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Aloha beloved..

Welcome to a super charged week. Touching base to share an event I am contributing to with some dear soul family next weekend on Valentine’s Day..and to wish you well in journeying thru this portal underway.

Big new moon brewing. Some say it’s the most potent of all 2021..setting us up for all the transformations and co-creations we’ll be celebrating all the way into 2023..yes I feel it. Planting the seeds for our most divine embodiments, alignments, delights of this super-human existence.

Buzzing from our 5D Visionary Council convergence this awe of the magnificent beings I am honored to play with and create absolute magic with these days..anchoring new templates for all of humanity, especially when it comes to feminine-intuitive leadership and reclamation of personal power-sovereignty-divine value and genius.

Diving deep into code sharing and direct transmission of our genius – exploring human design + gene keys which are immensely helpful tools in understanding our unique energy to share this 1:1 with clients and now in group format..very helpful for understanding coherence and ways we uniquely are called into constellations to support one another in integrating specific lessons and healings.

Feeling immense support for all our dreams + visions unfolding..can you feel it fam? Immense abundance is here..all around us, moving thru us, as us..the extent to which we show up and serve our divine purpose – which might be as simple as choosing to feel good, now – is the extent to which we receive and revel in the magic of unconditional love that is always here..reflecting back to us our divinity..we are such massive beams of light, we are.

We are receiving more than ever before..energetically..and making the space to receive more architect these new step into new leadership..power..presence.

And can we enjoy is all, immensely? And joyfully?

Yes of course..we are remembering and learning..not necessarily how to because we already know..but we are giving ourselves permission to be who we already are and who we always have been..

Getting out of the way of what’s already perfectly designed and destined for us to experience, co-create, learn, in..

Such a beautiful playground..really it feels more and more like this.

How are you choosing to play?

How can you add more lightness to your life?

How are you celebrating?

Even the healing, the pain, the growth..what’s great about it all?


I’ve gotten guidance since returning from Kauai to open space to two visionaries calling in deep multidimensional support in birthing their true selves into being and birthing their soul-aligned calling forth in service to humanity..anchoring Heaven on Earth.

This container feels to have the design of 1:1 mentorship for the next 3-4 months and/or a potential in-person VIP immersion here in Maui or Kauai (private 3-5 day retreat) together in the next few weeks or months.

It shall be a co-creation unlike anything we’ve ever imagined before – welcoming our wildest dreams come true. Welcoming full expansion. Welcoming our divine magnificence to lead the way.

I am channelling so much energy for life/world-changing projects – supported with so much abundance – and it feels significant to amplify and expand with other resonant leaders in an intimate space ripe with healing, alchemy and infinite elevation.

If this feels like you..let’s explore and have a call to let spirit guide us in what’s meant to be.

I look forward to co-creating pure miracles with you.

So now about this weekend..

What if I told you that by learning to honor yourself and love yourself from the inside out that you could unlock the map for your most optimal well-being?

What if you didn’t have to seek outside yourself for the answers, but you knew by committing to wholly loving and trusting yourself, you not only could liberate yourself but help transform the world?
If any of these questions ignite a fire within your soul, then you’ve come to the right place.
Join us for a Love for Every “body” celebration and launch party for the Zeva’s Wellness platform and the unveiling of our first magical product.
Featuring six, visionary experts and a live panel, you will be guided on an experiential exploration into the realms of self-love/self-care practices, abundance mindset, conscious/eco entrepreneurship, multidimensional healing, accessing your intuitive gifts, and embodying your authentic leadership.
Come play…Register Here.
This perfect combination of a mini-retreat and celebration/party was lovingly created for the vibrant soul who believes in love for every “body” and that the map for a vibrant, healthy radiant life starts with you.
If you feel a longing to cultivate a more loving and healthy relationship with all aspects of yourself and connect with the template for your most optimal well-being, this event is for you.
If you are excited to discover how learning to fully care for yourself and honoring the intrinsic wisdom can create a safer, healthier, and more loving world, register here:
You will automatically be entered into a raffle for a Self-Love Gift Basket (Valued at $600) with your registration. This magical basket includes a 4oz jar of our new Radiant Skin Potion, a 90-Minute RTT Hypnotherapy Session and many other luscious items to support your most optimal well-being.
Through this experiential journey, you will be empowered to:
  • Develop a deeper connection to yourself and your true essence.
  • Cultivate a more profound understanding of how your beliefs and programming can become an obstacle to you actualizing what you most desire
  • Discover the easiest ways to access the intuitive wisdom around what supports your optimal well being and how to best care for yourself.
  • Nurture your confidence around your innate gifts that you’ve always been destined to share with the world.
  • Gain clarity around your desires and higher values and how that translates to your purpose.
  • Access greater freedom and trust in the expression of your authentic voice, intuition, and inner wisdom.
  • Deepen your awareness around how self-love nurtures our own reservoirs and frees us up to be of service to the people, causes, and endeavors we most care about.

Register here to come celebrate with a beautiful visionary tribe this weekend..let’s revel in the beauty of being ourselves, totally utterly human..divinely perfectly imperfectly awesome magical weird hilarious cosmic multidimensional alien angels 🙂
Something like that..we’ll get a little silly too… time.

To your radiant health, love, and well-being,
SydPS: I am offering a special two gifts in the event for those who register to attend our “Love for Every Body” immersion – including 15% off a Soul Sourcing Session and free access to my Dream Awake Your Genius + Accelerate Abundance Training//Activation.

+ + +

+++ASCEND is officially in design-mode…such a dream coming to fruition. Feeling like I am living my destiny..everything leading up to now has prepared me for this moment..thank you thank you thank you. To learn more, sign up on our site to be kept in the loop.


Fun resources + ways to play..

* Thinking about delicious herbal detox – cleanse? Learn more about how to join me in the magic cleanse – cellular upgrade here.

Opening a few spots for 2021 1:1 Visionary Immersions here in Maui and also on Kauai. Privately curated 3 and 5 day immersions for visionaries who are desiring a prolific reboot in self love.. Deep connection to your purpose, light and full embodied power..let’s play.

Grateful to share some genius products that have profoundly impacted my spiritual evolution + integration.. deep support for our embodiment journey.

* Did you know I facilitate remote healing transmissions on These technologies have profoundly impacted my spiritual growth and integration.


Anchoring the New Earth…here in Maui.

Summer Solstice 2021.

June 19 – 27, 2021.

“We are from Heaven visiting Paradise.”

Soul-family reunion + celebration.

Heaven on Earth attunement.

Energy mastery play + activation.

Mind-body-spirit-soul nourishment + rejuvenation.

Akashic records channeling, attunement, exploration.

Sacred space to anchor into your dreams, vision + pure presence.

Explore, deepen + share your leadership + authentic expression.

Bodywork, somatic healing, integration + energy healing.

Transformational immersions, sacred site initiations.

Deep practice in daily meditation, sacred silence, movement.

Daily sound healing immersions for quantum healing – shifting.

Ascension is not a concept, it is a way of being..for you to discover within…and to transmit-radiate through your being.

Come play.

New On Youtube: My quantum healing hypnosis session (QHHT)..listen to receive..beautiful energy transmission, integration, healing…

More Magic on YouTube

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