Time to Take Your Power Back + Expand

Aloha.. how are you being in this moment? take a breath and really feel it..how am I being? is there anything i need in this moment to feel supported, nourished,Continue reading “Time to Take Your Power Back + Expand”

Just One More Week

aloha love.. how are you feeling today? there have been some big waves these last 48 hours. i was in an “i’m not enough” loop for part of yesterday andContinue reading “Just One More Week”

Flying into the Unknown + Truly Living

Aloha Love… how are you being? happy aloha Friday from Maui..the land of perpetual summer. so thankful to be broadcasting from this particular earth station now more than ever. onContinue reading “Flying into the Unknown + Truly Living”

Visionary Vortex 5D Business Immersion

A group of passionate visionaries gathered over the potent Equinox portal to explore new ways of being and co-creating their visions and dream creative projects and callings anchored in ease,Continue reading “Visionary Vortex 5D Business Immersion”

Exploring The Master Timeline and Obsession vs. Love

Ready to Receive?

  aloha love – hope you’re having a beautiful week so far. How are you being? Here is a message coming thru, loud and clear – “the less I do,Continue reading “Ready to Receive?”

New Moon Musings + Sacred Initiations

Aloha Beloved One..How are You Being? happy new moon..time to plant seeds of beautiful vision – intentions – dream weaving…so much support is here to receive <3 shall we? bigContinue reading “New Moon Musings + Sacred Initiations”

Visionary Vortex: 2021 Spring Equinox

Calling all visionary pioneers, wayshowers + new earth architects… Join us in a sacred invitation – initiation to co-create + attune within an amplified field into quantum healing-embodiment, purpose alignmentContinue reading “Visionary Vortex: 2021 Spring Equinox”

Today is a Portal, Make a Wish

Aloha Love – did you get my novel I sent thru yesterday? so much pouring in..time to get back into book writing mode..yes its coming!! So much clarity + integrationContinue reading “Today is a Portal, Make a Wish”

Akashic Facilitator Training 2021

Wow we are already almost half full for our 4th round of the Akashic Facilitator Training. This will be the last training I am fully leading before I pass itContinue reading “Akashic Facilitator Training 2021”

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