep practice of aligning with ones presence, authenticity and coming into integrity with what ascension means for you – anchoring high frequencies together, becoming comfortable and at ease with being the powerful visionary leaders and creators we are..co-creating Heaven on Earth.

Ascension is not just an idea, it is a way of being we get to FEEL, LIVE and BE..let’s play <3

Love you infinitely…and more and more. Remember…let love in. And then some more, and more…it really is..all that is <3xx Syd

PS: Free ascension + embodiment courses on my sitenew workshops + activations, check out my book “The Empath Experience“, awesome episodes of Visionary Souls to peruse..kinda like an oracle really when you pick a number between 1 and 122 and receive the message precisely meant for you encoded into that episode..and feel free to sign up for our waiting list for the sole Akashic Facilitator Training of 2021 likely happening this fall.

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